A father finds himself trapped in the dreams of his true lust.
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A Dreadful Awakening

As I watched my beautiful little girl walk away, my mind flashed to the image of her cupping my swollen balls and placing her lips on my cock head. I don’t know why I let her continue, I don’t even know why I was sitting in the living room without clothes, maybe I woke up there from sleep walking, maybe I had a blackout, I really don’t know. What I do know, is, I never imagined my life could have turned out the way it did, was it payback, destiny, aliens or evil spirits?

When I realized my seven year old was touching my naked body, I should have jumped up and stopped her, but her sweet face looking up at me, as her lips opened for my cock, had me frozen in place. I sat there watching in amazement as her soft little hands cupped my balls. Her tender touch on my nut sack was like nothing I had ever felt before. I could have never imagined my body would have responded that way. When her moist lips touched the tip of my dick, an electric shock went through my body.

I didn’t even consider the absurdness of what was happening, I couldn’t even really think I just watched as Cassie’s mouth stretched as wide as it could open, and my head slipped inside her hot mouth. Her hands moved around on my balls, as her mouth slurped at my cock.

Cassie’s one hand was supporting my nuts, while the other gripped my shaft, as her mouth opened and closed over my throbbing cock head, as if it was a giant gob stopper. The intense pleasure she was causing me, was like nothing I can explain, but still, this was not an excuse for not stopping her, after all this was my own child, my youngest daughter.

I was gripping the edge of the couch as she worked me over like an experienced cock sucker, a seven year old cock sucker? My mind couldn’t even grasp what was happening as she gripped my rod with both hands and started stroking up to meet the downward movement of her face. My knuckles were white from my grip on the couch, and I wanted to warn my little girl of what was about to pour out into her mouth, but my voice wouldn’t work, I only stammered with short gasping breaths.

I can’t really explain this, but as my cum left my balls, it was as if it was in slow motion. I could feel it leaving my nuts and entering the base of my shaft, then the next surge from my balls, filled my dick tunnel. I felt my whole cock fill up, as if the opening was closed, and then as Cassie took the gob stopper out of her mouth, the top was opened, and my cum rushed out into her mouth. She took my gorged head back into her cum filled mouth, and I felt my balls repeat the same cycle, again, my rod filled and then burst.

Cassie’s cheeks puffed out a little more each time my balls repeated the cum cycle. I wondered when it would be too much, and when the sealed made by her tiny mouth stretched around my shaft would give way. Her eyes got really big, and she swallowed with a gulping sound. I expected my salty seed to be repulsive to my seven year old, but instead as Cassie removed her mouth from my cock, she smiled and licked her lips as a little cum dripped down her chin.

Cassie stood up in front of me and for the first time I realized she was naked too. She just stood there between my legs smiling as I looked up and down her body. My eyes stopped at the baby fat above her slit, I had never seen her like this before. Her pussy puffed out in the shape of a V, with a little grove in the middle. I wanted to speak, but was still frozen in place with my softening cock leaving a cum trail down her stomach before it came to a stop just above her slit.

She turned and walked away, leaving me amazed at her little rear end, and how sexy it looked as it wiggled across the room, and down the hall towards her room. I just sat there, shocked by what had just happened, wondering when I was going to wake up.

After some period of time, I was finally able to move, so I stood up, still wondering if I was trapped in a nightmare. I walked cautiously down the hallway, toward my room. I stopped, turned into Cassie’s room, and saw her sound asleep on her bed, looking like an angle, as she always does when she sleeps. I realized I was still naked, and quickly left for my room where I saw my boxer short on the floor, and quickly stepped into them, got into bed with my wife, who was sound asleep. I struggled to try and figure out what had happened, tossing and turning in my bed, but eventually, I passed out.

The next day when I woke up, I wasn’t even sure what day it was when I opened my eyes and sat up in the bed. I sat there for a minute trying to remember if I had too much to drink, or if I was supposed to go to work, or was it Saturday? Then, suddenly my mind flashed to the night before, a sense of terror gripped me. I wondered if it was a dream, it was so real in my mind, but it couldn't be. I put my robe on and headed toward the kitchen to find my wife. I entered the room and there she was making breakfast for me and my three daughters.

