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This an introduction to my Friends life with his cheating wife and his incestual venture with his daughters......
There was something wrong, he could feel it whoever it was who said only women have intuition and gut instincts well they were very wrong, Tilly was never late, never mind two bloody hours late although I mean well she did text to say she was running a little bit late but not two hours and she didn’t say why she would be late!

He glances around the hotel bar sipping his beer when he notices heads turning towards the entrance he looks around to see what the commotion is, Ahh there she is my princess, She struts over to the bar in her tight black pencil skirt that moulds her perfectly toned bum, she wore a green silk blouse today that showed she was blessed with a large firm 36G chest. Looking lower he notices she was wearing his personal favourite fuck me green jimmy choos. More heads turn as she reaches the bar and he instantly feels proud and excited she turns towards him and he notices she is slightly flushed and when she leans in to kiss him she has a faint smell of sex, now where did that come from I wonder?

We hadn’t had sex for three years now and im getting seriously frustrated but its not in me to cheat on tilly, I love her very much but im starting to doubt her faithfulness to me. We’ve been married for 11 years now and have twin daughters Ella and Rose (13) and in the last 5 years I have noticed little changes in her behaviour towards me and our marriage but have put off confronting or questioning her because I don’t think I could handle the truth about her infidelity.

She leans in and plants a little kiss on my lips “Hey baby, what’s a guy like you doing in a place like this?” She giggles

“Waiting for my wife who said she wont be long but who is two hours late!” he smirks

“Im sorry baby Iv been busy at work and got held up, im sorry” bet you did he murmurs to himself

“That’s the 4th time this week, what’s going on?” she perches on a bar stool and crosses her long slender legs, her skirt rides up and he gets a glimpse of her stockings, his pulse quickens in response he is truly stunning “Oh this and that really, but hey lets not talk about that how did your promo go? Did you get the account?” she never forgets a thing, she still didn’t answer my question though but I decide to leave it

“Yes I got it, were top now with Morgan an co signed to us were practically untouchable, you look stunning as always but tonight you have a slight flush to your skin” she blushes even more and looks…what? What was that look? Like a child who has just been caught red handed taking a cookie without permission, im intrigued now so I lean into her and lightly kiss her neck she smells good! She looks good almost too good to have come from work but that isn’t something I want to get into right now, my wife looks irresistible and all I can think about is I need to get her upstairs and soon!

I love how soft her skin is against my lips, she leans over the bar and orders a dry martini ‘her favourite’ and downs it in one and orders another “Happy anniversary baby” she smiles

I swig the last of my beer “your presents are upstairs” her face lights up and she flashes me a cheeky smile

“I have yours also, god im tired and my feet are sore I need a long hot shower and to sit in bed with my lovely husband and read a good book, can we order room service instead of going out for dinner please baby”

Looks like it will be another fruitless night then god I am so desperate for her she has no idea how good she looks and how much I want her to touch me and for me to touch all of her it’s been far too long oh well guess I’ll just have to jack off thinking about her on her knees begging me to fuck her mouth yet AGAIN!!!!

“Come on then we’ll go up now you can have your shower and I’ll order us some food”

Enters hotel room!

“Wow this room is beautiful, oh my god are… are those for me?” she runs to the bed and bends to unwrap the mass of presents layered on the queen size bed my groins stir at the very sight of my wife bent over our bed. Damb now I need a cold shower, I don’t even try to hide my massive erection as she turns around

“There so beautiful baby thank you so much, I love you” she notices my bulging boner straining against the material of my pants. “Do you want yours now or later?” she asks as she walks over to the vanity mirror and unclips her hair so it falls in long voluminous blonde curls over her chest I want to touch it.

She moves the presents from the bed onto a chair by the vast window overlooking New York city “Now please hunny” I say knowing It just something material. She smiles and walks over to her bag and picks out a little silver package “OMG WOW a Rolex you shouldn’t have baby but thank you it was the one I wanted” she always remembers but as great a present as it was the one thing I want very most at the min doesn’t cost a thing but I cant have it.

