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One day, Jim, turned to his co-worker, Dick and asked, "Have I ever shown you my lawn?"
Dick answered, "I've been by your house lots of times. Sure, I've seen your yard."
Jim said, "No not my yard, my lawn...that I built out in the country."
Dick said, "I don't think I ever saw that one. I'd like to, though."
Jim said, I'll pick you up Saturday at ten. Saturday morning, Jim picked up Dick and took him out into the country and parked next to a small opening in a wooded area. After a short distance, the path opened up into a big clearing and filling the clearing, was a beautifully manicured lawn. "Wow!" said Dick, "this is gorgeous! You have obviously been doing a lot of work out here!"
Jim said, "yeah. This place is sentimental for me. I spend all my free time out here."
Dick said, "Well, the place shows it...except I see a spot that you missed cutting over there. It's about an inch longer than the rest."
Jim said, "I told you this place was sentimental. That exact spot is where I got my first piece of tail."
Dick answered, "Okay. I understand...but, you know, I see another spot that you must have missed about 6 feet away from that other spot."
"Well," Jim said, "that's a sentimental spot, too. That's where her mother was standing when she noticed us."
"Holy shit, Jim" Dick said, "What did she say?"
Jim answered, "Ba'aaaaaaa!"
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