The girls were at the table talking, but Cassie’s back was to me as I entered. I was terrified that when she turned around and looked into my eyes, I was going to know for sure it wasn’t a dream, that I had actually let her suck my cock. Damn, I wanted to run out of the room, the fear was overwhelming, would she tell her sisters, or mother, would my life be over as I know it?

Cassie turned around with a big smile and said, "hi daddy, are we going swimming today?" I looked out the window to see a beautiful sunny day, then to my wife who was now looking at me, and I said, "sure we are." At that moment, I remembered that I was off for the summer, because I work for the school system, and we were going to the lake today, that’s why the girls were already wearing their swim suits.

Two hours later, Bob and his family were in their van headed for the lake. Bob was silent, pondering what had possibly happened the night before, but contrasting that with how sweet and normal his seven year old daughter was acting. Bob looked at her in the back of the van, trying to see some evidence of the cum eater, he had seen the night before, but all he saw was a little girl, who didn’t even know what the word cock meant.

Carol asked Bob if anything was wrong, because he hardly said a word all morning. Bob told her no, he just had not slept well, and he was still unwinding from the school year.

Lake of Dreams

Later at the lake, Bob’s family setup their place in the sand, on the small beach. Once everything was in place, the girls started pushing and shoving as always, asking if they could go in the water.

"Can we daddy, can we?" Cassie asked.
Bob answered, "Sure honey, go ahead, but stay with your sisters, I’m going to lay here on this chair and watch you."
Carol said, "I’ll go in with them for a little while, why don’t you take a nap and get caught up on your sleep."

Bob, watched as his wife Carol, and three daughters, Cassie, Jesse and Pam, walked toward the water. All four of them in colorful, two piece swimsuits, he noticed for the first time, all three little girls had sexy butts. Maybe it was all a dream, he thought with a sense of relief as he got comfortable. But, if it was, what would make him have such a dream, he wondered. Let me get some sleep, and maybe I can forget all this stuff, Bob thought to himself, knowing full well, he was never going to be able to forget those images of his little girl. He would always have that image, stuck in his mind, Cassie's wide eyed gulp, and sexy smile.

Bob looked around to make sure nobody was watching, then he repositioned his cock, so it pointed up toward his stomach. He knew if he got a boner while he was sleeping, it would be less noticeable that way. Bob’s cock is almost twelve inches long, and really fat when fully erect. His wife has warned him in the past, that it looks obscene when it bulges out, and he should wear baggy shorts. Carol’s favorite expression when they were younger was, “It’s too big, it hurts.”

Bob and Carol had been together since they were fifteen, and neither had ever been with anyone else. Carol got pregnant the first time they ever had sex, at sixteen, and they married a year later. It’s amazing that Bob ever got to put his large tool in Carol’s virgin pussy, in the first place. She cried and scream when she realized how much it was going to hurt, but Bob had already felt her hot slipperiness, on the top of his cock, and nothing could stop him. After all, he had been trying for a year to make love to her. So, he held her down, and shoved it inside her, regardless of her screaming. The excitement of finally losing his virginity with the girl he loved, caused him to ejaculate without caution, inside Carol’s ripe womb. Pam was conceived that night, in the back of his dad’s car.

Pam was now thirteen years old, neither Bob nor Carol had ever been sorry they kept the baby and got married, even though they had been scorned by their whole family. It had been hard at times, but they had a beautiful family now, were very happy, and were doing very well in life, everything was great, right?

I woke up just as Cassie arrived at the side of my chair, and I said, "hi honey." When I looked at her, I noticed right away, that her bottoms were pulled up tight into her crack, and the outline of her pussy was very obvious. I felt my cock jerk at the sight of it, and I was ashamed at the feeling. Cassie just smiled, stepped over my body, and sat on top of me. She was right on top of my cock, which was pointing up toward my stomach. I glanced down at her crotch, to see my log right smack between her legs, causing her slit to spread apart. I was afraid she was going to feel my cock if it plumped up from her touch, but before I moved her, she leaned forward and said, "I love you daddy." Then she laid her head down on my chest.

