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The final chapter.
----- 4 --

Underneath the bright, fluorescent lighting piercing through the loud, incessant talking, Madden sat down with her tray of food at the farthest side of the cafeteria by the beige painted cinderblock wall. As always, Kimmy was before her, Jena was to her right, and Keri sat before Jena. Madden had arrived late to school and the three girls were looking eager to hear the story of why.

“Whose are these?” Madden demanded as she slammed the pair of yellow panties to the center of the lunch table.

“Wow Madden,” Kimmy laughed, but stopped talking when she took the time to examine her face.

Jena peered to Keri and was confirmed by her look on what they meant.

“Daddy said he found these on the floor this last Sunday morning while you guys were there. He said he removed them from me before we had sex Saturday night. He said he woke up to me touching him, and then removed these panties, helped me climb in bed, and we had sex. He said I even called him Daddy. Except I never did any of that stuff and here is those same pair of panties, and they aren’t mine.”

Kimmy sat there in full shock. Was that true? If it was… Who? Who would do that?

It only took a half glance between the four of them to find the answer. Keri’s face was already soaked in her tears.

“I didn’t mean for anything to happen. He woke up and grabbed me. He pulled me into bed. I couldn’t move. I was so scared.”

“You were touching him in his sleep and you called him Daddy!” Madden said in a cold, cold, low voice.

“Please,” Keri cried uncontrollably. “I made a mistake. I’ll never go near him again.”

“You’ll never come near me again either,” Madden shot to her.

“Madden,” Jena stepped up. “It was a mistake. It was when she went upstairs to the bathroom. She came in after I went upstairs. She was crying and so scared. She never meant for it to happen. You saw her, she was scared and sick.”

“You knew,” Madden stared her down with vulturous eyes. “And for these past four days, you two laughed and joked with me like nothing was wrong. You were hoping we could grow up and be best of friends, knowing that she had sex with my dad secretly. Even more, she took advantage of him. She raped my dad and you just thought no harm done because it makes no difference to him. Guys like sex anyways?

“Do you even know how much work it took for me to open him up? Now he won’t even touch me. He’s scared to death of Keri and he wants himself to die. She cost me my father. I never want to see either of you again.” Tears of her own were sliding streams down her cheeks. “Go away,” she finished with ice in her breath.

It was a lost battle. Jena and Keri had no choice but to pick up their lunch trays and leave before their friend would start pulling out the bombs, lighting the whole cafeteria on fire with the issue. They weren’t by any means hungry so they threw their uneaten meals away and left the lunchroom.

Madden and Kimmy sat in silence for the remainder of the hour, overcompensating for the loss of the other’s food by eating every tiniest piece left on their trays.

The car ride home with her father was silent. Actually getting home, Madden followed her father to his bedroom where he laid down over his covers.

“She won’t tell anybody daddy,” Madden tried comforting as she got situated behind and tried spooning around him. “You may not know her but I do; she’s not going to tell anyone. She hasn’t yet so why would she now.”

Jeff was silent. He couldn’t get over the fact that he had raped one of his daughter’s friends. They were thirteen. His daughter was thirteen. He couldn’t believe that he had ever let himself even fall for his own daughter. She was in seventh grade, Jr. High. Last year she was in elementary school. Last month she was a preteen.

“Daddy, it’s not your fault either. You were asleep or sleep deprived. You didn’t know what you were doing. She did it to you. She raped you daddy.”

Jeff spoke slowly to himself.

“I had sex with a girl, because I thought she was my thirteen year old daughter.”

“Daddyyy…” Madden cried. “I love you. I love you more than anything in the world. I love you more than I ever have. I’m not going to ever stop loving you. If you force me to wait until I’m eighteen years old and when the law says I’m finally old enough to be smart, I will still love you and want you like I do now. You’re not wrong daddy, you’re not wrong.”

Madden knew that he had already had seven hours of thinking about this. She didn’t know what to do. The only thing she knew was to be by his side every single chance she had. If he at least let her lay with him, she still had to have some hope, at least that’s all she had to go on for hope.

The day passed and night came. Madden climbed into her father’s bed with no opposition. But with nothing else either. It was if he was ignoring her, hoping that she would go away. Out of fear, she gave no hostility when he put on his pajamas. In bed, she tried hugging him as she did every night to fall asleep in his arms, but he pushed her away.

“By the end of next week,” he told her in the dark, “you’re going to be sleeping back in your own room. As for this, this is to show you how fathers should sleep with their daughters.”

Madden fell asleep a foot from her daddy with no contact at all. Her eyes were wet and her nose was running. She was lonely and despite all the coverings, cold.

Friday was a very dull day. Communications with Kimmy were slim as she was too uncomfortable to talk and Madden was too depressed. On occasion though, her depression did quickly transition into pure furiousness when she saw Keri, Jena, or both of them together. Neither of them looked happy by a long shot, but just their existence boiled her blood.

The weekend came and went with absolutely no progress with her father. Most of the time while not asleep, Madden sat with her back against his locked office door, crying or dozing in and out of sleep. She did her homework, ate, and on Sunday, did all the puzzles in the newspaper there.

Sometimes she stared at her laptop screen wondering how bad of an idea it could possibly be to message her dad as Skyne13. Would he flip out and ban her from sleeping on the other side of the bed with him at that instant? How many different ways could he go off on her for it? But even if he did yell at her, she would feel like he still loved her. Even in yelling, there was emotion.

The entire next week went by in four times the length of a normal week. Madden wanted to go insane. Worse off, Kimmy seemed to becoming in a progressively happier mood as time carried forward. Madden didn’t even want to ask. She just ended up resenting her. What if she did have an eighth grade boyfriend? Uuuuh, Jena was the one that suggested that too. Madden was not a happy person.

