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Camp with church boys just got more fun!
Well, now I have received my cabin assignment, and I would be spending a month of my life with Tim and Joey. I wasn’t sure what to really make of it, because I am almost 100% sure that they caught me jacking off by the lake. These are young, church-going Christians that we are talking about, and what I was doing must surely be a sin! We sat through a quick orientation explaining to the kids how the camp worked, and how activities would be planned out. Our camp was pretty much a do-what-you-want type of place, and it was purely for social fun. After the orientation, I took Tim and Joey for a tour of the facilities around the camp, gave them both a map, and we set off with their stuff toward the Oak cabin at the back of the camp.

“Are we going to see the lake” Joey asked with his silly grin.

“Well, our cabin is right on the lake, so of course we will” I answered, but I had an idea what he might have really meant. “Let’s drop our stuff off first.”

We hiked through the camp, and we were sweaty and exhausted from carrying the boys gear when we finally arrived at the cabin. We headed inside, and I let the boys pick their spots. They both chose beds adjacent with my own, and set their stuff by the beds. Our day went pretty quick, and we looked through books of activities, planned out some of our time together, got the cabin ready, and ate our meals. It was now dark, and it was an extremely muggy night. We had worked really hard all day, and we each sweat off a few pounds from our work.

“We should probably get cleaned up before we get ready for bed. We probably smell pretty bad by now” Tim commented.

“That is probably best” I said. “The bathroom is right through here.”

I showed the boys into the bathroom, and I expected their reaction to be sort of awkward. Our cabins had bathrooms similar to a gym locker room. There were a couple of stalls, a couple of urinals, and a shower area that was wide open with shower heads all around the wall. Most of the time, these young kids have an issue with the wide open shower, especially when they are the age of Tim and Joey. I also admit that I expected a church group to be slightly more conservative, and that it make take some adjustments for them to get comfortable. I was wrong! The boys didn’t seem to have a problem at all. We stepped back into the bedroom are of the cabin and the boys started to gather their shower stuff to get cleaned up. When the boys gathered their shower gear, they turned to me and had a slightly surprised, and disappointed, look on their faces.

“What’s wrong” I asked.

“Aren’t you going to get cleaned up too” Tim asked back.

“Oh, I thought you guys would like some privacy, and I showered this morning” I answered.

“Privacy? We are all guys here, right” Joey asked. “Besides, I didn’t want to mention it, but you smell!”

“Oh really” I asked as I threw a pillow at him, laughing out loud (and a little bit to myself for his slyness). “All right, I guess I will join you then.”

I grabbed my stuff and started to undress as the boys did the same. I couldn’t help but to pause a little on my way. The way these guys are undressing looks to purposeful. They were slowly removing their clothes as if trying to tease me, and it was definitely working. My dick was slowly getting hard. The shirts came off first, and I still love kids and their natural summertime tans. These boys had a slight athletic, toned look to them, just like myself. You could tell that they play sports! Next, they took off their shorts, and to my surprise, they were both wearing briefs, another similarity to myself. I was surprised because I thought most boys wore boxers at that age! Once we were all in our underwear, I could feel the sexual tension, and I was about to burst. Amazingly, my dick was still only slightly hard, but I had a feeling that was about to change. Before anyone could go any further, I had to get something off my mind.

“Okay, before we go any further, I have to ask a question. Was it definitely the two of you that saw me jacking off by the lake this morning?”

Tim kind of got quiet at that moment and just stared at me in my briefs.

“Yes, it was us” Joey answered slowly.

“Okay. Not a problem. I am definitely not modest, but why haven’t you told anyone? Isn’t a sin to pleasure yourself?”

“Well, yeah” Tim piped in. “But it was intriguing, and besides, we both jack off all the time!”

“And it was pretty hot watching a fully grown man jacking off” Joey added.

That really caught me off guard, but my dick was still kind of hard. I simply agreed that it can be exciting to watch things like that, and that we should continue with our current task. With that, I took my briefs off, and the boys couldn’t stop looking at my cock. At this point, it was about 4 inches, slightly hard, but you could tell that these boys have never seen a cock other than a boys up close before. Joey’s mouth was even slightly open and he stared at it, and Tim did a slight lip lick. What is going on? At this point, the boys ripped their briefs off to reveal dicks that were hard as rocks! They both had almost identical hairless cocks, that were standing at about 3 or 3.5 inches, not bad for 13 year old boys. I noticed that the athletic tone continued through their legs. Their pubic region was still hairless, but there balls were dropped, and I was sure that they wouldn’t remain hairless for long. They had nice, smooth looking skin, and I couldn’t help but wanting to lick their cocks and balls. It is one of those things that I just wasn’t sure if I could act on though. The boys both turned, and I was greeted with great tiny asses. I was completely hard by this point, and I think I heard Joey mention something about hair. They stood their, kind of whispering back and forth, so I headed into the showers. I grabbed a shower head that was kind of in the middle of the room, but would provide these boys an opportunity to stay to the other side if they wanted. I had a feeling that they didn’t want too though.