I reached down to slide her up off my cock, but I found my hands resting on her ass cheeks, they froze there. I felt a strange, warm feeling on my cock, and then down between my legs, through my ass crack. I thought, Cassie is peeing on me, and I wanted to jump up, but like the night before, I couldn’t make myself move. The tips of my fingers were between her butt cheeks, and I was holder her down tight against my body.

I wanted to speak as it became very clear that she was indeed pissing, but nothing came out of my lips. I could feel the hot wet stream on my cock, balls and running down through my ass crack. Cassie’s ass muscles were flexing under my hands, as she rocked her cunt against my cock. Without a word, Cassie lifted up, kissed me on the lips, and walked away. I lifted my head to watch her walk away, and as I looked down I saw three inches of my cock sticking out of the top of my shorts. I quickly pulled my shorts up higher to cover my erection, and looked around to see if anyone was watching, hoping nobody had seen. Not seeing anyone staring at me, I could hope it was a dream. I didn’t even know what to think, was that my little girl, was I me, was any of this real? I knew for sure my shorts were soaked, but maybe I had peed on myself, while dreaming about the rest?

Bob was afraid he was loosing his mind, as he walked into the woods near the beach. He stood leaning against a tree, trying to figure out what was going on. He leaned back and thumped his head against the tree, trying to clear his brain, or maybe to make sure he was awake.

I had to pee really bad, so I guess, I didn’t just pee myself in my sleep. I dropped the front of my shorts, and let my cock hang, as I emptied my bladder. I closed my eyes, and listened to the stream of piss splashing onto the ground in front of me. As the flow stopped, and I was about to take hold of my dick, I felt something warm touch the under side of my balls. My eyes snapped open, I looked down to see Cassie licking the underside of my swollen balls, while my dick lay across the top of her head!

I closed my eyes again and thought, this is not happening, then I shook my head to clear the vision, but one of my testicles being sucked into Cassie’s tiny mouth, caused me to gasp, and open my eyes. When I did, my cock was now hard, and in the grasp of a little soft hand. My brain screamed for help, but my mouth made no sound. I just stood there, paralyzed once again, while being sodomized, by what used to be my dearest treasure, my baby girl.

I was leaning back with my upper back against the tree, my feet wide apart, my hips pushed out, and my hands grasping the tree behind me. Cassie was sucking each one of my nuts, in and out of her mouth, with loud slurping sounds, as her hands moved through my ass crack, and her fingers moved across my butt hole.

Even though I was traumatized by the events of the last day, and what was happening right now, I could not stop the sense of pleasure my body was experiencing. My cock was standing hard, and my balls were tingling with excitement, I knew I was going to have an orgasm. I hated that I was going to, but there was nothing I could do, my body was enjoying itself.

Why couldn’t I move, why don’t I let go of this tree and slap myself? Why, my mind questioned, but still, I stood there frozen, in a state of extreme pleasure, ready to empty my balls. Cassie pulled my shaft down toward her face, as if she knew what was coming. The thought of splattering my daughter’s face with my cum, was gross to me, but I knew my balls were sending their juice anyway. Again, in what seemed like slow motion, I felt my cum leave my balls and head toward my dick opening. I would have done anything to stop my nasty man juice from shooting out on my girl’s face, but here it came, roaring up my shaft, and I didn’t do anything.

I watched as my cock swelled from the base up toward the top, and right as my load was about to exit, Cassie opened her mouth wide, I watched the white fluid fly across from my dick into her waiting mouth. Cassie swallowed quickly and opened wide for more cum. The next three streams flew into her mouth, until it was full, then she squeezed off my cock, and she gulped down my seed. Then she placed the very tip of my dick between her lips, and milked the full length of my shaft with both hands, until she had emptied every drop into her mouth.

My knees were shaking as she turned and walked away, her bottoms pulled up her crack, like she was wearing a thong. Her tiny ass wiggled away from me, as tears filled my eyes. I screamed, "what the fuck is happening to me!"