Thursday night had been the last night she was allowed sleeping with her dad. And that made Madden’s weekend in absolute, unbearable. She could not live any longer like she was. She had no friends and no daddy. She wanted to explode.

Saturday night, she did it. She messaged her dad as Skyne13. She didn’t care anymore. The happiest moment of her life would be having the biggest fight with her dad ever. Anything to just be involved in something with him. Anything.

No reply.

An hour later, her father peaked into her room and told her it was time for bed. When he left, she jumped as hard as she could onto her mattress and screamed into her pillow until she had no voice left. And after that, she cried until she had no tears. She fell asleep wishing and hoping with all her imagination that she would never wake up.

Upon awakening on Sunday, she stayed in her room and left only to use the restroom and bring food back in. Every hour, on the hour, she messaged her dad.

Skyne13: Hello

Skyne13: Are you there?

Skyne13: Hello

Skyne13: Where have you been for so long?

Skyne13: Hello.

Skyne13: Can you help me with my homework?

He was in his office all day and not once did she receive and automated reply that she had been blocked or ignored. She wandered if she even would. She didn’t recall anyone ever doing such to her before so didn’t necessarily know.

VxHvn: What kind of homework is it?

Madden didn’t know what to do next. She didn’t really have homework that needed to be done. She had finished it all Friday.

Skyne13: Math

VxHvn: Alright, what’s the problem?

Madden raced to pull out her finished math homework and she gave him every question on it. They spent an hour and a half deliberating back and forth for the answers and Madden actually ended up correcting one of the questions she had apparently did wrong herself.

VxHvn: Well, is that all?

Skyne13: Um, I got one more question.

VxHvn: What on?

Skyne13: A relationship.

VxHvn: Well, I’ll give you some advice - don’t ask a single man to help you out with a relationship problem.

Skyne13: Well… true, I guess. But sometimes it’s nice just to have a different perspective. Like a fresh mind to look in at both sides without having all the baggage.

VxHvn: That’s very wise.

Skyne13: Thanks, my dad taught me that. He said you should create checks and balances for everything in your life to keep you on track.

VxHvn: Your dad seems like an amazingly smart man.

Skyne13: Haha. Sounds like something he would say.

Madden cringed and immediately regretted sending that.

VxHvn: Well, what’s this problem then? I’ll try my hardest to give you your unbiased feedback.

Skyne13: OK, thank you.

Skyne13: When I stopped messaging you for awhile, I got this new friend. He was amazing and everything a friend could possibly be. We liked each other and all of that stuff. But we agreed that we could have other friends. Because that’s what friends are for. Otherwise we would be more than friends, but we weren’t. And then a little while ago, he got another friend only for a little bit, and he felt really guilty for betraying me, and then to fix his guilt, he said that we can’t be friends anymore.

VxHvn: Okay…

Skyne13: That’s it.

VxHvn: What’s the question?

Skyne13: It doesn’t make sense.

VxHvn: Well, if that’s what happened, then it can’t be a lie, so if it doesn’t make sense, then there must be a lack of information.

Skyne13: Like what?

VxHvn: Well, if it doesn’t make sense that he doesn’t want to be friends anymore, then maybe it’s not because he felt guilty. Maybe there was another reason.

Skyne13: Maybe. But it still doesn’t make sense why we can’t be friends anymore no matter the reason.

VxHvn: I’m sure there are reasons that might make sense.

Skyne13: Do you know any?

VxHvn: Maybe he was reluctant to be your friend in the first place.

Skyne13: That’s mean.

VxHvn: Well, I’m just the observer.

Skyne13: But even still, he did become my friend and he was really happy. Now he’s really sad without any friends. So am I. He never did anything wrong in the first place.

VxHvn: If he was reluctant to be your friend in the first place though, why?

Skyne13: I don’t know. Maybe he thinks that I’m stupid and I don’t know what a friend really is.

VxHvn: I’m sure he doesn’t think you’re stupid; otherwise he wouldn’t have become your friend at all.

Skyne13: But he maybe did at first, then I proved him wrong. Maybe then when he got another friend for a little bit that was kind of like me and actually stupid, he grouped me into her. And that means that now he thinks I’m stupid again.

VxHvn: Like I said, I doubt he would think you were stupid. Maybe young.

Skyne13: Young means stupid. The younger you are, the stupider you are. Have you ever seen a kindergartener? They’re really stupid.

VxHvn: I wouldn’t call a kindergartener stupid, I would call them young because they in time, when they get older, they will get smarter.

Skyne13: If they will get smarter, then that means they are stupid. At least stupider than smart.

VxHvn: Well, would you consider this friend to be stupider then you, the same as you, or smarter than you.

Skyne13: Way smarter, but with smartness can come stubbornness. Like old people and computers. Just because they’re smarter doesn’t make computers evil.

VxHvn: That is true, but old people can coexist in this world with computers and the younger people that use them.

Skyne13: But they don’t. They each live in their separate places and do their separate things. They avoid each other. I don’t want that with my friend.

VxHvn: Sometimes that’s just the way the world works. You can’t change it.

Skyne13: But sometimes there is old people using computers. And old people playing with young people. The world is diverse.

VxHvn: You are wise.

Skyne13: I was taught from the best.

VxHvn: The American public schooling system?

Skyne13: Who else could possibly raise the finest this world has to offer? I’m starting to think that children should be taken at birth and just raised by the government on a standardized curriculum. Then we could all agree, no matter what it’s for or the logic behind it.

VxHvn: I think you could be a future president.

