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Spying on Mom pays off (Sometimes).
I was 17, my mother was somewhere in her early 40's. She would never tell me her exact age and to be honest, I was baffled that she was past her 30's. We lived in a house, just the two of us. My father had left when I was younger, but it never phased me or my mom any. My relationship with my mother was an average mother-son relationship. Nothing out of the ordinary really. I would come home from school and play sports or video games, she would come home several hours later from work and would head straight to her room for the night. If I was hungry I would have to make myself something simple to eat and head to bed on my own.

Mom always went out with friends on Fridays and Saturdays. She would come home at late times when she was certain I was sleeping. She was wrong most of the time though.

It was clear to me why mom was always out so late. She was a bombshell... Her attractive aura was so massive that it had enchanted me long, long ago. There was no denying how hot my mom truly was. Early on in my life, when I had first discovered masturbation, my mom was what got me off. I just couldn't help but fantasize about her. I often found myself judging other women based off how they compared to my mom's looks. Not a brunette? Pffft, see ya. Not tall? Pfft, no thanks. Basically, if a woman wasn't the spitting image of my mother, I wasn't interested. Don't get me wrong though, I loved checking women out. It's just that... Mom set the bar and boy did she set it high. I could never spot another woman who was 5'11, under 150lbs, and a brunette. Well actually, I could, but then came the assets comparison. If a woman passed those first three parameters she surely would not pass the next three. Which were 34C breasts or larger, a firm round ass, and eyes like gleaming sapphire.

Somewhere around 16 years old I started to get into girls pants. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. A smile here, a hug there... Getting girls to run the bases with me was pretty damn easy. My confidence sky rocketed because of it and along with it came plenty of bold actions.

One Friday evening, when my mother was getting ready for the night out, I had a stroke of genius. I always wanted to get a glimpse of mom naked, but the farthest I had ever gotten was seeing her breasts as she tanned by the pool. My idea was simple. Grab a high quality CD or DVD and use it as a mirror to peer under the crack of the door to my mom's room. At first I was violently shaking from the fear of being caught. God how awful it would be to get caught spying on your own mother. So I decided to take quick peeks and then go about my way. The view I had when using the mirror trick was pretty incredible. I could see her dresser and the space around it, the front and right sides of her bed, and the entrance to her bathroom. Every time I peeked she would be in her bathroom with the door closed. My great idea had turned out to be very uneventful though. However, I repeated the process over the course of several months, in the hopes that one day I would glimpse her glory.

Sure enough, my idea payed off. I remember it so vividly. Overtime I had become real keen and stealthy at getting to the edge of her door unheard. I had also become very confident in not getting caught, so my peeks lasted up to an hour or more. On this night my mom exited her bathroom, and to my shock, was completely nude. Instantaneously I had an omega erection and was super glued to my spying position. She fumbled through her dresser for a bit and grabbed some trash off of the top of it. She then proceeded towards her door, where she always kept a plastic grocery bag hanging from the knob for trash. I wanted to run in terror of being caught, but I knew she would never open her door while naked. For the first time, I had a crystal clear view of my mother's folds. She had a landing strip, as I call it, but was otherwise completely shaved. To my excitement, she missed the initial toss of the trash into the bag and had to bend froggy style to pick it up, giving me an even better view of her slit. I watched for several more minutes while she dressed and put on her jewelery before I decided it was best to leave the scene.

I masturbated for weeks with that fresh imagery in my mind, and just when I thought it couldn't be better... I was spying again, but this time it was a Monday night and my mother was already in bed watching TV. She left on a dim lamp on the nightstand opposite to her side, so I had the light necessary to peek. Things were boring at first, but then.... I swore to myself I was hearing very faint moaning. I cupped a hand to one of my ears and listened closely. Nothing.... But then! I heard it again... there was definitely moans coming from my mother. She had to be touching herself, there was no other answer to why she would moan. I payed closer attention to her feet barely visible at the edge of her bed. Her feet were tensing in the way that everyone's feet tense when they masturbate. Again, I was in shock. I was listening to my mom pleasure herself and just the thought of that had climaxed me in the past. Now I was actually watching... I took advantage of the moment and turned on my back to pull my basketball shorts down just enough to let my cock free. I went to town on my cock. Stroking, rubbing, pulling, the whole shabang. But then, the worst sound I could possibly hear at that moment, the knob to my mother's door was turning. I had no time to react. Here I was, holding my cock on the floor below my mom's shocked eyes.

"Bobby, what are you doing!" As if she needed to ask that... "Put that away and get to bed right now! I can't believe you have the audacity to jerk yourself at my door!" I didn't speak a word. I pulled my shorts up, grabbed my CD, and jolted into my room. I wasn't done though. I had this painful erection that I needed to take care of and it clouded my thoughts. Soon I found myself back at my mother's door, on my stomach, and peeking once again. I expected my mom would have to finish herself just as I needed to and I was right. She was back at it again, moaning, and curling her toes. It was as if I wanted to get caught... I was back in the same position I was caught in before. Stroking my cock so violently it would be impossible for my mom to not hear it. It must have been why she came to the door before, but my horny brain just couldn't process this key information. All logic ignored, I stroked, and I stroked, and I stroked, and this time I didn't hear the door open. Instead, I opened my eyes from my fantasizing and found my mother staring at me.