I stood there crying, trying to figure out what was going on. Had I willed this in someway, I questioned, or was I just completely crazy? I searched my mind, but could not think of any time in the last thirteen years, that I had one impure thought, about any of my girls, or even any girls at school. I wondered if I could control this, but really I didn’t want to, maybe I was a nasty pedophile, who wanted to do these horrible things?

The silence was broken by a cracking stick, Bob heard Carol’s voice calling his name. "Bob, what are you doing?" Bob looked around, he was standing against a tree in the woods, with his shorts down. He quickly pulled them up, and wiped his tears dry, before Carol got to him. As she came around the tree, he told her he was taking a leak, and she asked, why he couldn’t pee in the bathroom, like everyone else. He laughed, and said, "you know guys like to pee on a tree, whenever they can." Carol said, "come on we are having lunch now." Bob asked her how she knew where to find him, and she told him, Cassie said she saw you walking this way.

When Bob and Carol got back to the picnic area, the girls were all over the place, making a bunch of noise, as they always did. Everything seemed as normal as any other time they had been there.

I stood right in front of Cassie, and looked down into her eyes. "Cassie, is everything OK with you?" She answered, "Sure dad, it’s great, we are having so much fun." She continued to ramble on about all the different things, she and her sisters had been doing in the water. I picked her up under her arms, and she wrapped her legs around my waist, and hugged my neck. I gave her a kiss, told her I loved her, and she smiled and said, "I love you more," like she often did. Everything seemed normal, except, I felt different holding her, I felt a great love for her, but there was another feeling mixed in, it was a sick feeling. I placed her down and started trying to forget everything that had happened, it wasn’t real, I told myself.

Bob was silent again on the ride home, as he tried to come up with some explanation, other than, he had allowed his daughter to act out such perverse things, with him. The possibilities were limited in his mind, these things actually happened, or he was completely insane. He searched his past for any hint of anything, that might explain these thoughts. Could he have ever had thoughts of lust toward a young girl? Bob could not think of anything. However, there were very few memories of his young life. It was like, he didn’t start living until he was thirteen, everything before that is very fuzzy. Maybe there was something in his past that was coming back to haunt him. Or, maybe this was real, and something had taken over his Cassie, and she had a power over him, a power to control him? Bob, finally resolved to forget the past twenty four hours, and pretend it was all a dream. If it happened again, he would fight it harder, he would find a way to resist, and make her stop, as any good father would.

Jesse’s Wet Dream
Did you two have fun today, Bob asked his two little girls, as he tucked them into their beds. The two younger girls shared a room with beds right next to each other. Bob was sitting on Cassie’s bed, and he looked deep into her eyes to see if he could find a hint of anything in there, that might explain her behavior. He had already resolved that there was no way a seven year old could have master minded that type of crude behavior, and it had to be his mind that was defective, but he looked into her eyes anyway. Bob concluded that this was the same sweet child who was there two days ago, before he started going crazy.

As he looked over at Jesse, he was surprised how fast she was growing up, just two years older than Cassie, yet she seemed four years older. He had noticed her budding breast, and a more pronounced ass, that she didn’t seem to have just the other day. He hoped they would stay young longer than Pam had, she was already like a woman at thirteen, distinct breast and a figure that made guys look. He missed her preteen years and hoped he could savor Jesse’s and Cassie’s a while longer. Then he became frustrated with himself for ever allowing himself to have those dreams or fantasies, or whatever they were. He said good night girls, and he left the room.

Bob had four drinks as he watched TV late that night, after everyone else had gone to bed. He was hoping to get sedated enough to sleep, without any dreams.

I woke up to a strange sound that was just loud enough to hear over the TV. I had been sleeping sitting up on the couch, in the same spot as the night before. As my eyes began to focus to the light of the TV, I saw something right in front of me on the floor, and that was where the sound was coming from.

I flicked on the near by lamp, and would have screamed if the events of the last two days had not happened, instead, I refocused my eyes, and tried to make sure, I was actually seeing what I thought. Yes, it was actually Cassie’s ass within two feet of the couch. However, the groaning wasn’t coming from her, it was Jesse. Jesse was spread eagle and Cassie’s face was planted between her legs. I could tell from her head movement, she was licking feverishly at her sister’s pussy.