Skyne13: Nah, I’m aiming low. Gotta play it safe, keep under the radar and not do anything out of the ordinary.

VxHvn: Spoken like a true heroin.

Skyne13: Learned from the best.

VxHvn: Say, I accidently deleted those pictures you sent me a while back. You don’t by any chance have any more. Just one. I would really like to see your face if you could.

Madden jumped up off her chair, sprinted from her room, and down the hall. She burst through her father’s bedroom entrance and opened his unlocked office door. Her feet stopped her just behind him where he still looked at the computer screens before him. She knew he heard her enter. He didn’t move.


“Not right now, I’m waiting for a picture someone’s supposed to send me. I’m about to learn their true identity..”


“Oh come here,” he tossed out his voice as his chair swung around. Reaching his arms forward, he grabbed the young girl running into him and pulled her into a tight embrace.

“Are we back?” she asked enthusiastically, but still keeping a hint of doubt inside the words.

“Let’s just take it slower, okay?”

“We’re not starting from the beginning again, are we?”

“No honey. Just, let’s do more than just action. Let’s do more nothingness together.”

“Like sleep?”

“Yes, we can sleep together too.”

Madden hugged him extra hard at that.

“I love you,”

“I love you too sweetheart.”

“I’m your sweetheart.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“No takesy backsies.”

Jeff sighed.


That Friday, Madden had finally bugged Kimmy enough to not stay after school and to let her come over to her place. To add to the greatness of how amazing the week had been progressing with her dad, she hadn’t seen Keri at school the past two days. Life was awesome again, almost.

Jeff jogged down the stairs from his office to the front door as the reminiscence of the doorbell ringing still lingered. He opened it find himself looking face to face with a slightly unhappy woman a few years older than him. She seemed though to cheer up a bit at seeing him rather than somebody else. To her right was a shorter, young girl with a cast running from her hand up her forearm. It was Keri.

“Hello?” he questioned.

“Is Madden home?” Keri asked.

“No, she’s at Kimmy’s. She won’t be back for about another hour.”

“Oh. Can I wait for her?”

“Sure you can. Did you want to wait too Ms. Cosner, or I could bring her home any time you’d like?”

“That would be greatly appreciated,” she answered. “Just any time before dark. If you can’t though, you know my number.” She was very pleasant toward Jeff. It was a characteristic not uncommon among his daughter’s friends’ parents. Perhaps it was all the weekends he took them of their hands in their various moods and kept them entertained with amusement parks and delicious food, only to return them home bursting with happiness.

As the depressed young girl walked in, Jeff closed the door and followed her into the living room where she sat down.

“Unlike your mom to walk you to the door, isn’t it?”

“She wants to see everybody I come into contact now.”

“Well, she’s seen me plenty of times.”

“She wants to see them now, again.”

“Ah. Well, what happened to your hand then?” he asked sitting down on the couch perpendicular to the one she sat on. He notice on closer inspection how unsightly bruised the fingers were.

As he looked to her with kind interest, she looked down to the floor.

“Accidently shut a door onto it.”

“Oooo,” Jeff quenched. “A car door?”

Keri looked down even further.

“My bedroom door,” she said softly.


They sat in silence for a while.

“Soo, come to try to end the feud with Madden?”

“Kinda. I wanted to apologize to you too.”


“I’m sorry. You’re really hot, I know that’s no excuse,” she corrected herself. “I just, I just wanted to see what a chest like yours felt like. And then you woke up and I froze. I didn’t know what to do. Madden talks about you all the time and so I thought if you thought I was her, you’d just go back to sleep. That’s why I said daddy.”

Jeff flinched to himself. She had just told him that to protect herself, she pretended to be his daughter, and instead, he had forced sex with her.

“Uh, what does Madden say about me?” he questioned.

“Um, what is she allowed to say about you?” Keri asked unsurely.

Jeff exhaled in defeat.

“You might as well tell me everything if you want this apology to work.”

“Please don’t get mad at her. We’re the ones that helped her get to you in the first place. We knew before you even knew. We’ll never tell anyone. Never did and we would never risk losing you. We know how important you are to Madden and we all wish you were our fathers too. I mean, we all look up to you. We’ll protect you no matter what.”

“Okay, okay, I believe you. I have to believe you. Not much I can do about it now anyways.” There was a short pause.

“Well, anyways,” Keri started back up; she was so nervous and eager to just let everything out, her voice took off before her mind could censor what she was too embarrassed to say. “You started doing, you know what, and I was too scared to tell you I wasn’t Madden. I didn’t want anyone to know what I was doing in the first place and as you kept going further, I really, really didn’t want anyone knowing. I was so scared, everything was like in slow motion but it was over so fast.”

That put a dampener on Jeff’s ego.

“I mean, it was really, really good. Amazing. Madden is the luckiest girl in the world.”

“Okay, I get the point,” Jeff interrupted her before she could drive the smile of pride onto his face.

“Well, um,” Keri retreated into a blushing fit. “I guess, then it was over and you went to sleep. I ran away and pretty much wished no one would find out. I was sick afterwards I was so scared. Don’t get me wrong though, you were really good. But it wasn’t worth it at all in a million years for what I did to Madden.

“And you,” she added quickly.

“Okay,” he replied pondering. “And I did, you know, go off inside you. Birth control? Period lately?”

Keri looked back down to the floor. Jeff Reeeaaally didn’t like her body language.

“Um, well, Wednesday, when I broke my hand, when we went to the hospital, um, they did a blood test on me. It’s why my mom wants to see everybody I come in contact with now.”

They both sat in silence, both looking to the ground. Jeff’s heart was in straight panic.

“I’m going to abort it though.”

