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A new family Entertainer
Harry moved his hips faster, slamming his cock into Aunt Patty's hot wet fuck box. Her big tits swing back and forth as Harry fuck her from behind. She wasn't Harry's real Aunt, she was in the housekeeper but ever since Harry learned to talk he has called her Aunty.

This all began about year or so ago, when Aunt Patty discovered a magazine that had pictures of older women, naked and getting fucked in it. As she flipped though the magazine in walked Harry fresh from the shower naked except for a towel around his waist. Harry started to say something to explain but Aunt Patty cut him off by kneeing in front of him, dropping his towel to the floor and sucking his cock until he exploded in her mouth. That was their first time. Since then anytime Aunt Patty felt the need she would hike her skirt up to her hips, unbutton her blouse, lie down on Harry's bed, with her legs open and let him fuck her, bushy wet cunt until he exploded his hot cum deep in her.

The fact that Aunt Patty was old enough to be his mother didn't bother Harry. In fact, that was the whole hot turn on. She could be his mother. Fuck knows; he would love his mother Nancy to change places, with Aunt Patty and let his cock fill her hot fuck box with his cum.

Then there was his very sexy, very tempting sister Samantha… What a piece of ass! 20 years old and a cock tease if ever there was one. How the guys at her college suffered, he could well imagine.

As Harry thought about first his mother then his sister and fucking them, it became to much for him. He gave a final thrust of his hips and buried his cock deep in Aunt Patty's pussy. Aunt Patty sighed as she felt his hot cum flood into her.

Harry pulled his cock out and spread her ass cheeks. He rubbed the wet head of his cock against her asshole wiping the cum off on Aunt Patty's body. "I wish we had more time I love to fuck your ass, Aunty."

Patty rolled way from her young lover and picked up her panty from the floor. She didn't slip them back on instead she used them to wipe herself clean. Smiling she put the soiled panties under Harry's pillow. "I wish that I had time too, lover. But my flight leave soon and I just don't have the time. But when I get back from my vacation my ass is yours. Don't look so sad I left my panties for you. Just lay back put those over your face and enjoy the smell as you jerk off and the two weeks will be up before you know it."

As Patty kissed Harry goodbye, either of them saw the shadow of someone at the window. After the kiss Aunt Patty straightened her clothing and the bed, she picked the waste paper basket and the left the room. "Good thing I can't get pregnant, you cum so damn much. It still leaking out of my pussy."

Harry then walked, naked from the waist down to bathroom, stripped his t-shirt off and stood under a warm shower, generously soaping and washing his balls and cock. As Harry soaped and lathered his now semi hard cock, he thought about what Aunt Patty said. The thought of her growing big with a child somehow excited him. Again his thought turned to his mother Nancy. This time the picture in his mind was of her well filled out body and glorious heavy breasts when she was pregnant with his sister. The sound of his father Paul calling out "Nancy! Honey! Samantha! Baby girl!" jolted him out of his daydream.

Samantha, Harry's 20 year old sister was also jolted back to reality by her father's call.

She hurriedly pulled her cum smeared fingers from her panties and rushed to her bathroom to wash her hands and change her black, wet panties.

She had been peeping on Harry as he had fucked Aunt Patty. Her vantage point at his bedroom window giving her a clear view of Harry's cock slamming into Aunt Patty's bushy pussy. The real thrill had come as Harry had stood up and turning to towards the window. The sight of his semen smeared cock and hairy balls had made Samantha's fingers dig a little faster into her pussy. Then as he had walked semi naked into the bathroom, Samantha had stared with lust filled eyes as his cock lolled from side to side.

Rushing silently and quickly indoors and into her room, she had flung herself onto her bed and opened her legs wide as her fingers had again pushed under her black panties to toy savagely with her sparsely haired pussy. Her fingers had pressed and rubbed the hard nub of her clit as her free hand had squeezed and pressed her breasts.

"Oh brother fuck me." she had whimpered as her had pussy throbbed and itched for relief.

"Harder brother! Harder!" She had whispered as she had squeezed her eyes closed and saw Harry slamming his cock into Aunt Patty, NO! Into her young hot pussy...