I blinked hard, but still, there they were, except now I realized Cassie was laying flat on her stomach, doing a split. I had seen her demonstrate that split many times, but never imagined how it would look nude. Everything she had, was spread out before my eyes, her tiny slit opened wide, showing a hole that probably couldn’t fit a finger inside of it. What stood out most, was her asshole; it looked deep, and wide, a small brown circle at the center, outlined by her round pale ass cheeks.

My brain was trying to process the scene and make sense of it, this should be a dreadful sight for a loving father, but my cock responded with a jerk at the sight and sound, of these two girls. I looked down, and I had no clothes on again, but I was sure I hadn’t taken them off. My cock was hanging off the edge of the couch, pointing toward Cassie’s beautiful little body.

Just like the other times this happened, I was motionless, but this time I was excited by the sight more than frighten by it. I thought about what it would be like to shove my cock inside her body for a second and my dick stiffened quickly from the thought. No, I reminded myself this wasn’t real and those are my kids.

Jesse’s groans became louder as she arched her back and shoved her hip into Cassie’s face. I gasped at the thought of my seven year old eating her sister’s pussy. Then Jesse grasped Cassie’s head and forced it deeper into her cunt. Lick me, lick me harder, she shouted.

I knew this couldn’t be happening, this is a dream, their mother would wake up, and come see what was causing her to shout. My cock was now sticking straight out in front of me as I sat right at the edge of the couch, just inches from Cassie’s spread ass. I thought, I want to fuck it, and the thought scared me, I had felt pleasure from her touch the other times, but I had never enjoyed it, or thought I wanted to do it, was I getting worse?

My balls tingled deep inside with pleasure, and I knew I was going to feel my cum flow up my shaft. Jesse’s legs squeezed together on her sister’s head, as she screamed loudly, and at the same time, a load of seed poured from my dick, it landed right in the cavern of Cassie’s asshole. Like a milk saucer, her ass indentation held the first three squirts. As the last drops ran from my dick, my juice started to over, and I saw my sperm run down her pussy slit, in slow motion it ran right over her pink flesh hole. What a beautify sight, I thought as it dripped off the end of the channel, and dropped to the floor.

Cassie reached back with her tiny fingers, working my sperm around her butt hole, and through her slit. She carefully rubbed it deep in between her cheeks, fingering her holes with one cum covered finger, working my seed in and out of both her holes. Cassie purred, then placed her finger to Jesse’s mouth. Taste how good it is, she told her sister, and Jesse savored the fluid off her sister’s fingers. Jesse seemed to be in a trance, as she sucked Cassie’s fingers clean.

After a few minutes the two girls rose together, smiled at me, then turned and walked toward their room. Two beautiful, nude girls, walked off hand in hand. I just sat frozen as they went around the corner.

I woke suddenly to the sound of the bathroom door closing, slightly disoriented, I saw my clothes on the floor, and realized I was nude. I grabbed up my clothes, as I started to remember what had happened, and then saw my cum on the carpet. Shit, my mind spun in a thousand directions, as I tried to figure out what to do first. I ran for my room, so I wouldn’t be seen looking like a freak with my cock and balls hanging out.

I found my room empty, so I knew it was my wife who was up and I was relieved that she hadn’t found me naked in the living room. I grabbed my robe, threw it on, and headed for the kitchen, so I could claim I got up early. I started the coffee and sat at the table until she came into the room. When she did, I gave her a big hug and said, "good morning." She looked at me a little funny, as if she heard the stress in my voice, but she didn’t ask. I wish I could tell her what was going on, but I didn’t want her to think I was insane.

I sipped my coffee and stared into the living room, to the spot where my little girl was eating her sister’s little hole, until she came to a screaming orgasm. I became more and more disturbed as the scene flashed over and over in my mind. I wondered, at what age a girl could have an orgasm, it seemed unreasonable to think a nine year old could get off, maybe that could prove it was all a dream. I got up and went to the computer room, where I googled the subject, what age a girl can have her first orgasm. I was very surprised to see, nine was not at all unreasonable, but more likely the norm, with even earlier ages being reported by some studies. I went back to the kitchen and found a way to ask my wife, she surprised me, by telling me she had started playing with herself at eight years old!

