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John was pissed. He had moved to Springtown four years ago, promising not to get too tied down. He loved his old city, back in Denver, and his parents had promised him that the move was only temporary, for three to five years, until they would move back to Denver and he could finally hang out with his old buddies again. Well, they hadn’t lied, and here he was, four years later, dreading the moment he knew was coming, the time that he would have to listen to his parents tell him that they would actually be moving for sure.
As he expected, that night, he was pulled aside by his parents for a small family discussion, where they told him that their time in California was done, and they could finally move back to Denver. Which led to his current state, sitting in his room, pissed that his family could do this to him! He was going to be a junior in high school next year, and he finally had a strong group of friends after a tough couple of first years. But, in particular, it was his neighbors that he was so angry about leaving. His first friends in Springtown, Melanie and Kimberly, that he had spent so much time with over the years, were going to be left behind, just one more casualty of his parents’ decision to move back.
John woke up to the shrill beeping of his phone. It was Mel. A beautiful young woman, she had blossomed from the semi-pudgy girl that had been so kind to him before into a goddess, at least in his eyes. Her toned tennis body only accentuated her 32B breasts, and firm, heart-shaped ass. Ever since he has moved he had had a crush on her, but friendship was always more important to him, as well as that of her identical twin sister Kim. He had decided that he would rather not risk their friendship on a relationship, which, judging by all his friends, would only last a few weeks, or months at the longest.
“Hello” he said groggily, looking at the clock, which read “11:00 p.m.” “Hey Johnny” she chimed back. “I hope I didn’t wake you up.” “Not really” he lied, “I was just resting in my room.” “Okay,” she giggled back. “So what was that family discussion about you had to rush home for?” He paused. What to tell her… John wanted her sympathy, but he also didn’t want to tell her over the phone, it was too impersonal. “Hey Mel, can you meet me outside in a few minutes?” he asked, “I want you and Kim to be there together.” “Okay” she said, “We’ll meet you there.”
When he finally decided he looked presentable, he walked outside, just in time to see his lovely neighbors stepping out of their front door further down the street. He waved in response to their happy greetings, and then sat on his porch to wait for them to make their way over. As he sat, he enjoyed the view, and thanked nobody in particular for the opportunity he had had to live near such amazing girls. Not only were they the most attractive girls he knew, they were also some of the smartest blondes he had ever met, breaking the mold of the dumb blonde stereotype. But, besides all that, he loved these girls, and knew that he would die for them gladly.
“Hey girls!” he said as they strolled up his driveway. “Hey John” they rang back in unison. As they sat on either side, of him, he shared the sad news, that he would be moving away in a week. They sat there, horrified that their best friend was going to be leaving, and decided on one thing. That they were going to have a party with just the three of them at the twins house, with all their favorite food, movies, music, and everything else they could think of. John agreed quickly, just as the twins’ mom came outside, screeching at them to get back in the house, or catch a cold out in the summer air.
John just laughed to himself. Jane took some getting used to, as her personality was very abrasive, and to the point. But, for the life of him, the only thing he could tell the twins got from her was their love for tennis. Where the twins were toned, she was plump, and while they had pert, firm breasts, their mother’s D cups sagged, despite the best efforts of her plastic surgeon.
As their planned party got closer, he learned that the parents would be out of town for the whole weekend, and glad that they could have some time to themselves, away from Jane’s horrible nagging and worrying. But, Friday, the day before their planned party, Mel called, almost in tears. “John, I just found out. I have a group of friends from my school trip to Germany that I promised months ago that I would go to Six Flags with them today,” she stammered. “You can still hang out with Kim all day, and I’ll try to make it back, but I’m just not sure. I’m really sorry... “Stop,” John interrupted. “We’ll still be able to see each other to say goodbye before my move on Monday. Don’t worry about it.” “Thanks John,” she whispered back. “I’ll make it up to you…” came through the line in such quiet tones John wasn’t even sure that he didn’t make them up. But, he didn’t let him even start trying to think that those hushed words could mean anything like what his charged teenager hormones were telling him.
The next day, John was at the twins’ house just as Mel was pulling out in her jeep. He gave her an awkward kiss on the cheek and waved goodbye as she left for the day, leaving Kim and John alone in the house.
“Kim” John yelled up the stairs. “You up there?” “Yeah, just give me a minute John, I was just changing.” As she walked down the stairs a few minutes later, John no longer regretted any waiting time at all. She was dressed in a short, blue sundress, which ended tantalizingly just above mid-thigh. “Hey John!” she said excitedly. “I was just trying on this new dress. How does it look” she asked, provocatively twirling around a few times. “Great!” John said back. “So what are the plans for today?”
