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Jess loves Zack's cock.
I was 19 and athletic. He was 18 and athletic as well. We played basketball at his house during the late spring after college got out. We lived on the same block of the development.

"That was a close game, Zack", I said.

"You almost had me that last round, Jess", he replied.

We decided to go for a swim in his pool. His parents were away at some dinner party. I didn't have a swimsuit but I had modest string bikini underwear with a matching bra. It was essentially the same thing. Zack just swam in his shorts. We knew each other since I was 11 and had always been good friends. Nothing more. But that evening, Zack looked good when he took off his shirt to swim.

The water was warm since the pool was heated. As I eased myself into the shallow end, I saw Zack checking me out. I didn't mind. We were both in good shape and often appreciated each other's figures. There was definitely some sexual tension...on both ends. But nothing was ever acted out.

After some time in the pool, as it always seems to occur, I had to go pee. I excused myself and hopped out of the pool. I could feel Zack's eyes molesting me as my underwear clung tight to my lean figure. I took my time for him. I liked it when he checked me out. It made me feel sexy. I ran inside and did my business quickly. When I went to go back out, I saw Zack in the pool with his hand down his shorts. I stayed inside and watched from the window for a bit, a little turned on, but a little unsure of whether or not I should go back out and interrupt him. He had his eyes closed and his head back. It was too obvious what he was doing. After a couple of minutes, I decided I would rejoin him. I gave him the courtesy of very deliberately opening the sliding glass door and knocking into the patio chair. Zack quickly slipped his hand out of his shorts and glided back through the water like he had been swimming the whole time. Once again, I knew he was checking me out but I slowly approached the water's edge and slowly eased myself in, allowing him to look at both the cleavage of my bra (low C cup) and the cleavage in my skin tight underwear.

"Zack", I started, "I know what you were doing out here".

"What do you mean?", he said.

"I mean I saw your hand down your pants...after I got out of the pool...all wet?"

"Jess... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be weird."

"It's not weird. It's normal", I reassured him. "I think we've known each other long enough to at least admit that we find each other attractive."

"You find me attractive?" he asked.

"Of course I do. I actually have for a while. I know we have never 'done' anything before but just seeing you out here touching kind of...made me hot."

There was an awkward silence but I persisted.

"Look, you are obviously turned on right now" I said, reaching for the bulge in his pants. He felt big. I couldn't really tell. And like I've said, we never acted anything out.

Zack pulled back at first but then gave in. I knew he wanted me to relieve some of that stress in his pants.

"I want to go down on you", I said. "I did it my first year of college for a few guys. It's not a big deal. And I happen to like it...a lot." I blushed a little thinking about having him in my mouth.

"I don't know..." he said. "You don't think it would be weird between us?"

"Like I said, it's no big deal". With that, I started to pull on his waistband. Zack assisted me in freeing his cock. He sat on the edge of the pool with his hardon sticking out proudly.

"If you're sure", he said.

I didn't answer him. I just took his nice, heavy penis in my hand and started to gently rub it up and down. He wasn't huge. But he wasn't small either. It was his balls that were impressive. I knew from their size that they held a nice load of cum for me. I didn't tell him at the time, but I love a guy's cum in my mouth. It makes my pussy get so wet and eager.

Instantly I had him in my mouth. He filled me up pretty good. I stroked his shaft softly while I massaged his balls in order to get them ready for the task which they were about to do. I licked his cock up one side and down the other. Then I licked on that nice under side beneath the head where they like it most.

Zack's precum started oozing immediately. "mmm. When was the last time know...?" I asked.

"Yesterday, and this feels so amazing!" he said, nearly breathless.

"Good" I said as I took his meat back into my mouth. Over and over I stroked him and licked him. I kept him on the edge for about 25 minutes. I learned from experience that the more I make a guy wait, the more cum I get to have. And the longer I get to have his tasty flesh in my mouth.

Zack's precum was almost enough to satisfy me but I needed the real thing. I slurped on his cock taking the occasional break to let him know how much I loved his taste and size.

"And you're so hard" I said, impressed at how he could feel so silky smooth but be so hard. The head of his penis was almost purple. It was getting so big I had to stretch my jaw to get around it.

"Oh my god, Jess! You are so..." gasped Zack as he rolled his head back and enjoyed the sensations.

I rolled my tongue around his fully engorged member, licking up every drop of precum that formed at the tip of his head. Softly and gently I kissed and sucked on the sides of his dick, then the top, then the underside.

