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On Cruise.. Part 2
This follows through on Part one on the cruise liner of the sex scene where my wife and myself indulged in on deck of the ship.
On getting back to our cabin, we had now somewhat cooled off from the fantastic oral, pissing, anal stimulation and cum swallowing fun. We were a bit tired, but not tired enough to have a shower and change into night clothes and do some relaxation before retiring to bed. My wife (Sandy) excused herself as she wanted to use the bathroom. I switched on the TV and set back awhile to watch some soapy on channel. When about 15 minutes passed I called out to Sandy and asked if she’s ok. She replied yes and why don’t I get ready so I can join her in the shower. I found that strange as I thought she was busy bathing, but when I asked her what she was doing so long without bathing, she replied she had to have a clean bowel movement. I immediately suspected that this is going to translate into something tonight as we still had fresh in our minds to have a good fuck before we retire to bed.
I joined her in the shower and as we were rubbing one another down, I suddenly had a urge to pee. Without even thinking and the water pouring down on us, I let Sandy kneel down, given in her mind I wanted a blow job. As she went down and took my cock in her mouth I immediately started to pee into her mouth. No problem with that as she was use to it already, but she preferred to have a golden shower instead, whereby I retracted my penis and pissed all over her. She enjoyed it by rubbing in on her face, tits, and hair and as I finished, i got a surprise. She made me kneel down and pissed standing, onto my face. We just laughed as it was fun especially as the shower washed off any smell that we would have normally encountered.
After having tidied up and a cup of coffee, we both lay watching TV and as we could hear the sound of ocean weaving by, we turned into one another’s arms and started to kiss passionately, Our kisses followed through and in no time we both stripped naked. I looked at her shining body, her huge protruding tits and her thick bush, just enough to cover her puss and shaven around it (the bikini line). Turning around she exposed her asshole which because of the rimming was nice and round. Catching a glimpse of me, Sandy could see by 8 inch erect cock oozing pre-cum.
Kissing and moving downwards I used a finger to part her pussy lips and start fondling her cunt. At the same time my mouth was fixed on her tits and sucking them profusely. Sandy was moaning as the dual sensation of fingering and sucking tits at the same time was causing her to have convulsions. She knocked me off and instantly grabbed my cock and started to suck. At the same time she licked my nipples (Which I love to have done with my cock in a woman’s mouth).But this time it was wild. Sandy was literally deep throating me and would not let go. I felt my cum rising and she knew, so in an instant she pushed her thumb below my balls and blocked off the cum flow.
We than turned around and did the ultimate. I searched out her puss with my mouth and she gobbled up my cock gently. We went into a 69 position and I said “lets just relax like this”. Only time could tell how long we were in this position before I started to fuck her mouth and suck her cunt at the same time. This is one of our favourite positions and normally we don’t retract until we both cum together, but because of the earlier oral sex we had on deck, the semen seem to take a little longer before it would ejaculate. Coupled to that Sandy still had her thumb pressed hard on my seminal “tube” so I just fucked her mouth and sucked her clit with intense vigour. Finally we turned around and I entered her cunt with my cock for the first time. I fucked her so hard that she came over and over again until she could no more. I failed to understand why I still didn’t shoot off, and Sandy realizing my hardness invited me over to “ wreck” fuck her into her throat. I was ruthless and she enjoyed every minute of it, gagging and bringing up loads of saliva. I then let her neck hang over the edge of the bed and coming in from the top, I deep throat fucked her. This seemed to be more easier for her and with a cock that refused to cum so I pump on and on. Sudden Sandy shouted “Stop”. She turned around immediately on all fours and said three words “ FUCK MY ASS”. This is what I was waiting for. I got into position, aligned my cock to her lifted asshole and pushed. It slipped in without a problem, it’s then that I realized that she had earlier in the bathroom cleaned and lubricated herself. She wanted to be ass fucked.!
My cock went all the way in as I rode her like a bitch. She screamed for more and I pounced her as deep as I could. Well all 8 inches went in and I could feel my balls touching her cunt. Finally she gave a shudder and I felt an explosion about to erupt. I retracted my cock, quickly guided it into her open mouth and holding it straight onto her tongue I shot loads and loads of thick cum into her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed up, licked the rest clean and said “Thank You..a night to remember”
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