“Really?” Jeff jumped his head up. “A day and a half knowing and you’ve decided to kill it?”

“You don’t have to say it like that,” she defended, tears forming in her voice. “It wasn’t easy. What other choice do I have? I can’t take care of a baby. I’m in the seventh grade. Madden would never forgive me either. I wouldn’t even have a chance. I need her as a friend. You know how amazing she is to have around.”

“Well, I can’t really argue against that. But I do strongly oppose the decision. Do you know if it would threaten your life if you carried forward?”

“They said it wouldn’t be likely. Not with some classes and supplements. But it would have to be a little further along before they could give me a sure answer. Run more tests.”

“Do you have a date, for the procedure?”

“Not yet, but it won’t be earlier than at least next Friday. My mom wants me to make sure that I’m sure. But no later than at most a week after that. She also wants it soon; she doesn’t like the idea of it being too much older than it is now when it’s done.”

“Well, can’t argue with that either.”

They sat in silence for a few minutes longer.

“She doesn’t know, your mom, does she?” Jeff asked in a ‘better make sure’ voice.

“Are you crazy?! No way. I won’t tell her any details because even if I say some boy from five school districts away, she’d hunt them down personally, and I really don’t want to lie and say I do it so often I can’t remember or I do it with random strangers. And by the way, you were my first. And it was great.”

“You mentioned that last part already.”

“I just want you to know.”

They sat quietly again. There was a question itching at Jeff’s mind though from all her repetitive remarks.

“Can I ask you a really personal question, off the record?”

“Yeah,” Keri answered with enthusiastic curiosity.

“Did you orgasm?”

Keri’s face filled with blood so fast. She couldn’t believe he asked her that.

“Um, no. But I was so close, just a little bit longer, like a second.”

“Please don’t lie to me.”

“Sorry. I have no idea how long. I was just so scared. But it was still amazing. Definitely amazing.”

“Another really personal question?” he thought up from those last words of hers.

“Okay,” she replied with a little less enthusiasm this time but still with great curiosity.

“If you were allowed, would you have sex with me again?”

Keri’s face couldn’t get a deeper shade of red.

“Um, only if I was allowed,” she blushed with the smallest hint of hope.

“You’re not allowed,” he reassured her in the hypotheticalness of the question.

“I know,” Keri burst out too quickly.

“Well, I forgive you, if you can forgive me.”

“I forgive you, it wasn’t your fault at all,” she burst out again.

“Those end questions didn’t really having anything to do with my forgiveness,” Jeff began stumbling over his words.

“Yeah, I know. I was kinda asking for them I guess.”

“So, you want something to eat?” Jeff announced changing the subject uncomfortably as he popped up from the couch.

“Sure,” she answered for the lack of anything else to say and anything to change the subject.

Madden returned home shortly with quite the surprise as she found her father and her enemy eating turkey sandwiches across from each other at the dining room table. Her instant reaction was to walk up directly behind her ex-friend and stand, staring at her father.

“Keri came here to make amends. She and I are on good terms. I hope you can take a lesson out of that and talk out your own terms, responsibly, like the smart young ladies you are.”

“She’s not smart,” Madden shot back.

“Madden,” her father said to her, “I don’t think you would become friends with someone who wasn’t smart. Would you?”

“No,” she replied defeatedly to her father. Madden forced herself to look down to her ex-friend.

“What happened to your hand?”

“Accidently shut it in a door.”

“What kind of door can do that?”

“My bedroom door.”

“Your bedroom door? Jeez you must have been slamming that thing several times-”

“Madden!” her father sent her a clear message to cease and desist.

“Oh.” Then soon her eyes welled up. Slowly, she stepped to the chair next to Keri, pulled it out and sat down.

“I’m sorry.”

“It doesn’t hurt right now. They got me on some medicine. I’m not allowed too much of it though.”


“Uh, because.”


They sat in silence for a while longer.

“I’ll go finish this in my office,” Jeff spoke up. “Just come and get me when you’re ready to go home. And make sure that’s before dark. I don’t need to be getting on your mom’s bad side.” He picked up his plate and cup and headed off to the stairs.

“I’m sorry,” Keri said softly. “I made the hugest mistake in the world. I wish it never happened. I wanted to vomit afterwards I felt so bad about it.”

Madden smiled a little.

“I actually did vomit after my first time. He had to hold my hair back and everything while I was puking my guts out into the toilet.”

Keri gave a feint laugh.

“Daddy, I guess, just has that effect on people. He gets you in bed with him, sticks his penis in you, and then he makes you feel bad about it, like you did something wrong.”

Keri couldn’t explain Madden’s twisted logic. It was all blatant lies. Madden put her father’s penis in her on her first time, not the other way around, and for herself, he was delusional at the time. The only thing she could get out of it was that Madden was trying to forgive her.

“Yeah,” Keri gave a single nervous laugh.

“D’you wanna sit at our lunch table again. I got asked out by Brian Haudley yesterday after last period. I think people are starting to think we’re not Lesbos anymore. That could start getting annoying if we don’t fix it fast.”

“Maybe if you pull another pair of my underwear from you’re book bag at lunch, this time wave it around your head.”

Madden looked to her silently.

“Too far?” Keri backed away.

“Not far enough. We’ll each need a pair of underwear and we’re going to need a chant while we’re swinging them around.”

Both of them started giggling.

“I think Jena would move over to those smelly boys and pretend to be with them,” Keri laughed.

“Kimmy would just pick up her pair and go at it with both.”

The two girls quickly expanded the tale into a parade through the aisles and somehow balloons and confetti would fall from the ceiling. Then the whole lunch room would remove their underwear and join in, all ending in the four of them, or three, without Jena, getting expelled.