After pondering my serious dilemma for a while, Cassie came and sat on my lap, she kissed me good morning. Everything was different, I could feel ass cheeks split apart, as she straddled my leg, I could feel the heat of her little butt hole against my skin, then I felt excited and sick at the same time. Three days ago, I would have never noticed these sensations. I was only wearing my robe, and it was opened almost all the way up, to my balls, so I made Cassie get down, before my cock flopped out.

As Cassie laid on the floor next to her sister watching TV, with her tight pajamas on, I stopped to stare at her crack. It was amazing, it looked exactly like in my dream, a deep cavern surrounded by firm cheeks. I couldn’t help myself, I ran my hand down over her back, and down her crack. I felt her ass close tight on my fingers, as they got close to her pussy, she jumped, and rolled to her side. She looked at me funny, then said, "that tickled." Her look was one of shock, but also interest, like maybe it felt good, but she didn’t know how to process the feeling, because it was one she should never have felt at the hand of her father.

Bob Seeks Help

Bob knew now he was in over his head, he had intentionally touched his daughter’s private spot, and it made him horny, he knew he needed help. But he didn’t know who he could trust with his problem. Finally, Bob decided he was going to take his chances and talk to his friend Joe. He told Joe about the dreams, that he didn’t know for sure were dreams, and how he had enjoyed the last one, to the point of ejaculating on the floor.

Joe listened to my every word, and I could tell he was having a whole host of thoughts, but he didn’t say anything until I got to the end. Then, Joe finally spoke. "Bob, I think some how you want to have sex with your daughters, but you know how wrong it is, that is why you can never move in your dreams. I think next time you have one of these dreams, you should go ahead and make yourself fuck her, then the dreams will stop, because you will have done what you really want to do. What you have, is taking over your mind, and you better make it stop, before it’s too late."

Joe and Bob talked for a few hours, but Bob, never really felt like they had uncovered anything, that was going to help him. Although, he felt a little better just talking about it, and having someone else tell him, that there is no way his daughter could actually be doing these things.

I was exhausted that night after talking to Joe, so I went to bed before everyone else, I was determined, I was going to sleep through the night, and nothing was going to happen.

Bob woke up to a wonderful feeling on his cock. He was standing by the side of Cassie’s bed, his massive flesh rod was sticking straight out, his daughter was in front of him, with her mouth opened wide. Then a second incredible sensation ran through his body, Jesse licked his asshole. One young child stretching her mouth over his swollen dick head, and the other using her tongue on his ass. It would have been a dream come true, if this was something he wanted, or even had control over. Instead he was the victim, and he questioned his insanity.

Bob thought, I’m going to make her stop this right now, but when he looked down, he saw her motion with her finger to her lips, telling him to be quiet, and he obeyed her, as if he had no power to do anything else.

I couldn’t believe this was happening again, why was I having these dreams, I wondered, as I realized how good Cassie’s mouth felt. Maybe Joe was right, maybe this was something I really wanted to do, I secretly wanted to have sex with my daughters. I thought about what Joe said earlier, and decided I was going to let go, and enjoy it, take control, then maybe these dreams would stop.

Jesse’s hot tongue was working the rim of my asshole, while Cassie worked my enormous dick top in and out of her mouth. Each time the bulbous head slipped in, past her teeth, it sent a wave of pleasure through my balls. I was slowly rocking my body to alternately meet Cassie’s mouth and Jesse’s tongue.

It seemed that once I had determined to enjoy this, I had more freedom. I reminded myself, this is a dream, it doesn’t matter what happens. I set my mind to reach for the lotion on the dresser. I was surprised when my hand actually did what I thought, and I picked up the lotion. As I squirted the lotion on my hand, I try to speak, "Jesse, I want you to finger my ass," and I rubbed the lotion between my ass cheeks. My voice worked, I was amazed, but then realized that meant I probably could make them stop, but I had no intention of that, instead I was going to enjoy this dream.