Paul was wealthy Businessman. He called his wife Nancy, and daughter Samantha into the family sitting room.

"Sit! Sit!" He said with a happy smile, on his youthful looking clean shaven face. The smile danced in his warm brown eyes as he looked at his wife and daughter. His girls sat on the sofa opposite him. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a velvet covered, slim blue, box and was just about to open it when he stopped and said.

"Samantha, come and stand in front of me and close your eyes.

Samantha did as she was told, closing her eyes with a giggle. As she tugged the front of her short dress down a little. Paul eyed his daughter's mini skirted red, low necked dress, with an un-fatherly eye. The dress clung to his daughter's figure sinfully; His cock hardened in approval.

Opening the box and taking out a gold chain and diamond solitaire pendent necklace,

He said "Bend down a little baby." As she did so he was given a clear view of her beautiful 38c breasts, tucked nicely in a lacy pink bra, thanks to the shameless low cut of the neck line.

His eyes lingered and he licked his lips nervously as he clasped the chain around Samantha's neck. Samantha helpfully held her pony tailed shoulder length hair up as she "cooed "and "aaaahhed' over the latest addition to her jewelry box.

She excitedly kissed her father's face, the scent of rose petals came off her, adding to the pressure he felt in his rising cock.

He shifted slightly, his hand adjusting the angle of his cock in his business suit. "Fuck! What a hot little bitch". He thought as Samantha alternated between looking at her chain and happily kissing her Papa.

"Let me see Sam." Nancy, her mother asked from behind her.

Suddenly turning around and bending forward to show her mother the chain, her nice little round ass came up in kissing distance of her father, Paul.

Paul stared at the juicy butt of his daughter jiggling excitedly before his lust filled eyes. He resisted the urge to pinch her ass ;He watched almost breathlessly as the hemline of her dress teasingly rose and fell as she hopped with joy, Her pink panties flashed into sight, sending a jot of pure lust through his balls and up his shaft.

Turning back towards her father, Samantha, her face lit up with joy, sat on his lap, and wiggled her ass against his him as she hugged and kissed him in gratitude.

Beads of sweat broke out on Paul's forehead as his hands came to rest on Samantha's thigh and hip. It was torture. He felt like squeezing her ass and pushing his hand up her mini skirted dress into her pink panties and fingering her pussy as he ravished her tits with his mouth. Only his self control stopped him.

That night as Paul mounted his wife Nancy, and rammed and slammed his prick into Nancy's fuck box; as his hands squeezed, slapped and pulled at her well rounded full ass, his mind was filled with thoughts of Samantha and that teasing hemline and pink panties.

As he imagined bending his 20 year old daughter over the back of his arm chair, pulling that beautifully short dress up above her hips and ripping those pink panties off, his pace increased; bringing groans and moans from Nancy as she took his sexual assault with equal lust. He shot, his load into Nancy just as his imaginary cock pierced the imaginary cunt hole of his daughter.

As Paul had rolled off his sweat cover wife and walked to the bathroom to piss and shower, Nancy quickly grabbed a fistful of Kleenex tissues and pressed it against her overflowing well fucked cunt. The combined juices of Paul's and her cum were trickling out of her filled fuck box, smearing her buttocks.

Nancy sighed in pleasure. Paul had really given her the workout she needed. All day she had felt the heat in her pussy building. She had felt the wetness of her pussy as she had walked around thinking of Harry.

It had all begun several years earlier, on a family vacation to the beaches.

As she and Paul had sat under a beach umbrella, enjoying watching semi clad girls walking by, in their thong bath suits. When Harry had appeared strolling along the beach in a pair of cotton Bermuda shorts. His muscular chest naked and the sea breeze pressing the front of his shorts hard against his full groin.

Nancy had caught her breath... How handsome her son was. Six foot broad shouldered with a slim waist and well muscled arms and legs. Her already heated pussy instantly flooded her panties with cum juice and she found her eyes staring at the obviously full package in his shorts.

