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This Story contains acts of homosexuality and incest of young teenage boys, so if you have any problems with these topics do not read on!!!!!

This is the second of many stories about two brothers and their friend's and their fun times together as young teens. This story is about Cian and his best friend Sam.

It was the first full weekend after school had ended for the summer. Niall was away for the weekend at a soccer tournament so Cian asked his mum could his best friend Sam sleepover on Friday night. Cian and Sam's parents were best friends and therefore it was no problem. Sam was 15 years old and slightly shorter than Cian, standing an average 5 ft 7 inch, he had blond hair which was cut tight. They had been best friends for their entire lives and played on the same sports teams and were in each other's class since starting school. They were so close they could have been brother's. Sam was an only child and was spoiled by his mum and dad.

During Friday afternoon the two boys were playing soccer with a group of friend's, it was getting late in the afternoon and Sam had to go home to pack for the weekend he was going to spend at Cian's. Sam left and told Cian he would be over about 6 o clock. 6 o clock came and Sam arrived bang on time, his Mum had given him 50 euro to allow the boys to order in pizza that night. They placed their order and devoured the pizza when it arrived, they also drank two litres of cola and a huge tub of ice-cream.

With two litres of cola and the huge tub of ice cream in them they went upstairs and began playing computer games, it was very warm in the room and Cian removed his t-shirt, Sam jokingly wolf whistled at him which made both the boys crack up with laughter. After a number of minutes of laughing the boys got back to the computer game. It was getting late and the boys were getting sleepy, Sam suggested that they both get ready for bed. Sam asked did Cian want him to get changed somewhere different to which Cian said, "No man, its cool I mean we are both going to be in our boxers so its cool you can just change here". "Eh well dude normally I don't wear boxers in bed" replied Sam. "Ok man sure just get changed into your normal underwear then I don't mind" responded Cian. Sam began to blush and said "well normally I sleep naked but i suppose its your house your rules, i'll just wear boxers". Cian was shocked but he was never one to pass up an opportunity and answered " you can sleep naked if you want dude as long as your not shy". "Cool" responded Sam. Cian removed his trousers to reveal the white tight boxers he had on. Sam once again jokingly wolf whistled and the two boys cracked up with laughter. Sam then removed his trousers which unveiled a tight pair of black boxers. He then got into Niall's bed, which was free because of him being away for the weekend, under the sheets Sam removed his boxers and threw them onto the floor. Cian got into his bed.

The two boys started talking about everything teenage boys talk about sports, school etc. Soon the conversation turned sexual. Sam was boasting at how he had a girlfriend but they never did anything apart from kiss. Sam then asked Cian does he ever look at porn to which Cian said he did. Cian then had an idea of looking at porn with Sam. He pitched the idea and Sam jumped at the chance to look at porn with his best friend. So Cian got up and took his laptop off the desk in his room and placed it on the bed beside Sam. Sam moved over in the bed so that Cian could sit on the covers beside him. Soon the boys were gripped in the porn and Cian's penis was throbbing beneath his white boxers the thought of his best friend just inches away from him naked, apart from a sheet which was still covering Sam, was driving him crazy. Sam then began to laugh at Cian and said "someone like what they are seeing?" Cian got embarrased and tried to cover up the hard on beneath his underwear. Sam told his friend to relax cause he was hard to and that it was normal for teenage guys to get ercetions looking at porn, he then asked Cian does he wank. Cian replied "yeah i do dude, do you?". Sam giggled and said " course I do dude". Sam was getting more inquistive and then asked Cian had he ever wanked in the same room with someone. Cian began to blush and quietly answered by saying "yeah, you?" Sam replied and explained to Cian that he had wanked with one of his cousins before and that his cousin cock was huge nearly 8 inches but his cousin was 18 and he was 13 when they did it. Cian told Sam that he and Niall had wanked together the week before.

The two boys went back to watching the porn and a few minutes later Cian broke the silence "So are you horny now dude? I'm really horny and I could do with a wank, if you want I'll go to the bathroom and jack off". Sam said "I'm really horny dude why don't we wank here?" Cian then slowly began to rub his cock through his boxers and Sam was rubbing his erection under the sheets. Cian then stood up and removed his boxers exposing his hard 6 inch cock and trimmed brown pubes, he turned around and Sam said "seeming your showing me yours I'll show you mine". Sam slowly took the sheets off himself and unveiled his perfectly formed 6 pack which glistened in the light. It also unveiled his 6 inch throbbing cock which was surrounded by a nice bush of blond pubes. "Nice cock" uttered Sam. "Your cock's nice too man" responded Cian. Hey I have an idea said Cian he began talking about how Sam's girlfriend never did anything for her, he asked Sam if he wanted him to wank him. Sam said "yeah dude that would be deadly". Cian then sat next to Sam and took hold of his best friends stiff penis. Sam was loving his friend playing with his cock. Sam then placed his hand on Cian's cock and began stroking it slowly. The two boys were sitting side by side stroking each other's cocks. Sam then moved his face close to Cian's and kissed him gently on the lips. Cian then kissed his friend passionately,. The best friend's tongue's were playing in each other's mouths.

Sam broke the kiss and whispered into Cian's ear " do you want a blow job?". Cian just nodded to say yes. Sam began to kiss his neck, he worked downwards slowly, finding his friend's nipples, then his abs and finally to his cock. He licked his head, making circles with his tongue, Cian was squirming in pleasure. They then switched and Cian began sucking his friend's throbbing member. Cian placed his friend's cock fully in his mouth and paid special attention with his hand to his friends balls. Cian lick his finger and placed it on his own ass, he began playing with his hole and stuck his finger in and out, in and out, slowly finger fucking himself, still sucking and wanking his friend's hard 6 incher. Sam's body began to tense and he began to moan in pleasure " I'm" just then he erupted shooting streams of hot white delicious cum into his friend's mouth. Sam then kissed Cian and began to suck his friend's penis again. Sam deepthroated Cian's cock, then he wet his finger and placed it on Cian's ass hole, with a pop his finger went deep inside his friend. Cian yelped in both pain and pleasure. Sam was fingering Cian's hole really quickly and Cian was nearly screaming in pleasure. After about ten minutes of sucking and fingering Cian came in Sam's mouth, his ass clasped his friend's finger in his hole which caused his ejaculation to be extremely powerful, Sam swallowed all the cum that Cian shot into his mouth. The two boys kissed once more and slept naked on Cian's bed. The next morning Sam woke Cian with a kiss on the lips and the boys wanked each other once more before Sam went home later that day. The two best friend's had got to know each other alot that one night and couldn't wait to spend more time together during the summer.

This is the second of many stories about Cian's teenage sex life, the next one will be about Cian, Niall and his best friend Ben.

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