this is a dream i wish became real, at times
Basketball Nyla...

Tommy had been less and less of a fiend lately. That is to say, he began
to have "normal" sexual feelings after: 1) Jessica left him from the
Love to the not-so-love; 2) he had a few more dates with
Erin 3) he was now prepping for further studies in High school.

It was all shattered after two evenings on the basketball court. He
became a sex deviate again. A GF pedo. The first time he saw the young
girl playing basketball, he was mildly attracted but had his mind on
other things. The second time occurred a week ago.

He was playing five-on-five and actually doing pretty well. Then he saw
her again, shooting hoops by herself at another basket. It brought back
all the previous lustful feelings he had for the previous adolescents.
She looked to be Nine or Ten years old with longer than shoulder
length black hair, average height, perhaps a little baby fat but her
legs (his crucial judgement area) were nicely shaped. Once or twice
during a break in the games he would sneak a look at her, her calves
straining as she put up a jumper. What muscles! At one point he stared
at her for quite a while, about ten seconds. She met his gaze for the
last three seconds. What could he do? Should he do anything? Looka
her doing a between the legs dribble! (No comments please.) How
'bout an ass-firming crouching free-throw attempt? A couple of times,
between games, he got water from the fountain and retrieved her ball,
never looking as he threw it back. Finally, he asked her what time it
was. "6:40," she replied. "Thanks," he said, still not looking at her.
Soon afterwards she departed the premises.

How could he resolve this situation? Should he do it at all, seeing all
the things he has done so far? Will there be no reckoning point for him?

He was thinking all of these things at about 8:30 when he was shooting
by his lonesome. Suddenly she appeared basketballess. "Could I shoot?"
she asked timidly. "Most certainly. By the way, I'm Tommy." "My name is
Nyla." "Glad to have met you," he said as she smiled, embarrassed.
They played courtesy in virtual silence for about five minutes. Then, he
figured, what the hell. Go for the gusto. "You're pretty cute, do you
know that?" She blushed and replied, "Not too many people have said that
to me; definitely not any boys, or should I say Teen Adults?" Tommy laughed at
the last statement and said, "Well, it's true." "I think you're pretty
hunky too," she said. "Then the feeling is mutual!" he exclaimed to her
as well as to his inner sanctum. After this exchange, silence again
reigned but she began to sneak peeks at him; he saw with his fine
peripheral vision (good for making more than one kind of pass!). She was
regarding him with caution, it seemed. He began to stare at her as he
did the few hours before. Soon they began to miss quite a few shots as
the eyes weren't always on the basket.

Finally the point was reached. "Look, Tommy, I know I'm only Ten and a
half, but I think that I should be gettin home..."
she hesitatingly said. "wait !" he breathlessly asked. "Well, i don't
know?" she replied. "I think you can come in my house for a while?," he said. "That's good. I can meet you here later if you want;
maybe about 10?" "That'll be fine." "OK, see you in the backyard OK?"
"OK." Nyla then walked off.

Man! Tommy had been erect for the whole exchange and would be surprised
if she hadn't noticed it. Crapo! What would he do now? Could he possibly
do it? We'll see when the time comes, he thought. Perhaps sanity would

He was on his way other then that he got to the 'yard at 9:45 p.m. and
sat down next to the Trampoline A few minutes later Nyla came into
view. She had the same clothes on and all. Nothing different. She
approached him and said "ok what now, i'm here what do you want?." He said follow me as they turned off down
to the house. "Do you mind if we go to my house?" he asked. "What?! Your
house? she said" "Yes in my house, Don't worry you been in my room before?" she giggled. "Well, I
don't know. Any way is fine with me, as long as we don't get interrupted
by your dad with a .38." "No, silly. Here we are." The house seemed to
be Quite.

he led the way into his bedroom and sat on the bed. He looked at
her a moment, a 4 ft. 10 inch blonde with shorts and a t-shirt. This is
what he lives for?! "Well, do you want to start?" he asked. "Start
what?." With that, he bid her to sit next to him. As soon as she
sat, he promptly lifted her legs off the floor, swung them over his
body, and scooted her butt up to his leg. Tommy gently pulled her face to
his and he wrapped her arms about his neck in preparation. They stared
at each other for a few beats and then gradually explored each others'
mouths. With one hand Tommy ruffled her black mane and with his other
hand he slowly stroked her smooth legs. Yes, this is what he lives for.
Suddenly she had a look of shock on her face. He then asked her to open her mouth as he put his tounge in her mouth. They swordfought playfully awhile before he
quickly withdrew and started to lave her neck.