Madden spent the whole weekend on instant messenger, catching up with Keri and Jena. Kimmy seemed particularly enthusiastic now that she had her two other friends back. She didn’t particularly agree with what they did to their best friend, but couldn’t deny herself that if she had found out also, no way in hell would she inform Madden. So she sympathized with both sides, but was only allowed on one.

Between Madden’s relationship with her and her father, things only got better as well. At least until Thursday morning where she would be skipping the day of school for a doctor’s appointment.

She woke up late in the morning, stretching and squeezing the small muscles in her buck naked body as she yawned and tried biting at her father’s naked chest. Dried cum glued her short, sporadic pubic hair to her tiny vagina and plastered itself between her legs. Finishing her feel good wake up, she climbed herself onto her dad, grinding her young teenaged slit into his half hard man pipe. Her nose inhaled his morning dew as she finally bit down onto one of his pecks.

“Honey, we need to discuss something.”


Ms. Cosner came flustering from the bathroom, through the kitchen, the dining room, living room, and to her front door where she found herself opening face to face with Jeff.

“Is Keri here?”

“Yes,” she questioned him.

“I was wondering if I could talk to the both of you.”

“Yes,” she said in a more upbeat curious tone. “Come in, please. KERI! COME DOWN STAIRS!”

Keri jumbled down the stairs barely, yet with amazing force, driving her heels into each individual step.

“She hasn’t gone through with the procedure yet, has she?”

“What procedure?” Ms. Cosner asked.

“Your daughter let it slip that she made a poor choice.”

“You’ll have to elaborate more than that I’m afraid, with recent events.”

“Mr. Dvorik?” Keri greeted him unexpectedly.

“The abortion date,” he responded to the woman. She stared back blankly.

“Mom’s taking me on Monday. Is Madden here?”

“I’d like to offer you another option.”


Madden moved through the school halls. Her father had dropped her off after they had eaten out. It was barely after school hours, but it was urgent. She was still very disgruntled that he had gotten her to agree with what she did. She had specifically told him before that she did not want any brothers or sisters. And what does he do? Uuuugh.

Now she had to turn her stupid Year-End math notebook in. Worst idea her math teacher could ever come up with, essays in math, gah.

She reached Mr. O’Brian’s door and grabbed the knob. She fiddled with it under increasing strength. It was locked.

“Nooo…” she whined. “Please don’t be gone…”

She kept tugging and twisting it hoping for maybe it to fall off and the door open.


Perhaps she could just push it under the door. And then the knob turned under her sweating hand and the door opened halfway. Mr. O’Brian looked down to her.

“I’m really sorry,” Madden began. “I know you said if we were going to be absent today that we had to turn it in early. No exceptions or anything, but I forgot I had my doctor’s appointment today, I swear. Please,” she begged, holding out her notebook.

Mr. O’Brian took the notebook from her hands emotionlessly.

“Anything else I can do?” he asked uncharacteristically mean.

“Um, you don’t by any chance know where Kimmy McFadden is. I’m supposed to get a ride home with her. She’s been staying after school lately and my dad was kind of anxious to get somewhere.”

“Madden?” Kimmy’s voice called from inside the classroom.

“Kimmy?” Madden called back, pushing her way through the smallest space between the door frame and Mr. O’Brian. “Kimmy!” She said again catching sight of her next to the cabinet behind the door. “Your shirt’s on backwards.”

“It is? Oops! Close the door Aaron, she’s safe.”

Madden couldn’t keep her jaw up as the door shut and her friend pulled her arms into her shirt.

“Do you get like bonus points for this or something?” she asked ignoring the presence of the teacher.

“Actually, I convinced him to give me a D in the class so I have to attend a summer school course, with him as my instructor.” Then she whispered, following Madden’s lead in ignoring his presence, “He actually raised a few people’s grades so I’d be the only one.”

“Uhem,” Mr. O’Brian cleared this throat.

“Sorry,” Kimmy pulled her eyes up big and innocently, slightly pouting her lips.




“I really don’t think my mom suspects, Mr. Dvorik,” Keri consoled as the two got out of the car and headed to the house. “Even if she ever did, I don’t think she’d do anything. Especially given everything you’re doing.”

“Well I’m just saying,” Jeff replied, unlocked his front door. “You are spending a lot of time with me. I’m just worried that I’m showing you too much attention.”

“What should she expect? It’s going to be your baby, you’ve agreed to pay all the medical bills and handle everything with the adoption. She probably thinks even more of you because how well cared for you’re making sure I am.”

“Yeah,” he said walking into the house, “but still, a grown man is hanging out with her pregnant teenage daughter. I mean I took you to get your ultrasound today.”

“Well mom actually hinted that on you pretty hard. If you’re paying the bills and keeping the baby, you should get to make sure it’s developing healthily. I think mom is actually trying to avoid the fact that I even have it in me in the first place.”

“Well, either way, it’s not every day you get to see a little seahorse inside a girl’s stomach.”

“It’s not a seahorse,” she sparked back in tease.

The two began heading upstairs. Keri ran her fingertips up the railing.

“I can’t wait until they take my cast of next week. The bones feel healed enough already. Plus I’m always scared I’m going to accidently smack my belly with it or something.”

Keri followed Mr. Dvorik into his bedroom. As he climbed onto the bed and laid down, she followed, curling up at his side.

“Madden’s not coming home from Jena’s until four, right?”


“I still don’t think she’s comfortable with us lying together.”

“Madden has a lot to learn. She’s the reason this whole thing happened. And she knows that lying together is only a tiny bit of what I’m willing to do when you’re ready.”

