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after work play time
you have had a long day at work and cant wait to come home to relax. earlier that day i mad plans for you since you habe gotten a raise at work. I have prepared you your favorite food and have baught a bottle of your favorite wine. i hear your car pull up in the drive way and instantly my plans are put into effect. i finish lighting the last few candles and put on a cd of slow songs and hurry to the door. when i open the door you instantly smell the aroma of the food thats sitting at the dinning room table. you are happy to see me after the long day and even more pleased with what i am wearing, the sexy black silk lingerie set we saw at the mall earlier that day while you were on break from work. i look straight into your eys and ask you about the rest of your day. you answer "it was okay" with a still smiling face which makes me smile as well. i give u the sweetest kiss on the lips and take your keys and jacket out of your hand and sit them on the intable by the front door. "baby you deserve a beautiful night". i grab your hand and lead you upstairs to your first surprise, you notice the white rose petal scattered on the steps and the perfume that im wearing. you kiss my hand and say "wow baby". i take you into the master bedroom and you see more rose petals on the bed, soft music and dim lighting you continue to follow me into the bathroom and see the oversized jet tub filled with hot water and big bubbles. i kiss you on the cheek and take off your shit and unzip your pants and take of your shoes. i tell you to get in and you obey. i pull out a black plush cloth towel and sit it next to the tub. i tell you that will be down stairs waiting to feed you. i walk towards the bathroom door and you cant help but look at my shape showing throught the lingerie and you remember i been working out. i close the door and go down stairs and set the table. after 20 mins you arive down stairs and i pull out your chair and you see your favorite pasta and a glass of the wine you love. i make sure you are comfortable andstart to feed u while keeping eye contact on you the whole time. after you are done you look vey satisfied with my cooking and i go stand at the other end of the table and suductively look at you and slowly get on my knees without breaking our eye contact and crawl under the table to your end and slowly pull ur thick just right size penis out of your pajama pants and slowly tease the head of it with my tounge and use a hand to massage you balls. i then put all of you in my mouth and i can feel your penis becoming a dick in my mouth. i then start to suck and slob on it until it is rock hard and i can taste the juices coming from the tip and it makes me suck more vigurously so i can have you taste in my mouth once again.i deep throat it over and over again and love the feel of you head at the back of my throat. i stop rubbing your balls and use both of my hands to jack off you dick while i still suck on ur head eager and ready for your cum. i hear your moans comming from above my head and know you are almost there. i start to feel the cum shooting out of u and up the shaft of you dick and hit the back of my throat, u make loud moaning sounds and i know you are pleased with my work. i dont let a drop of your cum hit the ground. all of it disapears in my mouth. i climb off from under the table and see u smilling with your eyes closed. i then clear the table and wait till you have came back down to earth. i let you know that this is your first nut of the night. i again lead u up to the bedroom where there is slow soft music playing and more candles. i ask you if u would like a massage and you say yes. i grab some ouls that i had in a basket by the bed and they are already warm. you lay on your stomach and i stradle your back you can feel how wet and warm my pussy is and start to fantasize about doin things to it. you feel the warm oils on ur back and you feel so relaxed. i whisper sweet things in your ear and gradually make my comments more and more graphic. you cant take it anymore and you start to feel excited and u want to tun over. after you are on ur back, i get back ontop of you and you start kissing your neck rubbing on ur arms and kissing your ears. i can now feel your dick getting bigger and bigger and pressing on my hard wet warm clit. you see how hard my nipples are under the satin lingerie. you want them in your mouth and i expose them to you. you are happy and start to take your time on each chocolate nipple. by this time my pussy is making your dick wet and i start to wrap my inner lips around your dick. you feel the warmth and the wetness and is excited about the feeling. after riding you for a while and bounching my chocolate double ds in ur face youflip me over and take it doggy style u are now in full control. you have a special gift of hitting the right spots and hit those spots all night. i feel you pull out of me and flip me on my back and sread my legs. i can feel the tip of your tounge on the tip of my clit and it makes me moan your name outloud and you love the feedback. after doin that u put ur dick back in and puond it in out. i start to feel my legs tingle and i know im going to cum soon i start rubbing my clit and you see this and you know whats about to happen. i start to moan louder and you can feel my pussy clinch around your dick making it even more tighter. you start to express to me how you are comming and i can feel the warm nut that once was in my mouth inside my throbbing pussy. that feeling makes me cum in return and i squirt on ur dick and at that moment it becomes a beautiful combustion of cum, moans and smiles. you lay on ur back and tell me how much of a great night it was. we shower together and then we are at it again in round two

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2009-07-21 14:49:36
Not a bad effort in the style of Henry Miller. I found it quite exciting

Anonymous readerReport

2009-07-21 04:31:58
Not a bad effort in the style of Henry Miller. I found it quite exciting

Anonymous readerReport

2009-06-19 16:34:36
Very poor don't give up your day job

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