With a hand on each side of Cassie’s head, I was pulling it toward my trusting hips, as her sister worked two fingers in and out of my hole. Cassie’s mouth was stuffed with each trust of my gorged flesh, and her eyes opened wide each time I hit the back of her mouth. It felt so good letting go, and having my way with them, without even a thought of right or wrong. It's a dream, I reminded myself.

The rocking pace of my hips had increased significantly; each withdrawal from Cassie’s mouth, was met with deeper penetration into my ass, by Jesse’s fingers. I felt my balls tightening, as they prepared to send my seed rushing into my youngest daughter’s mouth, and for the first time, I was going to enjoy filling her face with hot cum.

I was groaning now as I used Cassie’s head as a fuck toy, jamming my dick in until it simply wouldn’t go anymore, then pushing back on to Jesse’s fingers to simulate my ass. I knew my load was on the way, so I reached behind me, grabbed Jesse’s arm, I put my other hand on the back of Cassie’s head, and right at that moment when I knew I was going to explode, I forced Jesse’s whole hand up my asshole, while forcing Cassie’s head down on my erupting cock.

I went stiff, as I held my daughter's hand deep in my ass, while pumping a pint of cum down the other's throat. My body had never been rocked with orgasm like this, and I think I was going from one orgasm, straight into another, as my cum spilled out of Cassie’s mouth.

When I finally removed Jesse’s hand, I almost collapsed as her fist popped out of my stretched asshole. Then I realized this was normally the point when I snapped out of it, or woke up in shock, but instead I still wanted more, and my erect dick agreed. I laid both girls face down on the bed, my mind flashed to Cassie doing a split, and my cock jumped at the thought of entering her ass cavern.

I slowly spread Cassie’s legs, until she was completely spread eagle, then I knelt down and kissed each cheek, before licking her tasty brown circle. It felt so good to be eating her pussy and her asshole. I switched over to Jesse, and worked my tongue deep in her asshole, while trying to get a finger in Cassie’s tiny pussy hole. As I poked at her virgin cunt hole, she squeezed her legs together to avoid the penetration.

I switched back to Cassie’s cavernous asshole, and forced my tongue to penetrate the tight center. The more I licked the wider her tiny hole opened, so I slide a finger inside her moist shit hole. Cassie groaned each time my finger slid inside her body, deeper each time, until there was no more left, but I still wanted to shove more in her, so I added another finger. I watched in amazement as her tiny hole opened easily to accommodate my fat fingers. I wondered if it would open wide enough for my massive erection.

My throbbing cock was at the entrance of my daughter’s tiny hole, with the expectation that I would soon be ripping through her bowels, and then filling her with my semen. My red swollen head completely covered her shit hole, and I thought it would be like shoving my fist through a doughnut hole, but I pushed in anyway.

It looked like her whole ass was going to get pushed inside her, as I pressed hard against her body with my stiff hard-on, but it just bent as I pushed harder against her body. Cassie groaned loudly and said, "Daddy, it’s not ready for that." Even in my dream, I didn’t want to hurt my little girl, so I immediately looked to Jesse’s spread ass and sized up my rode against her hole. I spit right in the center of her brown spot, and worked it in with my cock head. I shoved hard against her body, watching as her shit hole spread apart, and it started to allow my giant dick head inside.

It felt so good, I wanted to force my full length up her ass, but she screamed in pain, and Cassie spoke again. "No Daddy, she’s not ready either, come with me I’ll show you what to do."

Bob’s Rude Awakening

Without even really remembering going there, I realized I was in Pam’s room. Cassie and Jesse were uncovering their sister and I was surprised to see she was wearing a white tee shirt, and nothing else. Her dark nipple showed clearly through the thin white material, and her young pubic hair was easily seen under the bottom of the shirt. I watched as the girls slowly lifted her shirt until her pussy was completely exposed to my eyes.