Keri blushed.

“Well, I think she always understates what it’s like just to be held by you. She only brags about the other stuff.”

“Madden and I probably do stuff like this five times more than we do the other stuff. And that’s not including while we’re asleep.”

Keri’s head rolled on Jeff’s shoulder, tipping her face to his chest. Her body, tucked snuggly between his torso and arm, shivered and flexed in warmth. The two laid interlocking for over an hour in silence. Just breathing and relaxing, absorbing each other’s faint perspiration.

Jeff’s heart rate dropped and remained steady as he held the mother to his child in the warm, quiet room. Keri’s though cycled, dropping into calmness and then rising faster and faster, before dropping back down again. By about the fifth time, midway through what Jeff could feel was high anxiety, Keri spoke.

“Um, are you able to, uh, do it, anytime?”

“When you’re ready, just say so, and I’ll be ready.”

“Um, I think I might be ready.”

“It only works when you know.”

“Um, I’m ready then, I guess.”

Jeff sighed.

“I’m ready,” she finally said in defeated embarrassment. “I want to have sex with you.”

Without emotion, Jeff reached his free hand to the young girl’s pants. He shifted his body weight in a slight lean towards her and took her hair into his nose. Slowly, his fingers slid over her jeans and between her legs. He breathed her in as his middle and ring finger tips pressed into and squished her fatty bulge below into a rolling massage.

Keri exhaled deeply. Her lips squeezed and shaped around his fingers as much as they could, trying their hardest to fight the less flexible panties and jeans.

In time, she reached down and cringing to herself in shyness, she unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped her pants. But Jeff still didn’t take the cue. Keri had to close her eyes in embarrassment as she reluctantly touched his hand, and guided it up and back down, this time between her jeans and the thinnest pair of panties.

It was amazing. The sensations beating through her veins were so much more powerful. Just a pair of panties away. Since that first night where she was given her best friend’s father’s child, this had been the only time she had been touched on her private by somebody else. Well, besides from doctors.

Since he finally took the stand against his own daughter and made clear that the mother to his child had priorities as well, Keri had never been able to take advantage of those past just laying with him or sitting in his firm hold on the couch. She did want sex again, but just didn’t know how to approach it. Starting slow seemed way to childish. There was no way she wanted to tell him to just touch her breast or kiss her lips, or tongue, but say she wasn’t ready for more, say he wasn’t allowed. No, she had to wait it out; wait until she had prepared her mind to handle it all. She couldn’t just tease him and then stop him midway through his fun. She was only going to let him free roam to his heart’s content.

Ooooh, his fingers over her panties felt amazing. Her breathing was steady, yet barely within moderation. It was soo good. She touched his hand again.

“Please,” she begged. “Don’t make me do all the work.”

Jeff replied with his index finger, scooping into the crease between her leg and teenaged lip, and hooked the side of her panties. Lifting his other fingers, he scrunched the thinnest fabric into the crease on her other side.

Keri’s eyes watered as she felt in one single, smooth motion, his finger push all the way into her body. He kept it straight and stiff, then pulled it almost all the way back out. Again and again he penetrated her with it. He had started so slow but his speed was definitely picking up. Keri had no time to blush as she could now hear her own juices squishing about down below.

And then she wanted to faint. Mr. Dvorik had just started kissing a line from the top of her scalp, onto her forehead. He moved down her eye, over her nose, and stopped at her upper lip. He pressed and sucked at the top flap of skin a few times, moistening it with just a hint of his saliva.

“Remember,” he whispered to her mouth. “You can always tell me to stop. Whether it’s just one thing I’m doing of all of it. You’ll hurt me a million times more if you don’t and you’re uncomfortable.”

“Don’t stop,” she cooed. “Please, don’t stop.” Keri lifted her chin and took his lips into her teeth where she dragged him back down. She let go and sucked his mouth to hers.

The finger pistoning through her reproductive hole was beyond anything she could ever even hope to simulate by herself. The pocket locked between her legs, vagina, and pants was a steaming, hot, sauna of sexual perspiration.

“Have you ever tasted yourself,” Jeff asked the young girl, half an inch from her lips. Keri blushed wildly.


His finger withdrew from her and her belly filled with butterflies as she only could guess that he was reaching it up to her face. Touching his finger to her mouth, Keri felt she had no choice but to open up. And before she knew it, she was sucking his middle finger clean of her thirteen year old vagina.

Keri’s heart pounded maniacally tasting herself on his finger, tasting Mr. Dvorik's finger. She felt like there should be cameras somewhere around recording her, like she was in an adult porno; like she was a porn star.

Jeff slowly slipped his finger from her small lips and retreated his hand to her chin.

“Can I taste you?” he asked in a soft, yet powerful voice.

Keri looked up to him oblivious of what he meant. She couldn’t reason why not, so she nodded. Boy did she get a surprise when he pulled her jaw down, opening her mouth. He wanted to taste the juices she still had on her tongue! He was about to French kiss her!

The girl’s body vibrated in a small muscle spasm as her open mouth was sealed shut with her friend’s father’s open lips. Their tongues touched. More than that, he started sucking on her tongue! And then, in his relentless assault, she felt the finger coated in her saliva, reenter her body.

Keri continued making out with the grown man, losing track of time and control. It had to have been at least five, maybe ten minutes into the tongue sucking contest and a constant onslaught of a finger moving in and out of her body, non-stop, before she noticed that she herself had been taking action as well. Her arms were now wrapped around his back rhythmically feeling his smooth curves and her pelvis was actively involved in a pistoning motion, rotating up and down with the finger moving in and out of her.

