I can't believe it took me this long to finish the new chapter, but at least it's finally done and I should have plenty to time to work on the next one now that I'm out of a job. Enjoy.
Chapter 4

“Are you ok Sally,” Pornacopia asked, giving his partner a concerned look. They were out in the garage again waiting for a potential client and he’d noticed the way her face had suddenly gone pale under her blond hair.

“I’m fine,” Sally said after a quick swallow, “it’s just morning sickness.”

“Morning sickness?” Pornacopia asked in surprise, his head snapping around so fast he heard his neck crack.

“That’s right Leroy,” Sally said with a weak chuckle. “You’re three for three now, I missed my period last week and my mom gave me a pregnancy test this morning and the result was positive.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to lie down?” Pornacopia asked. “You look really pale, and we do have that cot we set up behind the curtained area in the back of the garage.”

“I’m fine,” Sally insisted. “My stomach’s a little queasy but I haven’t actually thrown up yet - and I don’t really expect to either. Besides, I want to be here when our new client shows up. What do you think Lynn meant when she said that this would be a test of our new talents?”

“I’m not sure,” Pornacopia admitted, “but I’m guessing that the case has something to do with sex, that’s the only new talent I’ve developed over the last few months.”

“I think you’re right,” Sally said with a thoughtful grin, “I guess it’s a good thing I’m not the jealous type, otherwise I’d think you had ulterior motives for taking on sex cases.”

“I still might,” Pornacopia said with a chuckle, “you did say I could fuck other girls once I knocked you up.”

“No I didn’t,” Sally snapped.

“No in so many words,” Pornacopia said, “but you did say you didn’t want me to fuck any other girls until you were pregnant. And now you are, so I guess I can.”

“Yes you can,” Sally giggled, “and my mom has been looking forward to it.”

“Your mom?” Pornacopia asked warily.

“That’s right,” Sally said with a quick nod. “My mom has this idea that she’d like to have a child and grandchild with the same father, and since I’m going to have her first grandchild, that makes you the candidate for my next brother or sister.”

“Are you serious?” Pornacopia asked, just the thought of fucking Sally’s mother and knocking her up sounded so kinky that Leroy could feel his cock starting to harden in his pants.

“Oh, I’m serious,” Sally said, slipping her hand between Pornacopia’s thighs to stroke the stiffness through his pants. “And so are my parents, in fact, they’re coming over here tonight to talk to your parents, but I think they plan to do more than talk.”

“How much more?” Pornacopia asked with a mixture of excitement and worry.

“Don’t worry, Leroy,” Sally said with an easy laugh. “I told you my parents are swingers, now that they know about you and the rest of your family they’re looking forward to joining you and your family for a real orgy.”

“You told your parents about me and Lynn and mom?” Pornacopia asked, the near panic obvious in his voice. “Do you know what would happen if people found out about us?”

“Don’t worry,” Sally said soothingly, “my parents aren’t going to tell anyone about your family. Don’t you remember? I told you my parents are cousins, they can certainly understand what things are like for you and your family. All they want is a chance to join the fun once in a while.”

“And for your mom to have my baby,” Pornacopia finished.

“Somehow I don’t think you have a problem with that,” Sally said, stroking Pornacopia’s erection through his pants.

“Hell no,” Pornacopia said with a wide grin, “the idea of knocking your mom up with your sister or brother while you’re carrying their niece or nephew. The whole idea is so kinky it makes me horny just thinking about it.”

“I can tell,” Sally giggled. “So I’ll tell my parents tonight is a go then?”

“It sure is,” Pornacopia said with a blissful smile.

“Excuse me?” a voice called from the garage door, Sally pulled her hand away from Pornocopia’s cock with a guilty jerk. “Is this the Brown detective agency?”

“Yes it is,” Sally said as Pornacopia tried to catch his breath.

“Is it true what Lynn said? That you take on special cases now?”

“That depends on how special the case is,” Pornacopia said as he caught his breath and slid a little deeper in his chair to hide the mound in his pants under his makeshift desk.

“And is it true that your rate is twenty-five cents plus expenses and a special bonus to go with the special case?”

“Who told you about the special bonus?” Leroy asked.

“Lynn did,” the girl said, “when I told her about my problem she said you could help me but there’d be an extra charge on top of the regular expenses.”

Pornacopia turned to look at Sally and smiled when she gave him a quick little nod. “Lynn was right, I can help you, and once the case is done there is a special charge, but don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do.”

