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There's an old country saying in England... 'What's sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander'
Sauce for the Goose.....

It started slowly at first as things usually do. It was just a normal working relationship; not really a relationship at all in the accepted sense of the word but you know how it is, one thing leads to another and that leads somewhere else and before you know it you're on a rollercoaster and life starts to get exciting.

I'm a departmental manager for a medium sized comany based in the Midlands. That's a region in the UK for anybody not native to these shores. What do we do? Well, does it matter? No, it doesn't, so I'll preserve our anonymity and keep that a secret. You never know who might be reading this. The other person involved in this, is the manager of another department and someone I deal with on a regular daily basis. I shall call her Alexa because she has since told me that she wishes that was her name and not the one which is actually on her birth certificate; and who am I to stand in the way of a lady's dreams?

Like most business operations, deadlines are very important and one department often relies heavily on others so that when one encounters difficulties there is almost always a 'knock on effect' which causes another to run into difficulties of it's own. This was where we found orselves a few months ago. Alexa's staff had experienced problems which had been responsible for a serious delay in the smooth operation of the process which had caused headaches for me and my team; but with a a certain amount of jumping about, we managed between us to pull it all together and no really serious situation resulted. However, after the rest of the staff had gone home, Alexa came over to my office to talk over the day's events (a 'debrief'... just love that word) and it was as we relaxed over coffee and, yes, I confess something a little stronger from the bottom drawer of my desk, that the situation started to get a little more interesting.

I considered that the problem could have been avoided if she had organised matters differently with her team and made a few suggestions which she didn't seem to take too kindly to. In fact she made it quite obvious that she didn't really agree with anything I'd just said. She drained her coffee cup and poured herself another drink from the 'bottom drawer bottle' which in this instance, originated from the northern part of the UK although I usually favour the variant which is produced by those residing on the other side of the Irish Sea and proceded to lecture me on my own management skills right there in my own office.

I let her know in no uncertain terms that I considered her views to be out of place and that if she didn't concede that she had been in the wrong, she would find herself in a very embarrasing situation. She asked me what I meant by such a statement and I told her that I would put her over my knee and spank her bottom. We'd both had a stressful day and a couple of large single malts, you understand.

Alexa, is quite a large lady and I am not exactly skin and bone myself and she told me that she would like to see me try to carry out my threat. Well, I can never resist a challenge like that, so I came round to her side of the desk and pulling out a spare 'visitors' chair with one hand and taking hold of Alexa with the other sat down and hauled her across my lap. She was so surprised rthat she just fell across me without much resistance, initially, that is. She soon made up for it though, kicking out, thrashing about and letting me know exactly what she thought about these developments. It was when she felt her dress being pulled over her back that she made me aware that she considered my parents to have been unmarried!

By this stage I was laughing so much that I could hardly keep her in position, but I forced myself to concentrate and holding her squirming body down with her hands pinned across the small of her back (which had the advantage of keeping her dress and slip in place), took stock of the situation and had a good look at what was in front of me.

I've always had a penchant for BBW but until this time had never really thought of Alexa in this way. She was a business colleague; someone I dealt with on a daily basis in our common dealings with and for the company; a sexless personality, but what I saw over my knee was anything but sexless. I took the vision of her body in quickly and then again,slowly, starting at her feet. One foot was still encased in a black high heeled shoe in glossy black, it's companion lying where it had fallen, on the carpet. She had obviously felt my tension, because she had stopped thrashing about and seemed to be quietly awaiting her fate across my lap. Perhaps she had felt something else as well, as my body became increasingly interested in the delights before me.

My eyes travelled upwards over her 10 denier, barely black stockings and across the narrow strip of bare flesh at their summit to the white lace and silk full knickers, stretched tightly over her beautiful bottom which so amply filled them. Her skirt and slip were pulled over her back and so it was this sight which teased me as I drank it all in. I tentatively laid my hand on the swell of her right buttock and then raised it and slapped it down quickly. I repeated the action on the other side and repeated the the two slaps and again and again and again slowly increasing the severity until the sound of the impacts rang out across my office. At first she said nothing but after half a dozen or so on each side, she began to make soft groaning noises and her thighs began to open so that I thought she was trying to give herself support by placing one foot on the carpet, but I soon altered my ideas about that when I put my hand inside her knickers and realised how wet she was between her legs. I knew then that sexual excitement was the cause of her movements.

