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Every weekend, Jack and Joe go there separate ways to see what happens then they meet back up to tell each other about their weekend. So, Jack went North and Joe went South and that night they met up at a little diner in the outskirts of their town.
"So Jack, what was your day like?" said Joe in a very sophisticated manner.
"Oh, my day was great! I came upon a large lake. I stayed there the whole day. I saw tons of animals. I climbed many trees and I even fed a few ducks. I found a stream with a large waterfall that I swan around in. It was great! was your day?"
Joe looked at Jack in a very strange way and said, "Well, I drove for about three hours and I came upon some railroad tracks with a girl tied up to them. So I untied her and we had the best day ever. We had sex all day long. She was the best person I've been with in a long time!"
"So tell me what she looked like?"
Joe looked at Jack and kind of chuckled then said, "I would tell you but I couldn't find her head."
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