“I always do,” the girl said with a lusty grin as she walked up to the makeshift desk and slapped a bright new quarter down on the old red gas can. “From the puzzled expressions on your faces I’m guessing you don’t know who I am.”

“That’s right,” Pornacopia said.

“My name is Jennifer Mussey,” the girl said as she sat down in one of the ready chairs. “Ah, I see you recognize my name even if you don’t recognize me.”

“Jennifer Mussey the high school pussy,” Sally said slowly, “who hasn’t heard of you? You have an even sluttier reputation than Lynn.”

“Not any more,” Jen said with a grin, “now that everyone knows Lynn is pregnant she’s won our little competition hands down. Besides that, considering what I’m here for I could be losing my reputation any time now.”

“Maybe you should start at the beginning and tell us why you want to hire us,” Pornacopia said, sitting back in his chair concentrating on what his new client had to say.

“About two weeks ago Sharon Jenkins invited me to a slumber party at her house,” Jennifer started, “at least she told her father it was a slumber party before he left on his business meeting.”

“Isn’t Mr. Jenkins a widower?” Sally interrupted.

“Yes he is,” Jen agreed, “but he feels Sharon is old enough and trustworthy enough to be left on her own while he’s out of town. Of course if he knew the kind of parties Sharon has when he’s out of town he’d change his mind.”

“I take it the slumber party turned into a sex party,” Pornacopia said with a quick grin.

“That’s right,” Jen said with a broad smile, “Sharon’s parties always turn into wild orgies, at least that’s what I’ve heard so I was really glad to get her invitation to that party.”

“And what happened at the party that you want to hire us?” Pornacopia prompted.

“I’m getting there,” Jen said with another smile, unaware of how stiff Pornacopia’s cock was getting in his pants. “The party started out pretty tame, just six girls sitting around talking. I was a little surprised because all the other girls at the party have a reputation as being virgins and hard to get, at the time I figured they must use Sharon’s parties to hide the truth about their sexual activities. It must have been after midnight by the time the boys arrived, a half-dozen of them with masks climbing in through the bedroom window and all the other girls acting like they never expected them. It took a couple minutes for the boys to get things under control because they were laughing so hard, but it was obvious what they had in mind because all six of them were hard enough to fuck all of us right away. Once they figured out what they were doing they started blindfolding all of us starting with Sharon and saving me for last.”

As Jen continued with her story her eyes seemed to cloud over as she was transported back to that night. “Oh please, please don’t rape me,” Jen begged, trying to suppress the giggle that would spoil the game as the boy on top of her held her down and forced her thighs apart with his knees as he laughed coarsely at her mock struggles.

“Damn, your pussy’s so wet my cock keeps sliding out of place,” Bill Dexter grumbled as he released Jen’s arms so he could hold his prick steady as he slipped the head between her cunt lips. Jen had recognized Bill’s voice even before she recognized the younger boys cock as it slid into her fuck tunnel. Bill wasn’t her favorite lover, but she’d fucked him often enough to recognize his cock once he got it inside her body.

“Well what do you expect Bill?” Jen said as she locked her legs behind the boy’s ass and pulled him even further into her belly. “I’ve been waiting for you guys all night, I was beginning to think I’d have to frig myself to sleep tonight.”

“You’ll never have to do that, Jen,” Bill said as he buried his cock as deep as it’s five inches would go in her pussy. “There are guys lining up to fuck your hot little cunt.”

“I know that silly,” Jen said with a hiss as she ground her crotch against his, “are all six of you going to fuck me tonight?”

“We sure are,” Bill groaned as his cock fucked in and out of Jen’s body, she could feel him growing larger in pussy and knew that he was going to shoot his load before she came close to her own orgasm. She hoped the other boys would last longer so she’d have a chance to enjoy the orgy before they were too tired to fuck her again. Jen could hear the other girls from the party gasping and moaning in pleasure and she wondered how they were getting off so easily when the boys were so focused on their own pleasure that they weren’t even trying to give them a good time.

Bill shot his load in her pussy and rolled off her to make room for the next boy. As soon as the new boy shoved his cock into her pussy without even bothering to get her ready. This time she recognized Jim Seaten’s cock as it slid into her and his hot stinky breath hit her face as he tried to kiss her. Jim didn’t even last as long as Bill before he shot three wads of cum into her fuck hole and rolled off with a groan to make room for the next boy. One after another all six boys slammed their cocks into Jen’s body and shot their loads well she tried to get as much pleasure as she could out of the sex as they did but she didn’t even manage a single orgasm of her own by the time they were done.

