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The End Of A Long Day By: Tomb

It was a long hard day. All you wanted to do was to go home and relax. You got out of work much later then you wanted to and it’s too late to go out. You make yourself something to eat and draw yourself a nice bath. I have been up and down this street for a couple hours and I don’t see any lights on in your place so I sneak in the back door. I start to look around for some things I can take. Just then I see you standing there getting naked for your bath. I start to think to myself when not take a little of that too.
I walk closer to the door just as you took your last item off you turn and sees me standing in the door way. You scream shocked and scared your heart beating so fast and hard. I run in and grab you and cove your mouth with my hand. FUCKING SHUT UP BITCH….. I tell you as you try to fight out of my hand. You get free

and fall to the floor hitting it hard. And you scream some more I try to grab you but you’re kicking me. I get close enough to you and I grab you hair. Fucking bitch I said shut the fuck up. I go to drag you out of the bathroom but you won’t stop screaming and fighting I bend down and slap you across the fucking face. I look into your eyes your fucking going to get it good. I pull your hair and push your face into the tub. That’s fucking better cunt now fucking scream… I hold you under as you try to fight and gasp for air... I let you up for a min. and then shove your face back into the tub I hold you down until you’re not fighting as much. I pull you out... and you’re trying to catch your breath and see me start to undo my pants and pulls out my hard

cock. I’m going to fuck you hard cunt. You feel me get behind you and rubs my cock up and down your pussy lips. Well you are a fucking little cunt now aren’t you? You’re fucking wet back here. I start to push my cock into your pussy as you start to fight again and I push your face back into the tub and you fell with one push I ram my whole cock into you. I don’t give your pussy time to a just before I start to fuck you hard I pull your face out off the tub you beg me to stop but I don’t. you fucking cunt you love this your pussy is fucking

begging for my hard cock now shut the fuck up out your going back into the tub. Your body is shaking and you’re crying a little but I don’t care. I fuck you some more and decide for the fun of it I would shove you back under. Ramming my fuck hard cock into your wet pussy and fucking holding you under until you’re almost not moving. I pull you up and pulls my cock out of you and turn you around as you gasp for air I ram my cock into your mouth gagging you some more. You’re breathing so heavy having no chose as to suck
my cock. I can see the fear in your eyes and you try to push me away and turn your head so my cock would come out. I pull out and back hand you fucking cunt I said fucking suck my cock. I slapped the other side of

your face fucking bitch open your god dam mouth. As you do slowly I push my cock back in gagging you. Your face is sore and stinging from the slaps with the water on your face it made the slaps feel a lot harder then it was. That’s good cunt suck that fucking cock of mine. That’s it just like that. Pulls your hair to get in as deep as I can go. Fucking look at me as you suck my cock. You don’t I pull my cock out and slaps your face again even harder and a little blood come from the side oh your mouth. How did you fucking like that cunt? Now fucking looks at me and sucks my fucking cock. You take my cock into your mouth this time

almost wanting it and you look up at me with tears in your eyes. That’s fucking better mmmm. I fuck your mouth for a few mins and I pull out. I think it’s fucking time to move this to your fucking bed. I pull you to your feet by your hair your body is still weak and your so scared you have a hard time standing. As I pull you to the door I throw you thru the door as you fall hitting the floor hard. You can’t fucking walk cunt get the fuck up. You try and move but not really wanting to go. I put my belt off and I slap you across the ass hard

fucking get on that fucking bed. I hit a few more times as you start to crawl over to the bed. Your body is in pain and you’re not sure what going to happen. You start to get up onto the bet as I come across your back with the belt. You almost fall back to the floor but you want the beating to stop. Again the belt lands across your back stinging it and leaving welts on it as you do get onto the bed you look at me watches me strip off all my clothes and you know there is more to come. I come over to the bed and climb onto it and put my leg over your body and sits on you. I slap you in the face again your fucking dirty slut you’re going to get fucked