Suddenly he felt his rod pulse and looked to see Nyla with her eyes
closed. She opened her eyes and
caught his eye and said, "What are you doing? Do you like that or something?." "I want to," he replied huskily.

Without another word he stripped his shorts and underpants off and
stepped out of them. Nyla, mesmerized by the sight of his stiff
length, sat staring at it on the bed. "Come here," Tommy said as he
gently reached under her shirt and began to pull it off. Halfway up, she
screamed but no one heard her and he threw the shirt off ,
.Tommy admired Nyla's budding breasts. She had beautiful pink
areolas that lifted from her breast tissue and also framed firm nipples,
which were a sight to see. He bent to kiss her nipples but she met him
halfway and began to push him off . He got up and
stood over her. "What comes next?" she quizzed, conspiratorially. "Oh, I
don't know," he coyly said as he pulled down her shorts.
Unfortunately her actions belied her words. She slowly began to lie back
with legs slightly apart and knees up, arching her buttocks off the
bed. An invitation? He didn't ask. He kissed her stomach and
deliberately slid his hand down her body The further he got down her body, the
more she slid her feet down to match his motion. When he had
reached her ankles, he lifted her legs straight out and it allowed him to
she more of her.

She still had her cotton panties on and was expecting him to get them,
he decided to pull them off and now this little black girl was naked down. The cotton panties, which were ligh blue were now off and on the floor.
. As she reached for
a cover to cover up, he stopped her and placed her hands at her sides. Without a
further word he lowered his head to an erect tit and sucked it into his
mouth. She reacted with a low guttural sound. He played with each nipple
this way, arousing her. Soon he lifted her head and forced her face to
his. Tommy then found another diversion to slow down; namely fumbling
with her head. He reached around her head and ever so gently removed the
barrette from her hair, allowing the long black tresses to spill forth
over her shoulders and neck. When this was completed, Tommy went straight for her lips.
He kissed her one last time and tenderly placed her head back on the
bed, resuming the sucking and kissing of her breasts and nipples. He
took a nipple in his mouth and made circles around it, and soon she
again was emitting a low growl. As he moved his lips downward to her
stomach, he was aware that someone might walk in but he looked at the time and said to himself nope 5 hours left of this. "Have you ever done this
before?" she asked. he nodded negatively. Not much, but a start. "Enough is enough!" he
exclaimed as he placed a finger on each side of her hips and pulled her legs apart, so he can see her hairless mound.

She cooed at him as she lay with her head resting on her arm and her
knees apart slightly with her legs open He decided to pull back and
admire her body. She had an even more boyish figure than Jessica. She had
no hips whatsoever; they seemed to be the same circumfrence as her
thighs and waist. Her legs, though, were smooth, long, and lean for her
height. From this angle, he could see her dimunitive vaginal lips, which
were bright pink and had no hair covering them. He stroked her hair and
then went to kneel at her feet. Slowly he kissed her feet and ankles.
She giggled with girlish impishness. Purposefully he stroked and
massaged her legs and creeped up her smooth thighs and gently spread
them as he did so. Kissing up one thigh he eventually landed at her
young entrance, which was small and beautifully pristine. "Oh well," he

As he flicked at her vagina with his tongue, she yelped in surprise but
soon she was lost for words as his tounge touch her where nothing has before. He barely got his tongue in before he
hit her clitoris, and she yelped in pain this time. "Sorry," he said and
circled it instead. In and out, in and out. She tousled his hair and
soon he felt some moisture coming at him; she had had a small orgasm. He
quickly gathered a bit of her moisture and applied it to his hard penis.
Moving over her small body, he felt a shudder in his loins as he
anticipated what was to come. Tenderly he put his hands under her legs
and pushed her thighs outward to give him better access. Grabbing his
member, he stroked her vaginal lips, which had become larger as she was

Finally he could take no more and said, "you will take it, it's now only!" and
she merely nodded her assent, because she was breathing heavily. He
placed his rampant penis at her moist opening and pushed slightly. The
glans entered without much difficulty and immediately she clamped her
muscles on it, to his surprise. "tight"he smiled, anticipating
his question. He probed his penis further, but no luck. Nyla,
perhaps aware of the situation, began to rotate her hips, confining the
tip of his penis in her possession. Tommy, pushed in harder and Surprisingly she came and sent forth some
more lubrication. Instinctively he thrusted forward and through her
hymen. She exclaimed "Oh!" as he ripped her inside, as she raised up with her elbows to get
a view of a man's meat in her womb. She sighed as she saw that his penis
was half inside her, half outside, and fell back.