"Mmmmmm" I cooed as I continued with my lusty assault on Zack. I could feel my pussy getting wetter despite the fact that I was still in the water.

"Don't force yourself to cum, Zachary." I said in a soft but firm tone. "You will cum so much harder if you just let me take care of it for you."

"But you keep slowing down" he said, out of breath. "I just have to cum!"

"I know, but I'm waiting for you to build up as much cum as you can. Plus, like I said, I love sucking a big hard cock!"

He was reeling and it was hard for me to do my work. Zack was definitely a squirmer. I could tell he was close again because his humongous balls had tightened up and the precum was almost shooting out on its own. I stayed on top of the constant flow of nectar-like fluid from his manhood.

"Okay, Jess!" He exclaimed suddenly. "I don't think I can hold on anymore!"

I just moaned a little playful moan and kept my hands going on his balls and shaft while my mouth danced all over the sensitive part of his dick. He said that he was going to cum and I didn't change what I was doing one bit. I pulled on on his balls and kept a steady, light motion going on his shaft.

The first one was enormous. He doused my entire tongue with his first shot of cum. Eagerly I awaited the rest of the contents of his sack. Zack came and came and came. So much, that I unfortunately had to swallow the first mouthful. I like to savor the taste of cum once it's in my mouth. I even lost a little bit down his shaft. Luckily for me, though, Zack kept cumming after I had swallowed the first mouthful and he filled my mouth for a second time. I made him feel good by continuously stroking his steel-like rod as it convulsed and delivered the rest of the hot, white, sticky sweetness to my palate. I kept Zack in my mouth for a while after he had finished and ran my open mouth up and down the sides of his slowly melting penis with the my mouth still full of Zack's precious cream. I absolutely adored Zack, but now I knew that I would never be able to get enough of him.

"!" Said Zack. "Jess...that was amazing! I can't believe it!"

Unable to reply, I kept sucking the tip and sides of his penis with my mouthfull of cum swishing around inside. I showed Zack the fruits of his labor by opening my mouth. I then slowly swallowed it making sure to savor the taste as I looked into his tired green eyes.

"Wow, Jess. Did you really like it?" he asked.

"What do you think?" Said playfully with a smile. "It was so much cum, Zack. It's the most I've ever had before. Was it good for you?"

"Well, what do YOU think?" he asked laughing a little.

I smiled back at him as I went back to the little bit of cum that had escaped me during the first intense burst of his goo into my waiting mouth. I made sure to slowly clean off his cock by licking up the last little bit of semen that remained. I stroked his dick a couple more times with nice firm, slow strokes making sure that I had sucked him dry. A little bit more cum dribbled out of his tiny opening and I slowly sucked it up with a soft little moan of gratitude.

"Zack, that was the best blowjob I have ever given. You were really good." I confessed as I retrieved his shorts for him from the water.

"Well" confessed Zack, "that was the first blowjob I've ever had. Are they all that good?".

"That depends..." I said.

"On what?", he asked.

"On whether or not you let me do this again", I said with a wink.

"Right now?" He asked, as his sleeping cock began to wake up again.

"Well, that's not what I meant...but since you're offering..." I was so eager for more. I was happy that Zack was not too tired to go again.

Off came the shorts.

"Oh, and Zack?" I asked before I started to indulge myself again.

"Yea, Jess?"

"I don't ever want you to have to jerk-off when I'm around. If you're in the mood, I want to be there to take care of it for you."

"Well, Jess, I don't know about that", he said. "But maybe next time we play ball, loser 'takes care of' the winner".

"Well" I said looking back down smiling at his fully erect penis, "I guess I won't be much good for competition then". And I started to suck him off a second time to bring a perfect ending to that sweet spring night.

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2009-06-17 21:42:11
OMG! That was so incredibly hot. 10/10. It was very well written with excellent deive language and first class erotic content. I hope you will follow up with at least one sequel and hopefully more.


2009-06-17 21:26:46
OMG! That was so incredibly hot. 10/10. Very well written with excellent deive language. I hope you will follow up with at least one sequel and hopefully more.


2009-06-17 17:22:24
very nice.


2009-06-17 07:25:06
I liked this story it was sorta different and unique somehow. Anyway if you decide to do a part 2 or more i got some ideas i could give you. Just ask if interested.

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2009-06-17 06:30:18
if there is a pt. 2, Fuck her and get her pregnant.

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