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This is a true story that I've been holding onto for a while. There is more, if people like it I will post more.
I believe all people have some sexual “deviances”, most just keep them locked away inside because not everyone would understand or share the same desires. I know I’ve kept mine locked away. I married a wonderful woman who I love dearly, but she was raised by old fashioned, very religious parents. She wasn’t allowed to wear anything but ankle length dresses and long skirts until she was eighteen and could choose for herself. Her wardrobe has become more provocative since then, but she is still very backwards sexually. There is very little licking and sucking, and usually sex consists of the missionary position with me on top. Anything else just turns her off. So when I’m home alone I spend a lot of time on the internet living my desires out through downloaded videos.
As a teenager I was always terrified of getting caught masturbating. If I had only known that wouldn’t happen until I was twenty-nine those years probably would have been a little easier. Of course I probably would have been more terrified to know that when I finally did get caught that I would be spread eagle on the couch wearing a blouse, miniskirt and a thong. You see, that’s one of my “deviances”, I like to dress up in my wife’s dirty clothes and masturbate. I don’t want to go out in public and pick up men; I just like to jack off in drag.
Last Tuesday, there I was on the couch, about to cum in my wife’s panties when the front door opens and in walks my father-in-law, Chuck, with his hands full of things my wife had asked him to drop by for the yard sale we had this weekend. I don’t know who was more shocked, but I know any need I had to cum was suddenly gone. He dropped the bags he was carrying, and something inside broke. For a long time we just sat there, me with my hand around my limp cock and him with his hands empty and his surprised mouth hanging open.
“Alan…” he mumbled.
“Oh my god Chuck, you can’t say anything!” I practically screamed, because I know my wife would have left me if she got word of this.
“Alan, we need to talk,” Chuck said. He walked around the couch and sat down as far from me as possible. Feeling rather exposed with my skirt pulled up and my hand down my panties, I settled back on the couch and pulled the skirt down over my knees.
“Chuck, look, there—”
Suddenly my father-in-law grabbed my wrists and pulled me towards him. He planted his lips passionately on mine, and I didn’t know what to do. His hot tongue poked at my closed lips and I instinctively let it into my mouth. His mustache tickled, but otherwise it wasn’t much different than French kissing a woman. After a minute he pulled away and blushed.
“We…didn’t know what to do when Susan started dressing that way,” he said softly. “At first it was all religious, but then, for me, it was something more. I’d find myself looking at the smooth skin of her thigh or she bend over and I catch a glimpse of her panties and I’d get a very unfatherly feeling. Before she moved out I’d find myself getting her panties out of the dirty laundry just to smell them. I would never do anything with her…but I can’t help but imagine.”
Chuck’s hand found my thigh and slid beneath the edges of the skirt. Despite myself I felt a strange stirring between my legs. But I still couldn’t move.
“You can’t imagine what it’s like, Alan,” he said, sliding closer. “A guy has needs, sometimes needs he can’t do anything about.”
“I understand,” I answered.
“I’m not gay,” he said. “I don’t like men. But seeing you in Susan’s clothes just reminds me of all of those feelings I had for her. Would you…could you…come sit in daddy’s lap? We can keep each other’s secrets.”
I didn’t want to lose my wife…and suddenly I was very turned on. I slid across the couch and sat in Chuck’s lap. He moaned when my ass found something hard in his pants. He pulled my body against him and then I felt his lips on my neck. I moaned too when his tongue found a certain spot there, and I ground harder on his hard cock. I felt dirty. I felt wrong. But I suddenly wanted this as much as I’d ever wanted anything. Chuck’s hand slid up my leg and cam to rest on my own hard cock.
“Oh Susan,” he moaned.
“D-D-daddy,” I moaned back.
“I feel your clit,” he whispered as he started rubbing my cock through his daughter’s dirty panties. “How much do you love daddy?”
Hornyness has a mind of its own. I know the first time I was with a woman I had no idea what I was doing, but instinct took over and everything worked out great. I let it take its course again this time. I slid down off his body, letting my ass raise slightly towards his face just as a woman might do. Then I was on my knees unbuckling his trousers. He wasn’t wearing underwear, and at once his rock hard cock flopped out. It was small, no more than five inches, but up close it looked huge. Never in my life had I been that close to another man’s dick. At once I slid the whole thing into my mouth. His whole body quivered as I started to suck.
“Oh Susan…your mother has never done that,” he whispered as he ran a hand through my hair. I could taste the bitterness of his pre-cum and I knew Chuck wasn’t going to last long, so I slid him out of my mouth and looked up at him. “Oh baby, I’ve wanted to fuck you so many times.”
I stood up and turned my back to him, bending down so my hands rested on the coffee table. At once Chuck’s hands were working their way up my legs. Gently he kissed each of my butt cheeks. Then he was digging the thong out of my ass crack. I moaned at his touch. Then his face was buried in my ass and I felt his tongue playing with my butthole. We stayed that way for several minutes, and then I felt one of his callused fingers working its way into my opening. He finger fucked my ass for another minute or two, while a wet patch of pre-cum spread on the front of Susan’s panties.
Then Chuck rose to his feet, and I wanted it. I wanted him to fuck me. I’ve never been sexually attracted to another man and I wasn’t sexually attracted to him then, but I wanted him inside me. He didn’t make me wait. Almost at once I felt his small cock exploring my crack until it found the hole. Then it was pushing into me. He thrust twice and I cam, soaking my wife’s panties. On the third thrust he cam, filling my ass. He kept thrusting until he ran dry, and then he wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me upright, limp cock sliding from me.
“I love you, Susan,” Chuck whispered.


2009-06-19 19:43:01
i love smelling dirty panties,i love stories about panties.a womens panties wrap around your cock while she sucksthe cum out of you is hot stuff.write moar about panties.


2009-06-16 15:50:26
Write more.

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2009-06-15 01:08:46
very hot and sexy...I would love to know if it continued


2009-06-13 09:49:29
that was hot...

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