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the end is true
I had never thought of James in a sexual way. He had always been just the friend, the really good friend. The kind that you didnt have to act any certain way around him. I had never felt incredbily comfortable with the body i had. I was awkward, never once thinking of myself as someone sexy or desirable in any way.

One night I was sitting on the couch with James, my head was in his lap and my eyes were closed. Everyone else had left the party, the alcohol of course had gone straight to my head, i was never much of a drinker. I cant remember the song that was playing but it was something very loud and irritating. James was playing with my long blonde hair, twirling it between his fingers. It felt nice.

" James what is this shit?" I asked about the music.
" Too loud hun?" He asked.
" Hell yeah its too loud. You trying to give me an early hangover?" I said, he laughed and mustve had a remote because the music stopped. I sighed and opened my eyes to look at him. James has medium brown hair, that is a good length, not short and not long, his eyes are a dark green. He was smiling at me, I smiled back.
" You're beautiful you know that?" His eyes were soft and i became a little confused.
" What? You are drunk James, you should probably go to sleep." I turned my body so that I was on my side watching the wall, debating with myself on whether or not I should stand up.
" I barely had anything to drink sweets. And dont do that... I mean you really have no idea how beautiful you are..." His one hand continued to stroke my hair while the other now slid down my waist and across my abdomen. I shivered at his touch but remained silent facing the wall still. " Honestly I have wanted you since the moment we met, you're everything I want, you are smart, sexy, and fun. How long I have waited just to feel you like this." His hands moved up my body now, I couldnt help but exhale as his hand then rolled over my breast. " Is this okay?" I wasnt sure if I could speak but I gave it a try.
" I dont know." I said honestly.
" I could stop?" It was a question and his hand slowly moved back down to my stomach slowly inching its way until it was on top of my mound, outside of my pants.
" I dont... I cant.." was what I stammered. Then his hand came to my face and he used his arms to spin me back to him his face was in front of mine, His lips came quickly then kissing me with a furious passion that had been locked deep inside him for who knows how long. As soon as his lips touched mine I was moving with him, even being the first to inch my tongue into his mouth. My hand flew up to the back of his head pulling his face into mine. I was kissing James and he was kissing me.

I felt so strange, the heat taking over me. I had never done this before, I had only had sex with my one boyfriend in the past, and that was... a while ago. My hands knotted through his hair as I continued to kiss him. His hands were all over me, one around my waist pulled me up and into him so our chests were pressed hard against each other. His other hand was on my ass grasping it hard.

My hands then moved down to his shirt pulling inching it up. James broke the kiss to take it off for me, exposing his semi muscular chest, my hands felt his chest and i looked up at him, his face mirrored mine both of us holding a wide grin. I kissed him again and he reached down to my shirt tearing it off. His hands cupped my breasts above my white bra. I moaned now as I began to feel myself getting wet below. He seemed to sense this though.

James then lifted me up then, picking me up and laying me down on my back on the couch. He straddled himself ontop of me. He leaned down and kissed my face, crawling down my body he kissed my neck, my breasts, my abdomen, and then he slowly undid my jeans. He slowly pulled them down my thighs and threw them off me. He then reached down to my panties, rubbing my now wet pussy from the outside. I moaned and bit my lips. Taking off my bra I threw i to the side. He crawled back up and grabbed my large breasts, His lips moved down as he began to gently suck on my nipples, massaging them. His hands lingered there before he slid back down my body. He grinned up at me before sliding off my panties.

Completely naked I shivered a little at his touch. He crawled back up to my face, his hand felt through my hair and he leaned down and kissed me again.

" Ive been dreaming about this for a long time." He seemed to sigh then, and I knew he meant it.

His hands moved down my body again and he continued to look at me as his fingers slowly began to play with my pussy, his fingers moving slowly finding my clit. I moaned and my face twisted with pleasure. He kept watching me, his eyes taking in my every expresssion as he slowly slid two fingers into my pussy. I began to pant as he moved his fingers in and out of me.

It was then that i felt his raging hard on against my leg. I undid his jeans and he happily joined me in the non clothes department. His penis was erect. He took his fingers out of me then, putting them to his lips tasting me. He grinned moved down my body. His penis just inching slowly toward my wet pussy... I felt the tip begin to enter when......

I woke up. Looking up from James lap where I had fallen asleep, his eyes closed. He had fallen asleep with me asleep on his lap. I sighed and wondered... is he dreaming of me?

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2009-06-16 15:44:16
Very nice. I like a well written story.

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2009-06-16 11:15:28
shoot! what a cliffhanger! It's a good story so please continue it :D

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2009-06-16 10:58:09
wow that seemed to be exactly what happened with me!


2009-06-16 07:52:53
damn!! that was really good. a lil; deja vu there. ;-)

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2009-06-16 00:12:01
100 on that keep it up

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