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Naruto and Hinata are finally together and happy but what will happen when Neji finds out?....
Neji paced his room , thinking of what he had saw just a few seconds earlier.As his father was an important man in Konoha and his mother was to , they had both been called to a meeting not to long ago.Neji had been walking around the garden , practicing his Byakuugan by attempting to spot figures in the distance.This was how he had spotted Naruto and Hinata , running through the trees and over the wall that surrounded the Hyuuga residence.They had went into Hinata's room and had started... Kissing!He thought he was seeing thing's but when Naruto lay Hinata down he knew it was true.He had found himself getting hard at the thought of his sister and Naruto but had quickly scolded himself and sat in silence , waiting for Hinata and Naruto to finish so he could do the honours of giving Naruto a lecture about love and compassion and asking him if he intended to Marry Hinata.
Neji had been concentrating to hard on this and had not heard the orange-jumpsuit clad ninja sneaking up behind him.He grabbed Neji in a hug and gave the , would-be usual , grin he always had.Neji was not to friendly with Naruto and did'nt know that grin but thought he was mocking him.He freed himself from Naruto and said "What were you and my sister doing until now?" in a would-be-calm voice , but his anger was rising.Naruto just said "What?" and Neji replied "Dont act dumb, i seen you two with my Byakuugan"."Oh crap" Naruto thought , "Now im really dead" but he answered "Nothing , just talking and ... a bit of kissing..."."Yeah right , i seen u two Naruto , not what you did but just before you started.Now admit it!"."Fine , me and Hinata were making love... we are a couple now and we're both happy"."Do you plan to marry Hinata?"."Yes , of course , i love her".Neji stared in disbelief "Really?"."Yeah , why u did'nt think id just have sex with her and leave it at that did u?I may be an idiot but im not that dumb!".Neji just lowered his head in shame.He had believed the worst of Naruto and had been completely wrong.Naruto made his first mistake then by saying "Hey , Neji why are u on a hard-on?".Neji looked down and felt himself blush.He had gotten hard at the thought of his sister again!Naruto grinned and said mysteriously "Oh i see.... Dont worry I think i can help".Neji looked at him confusedly and watched as he did the hand-sign for Kage Bunshin No Jutsu.10 Naruto's appeared and tackled Neji to the floor.He had'nt seen it coming and next thing he knew Naruto had knocked him unconcious with a well-placed elbow."Don't worry Neji , everything will be ok..." Naruto said , and with that carried Neji back to Hinata's room.

Neji woke up to the sound of moaning , and he quickly realised it was Hinata.To his dismay , this made him hard again and he scolded himself yet again.What he heard next scared him more than 100 anbu agents out to get him."I think it's Neji's turn now Hinata"."Alright Naruto ... if u say so".Neji could tell Hinata was blushing even from the sound of her voice.But he was blushing now , even though he did'nt fully understand what was going to happen."Naruto , what did u do!?" Neji yelled.Only now had he realised how drained he was , sure he had been sucked of his chakra.How had Naruto done that?Even Neji could'nt do that!And why was Hinata agreeing with Naruto?Surely she did'nt want to have sex with her brother.Thinking of the word sex made him even harder and he thought of the true impact it would have.He would be losing his virginity to his sister!He could see no way past it either , he was drained of energy and he could sense Naruto's Kage Bunshin clones surrounding Hinata's room , ensuring he can't escape.He was , in one sense , doomed.Just then Naruto walked into his view , his cock fully erect , glistening from either saliva or cum.This made Neji even harder (If possible) than before , thinking of Hinata's mouth around his cock.Naruto grinned at Neji and bent down , whispering to him what was going to happen , and with each word Neji grew hornier and more horrified of what was about to unfold.Hinata moved into view as Naruto finished and Neji's jaw literally dropped as he saw Hinata's naked body , her beautiful eyes and lucious pink lips , to her 36cc breasts with perky , erect nipples and average aerolas.He tried not to stare but his eyes kept going down her body , reaching her perfectly trimmed pubic hair and the tip of her glistening clit and pussy , which was soaked and , if he wasnt mistaken , had traces of cum on it.The image of Naruto fucking Hinata was implanted in his brain and he began to feel very embarassed , thinking fully of what was about to happen , as Hinata was now moving closer to him , slowly stroking his erect cock through his shorts.She was touching his cock!It felt so good but so wrong.Neji had more moral's than most people but by now he was to horny and willing that he did'nt care what happened from now on.Hinata moved closer and slid in between his legs , removing his shorts and boxers , slowly sucking on the tip of his cock.He moaned and prepared himself for the worst.Unlucky for him , it was about to get much , much worse.At least for him it was....

