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Opportunity, the right weapons, and strong motive.

This happened on the senior class trip where we were put on a plane to Florida on Friday night and a boat on Saturday morning. We went to several different islands in the Caribbean for a week and got back on Sunday afternoon and flew home that day.

I had been dating Mina for about a year then, and we had done some petting, but this is about how we finally really went further.

On Thursday afternoon we got to St. Kitts and we were all supposed to get on a ferry for a tour to last all day. Mina had met me at the room I was sharing with another guy and we were going to head to the ferry together.

Mina grinned at me after I kissed her and she hopped into the upper bunk in my cabin, where I had been sleeping, and said to me:

"You want to join me up here? I bet we can both fit."

Well, if she could act wild, I could too, so I climbed up. We kissed again, but this time it got a lot more serious. We made out until we lost track of time, and then we heard the sound of the ferry engine starting up.

"Nobody noticed that we weren't there," I said to her.

"The crew has no reason to come down here," she said. "So we can be all alone for maybe eight hours."

"Eight hours of making out with you sounds like a lot, but I will try to rise to the challenge," I replied.

Mina looked me in the eye and said: "From what I feel against me, rising is not a problem for you."

Of course, that got me hotter since I wasn't used to girls admitting they noticed things like that. We went back to tongue- wrestling and I started feeling her boobs through her blouse and she slid her hand to hold my erection.

After a while, I put my hand under her skirt and starting moving up her leg. When I got to her panties, she broke off the kiss and said: "You want to do it? All the way?"

"God, yes. But we can't. I don't have any condoms here."

"Yes, we can. My period should start tomorrow, so I am going to be safe from getting pregnant. This is the best chance we'll ever have for a long time and I really want you."

We undressed each 0other, taking time with each new patch of skin. I did a lot more with her boobs than I ever had before, because of the time and lack of clothes. My fingers worked the outside of her vagina until her hips started jerking. When I got over her and her legs were spread wide for me, I leaned over to kiss her lips with the head of my erection lined up and just ready to go in.

"Be gentle with me," she whispered. "Remember I'm a virgin."

I kissed her, and with a little pressure and a little pop and a little cry, she wasn't anymore. I will have to say that having her remind me that I was her first made it harder to not shove it in right away. I drove into her and made her come a couple of times, and then she cried my name when she felt the hot jelly of my sperm shoot into her.

We slept some, and I made love to her twice more that afternoon. Nobody official ever noticed that we were gone, but the other students did, and Mina broke down and told the other girls what we did that afternoon and the boys heard about it from them. Some of them congratulated me for finding a way to nail her, but I had not planned it at all

(This and Pleasure Cruise 2 are an experiment to tell the same story from two viewpoints at the same number of lines, at least in 1 typeface)


Robert and I had been dating for a year then, and petting for most of it, but we both wanted more, and here is how we did it.

We were both on the senior class trip, visiting Caribbean islands in a week-long trip. I though spending all that time with him would be great, but really I almost couldn't stand it.

I was not sure I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Robert, but I decided not long after I met him that he was the person that I was going to give my virginity to when the time came. From the way he kissed me, and later from the way his hands made me orgasm, I was sure that he would be great in bed.

I wanted to have him undress me and feel me all over. I wanted to have him open my legs and push into me and break my maidenhead. I wanted him to go as deep into me as anyone ever could. If it could be done without getting me pregnant, I wanted to feel his semen shoot into me deeper yet.

The trouble with the senior trip was that being around him all the time made me want him all the time and worse than ever.

My periods have been regular since I was twelve, so I knew that on Friday of the trip one would hit, so those last few days were out for fun and games, but Thursday I would be completely infertile. Thursday, like most of the other days, we were scheduled for a tour of some island, and I had a plan.

On Thursday morning, I met Robert at the cabin he shared with another guy. We were supposed to go together to the ferry to the island, but I hopped into the upper bunk he slept in and asked him to join me. He did, as I figured.

We kissed, then our tongues got going. I had figured that if somebody noticed we were missing and came after us, I could hear them coming, climb down, and say we lost track of time. If they didn't we were home safe and he was in me.

Lying in the bed with him beside me, I had trouble not asking him to strip me naked and take me right away, but I managed. After a while, we heard the ferry leave.

We built slowly, but when his hand got to my panties, I asked him in he wanted to take me all the way. What I had wanted him to do in foreplay and undressing and what he did went hand in hand, or rather hands and lips everywhere and in all the right places.

I had told him that we did not need any condom between us, and when I felt the weight of his body on mine and the heat of his erection poised to enter me, I asked him to be gentle (thought I knew he would) to make him more passionate by reminding him that I was a virgin.

But only for seconds more, thanks to Robert. I felt the membrane break and felt him move inn and out until he hit bottom and spread me wide inside. I came over and over and cried out when I felt his hot seed shoot out.

We dozed, but I had my legs around him, coming like crazy, twice more before the other students came back.

The other students had noticed we were missing, but decided not to say anything. The girls would in any case have quizzed me about how far Robert and I had gone, but with my happy and sleepy look, they knew pretty well.

I told three or four of my friends the details, step by step, and how I had planned it. The story was all over in a short while, though I hope without the deion of how it felt when Robert deflowered me.

My period came on Friday afternoon, right on time..

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2012-11-22 10:38:15
if you want to play/flirt with him and you think he'll respond fun/flirty back and you don't think he'll get all weird with the renspsoe. ask. otherwise do things subtle. stand close to him see if he moves away, closer or stays where he is. by this you challenge his personal space. when you challenge the personal space and he doesn't move away likely he would/could've welcomed a kiss. then it comes to the question of who should/would/could initiate a kiss. do girls? do guys? either? etc. before you really are actually together and kissing just happens. first move type thing. I'd say challenge personal space and see what happens. lean in a little closer etc. if you do it right, he'll get the hint you're into him if it wasn't quite like that before.

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2009-09-28 19:11:42
For future knowledge, the ability to get pregnant is at its highest the day before a period. Have fun with parenthood!

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2009-08-06 01:05:45
sucks realy bad stop no more from u no one will read thim so stop u stupit fuck

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2009-08-06 01:00:50
yea what he said not good at all

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2009-06-15 12:39:44
I think telling the same story twice from different view points was a bad idea. It doesn't add much, and you didn't really develop any character enough to make it matter. Also, try expanding your sex scenes, it's nice that your going the sweet and romantic route, but you'll get a better story rating if you give good deions of sex and not just the "he stuck it in me and I came many times" kind of lines.

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