As it turns out, the plan was to make an omelet, talk for a while, and then hit the pool in the backyard. As they exited the back door, John couldn’t help but admire Kim’s lovely body, as she wiggled out of her sundress, revealing her tanned stomach, and even more of her long, shapely legs. Standing about 5’4”, she was easily one of the most attractive girls he had ever seen, and he wasted no time diving into the cold pool to hide his growing problem.
As the playing in the pool grew a little more active, and splashing turned into playful wrestling, John finally decided that by the end of the day, he would see Kim topless. But all too soon, the wrestling stopped, before John had his chance to “accidentally” remove Kim’s top. Having been on the swim team himself, he came up with a new game, called “Who can hold their breath longest underwater?” Although sure that he could win, they played a round or two, with John always just barely beating Kim to the surface for air. As her confidence grew, she decided to raise the stakes. “Okay John, the loser of this next one has to sing Row, row, row your boat as loud as they can!” Agreeing, they both entered the water, again John let Kim win, but just barely. As he sang the song, he realized how to accomplish his goal. “Hey Kim, I’ve got one for you. The loser of this one has to take their top off!” “No fair!” she protested, you don’t have a top!” Like the gentleman he was, he told her that he would take his trunks off if he lost. As they entered the water again, John couldn’t help but smile, as he knew what was coming.
Coughing and spluttering, he rose out of the water to see Kim already moving her hands to her straps. Smiling at her, he couldn’t help but gasp as he saw the twin beauties escape from their prison of cloth. Her pink, rosy nipples were standing proudly out from her chest as she bared her goods for John’s enjoyment. “Happy?” She asked, as she started to put her top back on her wonderful breasts. “Very!” John exclaimed, “But wait! Double or nothing Kim! If you beat me to the other end of the pool and back, then I will take off my trunks for the rest of the day, and you get to put your clothes back on. However, if I beat you, you have to spend the rest of the day naked.” Shyly, she grinned at him, and agreed to his challenge. Knowing that he was going to beat her sent a little shock running between her legs. She couldn’t believe that she was actually getting excited at the prospect of being naked in front of her neighbor!
All too soon, the race was over, and they were walking back into the house, John with his trunks on, and Kim trying to cover up as they entered the safety of her house. Walking behind her, he couldn’t help but admire her body, once again. Her shapely ass giving him a little wiggle as she opened the door and wriggled through the opening only helped to make the bulge in his trunks all too obvious.
Kim turned around once she was in the house, giving John the opportunity to completely check her out as she felt, once again, that shock at her pussy as she saw John’s rising tent. At that moment, she decided that she wasn’t going to just let this opportunity walk away from her. She turned away and walked up the stairs towards their guest room, knowing that John was close behind.
As John entered the room, she reached around him, pushing both the door closed, and her firm tits against his strong chest. As he embraced her with his muscular arms, she deftly pulled down his trunks, freeing his rock hard cock to spring up and hit her in the belly. She then wrapped her soft hands around his dick, leading him over to the bed, where she knelt down and began to slowly lick up from the base, all the way to the tip, where she gave a little swirl of her tongue. Never, having done this before to a man, she was relying on some old porno tapes stolen from her dad, as well as the few times that her and Mel had “experimented” with each other.
John had never felt so good in his life. He wasn’t na? about sex, but, neither had he ever gone any farther than a hand job with a former girlfriend. He relied on the internet for his information, but nothing he had seen could have prepared him for how good Kim’s mouth felt! She had starting taking more and more of his dick into his mouth, so that by this time, she was taking almost his whole 7 inches into her mouth, gagging a little bit as she did so.
At the telltale straining in his balls, he warned Kim, but she just kept right on going, until he began shooting his load into her waiting and eager mouth. As he slowed down from his orgasm, Kim climbed from her position on her knees, pushing him back onto the bed as she prepared to do what she had never done before with anyone. She slowly rubbed his balls and deflated cock until he slowly began to grow once more. As she prepared to impale herself on him, he grabbed her hips, gently suspending her above him, and asked concernedly, “Kim, are you sure this is what you want?” Not trusting herself to speak, she simply nodded, and dropped herself onto his waiting rod.
The pain was intense, at first, but as she began slowly moving up and down, the pleasure quickly washed the old sensation away until nothing was left except the sheer joy of her first time riding a man’s cock. After what seemed like hours, John moved his hands down from her breasts and whispered, “Baby, I’m going to cum.” To that, she simply stared back lovingly into his eyes, and whispered back, “It’s okay John, I’ve been on the pill for a few months now, just in case.” John needed no more prompting as he moved his hips in sync with hers, approaching his eruption. “Baby! I’m cumming!” He shouted, as she collapsed in complete ecstasy of her own orgasm on top of her lover. Looking up at John, she saw not a loving gaze, but a horrified look at the door. Only when she herself looked up did she see why… Mel was standing open-mouthed at the door, looking down at the couple.

More to come if readers like it, please give me some feedback, it’s my first story ever. THANKS!

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