She walks over to me and kisses me hard on the mouth and im instantly hard “that wasn’t your only gift, you still have one to unwrap…me!” I don’t need a clearer sign I pull her close to me gorging myself on her mouth tasting, taking, possessing all of her she tastes sweet and hot, God iv waited so damb long for this and I cant wait I need her now she’s driving me to despair!

I push her against the wall and deepen the kiss her hands run through my hair as I fondle her firm breasts through her blouse she moans and puts my hand on her thigh, I push her skirt up as she frantically unbuttons my fly, I gasp in surprise as I finds her “No knickers! Tilly my god I love you” she rips open my shirt and I repay the favour, buttons scatter to the floor with our shirts. She pulls me closer, reaching down to find me as I take her large nipple in my mouth, she moans and I feel for her, for the heart of her all woman hot and wet with need for me and what I can give her body.

I grab her tight toned little ass with one hand as she lifts her legs around me and I plunge myself into her, her eyes fly open to the pleasurable shock

“You feel so good, it’s been too long” she moans and claws at my back as I pound into her heat, I love the sound of sweat slicked bare skin slapping rhytmically against the wall (god when did she get this tight? How did I miss that?) “Tell me baby, tell me how you want to be fucked?” I take long slow thrusts into my wife’s soaking cunt getting deeper into her with each thrust

“You want it hard baby” she shakes her head “no you tell me what you want me to do to you this is your present and I’ll be getting mine in a minute” she’s never asked me what I wanted her to do to me before and I damb well like it!

I ease myself out of her and she just smiles and drops to her knees and grabs the base of my cock in her hand and lowers her mouth down my shaft she takes all of my 9” easily and I stand there shocked but oh my god she is so good at this she’s never done this before! How did she get so good at this? My mind snaps off as she gets faster, working me with her mouth and tongue. She takes me out of her mouth with a disappointed groan from me then she licks and sucks my balls before impaling her mouth on my hard cock again taking it all time and time again my hips thrusting my cock naturally further down her throat and she takes it all.

The thought that im fucking my wife’s mouth hard flashes in my mind and I nearly blow my load there and then, I don’t wanna cum like this im not done with her yet! I want to make her mine again “Stand up tilly” her eyes are dark with desire as I pick her up and throw her onto the bed her juices are running down her legs and I bury my face into her mass of blonde curls teasing her clit with my tongue sucking and licking her until her hand grasps the back of my head and I know she cumming she gasps as the orgasm rips through her body, tangling her fingers in my hair she pushes me deeper into her soaking wet pussy and I carry on sucking and licking faster and her body starts to shake and by her sharp intakes of breath I know this is a much stronger orgasm than the last her body erupts as wave after wave or orgasm smash its was through my wife body.

I breath her in, I love how she smells weeping with pleasure she begs me to take her, fuck her, to use her body for m pleasure. I flip her expertly onto her front on the bed so she’s face down and her cute little ass is in the air I hold her hands above her head the way she likes and I ram my cock up her ass as far as it will go and I fuck her hard using her ass for my greedy cock I pound her deep and hard and I feel her ass getting tighter as she cries out “oh fuck me rob im cumming baby. Harder baby please fuck me harder” the rhymically clamping of my wife’s ass milks my cock and with one last thrust I shoot load after load into her tight ass…



2009-06-18 08:32:13
It's been done before.
Better grammar and punctuation would have improved readability and my enjoyment. Possessive and contractions also need working on: "were" or "we're"/ "wont" - a way of doing things - or "won't” - will not/?
As for English usage, what the hell is: im, Iv ? Correct English usage is “fourth” not “4th” And PROOFREAD!
Accomplished authors can write in “thought train” style, but you are not ready yet. The seven-line penultimate paragraph has only three punctuation marks,which makes it a tiresome read!


2009-06-16 15:44:46
very hot story.


2009-06-16 15:10:02
very hot story.

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2009-06-15 20:40:40
great more pleaseeeeee

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