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Prequel of one of my stories ( "Guardian Angel" )
During a calm saturday morning, Jake slept peacefully in his room. There was a knocking on the door, and the door was opened slowly and quietly. A boy entered Jake's room, and gently sat next to the sleeping boy. Jake felt someone breathing next to his left ear, and as he opened his eyes, the boy joined his lips with Jake's. After a moment, the kiss was broken:

"Morning, sleepy head!" shouted Hunter, who started laughing and playing with Jake's hair.
"Hunter! Can't you see I was sleeping?" complained Jake.
"Not anymore! C'mon, we got stuff to do!"
"Like what?" asked Jake, as he tried to fully wake up and get out of the bed.
"You promised we'd go to Mount Gloria today!" shouted Hunter, as he followed Jake, wherever he went in the room, as the boy looked for some clothes to wear.
"Mount Gloria?" asked Jake.
"Yeah, it's where we met last year, remember?" asked Hunter, with a worried look on his face.

Jake stopped for a minute, and looked at Hunter and suddenly shouted:

"Oh! Sorry, I've been so busy last night, totally forgot." said Jake, while rubbing his hair.
"Busy? What's up?"
"Well... Mom knows this director guy looking for a boy to star in his new tv show, and she wants me to give it a try. It's been in my mind all night." said Jake.
"Well, I don't really care, as long as we get to go to Mount Gloria today." replied Hunter.
"You're really serious about this, aren't ya?"
"Yeah! That's where we met, last year. We became friends then. This year, we become BEST friends!" shouted Hunter, friendly punching Jake on his shoulder.

Both Jake and Hunter went downstairs to have breakfast, and after that, the 2 boys spent most of their time hanging out at Mount Gloria.
At sunset, both boys were at the tallest place of Mount Gloria, which had a beautiful sight at that time of the day. Jake and Hunter sat there, looking at the sight which marked the beginning of their friendship. All of a sudden, Hunter bent over to Jake and kissed him on his lips. Jake felt the kiss lasting hours, when it had only passed a minute or so after Hunter broke the kiss.
Hunter kept staring at Jake with a smile:

"What? Something on my face?" asked Jake.
"No... Just wondering why do you still have your shirt on." said Hunter. Jake looked down at his shirt, and then back at Hunter. Jake took his shirt off right away and threw it away:

"Better?" asked Jake, smiling back at Hunter.

Hunter restarted kissing him, and began rubbing his chest. Both boys were laying on the ground. Jake started caressing Hunter's body, still covered by his yellow muscle shirt. Hunter slowly took it off, trying to hold his lips with Jake's for as long as possible.
After taking the muscle shirt off, Hunter got himself on top of Jake, pressing his body on him. After kissing and caressing each other's bodies, the kiss was broken:

"Is that a gun in your pocket or you're just happy I'm shirtless?" asked Hunter as he rested his hand on Jake's hard dick, covered by his underwear and blue jeans.
"Well, if you're so curious, go and find out." replied Jake.

Jake rested his hands behind his hand, and Hunter unzipped the boy's jeans, and pulled it down along with the underwear, revealing a 5 inches or so dick. Hunter began kissing the head of Jake's dick, and gently put his tongue out to do the hard work. Hunter played with his tongue around the boy's hard dick, which got both boys extremely excited.
Without wasting another minute, Hunter began sucking his dick, harder as Jake moaned louder and lifted his waist to push his dick deeper into Hunter's mouth.
After a while of sucking his dick, Hunter stopped and stood up:

"I got a better idea." he said, as he took off his black shorts, along with the underwear.

Jake could only stare as his friend got on his knees on top of him, and gently began inserting the boy's dick into his ass.
Hunter gently lowered himself so Jake's dick would go deeper, and slowly went back up until he could only feel the head of his dick, and went back down a bit faster than last time. As Hunter got used to the pain, it suddenly turned into pleasure and he started going faster and harder.
Jake couldn't move his body, except his eyes and stared at Hunter's face which indicated pure pleasure and excitement. When Jake felt his orgasm coming, he grabbed Hunter's waist and started pressing his body on the boy, pushing his dick as deep as it could go. Hunter knew what this meant, and suddenly stopped moving, and pushed Jake's dick as deep into his ass as he could, and felt the boy cumming inside of him. Jake started moaning as loud as he could, feeling his first most enjoyable orgasm with another boy. After shooting 3 or 4 loads of cum into Hunter's ass, the boy laid on top of him, and kissed Jake with such passion. The boys stayed like this for a while, embracing each other.

Late in the night, the boys were back on their clothes. Jake was lying on his back on top of an old rock, which was the exact spot where he created a bond with his best friend, Hunter, who was sitting right beside him. The boys could see the beautiful dark sky, filled with stars, until suddenly:

“Hey look Jay! A shooting star!” shouted Hunter, pointing at the sky and then looking at his friend.
“Nah… Must have been an airplane.” Said Jake, with his hands behind his head, looking at where Hunter was pointing.
“Ya know… You can be a real pain sometimes, Jay.”
“Sorry… Look, maybe it was an UFO.”
“Gimme a break!”
“Ugh, fine! It was a shooting star, then.”
“I heard I could make a wish when I see a shooting star in the sky.”
“Too late for that.” replied Jake with a teasing smile on his face.
“Well… I’ll just wait for another one!" shouted Hunter with his determined boyish voice.
“I don’t think there’ll be another shooting star, Hunter…”
“Look, another one! Told ya!! All right... Gonna make my wish now…”
The boys were silent, and Jake was surprised that another shooting star had appeared. The boy looked carefully at Hunter, who had his eyes closed. Then, suddenly:
“There… I made my wish.” Said Hunter.
“What did you wish for?” asked Jake.
“Can’t tell you, or it won’t come true!”
“Oh, gimme a break, Hunter!”
“Sorry, rules are rules.” Said Hunter with a smile on his face, then he layed on his back, next to Jake:
“Don’t worry, Jay… When it comes true, I’ll tell you. Promise.”
“Hmm... Better not take too long, then.”

After a few moments of silence, Hunter looked at Jake, who was still staring at the dark sky. After a little while, Hunter broke the silence:

"Hey, didn't you make a wish?"
"Huh.... Yeah, I did." replied Jake.
"Well... What was the wish?"
"Sorry, rule number one: You can't anybody what you wished for!"
"Hmph... Well then, what's rule number two?"
"Rule number two... Is tell my best friend Hunter that I wish I had a blowjob." said Jake as he started laughing.
"H-hey!! I thought you couldn't tell what your wish was!"
"I can, if I wanna!" replied Jake, still laughing. After calming down, Hunter spoke up.
"So... How about I make your wish come true?"
"Go ahead!" replied Jake, getting himself ready for action.
"...When we get home!! Let's go, you sex freak!" replied Hunter with a teasing tone and smile, and he jumped out of the old rock and started running as fast as he could.
"H-hey! Who are you calling a sex freak!?" shouted Jake as he jumped out of the old rock and ran after Hunter.
"You can't catch me!!" shouted Hunter.

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