Without more ado, I pulled her knickers down and gazed at the sight of her bottom; cherry red with the vague outline of my palm prints over the entire surface of both buttocks. I felt my own body stir at the sight and holding her down firmly, pulled her thighs apart and rained down a series of increasingly hard spanks so fast that her arse cheeks didn't have time to stop dimpliong before the next palm imprint impacted on them. By now, the low moaning had changed to sobbing but even then she made no attempt to stand up; rather to the contrary, she seemed to be trying to keep her body in position for the spanking... almost as though she was determined not to miss a single blow... and in truth she even attempted to arch her bottom upwards towards the source of the onslaught. I liked this because not only did it give me an opportunity to slightly adjust 'myself' but in doing so, I was able to effect a little feel of her, by now, soaking wet pussy........

Her bottom had become a deep red, swollen, throbbing orb from which I could feel the heat radiating. Her thighs were by now splayed lewdly wide open and her swollen labia gaped widely and wetly apart with the inner pink soaking wet flesh of her vagina and clitoris on full public display. I placed my hand over her cunt and pushed two fingers into her love tube where they slid inside right up to her cervix without resistance of any sort. She told me not to piss about but to fuck the living daylights out of her immediately and suiting actions to words threw herself over the edge of my desk, holding on to the far side with white knuckles.

I tore my trousers and underpants down with one fluid motion and plunged into her, each thrust driving her thigh fronts into the edge of the desk and my thigh fronts into the firey heat of her swollen arse even though she had positioned herself with her legs wide open. I reached underneath her top and roughly pushed her bra up from her massive breasts and felt and squeezed her enormously stiff nipples rolling them between fingers and thumbs of each hand until I felt my orgasm welling up inside me and also felt that her time was close as well.... I increased the fucking pace, literally, and reached the point of no return at the same time as she did; no time to pull out... I just shot my load into her cunt and felt her own orgasm unload to blend with mine. I just lay across her back feeling my cock gradually soften until I just fell back, limply into the chair which was conveniently just behind me. Alexa stayed like a rag doll over the desk with her legs apart, gasping for breath... and eventually, our combined juices bubbled out of her receeding cunt lips and oozed down her legs.

I glanced at my watch and realised the cleaning staff would be arriving soon. I just hoped none of them had turned up early... and went to the 'Gents' to clean up. When I got b ack to my office, I found that Alexa had had similar thoughts and gone to the 'Ladies' from whence she returned some ten minutes later. I suggested we went out for dinner but she looked at me strangely and asked if I thought she wanted to sit on a resteraunt chair for an hour or so with her bottom in that state I was insane. We walked out into the car park where she did allow me to put my arms around her, well actually she encouraged me to do it, and give her a deep, tongue entwining, cock re-stiffening, french kiss before going our seperate ways.


Office life didn't really seem the same after that. I saw and worked with Alexa on a daily basis as before andf it seemed to me that everyone must have noticed the frisson between us, but maybe we were more discrete than I thought because nobody said anything. Every time I walked into my office I could see her draped over the desk; could smell the sexual tension and the sexual excitement which had been generated in there. I assumed that it must be obvious to everyone but nobody said anything. I realised that I finally understood Lady McBeth's actions in continuously washing her hands, fearful that her deeds were obvious to all, but nobody said anything at all. Not even Alexa, although she gave me some looks which meant that she had enjoyed the experience and, as I interpreted them, would like a repeat sometime.

Of course, our working relationship altered considerably and staff began to notice eventually that there 'was something going on with those two.... wink wink'. We spent a lot of time together, and I began to see her outside office hours. I took her out on formal dates and being adults those dates went the way you would expect them to. We found we had a lot in common in sexual preferences. We both liked 'her to be on top' sometimes; we both like giving and receiving oral sex; she actually enjoyed anal sex and I certainly enjoyed indulging her in this way... in fact I think I'll write another story about our experiences away from the office, one day. Oh yes and I think it must be obvious that a major part of our foreplay involved me spanking her bottom. I spanked her over my knee; with her face down on the bed, or the sofa; over the arm of the sofa or an arm chair; over the back of these furnishings; over the kitchen sink. I spanked her with her knickers on and with them off; in a loose dress and a tight skirt; in a business suit; in a nightie; dressed as a nurse and as a naughty schoolgirl. I spanked her with my hand; with my belt; with a slipper; with a hair brush; with a ruler (18 inch boxwood) and a two tailed tawse I just happen to own;. oh yes and with a wooden spoon. The end result was always the same. I had a pounding erection and she had a soaking wet fanny... and we put the two together!


It was a couple of weeks after that first 'Close encounter' that another crisis hit our two departments but this time, try as I could to deny it, I had to admit that the fault lay with me. Well we coped with it as ever, but it was mainly Alexa's efforts which dug us out of the pit which my section's actions had almost allowed us to fall into. It happened on a Friday, a day when the cleaning staff traditionally started and finished early and so it was around half past six that I went over to Alexa's office to discuss (debrief) the day's events.

