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a college freshman meets his roommate
I was 19 years old and had just started my freshman year in college, I was an engineering student. I was an average guy, 5 feet 4, 160 pounds, blond hair and green eyes. I was not very popular in high school so I had prepared my self to be an outcast in college as well. This unpopularity was probably due to my exaggerated passion for videogames, manga (Japanese comic books) and anime (Japanese animations). One of my dreams was to visit Japan one day.
Classes had started a week ago and my roommate hadn’t come yet, I did not know anything about him but I was hopping that we would have at least one thing in common because I really could use a friend; I also was hopping that he wouldn’t be some uptight jerk cause I didn’t want to hide the fact that I was gay anymore.
A Thursday night, after a very busy day, I went to bed pretty early cause I was very tired and had a physics class at 08h00 next morning. In the middle of the night, I was awakened by the sound of the door opening very lightly and some rustling, I knew the door was locked; so the intruder must have had the key, witch made me think that it must be my new roommate, I listened for few minutes, I heard the thud of a bag put down, he changed his clothes and then he got in his bed. That confirmed the roommate theory, I wanted to say hello but I was too sleepy and he seamed pretty tired too, so I decides to leave the presentations to the next day.
The cell phone alarm woke me up at 07h00 AM; I hurried to stop it before it would wake up my new roommate too, I didn’t want to piss him off from the beginning. As I sat on my bed, looking around, still sleepy, the view of my roommate lying down a sleep on his bed; that was across from mine, caught my eye, his sheets were all tangled around his muscular legs, he was about 5 feet 2 and must work out a lot because the rest of his body was pretty well muscled too. Then I saw his face, he was really cute: almond shaped eyes, little flat nose, full lips and silky black long hair. I have always had a thing for the Asian type, and my roommate was simply breathtaking. I sat there staring at him, my cock got hard as my fantasies went wild. I hurried to the bathroom and jerked off thinking about him in the shower. When I came back to the room to get ready for class, he was already up, his bed was done and he was putting his clothes in his dresser, he turned to face me, I smiled involuntarily as I watched the motion of his beautiful hair when he turned his head and his deep black eyes. He bowed saying in a weird accent: good morning, my name is Kyouske; I am from Japan, nice to meet you. Holly shit; he is Japanese, what were the odds? I quickly answered back: Hi I’m Chris; from USA, nice to meet you too Kyouske-kun. I bowed too feeling awkward cause I’ve never introduced myself this way. I straightened up to find him looking at me with an astonished expression at the fact that I used the suffix that Japanese people use to call a boy the same age. I explained myself telling him that I was an anime fan and very interested in the Japanese culture, he was very pleased. I got dressed quickly, and still had half an hour before my class starts; so I proposed to show him the rest of the campus. We separated in front of the biochemistry department where he had his first class and agreed to meet later for lunch at the cafeteria.
Kyouske and I became friends real fast, he thought me Japanese and I thought him slang and we spent hours playing videogames. I really liked him; he was very polite, smart and very fun to be with. The physical attraction I held for him grew bigger, every time I looked at him, the urge to run my fingers though his beautiful hair, to kiss his full lips and suck his dick; got stronger.
Kyouske, who was a Judo black belt, proposed to show me few techniques; just for fun. So there we were, in our room in pyjamas right before bed time, playing Judo. Kyouske told me to grab his collar and back up with my hips under his pelvis while pulling him towards me so that I would throw him to the floor over my back. It took me few attempts before succeeding, Kyouske did not get up after I threw him a little harder than I meant, I thought that I hurt him and started apologizing, he said not to worry that he was fine and that I should go to bed because it was late. As I was heading to my bed, he sat up with his hands between his legs. I realized then that he was trying to hide his hard on, I felt flattered and pleased. He started walking to his bed; without thinking; I grabbed his arm, spun him around so that I could see his cute then I run my fingers in his hair. It was a blessing to finally be able to touch it. He left his head to look at me with his penetrating black almond eyes, I couldn’t control myself anymore; I bent to glue my lips to his and parted them with my tongue, to my agreeable surprise, he welcomed it and put his in my mouth deepening the kiss, our tongues were dancing and our hands were exploring each other’s body. My cock got hard as a rock and rubbed against his. I wanted to taste his dick so bad; so I kneeled before him sliding his pyjama pants down and releasing his cute dick. It was about 8 inches and uncut, I started kissing the tip then licking the shaft and grabbing his shaved balls with my wet lips before taking half of his penis into my mouth and gently squeezing the other half with my right hand. I worked my way up and down; deepthroating it and sliding the foreskin up and down the gland with my tongue, Kyouske was moaning in pleasure and my asshole was twitching. After few moments; he grabbed my head to get it off of his dick saying in a sweet pleasing voice: thank you Chris, please come here. He took off his T-shirt, threw away the pants that were around his ankles and started to undress me too, he then started kissing and licking my nipples while guiding me to his bed. My heart was racing; my breathing was shallow and fast and I felt dizzy, Kyouske; kindly pushed me on the bed, he dazzled me with his breathtaking smile, and then asked me in his funny accent to bend over on my knees, witch I did without hesitation. He was behind me grabbing both cheeks of my ass to part them, and then I felt his wet soft tongue licking my asshole and entering inside it giving me the greatest of pleasures, my whole body was tingling. After few minutes, I couldn’t take it any more and I begged him to fuck me hard. As he gently pushed the tip of his cock inside me, the sweet pain made me burry my face in the pillow so that my loud moan wouldn’t be heard, he slowly penetrated me until his cock was all in, at that moment, I felt complete. He started sliding out and in with his hands on my hips, sending me over the edge with every slam of our skins. I wanted to see his beautiful face so I told him to change the position. I made him lie down on his back and positioned my legs at each of his sides and he put his hands on my hips to help me put his penis in my anus. The sensation was wonderful and I started pushing up and down his marvellous warm cock, he started jerking me off sending shivers down my spine and legs, we both were moaning in ecstasy and I started to move faster ignoring the pain in my thighs, his dick was throbbing inside my rectum, mine was pulsating between his fingers and my asshole tightened, 5 then 6 shots of my cum spilled all over Kyoske’s chest, at the same moment; I felts 6 or 7 cumshots filling my bowels, I threw my head back and arched my back involuntarily: the climax was simply divine. After few seconds, where we both tried to catch our breaths and slowdown our heartbeats, we looked at each other with satisfaction smiles, I bent to kiss him passionately while letting his cock slide out of my asshole followed by his hot jizz. We hugged each other and I closed my eyes falling a sleep thinking about how my roommate became my best friend then my lover. That was the first of many nights where we slept in each other’s arms after a session of hot sex.


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you are freakin' aswome you do all yaoi otaku proud

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