hard in your ass. I’m going to making it fucking hurt. And just looking into your eyes I know you don’t want me to do that. I lean down and try to kiss you but you turn away. Fucking cunt. I slap you and some blood comes out this time when I go to kiss you. You don’t turn away and let me. You close your eyes because you don’t want to see me kissing you. I sit back up and look down at your tits. I like them as I grab one and starts to rubs it nice. Just then when you think the worst part is over I slap my hand across your tit over and over slapping and hitting your tit hard. It stings and really sore and very red you don’t even want me to touch

it. It just hurts now but I don’t I slaps your tit some more I reach over for the belt as I wrap it around your tit and loops the belt together and pulls it tight squeezing your tit the belt clips cuts into your tit you can see your tit start to change color some from the cut off air flow. I look are you and smile and make a fist your eyes widen as I punch your in the tit hard. I unto the belt you can feel the blood rush back into your tit and your nipple gets ready hard as your tit tingles from the loss of blood. I lean down and start to suck and bite your hard nipple you start to like it a little too much and I bite down on it hard then look at you. You fuck like

that cunt don’t you. I go over and bite down hard on the other one drawing some blood this time. I sit up and look at you and smile you sure are yummy. You can feel the blood running down your tit I scoop some up and wipe it on your face. You like seeing your own blood cunt. I but you fucking do slut. Don’t you fucking think I forgot about your pussy I going to fucking beat that with my belt until I feel like stopping. Your body is already sore and in pain you don’t know how much more you can take or deal with. I get up and stand at the foot of the bed and tells you to fucking spread your legs. You don’t do it so I put my knee onto the bed

and lean down and grab your hair and slap your face again. Now bitch open you’re fucking legs and keep them fucking open. You do it but you do is slow that’s fucking better you fucking dirty whore. I get down and rubs your pussy with my fingers spreading your lips I can tell your pussy is dripping wet I lick some up mmm your pussy is sweet I start to suck on your pussy rubbing your clit it feels good and your truing not to like it but it feels good. You’re in pain but you try holding back still not to give in. I move my mouth up and starts to bite and nibble your clit and I start to finger fuck you 2 finger then 3 going right in nicely at a steady pace biting your clit some move watching how big I can make your pussy I slide a 4th finger in but it’s a

little tight now and I really have to fucking work it hard your pussy takes the 4th after some work you feel it start to hurt when I go for my thumb in also.dam bitch you have a big fucking pussy. I’m going to try and ram my fucking fist into your pussy. You feel it hurting a lot more and try to pull away from the pain. You fucking bitch don’t move I bite your clit really hard and made that fucking bleed. The blood runs down your pussy making it wetter and you feel something give way almost pop as my fist goes into your pussy you fucking scream in pain and tears roll down your face. I know I could fucking make it fit its so fucking tight

now I turn my hand in your pussy the longer its in there the better it feels. But it not in long before I just rip it out with no warring as I look into your fucking gaping pussy. Now that’s what you do to a fucking pussy you make it fucking hurt. I start to slap your pussy and bet on your bloody clit. You fucking love that don’t you cunt. I stand up and look down at your beaten body lay there. You see me pick the belt up again and you know what is about to come. I bring the belt down hard onto your clit over and over missing a few times

hitting your legs and thighs I stand there witch must have been a couple min’s beating your pussy as it gets sore and swelling to the touch. I stop and lay the belt down on the bed. Just fucking think cunt I have not even fucked your ass yet. I look at you and smile. I leave you laying there for a min thinking about be going to rape your ass and you think its almost over and wants me to just get it over with and do it. I tell you to roll over you try but your body is so sore and throbbing you stops. Cunt fucking roll over or do I need you

fucking slap you again. This time you force yourself to roll over your body hurts all over. That’s better bitch I walk over and feels your ass mmm nice and smooth we have to fix that I slap your ass with my hand that’s nice slaps it again that’s very nice. I grab the belt and slaps it across your ass a few times but you don’t move and got use to the belt hitting your skin. As you lay there and take it. Now that’s fucking better nice

