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Kelly comes over in the middle of the night. Games at 3 am!!!

Rat-a-tat. Tap tap. Knock knock. Mary roused, something was different in the house. Again – taptap. Knockknock, softly. She looked over at John, snoring on his stomach. Somebody’s at the door downstairs. The clock at bedside read 3:40 a.m. What’s going on? Robed in the red silky Chinese gown, she made her way downstairs in the darkness, went to the door and looked through the peephole.
She opened the door. “Oh my gosh, Kelly, what’s wrong! Come in!”
The girl wore a long black leather coat, tennies, her hair down and no make-up. “Mary, I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to put you guys out, but Terri’s still down in Texas and I got lonely, especially after tonight with you guys…oh gosh, I’m sorry to bust in on you like this…can I just stay with you tonight?” As she said this, she was unbuttoning her coat, and now she opened it to bare skin glowing in the darkness against the stark black of the coat.
“Oh darlin’, you are one shameless hussy, of course you can stay with us tonight.” Mary reached for the bare hips, pulled her close and hugged her, smelling a lavender scent in her hair.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you – I promise I won’t be a bother,” she whispered. Mary slid the coat off her and walked hand-in-hand with the naked girl upstairs to the bedroom and the king-size bed. Whispered, “Sleep between me and John, honey, we love you.” Mary’s robe fell off, and the naked girls rolled onto the bed. Mary pulled the lonely girl to her, an arm cuddling the girl’s head, Kelly’s mouth snuggling on Mary’s breast. John snored, but somehow sensed a change, rolled over on his side and spooned against Kelly, an arm over her and onto her breast. She sighed. Mary kissed her nose, and relaxed with one hand on her thigh as sleep fell on them.

In the blackness, Kelly woke, feeling a slight shaking of the bed around her. She lay still, disremembering where she was. Suddenly it hit her, and she saw Mary rolled over on her stomach on the other side of the huge expanse of the king-size bed. Felt movement behind her. Her eyes now adjusted to the dark, she turned and saw John’s hand at his waist, stroking himself. She looked hard at his face, he seemed half-asleep. Quietly, she scooted down, put her mouth over the rim of his half-erect cock and gently sucked. His hand fell away, she replaced it with hers, now gradually bringing him to full length, even though he still seemed to not arouse to full wakefulness. It was one of those twilight moments, when we think we’re awake but we’re half-caught in a dream. Kelly worked his penis, glad to once again be used, and loving the chance to suck the man whose Toy she was. He came, not hard, but oozing as gently as half-sleep allows, and she felt the warm liquid pulse into her mouth, three, four times. She held it in her mouth, ran her tongue over his warm seed, pushed it out onto her lips and rubbed it all over her face in happy abandon. I smell like sex now. She lay her head down on his abdomen, the organ still in her mouth, gently sucking. I sure made the right decision to come over here. And fell asleep.

Brilliant daylight streamed through the window, Mary felt the sun-warmth and opened her eyes. There was Kelly, curled into a ball, naked as a jaybird. John snored on the other side of her. Mary rolled over toward the girl, slid a lock of hair away and softly licked her lips. Kelly roused, opened her eyes, and obligingly opened her mouth, at this befuddled moment a complete slave. Mary pointed her tongue, drove into Kelly’s mouth and fake-fucked it, in and out. She tasted the girl. “Whoa, is that what I think it is?” she whispered.
Kelly nodded, a sheepish grin.
“Babydoll, how’d you do that?”
Kelly whispered, “He woke up in the middle of the night doing it, and that woke me up, so I took over and finished him off. I don’t think he even knew it was me. Hey Mary, let’s just keep it our secret, okay. Just between you and me?”
She grinned at the face below her. “He’ll never know, not unless we decide to tell him later…”

The two nude girls lay there, each lost in her own thoughts on this bright, carefree Sunday morning of sunshine and togetherness. Mary rose, went to the closet, pulled out a French maid’s costume – white pinafore with mini-skirt in black, the blouse sheer. Three-inch black heels. A black neckband with cream cameo. “Wear this and go make us breakfast-in-bed, slavegirl.”
The girl did as ordered.
Shortly, Kelly The French Maid entered the bedroom again, a tray of food in her hands. Scrambled eggs, bacon, coffee, quarters of jellied toast. She woke the marrieds, pulled the covers off them, and placed the tray on their naked laps. She noticed John’s penis, of course, now just a small nubbin.
“Your breakfast, Madame and Sir…” she said leaning down and displaying all the cleavage her transparent blouse offered. “Oh, and one other treat especially from the chef – “ She placed a heeled foot on the bed beside John, the skirt now raised high on her thigh and revealing the treasured cleft. She reached into herself, extracted a smoky link slowly to their wondering eyes, placed it on the plate. And then again, another was removed.
“Oh you dog,” said Mary, and giggled. “Smokin’,” said her husband.

“Arf! Arf!” It was all too much this early in the morning, and they fell laughing as they all ate breakfast in bed.
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