Neji could not believe what was happening.Minutes ago he had been pacing his room , thinking of a reasonable way to shout at Naruto.Now he was Naruto's prisoner and his sister wanted him!This could'nt end well.Just then Hinata climbed over him , a knee on each side of his legs , which spread her pussy wider and the isght of it dripping wet made Neji's cock strain against his shorts.Hinata was now removing his shorts , very slowly , which he guessed was Naruto's idea.Since when was Naruto smart and he still could'nt figure out why Hinata was doing this!And that was when he spotted 12 bottles of Sake.She was drunk!No wonder her cheeks were so rosey.He gasped in pleasure suddenly.Hinata had her mouth over the tip of his cock , and he hadnt noticed her doing this because he was thinking to hard.Now is not the time to think , he thought.Hinata began to lick the tip of his cock , flicking her tongue along it , and stroking the base.Neji prided himself on his Ninjutsu , Genjutsu , Taijutsu and the size of his cock which was over 9" long.Hinata was having a hard time getting half of it into her mouth , but she was still licking his cock everywhere.Literally everywhere , ev ery centimetre of his cock was covered in her saliva and Neji felt ready to explode.He would warn Hinata but embarassment and shame kept him from speaking out so , he just let Hinata figure it out when he started cumming.When he did cum , Hinata pulled back and it flew all over her , onto her face , her hair , into her mouth and all down her body , especially her breasts which she ran a finger over and licked the cum off.This made Neji's cock twitch and Hinata , when she was done cleaning , moved up so her pussy was directly above his cock.This was it , thought Neji , she was going to take his virginity.His own sister!But it got worse , Naruto now moved over to kneel over Neji's chest and his cock was right up in front of Neji's lips."No way!This isnt happening!" thought Neji.Naruto is straight not gay.Surely he doesnt want me to blow him?He had never been so wrong , he figured out , as Naruto pushed his cock in between Neji's lips , who tried to pull away but couldnt.He had no energy to move.While he was trying to get Naruto away , he felt Hinata's pussy lips pressiing against the tip of his cock before she pushed herself onto him.She got half way before having to push herself back up to ride him.What was more shocking to Neji than the fact that his sister was riding him was that she had just taken his virginity.He was in no position to complain though.He had a cock in his mouth and his cock in his sisters pussy.This was an absolutely horrible situation.Naruto had been still while he was thinking but now he began to rock forward and backwards , forcing Neji to give him a very-half-hearted blowjob.Either his imagination was playing tricks or Hinata seemed to get wetter when Naruto did that.Now Neji was really confused.Surely being drunk did'nt make u this crazy?Naruto had stopped rocking and had turned and reached back.What was he doing?Then he seen them , 4 or 5 more bottles of Sake , all full to the brim , and Naruto was moving them in front of him to make Neji drink them!He was going to get Neji drunk.Naruto probably knew that he was a weak drinker and would do anything after drinking.And that was Naruto's plan!

4 Bottle's of Sake later....

Neji wondered why he had been against this ... it seemed perfectly okay.Drinking usually made people truthful but it made Neji stupid.Not just stupid , but absolutely and utterly stupid.This is probably why he had Naruto's cock deep in his throat , suckish hard and circling his cock with his tongue as quick as he could.He wanted Naruto to cum so he could taste the salty , bitter sperm.Naruto was in shock , thrusting back and forward desperately , not thinking that drink would have this much of an effect on Neji.Hinata had said it made him crazy but he didnt think she meant outright mad.But he didnt care , he was just shocked but he loved every second of it.He had been moaning for the past 5 minutes even though it usually took Hinata's pussy or amazing little tongue for that.Hinata on the other hand was still riding Neji but wasnt getting much of a response.He knew she desperately wanted to be fucked because her face was dark red and her pussy was clistening with her own juices.Either Neji would have to respond soon or Naruto would have to fuck her.SO Naruto thrust deep into Neji's mouth one last time and came , unleashing a huge amount of cum with each spurt and twitch of his cock.Neji tried to swallow but some still dribbled from his mouth , which he quickly licked up.What happened next shocked Naruto.Suddenly he felt weak , very very weak.Then he seen Neji jump to his feet and push away Hinata.Neji had somehow drained his energy and Naruto thought he knew how.His cum.He had used his chakra sensing abilities to drain Naruto's reserves of chakra through his cock.This would be extremely difficult but Neji was the most disciplined Ninja.While Naruto was thinking all this Neji had gotten to Hinata and spun her around so she was on all fours.Naruto could see her pussy , covered in her pussy juice and he tight little arsehole , also covered in her juices .Hinata must have been extremely wet for it to drip that far.But Neji didnt care about that.For some unknown reason he was not hell-bent on fucking Hinata.In both holes!One of her holes would be filled by his cock and the other (her arsehole) Was filled with one of the Sake bottles.Naruto couldnt believe his eyes and he was certain Hinata couldnt believe it either , even though she couldnt see it.Hinata had never wanted anal before and even drunk , had refused it.By now Neji had begun to fuck her rhymatically , swaying back and forth slowly , making Hinata moan really loudly because he was also dildoing her ass with the sake bottle.Hinata was really enjoying this , thought Naruto and his usual goofy grin returned as he watched his girlfriend get pounded by her brother in both holes."Hey Hinata , me and Shino are gonna go t-..." came Kiba's voice from the entrance to the room.Everyone turned to stare at him.He was staring back but not in shock.In disbelief and....... lust?....

Find out what happens in part 2!Comment and Rate Please!!!! =D


2012-07-13 12:36:45
i liked it up till the gay scene. better with out

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2011-04-14 00:41:20
lol nice would love to see some more non consensual part from Hinata though.

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2010-11-17 00:51:01
neji and hinata are cousins. and neji's father is dead

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2010-11-02 23:17:17
1. next is part3
2.neji and hinata? come on! next a f@ckin gangbang
[hinata will have all holes full]

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2009-08-06 15:30:14
part 2 lol this is part 2 good story thow

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