She poured the coffee and a couple of drinks (G&T ice and a slice) ... gin (AKA 'Mother's ruin' ) was what she kept in her fridge... Why don't I have a amall office fridge... must look into this... but I digress!

The conversation developed much more swiftly, as you would expect this time, on to more intimate matters as she told me that there was something she had been looking forward to all afternoon. Unsuspectingly, I walked into the trap and asked her what she meant. Without a word she came round to my side of the desk and planting a 'visitors' chair in the middle of the carpet, she pulled her skirt up (giving me other ideas for a very brief time span) and sat down. She looked up at me and told me to drop my trousers and underpants and get over her lap.

I had no choice in the circumstances, did I? I undid my belt and let my trousers fall to my ankles. She looked fixedly at my growing bulge straining the fabric of my briefs (the alternative meaning of the word 'debrief' actually occurred to me at this time) and as I seemed hesitant, she reached out and pulled them down to my knees, for me. As she did so, the waistband caught on my now full erection causing it to travel downwards momentarily before springing back up and bouncing frantically in front of my own large belly. She pulled her dress back telling me she had no intention of me leaking anything on her clothing for all the world to see. I reminded her what the effect of sheer nylon usually was on my cock but she said she didn't mind cum on her stockings or knickers... in fact she would be disappointed if it didn't happen and that I was not to waste time.

I got into position and felt her hand briefly stroke my my buttocks and stray between them into my arse cleft to feel my balls and then murmering something about 'What was sauce for the goose was also sauce for the gander' I started to experience something that hadn't happened since my schooldays....... my bottom being beaten.

At school, it was usually the cane or the slipper across trousers unless it was in gym or swimming where being an all male esatablishment with our own pool the rule was 'no trunks' (see 'In at the deep end')... but that was a long, long time ago and I had never, ever been hand spanked on my bare bottom before and certainly not like this. She started off slowly but soon increased the severity of the spanks and I could tell from her breathing and the way she was splaying her thighs under me that she was getting excited and very much aroused. So was I. I hadn't thought it possible to to get a harder erection than the one I started with, but being spanked like this took my 'hard on' to another dimension. Having it rub on her nylons, 'giggle strip' (from what girls used to say when you put a hand up their skirts in the cinema when I was in my teens... if you can get from the stocking tops to the knickers.... you're laughing!) or knickers as I moved and squirmed on her lap only added to my excitement..... God I wanted to fuck her and fuck her hard ... but there was no chance of that. I found myself doing what she had done... raising my backside up towards her and splaying my thighs lewdly apart and also attempting relief by rocking backwards and forwards on her lap. She called me a dirty beast and spanked me harder than ever; over my bottom and upper thighs and between them causing me to gasp with pain when she caught my balls.

I thought it was over when she stopped but it was only to reach back to her desk to take up the Mason Pearson hair brush which she had casually left there. With that in her hand, my bottom really bounced and I felt a sense of sexual euphoria spreading over me and reached up to try to touch her breasts but she trapped my straying hand and pushed it under my body and down towards her pussy from which I could actually feel heat and a lot of moisture through the gusset. God, my arse was sore but the need to fuck the living daylights out of Alexa was stronger than ever and I needed desperately to get into her knickers. I asked her to move so that I could do this and she half stood up so that I could pull them down. At the same time she pulled my own briefs off completely, so I completed the removal of her own underwear... I went back over her lap with her thighs splayed wide open beneath me allowing me to fondle her pussy as she continued to beat me with that bloody hair brush..........

She made me stand up and went and sat on the edge of her desk and ordered me to kneel in front of her and bury my face between her thighs. In this position I rubbed her clit with my nose while pushing my tongue into her love tunnel and drinking in her slightly salty lemony juices causing her to thrash about on the desk top so that I thought she was about to suffocate me... but she turned round and just swept all the papers and files off the desk top and lying down on it with her bottom raised told me to fuck her as hard as I could... I needed no urging... I grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge and mounted her, my cock sliding into her like a hot knife into butter and pushing up her top and bra thus freeing those magnificent 44E breasts with rock hard brown nipples like walnut whips straining under my fondling fingers, I pounded her for a matter of 30 seconds only before I shot everything between her thighs and simultaneously felt her own orgasm meet mine like a tidal fucking wave meeting a sunami.

Oh my God Alexa! Lets make a habit of making as many mistakes at work as we can... move in with me.. and we'll make them at home as well.... we'll make them in the car... on the beach anywhere we can spank each other and fuck.. but if the only available place is in our imaginations for the time being... then that will have to do.


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What spelling errors? Don't say I don't read comments.... only 5 years late with this response!

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Excellent story, reallly enjoyed it ,however, it appears that your bottom belongs to Alexa yet again thus enabling her to punish you for your copious spelling errors!!!.....haha

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