and red and tender to touch just like the rest of your body. I spread your ass cheeks and see your ass hole is already wet from the blood and your pussy dripping down your ass crack and go to slide a finger in and have a hard time mmm that’s a fucking tight asshole right there. This will be fucking fun I take the head of my cock and rubs it up and down your ass crack to get the tip of my cock wet before I push it into you. I got it nice and wet now and I start to push my cock into your ass. I have a hard time getting it in and you start to cry out some I reach up and push your face into the bed so you can’t scream. You feel my cock sliding in

little by little as it makes your ass bigger and bigger tearing its way in just to fit. You’re a fucking dirty whore and you’re going to get it like one I got it nice and wet now and I start to push my cock into your ass. I have a hard time getting it in and you start to cry out some I reach up and push your face into the bed so you can’t scream. You feel my cock sliding in little by little as it makes your ass bigger and bigger tearing its way in just to fit. You’re a fucking dirty whore and you’re going to get it like one you fucking bitch. My cock

slide in inch by inch until its all in you I hold my cock inside and let your asshole get a little use to it before I fuck you. Dam bitch your ass is fucking tight. I start fucking your ass that’s fucking better I grab your hair and I fucking pulls it hard so my cock can get in a little deeper. I start to ram my cock into your ass hard and fucking deeper then anything before. It hurts like hell but also starts to feel better. I slide my cock almost out and rams it back in so you can feel how long it is and how it drills its way into your ass. That’s it fucking

cunt just like that take my fucking huge cock. That’s fucking right bitch. I start to pound your ass hard. I grab the belt and I put it around your neck as I start to choke you with it as I fuck your ass hard. I pull the belt hard cutting off your air as you try to dig at the belt to pull it away. I let go to give you a little air. Then I go to choke you again this time you block it with your hands but I put it over your hand and neck and pulls hard your hands are forced to choke you also. As you are just about to pass out I let go as you fall down to the bed trying to breathe and catch your breath again. I’m still fucking your ass I slow down don’t want to cum

just yet. You lay on the bed not really caring about me fucking your ass any more you just gasping for air. You feel my cock start to swell but just lay there and going to let me cum in your ass. But I have other plans. I pull my cock out of your ass and walks to the side of the bed and grabs your hair pulling you over to my cock and I tell toy to suck it fucking clean and you’re going to swallow my fucking cum. You look at my cock with the blood and you pussy juice on it. You go to suck it and you can smell your ass on it and pulls

away. I pull your fucking hair hard fucking cunt I said fucking suck my dirty nasty cock. You open your mouth sucking it and gagging on it and it does not smell that great but you do as you’re told you just want me to leave. I hold the back of your head and start to fuck your mouth hard as you suck on my cock. That’s it fucking bitch suck that fucking cock clean. Rams it in gagging you some more tears running down your face. Bitch I’m going to fucking cum. You look up at me not really wanting to eat my cum but you don’t fight.

And right then you fell me shove in one last time and cum in your mouth as you do your best to eat it ass you spill some. I shoot the last of it into your mouth you drink the rest of it up. I pull my cock out and slaps you in the face you fucking bitch you missed some fuck get down there and fucking lick it off the floor. I drag you off the bed your body hits the floor and you lip it up right away. That’s a good fucking bitch. I leave you sitting on the floor in pain as you see me get dressed. All you want to do is take your bath wash the day off

and cry. Your are so glad it’s over and I’m going to leave but just then you hear me say. I WILL SEE YOU SOON CUNT……..


2012-07-23 01:08:23
dude tat was great id love to fuck a bitch like that man looking forward to reading more of your stuff


2012-07-23 01:07:00
dude tat was great id love to fuck a bitch like that man looking forward to reading more of your stuff

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