He began to slowly stroke back and forth, in and out of her tender
At the foot of the bed at last. With care he squatted until her buttocks
hit the mattress. He caressed her ass globes for a few moments and then
slowly he began to push her ass up the bed as he crawled onto it with
her, flicking a nipple as he went. Finally he could feel lubrication all
around his penis as she really got aroused. Whimpering slightly, he
began to thrust again. He could get no further than 3/4 inside her
chamber, but he milked it for what it was worth. Exaggeratingly he began
to raise his butt far off her body as he thrusted, to see if she would
follow him. After a few times of her vagina feeling void, she looked to
see him doing that very thing. She caught on and raised her ass up and
thrusted her hips to keep his throbbing dick inside her for the maximum
amount of time.

Smiling, he lowered his center of gravity to feel her not doing so. She
was now hunching her hips up furiously with each thrust as if she was
trying to thrust through him. To get her dander going, he abruptly
withdrew. She looked up, surprised, fluids on her vaginal lips. Still
kneeling between her legs, he watched her question him with wide eyes.
Still unmoving, he observed as she pulled her legs from around him.
He caught them and smiled, . Her legs were pulled back to her ass, so he kissed each
knee and slowly spread her knees apart and folded out each leg and said,
"This will hurt alot!" as he went down and placed his penis at her entrance but at the rear
and pushed inside. Inch by inch, this time all of his dick went inside
her ass. She rolled her eyes back and took his advice.
. He groaned as he felt her tight asshole take his cock deeper.
. He had no choice but to come in and out of her tender, moist ass.
Her pelvic thrusts were in concert with his, as they mutually enthralled
the other. Faster and faster they went, nearing the valley of no return.
She could not control herself any longer and let her grip go, grabbing
a pillow and stabbing wildly at the intruding penis in her first major
orgasm. This freed him to raise almost out of her, grab her knees, spread
her thighs apart as far as they could go, and clutch her shaking ass. He
long-stroked about ten more times and felt his semen shoot through the
tip with more intensity then he ever felt before. He let go of her ass
and thrusted raggedly while she spasmed and her buttocks shook; he
looked to see all of his cock still inside her. Each thrust and spurt of
his penis left some semen overflowing from her small rear channel.

At last they stopped shaking and kissed appreciatively. Nyla and
Tommy kissed each other, and it was not the last time they were
together, either on or off the court.

Nyla said that she wasn't going to tell anyone about this, but asked if Tommy could do this to her cousin who is yonger then her? Tommy answered by kissing Nyla's lips and rubbing her wet black pussy for about 5 mins. Then said sure i will if you get her to come over and just maybe we can all "DO IT."

the end.....

Part two will come soon


2009-06-20 15:48:13
Constructive Criticism:

Watch the contradictions.

They just met on the court, but they already know where each other lives?
One has already been in the other's room?

The story itself is good. Take your time writing it. Again, I'll re-iterate the same advice I've given you - proof read your work. Look for contradictions, and mistakes.

Separate conversation so it's easier to follow. Identify each speaker.

You did do a good job over all of breaking up your paragraphs so even though the talking was confusing to follow, it was easy to pick up the story past the conversation.

You have great potential. Keep writing.... and take a few evenings out for a creative writing course. You'll benefit greatly from it.



2009-06-18 03:54:19
sorry i messed up on that where it says blonde hair it's suppose to be black hair

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2009-06-15 22:57:30
Good story.

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2009-06-15 13:20:38
A 4'10" blonde? With a black mane? Your words not mine. The thought of fucking a beautiful little black babe of "10 1/2" sets my dick on end. And to fuck her younger cousin too. Just sets my libido into motion.

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2009-06-15 12:22:58
A 4'10" blonde? With a black mane? Your words not mine. The thought of fucking a beautiful little black babe of "10 1/2" sets my dick on end. And to fuck her younger cousin too. Just sets my libido into motion.

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