"You are quite the pervert, you know that Bobby? How often do you peep on my like this, huh? I must admit, I admire your determination, but this is sick." I was stunned at the calmness in my mother's voice. I responded with "Huh...?" and she laughed. "Bobby, I know you spy on me. I knew ever since I saw that CD poking out from under the door a few weeks ago. Sure, I wasn't expecting you to catch me touching myself tonight, but I guess that's my fault." "You knew and you did nothing about it?" "Yes I knew. Now get back to bed before I punish you." At that, my mother shut her door. I took note of the absence of a clicking noise when she shut it. She must have forgotten to lock it. I walked heavily to my door, to give the impression that I had stomped off to my room. I then shut my door, but from the outside. I stayed in the hallway and listened intently for the inevitable moaning from my mother's room. Soon enough, it was evident that my mom was once again pleasuring herself. I waited for her moaning to get a little more intense, then I did the unthinkable. Clouded by my erection, I absentmindedly opened my mother's door as quietly as possible. As I peered in I noticed she shifted over to the opposite side of her bed, where I would be unable to catch a glimpse of her with my mirror spying. With her head buried in a pillow and her moans masking the noise of me closing the door after I entered, I crept to a corner of the room where I could see her fingers buried in her mound and I dropped my pants.

Time stood still as I stroked to the sight of my mother's pleasure, and before I knew it, I was creeping up behind her. I waited for the right moment... and then... I grabbed her from behind. "Shhhh mom, it's okay." "Bobby what the fuck are you doing! Get off of me!" "Mom, I'm sorry, but I have to do this!" "Bobby NOOO!" It was to late. I penetrated my mother from behind and was pumping like a rabbit. Her resistance was meaningless. There was no way for her to escape from being pinned between me and the bed. She must have accepted her predicament because she just quietly sat there and allowed me to fuck away. I explored her body with my fingers. Touching her nipples here, rubbing her clit there. The feeling of her warm lips encompassing my shaft was incredible. I could feel her liquid leaking faintly down my balls as I dug myself deep into her hole. Five minutes later, I expended my seed all over her ass cheeks and collapsed on her back. "Are you done?" She asked. "Could you get the hell off of me now?" I responded by falling backwards and laying on the floor. Without a word, my mother got up and went to the shower.

I was still collapsed on the floor when she returned. "Get out of my room and get to bed Bobby." I didn't move. "Right now god damnit!" That did the trick. I jumped up like a scared cat and dashed to my room.

When I awoke for school the next morning, I wondered if it were a dream or not. Then I realized I was only wearing a T-shirt....

To be continued....

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2013-06-14 03:02:32
i had the best time when my mom caught me and called my sister n then we had a threesome..

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2013-06-14 03:02:31
i had the best time when my mom caught me and called my sister n then we had a threesome..

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2010-08-08 19:57:30
Mom was bucking and making these moaning sounds. When I finished I stayed with my dick still inside of her. I probably would not get another chance after that so I was determined to fuck her like there was no tomorrow. I came 5 times in the next 4 hours. When I had finished I was still playing with her when I noticed sperm dripping out of her pussy. I stuck my finger in her and fish hooked gobs of sperm out. Mom said that I was very nasty. She asked me why had I had raped her over and over. I was her son and I came inside her. That was nasty. The only other time that she felt this dirty was when her father raped her over the summer she turned 16 and got her pregnant with me. I love having sex with mom and not just in the middle of the night.

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2010-08-08 19:40:26
I wrote on july 25 about waking up to go take a piss and having sex with mom. Mom didnt speak to me for over a week. When mom did speak to me she read me the riot act. It was not natural. I raped her and I was her son. It was against the law. How she shouldve thrown me out and that I could never do that again. Mom told me never to tell anyone. My mom is very pretty. Ive seen her naked before and she is very lovely to look at. I cant help myself. Last night. I got naked and went into her room in the middle of the night. I pulled down her sheets, unbuttoned her pajama top and took her panties off. I lay over and wrapped each of my legs aroud each of her leg to brace myself. That started to wake her so I quickly pushed all the way inside of her. She woke up with me having sex with her. It was so erotic stretching my moms pussy as I am fucking her. She was really upset but she did react to me pounding her. I came inside her big time.


2010-07-25 16:02:41
I am 14 and I have been fantasizing about my mom since I first caught her masterbating about 2 yrs ago. She is very careful and it is hard to actually watch her. This morning I wake up very hard and I needed to piss. As I passed her bedroom, I noticed her door ajar and I peeped in and saw her having multiple orgasms with her vibrator. after 5 to 10 minutes. she finished and had just slipped her vibrator out. I lost my head and I rushed in, jumped on top her and held her down until I was able to penitrate her completely. She struggled and was making all of these sounds. After a little while, she screamed and thrashed about as I kept pounding until I came big time. It took along time cause I still needed to piss. She was whimpering when I went to the bathroom.

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