She was in a state of suspended animation, a continuous existence of happiness way past normality for such a length of time. Her throat groaned into the man’s mouth above her as she felt his thumb rubbing through the folds of her slit, rolling across her clitoris at every passing.

“Mr. Dvorik,” she muffled onto his tongue.

“Yes?” he asked pulling back.

“I want to have sex. If you keep going like this, I’ll cum and become too sensitive for you.”

“Where do you want me to cum?” he consoled, pulling his finger from her.

“Inside me, where else would you?”

“I could go anywhere. Just pull out right before and aim anywhere you want.”

“Don’t pull out.”

“Gotta give our seahorse company?”

“Just cum in me Mr. Dvorik and leave it at that.”

“I’m already working on it,” he responded, lifting her shirt up her torso.

Keri reached her arms above her head and both her shirt and her bra were forced off her body in his one strong swipe. Tossing those to the floor, the man over her pulled back and ran her pants and underwear down her legs, peeling them from her feet with her shoes and socks. Dropping those to the floor, he motioned back up her and absorbed all her underdeveloped detail with his not so modest gaze.

“You’re almost as beautiful as Madden,” Jeff said breathlessly.

“You have an issue with giving too much information, don’t you?”

“It varies from situation to situation.”

“Well, could you give a little more information about yourself? Like not standing over my completely naked body while you remain fully clothed.”

“Oh, sorry.”

The thirteen year old girl looked up in awe as her words prompted the thirty-six year old man above her to begin stripping his clothes off. She watched, taking in every imaginable detail as he slowly became naked in front of her. This was what it was like to see a guy stripping. A guy getting nude, in order to have sex, with her. !!!

After his clothes had joined among the scattered piles of the teenager’s, Jeff stood nobly over her on his knees and looked back down. Her body was amazing.

“Was there anything you wanted to do to me first?”

Keri blushed at the question. Her eyes went diagonally to the top of her head in blank thought, her eyelids opening wider to compensate.

“Was there anything you wanted me to do?” she cooed, getting nothing.

“Well, I’m actually not the greatest at holding back. Madden seems to be making it worse by demanding me to cum in her faster and faster each time. So, if you did too much, I might go off early. You’re just so damn attractive.”

Keri’s face grew even darker with excess of blood.

“Umm, can I point it in?”

“Absolutely,” he answered, climbing his body over hers.

Keri stretched her uncasted arm out and coyly took a hold of his member with her profusely sweating fingers. Jeff lowered his pelvis down to where she could make contact with herself.

The feeling almost overwhelmed Keri. She was running the engorged mushroomed head of a grown man’s penis down her slit, and popping it into her vaginal entrance. She was going to have sex and she was doing it herself.

Upon pushing her hips up a bit to lock him in comfortably, without being able to easily slip out, she looked up to him uneasily.

“I love you.”

Jeff remained silent and motionless, thinking how to appropriately reply.

“I don’t love you.”

“I know,” she consoled quickly. “That’s why, why I want this. You won’t lie to me. I trust you. I don’t know when I’ll ever find someone again like that.”

The two stared at each other’s eyes in silence for a moment.

“Are you ready?” Jeff asked.

“Damn yes.”

Jeff smiled and fell forward onto her, pressing his entire length into her sweat coated, tiny body. His hands fell onto and gripped her small, flattened breasts and his face pressed into hers. The base of his shaft had made contact with her salivating lips and the tip of his manhood was still smashed tightly against the cervix inside her that was taking its dear time in relaxing the retaining walls holding it in place.

Keri’s expression was of pure power running through her. She could feel her insides being stretched farther and faster than they could accommodate and she was experiencing firsthand, the result of the pressure her friend’s dad’s too large penis forced onto the barrier between her sex tunnel and growing baby. All the muscles in her body were flexing to restrain the overpowering sensations. But even still, she lost some of herself.

“You have no idea how happy you make me,” she squeezed out of her throat.

“You have no idea how close I am to inseminating you right now.”

“Do it.”

“I want to feel you cum too.”

“I did a little bit already. Well,-” Keri found it hard to talk to him and keep eye contact. “When you went in, I lost control a little. I might have peed some too. Now I got to use the bathroom really bad.”

“I’m not taking myself out of you until I’ve brought you to orgasm.”

“Mmmmm!” she hummed uncontrollably feeling Mr. Dvorik’s penis slide back out to her opening, then force back in.

Just like his finger earlier, Keri groaned as it began repetitively sliding in and out of her. This time though, well past the fact that this object was thicker than probably four of his fingers and twice as long, he was groping and squeezing both her breasts into his hands. His teeth bit and began nibbling on her bottom lip as she lost control of her mouth.

All her efforts were put into flexing her pelvis and holding back her bladder. Ooooh his thrusts were not helping in any possible way.

In and out, she felt a mammoth move through her girl crack. A fully grown adult was over her, penetrating her, squeezing and rolling her breasts through his hands, lightly chewing on her lip. That grown man had his very own child growing inside of her right then. Keri would be walking into the eighth grade in just several weeks with more life and happiness than any of her peers could imagine.

His body was so tone. Her best friend’s father. The father of the child inside her. Damn he was good at sex. Oh man she had to pee so bad.

Jeff was holding back with all his strength but looking down to a girl almost a third his age and size was way too much to not cum inside of.

“I’m sorry; I can’t hold it back any longer. You’re too tight,” Jeff exhaled. And then he forced into her body one last time, grinding harder and harder up into her, crushing the softness of her ripened vaginal lips and smooshing the head of his manhood deeper against her cervix.