Seeing the enticing looks he drew from the girls passing him, Nancy felt a sudden stab of jealousy. Since that day, her not-so-motherly eyes had watched Harry, studying him in his jeans and t-shirts, his sports gear, and ached to touch him.

The motherly hugs were the only opportunity she got to embrace him and feel his young strong body against her. Sometimes she thought she felt his cock throb as he held her and saw heat in his eyes... but how could her handsome son lust for her?

As she stood up and surveyed her body in the full length mirror on the wardrobe door; she noted her full 40 c breasts, wide hips, and full butt with approval. The slight flabbiness on her tummy and slight heaviness on her thighs didn't make her repulsive or unattractive. In fact, the fullness of her 40 year old body added to her sexiness.

Stroking her clean shaven pussy, she fantasized Harry standing naked before her, his cock erect and demanding in front of him, pull her into his arms and kiss her.

"Ok Nancy, Honey" Paul said, coming out of the bathroom, "You can have a shower now."

Nancy walked in to the bathroom as she stood under the shower she thought about her son Harry and his nice hard cock.

As Nancy had walked to the bathroom, Harry had reluctantly, pushed his cock back into his shorts and tip toed back to his room. He had been thirsty and had gone to drink from the kitchen when passing his parents bedroom door he had heard his mother groan and call out "YES! Do it fast ….Ohhhh…Yesss"

He had stopped and gingerly tried the bedroom door, finding it unlocked he had opened it slightly and seen his father between his mother's raised legs, pulling, slapping and squeezing her full ass as he slammed his cock into his wife's cunt. Harry pulled out his hard cock and began jerk on it as he watched his parents fucking.

Then when his father finished and had walked to the bathroom, Harry appraised his father's cock with the interest of a competitor for Nancy's pussy. Not bad, he had concluded and then watched breathless as his Mother had posed in front of the mirror, turning this way and that as she studied her body.

Harry had bit his lips to stop from cumming. There before him had been the body that he so slyly explored with his hands on the occasions when his mother hugged him. There was that lovely ass that hid from his lusty eyes and hands. There were the breasts that as a baby had sucked on, topped by their pink nipples. But more then all of that, there was the soft puffy pussy lips, clean shaved and inviting between her plump thighs.

Now lying naked on the cool white bed sheets of his bed, Aunt Patty's panty laying near by to inhale the smell of a wet pussy Harry imagined his mother walking in and finding him there like this.

She would smile and walk over to his bed, get astride his thighs and aim his cock head at her cunt and slowly insert his cock into her. Then sit her full ass on him, burying his cock to the hilt, her shaven pussy lips pressed down on his hairy groin and then, she would say "Fuck me Darling! Screw your mommy's cunt! Bust you mum's pussy wide open."

And Harry would send his hips up and down, banging his cock hard into his mother as she rode him as if he was a wild horse. Her breasts shaking and bouncing; her breath ragged and gasping, as he held her hips with his hands and fucked up to meet her downward thrusts until finally he blasted his hot cum into his mother hungry cunt.

Samantha meanwhile lay in bed, the waist length t-shirt she wore to bed, up on her tummy as her delicate fingers teased the slit of her pussy. Thoughts of the day's events flashed in her mind. Sitting on her father's lap she had felt his harden cock against her bare thighs. Even through his trousers, she had felt the heat of his cock.

Her hands moved to her thighs running her fingers over the spot her father had touched. Yes, he had touched her bare skin; his fingers had teased there way under her dress and touched the elastic of her pink panties, as they dug into her thigh. She was sure of it. Although it had been done so softly and 'accidentally'. she had seen something in his eyes, a heat that made her stomach flutter and her pussy get wet, Thank goodness he hadn't risked a hand on her panty covered crotch. Had he done so, he would have found it wet and she would have certainly gasped in horniness.

As she had gotten up from his lap and kissed him one final time, she had noticed how hard he stared at her breasts and how sweaty his face looked. Walking out of the room, she had deliberately added a sexy swing to her hips and turning her head had seen her father lick his lips as his eyes followed her ass. There was no doubt about it, her handsome father, wanted her badly

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