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"Miss, could I be seated in the smoking section?" I asked as I waved down a waitress.

Normally I would stand there and wait until someone waited on me. But, I wasn't in the mood for that. I had so much fucking shit to do, that I didn't want to waste one minute.

"Sure thing, follow me." The lady said as she picked out a table for me.

I sat down and lit a cigarette. I blew the smoke out of my nostrils and sat back in the chair. The smoke felt good as it went into my lungs. But, coming out was another story. I coughed so damn hard, I was actually wishing that I wasn't a smoker. Why is it that those first few cigarettes in the morning are so harsh? I can smoke all day without coughing one bit, but those morning cigarettes drive me crazy.

"I'll take two scrambled eggs, wheat toast, and some home fries." I said to the waitress after she asked if I was ready to order.

"What would you like to drink?" She asked.

"I'd like black coffee." I said as I handed her my menu.

"I'll be out with your order shortly." The waitress said as she walked away.

I got on my cell phone and called my boss. Usually she calls me, but this morning she didn't. The phone rang and rang. No one answered the phone.

The only thing I could think of was, she was out drinking all night long. I've often wondered if she has a drinking problem. She is always out drinking and picking up men. All kinds of men, black men too. She says that once I have tried a black cock, I will crave it forever. I don't know about that, I've never been with a black man.

I'm not a racist. I have nothing against black people. I've never met any of them that I found attractive. I shouldn't say that, because it isn't true.

I've seen a few black men at the gym who are good looking. I guess a black man has never asked me out. I don't like to ask men out, that makes me feel sluty. I certainly would go out with a black man if they asked. As long as they weren't drunks or perverts, but that standard is the same for all other guys.

I have to admit that after she started going out with black guys, I rented a few porn movies with black guys in them. There were some black women too, it was one of those inter-racial porn movies. Usually one of the people were white and the other black. I have to say, I did masturbate several times while watching this movie. Those black guys sure have big dicks. I have never seen a white guy in real life with a dick that big. If I did, it might actually scare me! Those fucking things were huge!

"Hello? Hello?" A sleepy voice rang through my cell phone.

"Cindy, it's me Katrina." I said into the phone.

"Oh, hello Katrina." She said.

"I'm calling because you didn't call me." I said.

"What time is it?" She asked.

"It is eight o'clock in the morning and we have to be at work in an hour!" I said.

"You are shitting me?" She asked.

"No honey, you need to get out of bed." I said as my food arrived.

"Listen, I need to take some pills for my hang over. After I take my shower, I will call you." Cindy said.

"Okay, but don't fall asleep." I said into the phone.

"I won't. Talk to you later." She said.

"Bye." I said back.

I spread some jelly on my toast and took a sip of my coffee. The coffee was so hot, it burnt my tongue. That is how I like my coffee when I go to a restaurant. I hate going to places and they have cold coffee. I would rather have it too hot than too cold. I can always let it cool off a little.

I took a bite of scrambled eggs and chewed them slowly. I could taste the butter they were cooked in. I love the taste of eggs that have been cooked in butter.

I can't stand how eggs taste when they are fried in margarine or shorting. It makes them taste so fake. I love the rich creamy taste of butter. Sometimes I like a little cheese in my scrambled eggs too.

I ate about half of my eggs and home fries and I searched through my purse for a cigarette.

I know some people think it is disgusting, but I like to smoke while I eat. I mainly smoke when I eat breakfast, but sometimes I will smoke with my dinner if I am drinking cocktails or mixed drinks while I eat.

I blew out the smoke and looked down at my plate. I was half way through with my breakfast and Cindy hasn't called yet. I knew that it was longer than it should be, but I thought I would give her some time. At least until I was done eating my breakfast. I took another puff off of my cigarette and took a big sip of coffee. I love the taste of coffee mixed with cigarettes. They are two strong tastes that like to battle each other. Sometimes I think cigarettes were made to be smoked while drinking coffee.

I finished my breakfast and I lit another cigarette. I forgot that I lit one earlier and it burnt all the way down. I only took two puffs off of the damn thing. I took a few puffs off of it and looked around for the waitress. The place was really starting to get busy. A lot of hungry people wanting to eat breakfast before they go to work. I'm not the type of person that will chase a waitress to get the check. I figure if she doesn't give it to me by the time I am done with my cigarette, I will just go up to the cashier and tell her I haven't gotten my check yet. They never say anything when I do that. At least here they don't.

I smoked about half of my cigarette and decided that I should give Cindy a call. I called her on my cell phone and her phone rang and rang. I thought maybe she was still in the shower or something. You know how us ladies enjoy the shower massager.

"Hello." Cindy spoke faintly into the phone.

"Did you go back asleep?" I asked in an angry tone.

"Who is this?" She asked.

"It's me Katrina." I said.

"Oh, sorry I went back to sleep." Cindy said.

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2009-06-24 17:42:09
Okay this is a highly pornographic story and you should be ashamed of yourself for having such dirty thoughts

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