I was getting the water running, and stepped under the warm rain. The boys walked in and took shower heads directly next to me on either side. They were kind of staring at me as they were getting the shower heads turned on.

“Your dick is huge!” Joey stated. “I have never seen one that big before.”

This kind of took me by surprise, and I blushed a little bit. “Thanks Joey, but it really isn’t that big, it is barely average, but I like it.”

“Well, it is the biggest one we have seen, and you are really hairy. We wish we had hair” said Tim.

“I’m sure it won’t be too long from the looks of it” I answered. If only they knew that many people envied children and their lack of hair. It is just so hot!

We were all still rock hard, and I definitely needed to relieve the tension, but I didn’t want to get things started. It just felt too odd. Just as I was thinking this, Joey asked me if I would mind washing his back for him. I almost blew my load without even touching my dick! I said that I didn’t mind, and stepped over behind him. I lathered up my hands, and started rubbing his back. I kept rubbing, giving him more of a massage than washing him, slowly working my way down to his waist. Tim never took his eyes off us. I got to his waist and stopped. Joey asked me why I stopped, and I said that I was done washing his back.

“Do you mind just doing the rest for me” Joey asked.

“Me too” Tim nearly screamed as his hurried over to us.

Holy shit, these kids want me to rub all over their bodies. What the fuck is going on here? I wasn’t about to turn down the opportunity! I told Tim to stand right next to Joey, and I did his back. I worked a little bit quicker on his back, but I had better things to be touching with my hands! I took one hand for each boy, and rubbed down their legs, then worked my hands back to their asses. I slowly caressed their ass cheeks, and worked my fingers into their cracks. I moved my hands up and down, applying a little bit of extra pressure on their virgin assholes. I could feel the boys shuddering and it was driving me wild. My cock was throbbing, asking for attention. I couldn’t believe that I was able to touch these boys all over their bodies, and I was bringing them pleasure at the same time. I quietly asked them to turn around, and I could barely get the words out. They both turned around lightning quick, and their cocks were still at full attention. I lathered up my hands, and worked my way all around, teasing them completely, always coming near, but never touching their cocks. They were moaning with disappointment at my lack of attention to their cocks. Finally, I finished everything, and I could pay full attention. I started rubbing their pubic area, working around and down to their balls. They both spread their legs to allow me better access, and I started rubbing their smooth balls. At this point, all I would have to do is touch my own cock and it would explode. I finally decided to devote my attention to their dicks, and I slowly stated rubbing my hands up and down their shaft, slowly twisting my palms around the heads of their dicks. This sent the boys into overdrive, and they both started shuddering and moaning loudly. Before I even knew what was happening, they shot their boy loads right into my face, in my mouth, and on my chest! They kept breathing deeply and rapidly when they finished spurting their once possible children onto me, and they opened their eyes.

“Holy shit” Joey said. “That has never happened to me before.”

“Me either” Tim said.

“I think it was a first for all of us” I added.

“No, I mean I have never squirted stuff out of my dick before” Joey said.

Holy shit! I just jacked off two beautiful, perfect 13 year old boys to their first ejaculation! I couldn’t take it anymore, so I stood up and grabbed my dick and pumped furiously. I barely went add it for 30 seconds and I shot my load right between the boys, hitting their arms! They looked at me in amazement at my huge load, but I could hardly believe it myself. We finished cleaning up, and dried off. We headed into the bedroom, and I turned around because I forgot my shower stuff. When I came back into the bedroom, the boys had pushed their beds right up to mine. They jumped into bed naked, and I ran over to join them!

“Let’s get up and go swimming like you did today” Tim said.

“Sure, why not” I said. What a night.


2011-07-25 16:39:36
To Jackin83. This story is much much better than Part One. I loved this one. I guess the first part was a build up to the story. Next time, try putting the build up in with the exciting part all as one story. Great story. Thanks for sharing.


2011-07-25 16:36:17
I don't understand these saintly folks that are offended by stories about children. It's not like there are any actually in a fictional story the way they are in photographs. Besides, last time I checked, headings like boy, boy/boy, and young were dead give aways that the story is pedophile in nature. Why are these smart as "brick" people still reading them? To the fella that says we should only read adult stories. Where's your contact information Mister Anonymous?

Anonymous readerReport

2010-07-23 21:17:31
omg this story is so fukkin hot it made me cum picturing it in my mind please write more:)


2009-10-17 11:46:55
Hey, you brainless idiots. Obviously, most of you have the IQ of a brick and no balls. Otherwise you would be reading and writing about sex with adults instead of children. I also notice that readers and writers don't show any contact ID. What are you afraid of?

Anonymous readerReport

2009-09-17 17:34:41
Great story... please keep writing... And for the idiot calling you creepy, at least learn how to spell pedophile before you try to insult some one with it .. Dumb ass

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