His arms retreated from her breasts, grabbed onto her shoulders, and pulled her down onto him as hard as possible. The sheer force of him inside Keri was so beyond anything she could remember. It was as if his goal was to rip her slit open, up her body, and drive his penis to her molten hot, throbbing chest. But it was amazing! And with the sheer tenseness she gave in opposition in effort to hold herself back, it was too much.

She only felt the first splash of hot cum spray point blank into an umbrella over her cervical cap before her mind was lost to euphoria. All the rest was wasted to a body with no senses.

All the signals racing to her brain were chemical. They completely washed out all electrical channels making her mute to touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell. Keri was in a land of ecstasy where the only thing she could feel was a drum exploding into a roll deep inside her belly. She felt as if her body was leaving the mattress as her muscles flexed twice as strong as before, yet at the same time, she was falling into complete relaxation.

The sensations reverberated through her bones over and over for what seemed like the shortest eternity of solid bliss. Never in her life had she experienced anything even close to resembling that. Sex with Mr. Dvorik was sooo beyond awesome!!

Keri came down from her high like plummeting down a flight of stairs, every step on the way down sending an increasingly smaller orgasm straight through her body. Finally reaching the bottom, she was exhausted, and completely and utterly relieved of all the anxiety she had ever felt in her entire life. She laid lifeless staring up into the same nothingness between her and Jeff that he was lost in as well.

Several moments later as it began taking more and more effort to stay in her semi-conscious gaze, she heard Mr. Dvorik speak.

“Do you still have to use the bathroom?”

“No,” she replied dreamily checking her mind with her bladder. Then, “No!” she yelled, bouncing her torso up and slamming her forehead into his.

“Owwww…” she cried.

“Owe for me too,” Jeff complained.

“Sorry.” Then regaining her motive, “Where’s my pee?! Oh my goodness, did I go pee on you?! I’m soooo sorry.”

“Shhhhh, it’s okay.”

“I can’t believe this. This is the worst day of my life.”

“Now I take offense to that.”

“No, not like that. This was great, amazing, the best. Your were awesome and I can’t wait for another try, but,”

“Shhhh…” Jeff lowered his lips to hers and closed her mouth with them. He pulled back up a centimeter. “How’s our baby doing?”

Keri smiled in comfort.

“I think it had an orgasm too,” she breathed.

“Weren’t you just complaining to me about unnecessary information?”

“You asked.”

Jeff relaxed his right elbow and fell over to her side, pulling her into him with his left arm as his penis slurped out from her.

“I think I need to go take a shower,” she motioned uncomfortably.

“Not right now,” he commanded. “Not until I can’t smell the aroma pouring from your naked skin anymore.

“What if Madden comes home early?”

“What if?” Jeff shrugged.

Keri seemed to think it more of a problem than that.

And so unfortunately for her, Madden barged in through the bedroom door right then.

“Daddy…?” Then a sharp change of voice. “Daddy!! Keri!!”

Mr. Dvorik looked back to his daughter, still holding her naked best friend tightly into his own nude body.

“Yes honey?”

“Daddyyyyy… Nooooo. Why daddy? Keeeriiii…”

“Honey,” her father started. “We’ve talked about this several times before. Most all the time, you bringing it up. You know my stance. She is carrying my child. You are my child. I’m not going to keep the mother of my child a pole’s length away from me at all times while I shower the girl who made her that way with all my affection. By terms of our agreement, she has every much of right to me as you do. And by the mere existence of our agreement in the first place is the very reason why she got pregnant.”

“But why do you have to want to have sex with my best friend…?”

“Would you rather I have gotten some other woman you don’t know pregnant and invite her into our home under these conditions.”

Jeff couldn’t count the times he had had this exact same argument with his little girl. It was if she thought he might forget what he had said the last time and let her win.

“Is this your first time?” she asked in defeat.

“Yeah,” Keri coyly answered.

“Did you pee the bed?” she questioned looking down to the giant wet spot below them.

“Yeah,” Keri coyly answered again under half the volume.

“Can I join?” Madden really didn’t like the idea of just heading back out, leaving them in the room alone, especially with her all alone in the same house knowing what was going on.

“Um, I guess.” Keri’s voice was almost inaudible by then, but Madden heard it loud and clear.


Jeff sat down at his computer after a looong day. He had taken Keri home with the biggest smile on her face which he didn’t think fared to well with her mother. He doubted she would believe an ultrasound picture would have made a thirteen year old that happy.

But in the look of suspicion she had given him, there was a hint of safety. It was almost as if Keri’s mother wanted to suspect him; as if she would be happier with him than any other possibility. It was a suspicion that she would never want to have confirmed nor denied. Just better left off as is. And that seemed to have relieved a great deal of stress from her expression. Like a weight was lifted off her chest and she could trust her daughter again.

One thing for sure was that those five minutes of explaining the doctor’s visit to her mother were the longest five minutes of Jeff’s life. He guessed it would only stand to reason, given the four orgasms he had in hyper-immediate proximity of her within the three hours prior, two of them being inside her body; two inside his accompanying daughter’s body.

But finally he had time to relax. Two hours where his daughter would be on the phone with her friend Kimmy, hopefully not being wiretapped by the government, before he would head to bed and she would instantly follow.

He stared at his screens blankly not really wanting to work at all. He didn’t have much time to be very productive anyways. Maybe watch a few renderings of his and make notes on how to improve.

And then a window popped up, a window requesting to add a new friend.

Bejeje96: Hello.

Curious, Jeff thought to himself. He had never seen this person before.

VxHvn: Hello?

Bejeje96: I’m not going to lie to you Mr. Dvorik. This is Jena, Madden’s friend. I just want someone to talk to. Someone I can trust not to lie or hurt me.

----- End --

e.l. hanes

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