Pam’s body seemed surprisingly mature to me, as I moved my eyes up and down her legs. One of her legs was turned out, leaving her lips slightly parted, and I thought I saw a glistening from the moisture between her legs. My heart raced, as I imagined my huge cock spreading her beautiful pussy, and sliding deep inside her tight fuck hole. I looked down to see my cock was throbbing, as it stood straight out in front of me, like a missile guided to a beckon.

As I moved between her legs, I pulled her shirt up past her young firm breast, and smiled as they stood at attention, with quarter sized nipples poking off the tops. Cassie and Jesse sat at each side of Pam, looking on with seeming approval, as I opened their sister’s legs. I spit on my hand and worked the slippery fluid on to the top of my cock, then used it to part her young womanhood. Pam stirred at the intrusion, but before she opened her eyes, my super sensitive cock skin felt the hot spot that marked the opening to her pussy, and I thrust forward as Pam’s sisters smiled with lust in their eyes.

Pam’s eyes popped open as my cock head broke through the tight outer hole, and sank into her hot flesh. I laid on top of her with all my weight, and held her arms, as I humped my hips forward with all my might. I felt the most incredible sensation as I slid deep inside her body. It was amazing how much better it felt than what I had done with the other girls, it was so real, and so good, I couldn’t think of anything except pounding my dick into Pam's beautiful body.

My cock was clearly hitting bottom with every deep stroke, but I plowed in as deep as I could every time. Pam’s soft breast meat was pressed against my body, as I humped her with all my strength, Her legs flopped around, like someone was killing her.

I felt my balls getting tight as my body slapped against Pam’s body, and I knew there was no way I was going to last even another minute. I drew out until the tip of my cock was almost out, then I slammed back to the bottom of her fuck hole, over and over, until I felt my sperm rushing up the length of my rod. Oh, it was going to feel so good to dump my hot seed deep in Pam’s teenage body, just like I had done to her mother thirteen years earlier.

As I came, all I could hear was the rushing of blood in my ears, thump, thump, thump. But suddenly, as I pumped my juice inside Pam, I heard my wife yelling at me, “Bob, Bob what the fuck are you doing, get off her, you bastard. Stop fucking her, you shit head!” I looked around, Cassie and Jesse were no where to be seen, but Pam was under me crying, and Carol was standing next to the bed yelling at me. All at once it became clear, I was rapping my daughter, and my wife was right there trying to stop me.

As I lifted off Pam, my flesh slid out of her body, her blood made it clear, I had taken her virginity, and possibly hurt her. I knew this was real, but I didn’t even know how to try and explain it.

Carol divorced me, but she told me the only reason she wasn’t sending me to jail, was because she knew me well enough to know, I would never intentionally hurt my girls. She actually believed me when I told her about the dreams, but she said she could never trust me alone with girls. I was allowed to see Cassie and Jesse, under supervision, but Pam didn’t want to see me. I guess deep down inside, I really did want to fuck Pam, and sadly from what I remember, I actually enjoyed doing it. I hope she doesn’t grow up screwed up because of me.

The End...(There is no more)

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2016-05-17 08:37:39
ok While I didnt read the whole thing (sorry but a 7 year old doing those things just turns my stomach... but not being critical of that part), mainly because of the way you kept going from a 1st person to 3rd person narrative was the final straw for me.
Your other stories on this site are awesome though so dont think Im trying to discourage you because Im not.

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2014-10-03 16:11:20
Awesome! I am almost terms of coinmg to terms with my new post-childbirth body. I am almost embracing my wider hips, heavier boobs and larger feet....almost..but pictures like go a long ways in helping me get there faster!I'm working out for the first time since my son's birth...and this time I'm not doing it to change my body (such a strange feeling) I'm doing it to be healthier and stronger so that I can be the best Mom possible to my young son.Thanks for that picture.


2014-05-19 18:35:40
Too bad you ended it the way you did... this could have been a really HOT story about having sex in your sleep.... or even after your current ending, the girls coming back and wanting more sex.. with DAD awake. Perhaps you can consider this for a sequel chapter?

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2013-09-24 11:09:45
mFRuu8 Thanks-a-mundo for the article.Really thank you! Really Great.

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2013-09-22 22:31:33
I would love to swap my daughter with my friends daughter

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