Jen’s sigh of disappointment was so loud as Greg Rogger’s pulled his softening cock out of her overflowing pussy that she almost missed the commotion as the rest of the girls talked in rapid hushed voices. She heard a gasp from all six of the boys in the gangbang and then and then she heard several bare feet rushing out of the room. Before she could even ask what was happening she felt the bed move under her naked body as someone crawled between her naked thighs.

Here we go again, Jen thought as she listened to the be springs creak under the weight of the extra body. But she was caught by surprise when the new boy stopped half way up her body and he stuck his head between her spread legs.

Jen let out a gasp of pleasure and surprise as he new lover kissed her slit and then started licking with obvious pleasure. This wasn’t the first time Jen had had her pussy eaten, but it was the first time she’d had it done by someone who knew what he was doing. First he ran the tip of his tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top where he pressed his lips against the fold hiding her clit and teased it out of hiding with his tongue until he was licking the erect nubbin with great enthusiasm. Jen’s body shivered with pleasure and she shifted her naked body around on the bed to give her lover even greater access to her pussy.

Jen was looking at the blindfold over her eyes so hard she thought she’d actually bore two holes right through the fabric so she could see her new lover as he inched his hands lovingly up her thighs, hips, and belly until they reached her breasts as he continued to eat her pussy. Bracing herself against the grab for her tits Jen was caught by surprise when her lover brushed the sides of her breasts with his finger tips and then worked his way across her sensitive flesh to her nipples as they popped erect from the sexual pleasure created by her lover’s gentle and experienced tit play.

It was only after Jen’s body jerked and shivered through her first orgasm of the night that her lover shifted his body along hers until the tip of his cock came in contact with her drooling pussy lips and his mouth sucked on her left nipple as he slid the head of his cock up and down Jen’s pussy to coat it with her juices as they dripped out of her aroused cunt.

Once again Jen braced herself for her lover’s initial thrust and was caught by surprise when her lover slid his oversize cock into her pussy with slow erotic strokes. A moan of pleasure escaped from Jen’s lips as her lover sucked hungrily on first one nipple then the other, sliding his shaft slowly into her pussy until his heavy balls bounced against her ass.

When her lover’s cock bottomed out in her pussy he paused for a few seconds before he started stroking in and out of her slit and Jen squeezed the shaft with her cunt muscles. Jen couldn’t believe it, the cock in her hole was new to her, she’d never had it in her pussy before but she was sure it was the largest prick she’d ever fucked, and she’d fucked every boy she could get her hands on as well as a few of the male teachers at the high school, but this was the first time she’d ever been fucked by someone who actually cared more about her than just getting their rocks off.

As soon as her lover started moving his cock in her pussy Jen felt the sexual energy start to build up in her belly and she knew she was going to explode in no time. Even as her lover fucked his cock slowly and gently into her cunt he continued to suck her nipples like he expected to get milk from them, and Jen almost wished she could give him some. As the pleasure continued to build through her whole body Jen lost track of everything except the sexual pleasure her lover was giving her with every stroke of his cock and suck of his mouth. After that Jen lost track of how many orgasms she had before the really big one when her lover shot his load deep in her body and the last thing she remembered was screaming in pleasure as her whole body spasmed and she lost consciousness from sheer pleasure.

* * * * * * * *

“I didn’t wake up until the next morning,” Jen finished, watching Pornacopia’s face so closely that she didn’t realize that Sally was playing with his hard cock under their makeshift desk. “When I asked Sharon who the seventh guy was the next morning she refused to tell me, she even tried to tell me that the seventh guy actually had broken in after the boys left the door open when they joined the party, but I never believed it because I knew that someone like that never would have let the boys get away, or left the other girls alone. But right now I’m no closer to finding out who he was than I was that first night while I was wearing that blindfold.”

“So, you want us to find out it was?” Pornacopia asked as he leaned forward to get a closer look at Jen. He hoped his client didn’t realize that he had his free hand under Sally’s skirt to play with her pussy through her wet panties.

“That’s right,” Jen said with a dreamy grin, “whoever it was, he was the best lover I ever had and I’ll never be satisfied until I have him again, and again, and again.”

“Is that going to be a problem with our extra charge for special cases?” Pornacopia asked.

“No,” Jen said with a shake of her head, “I may want my mystery lover more than anyone else, but I still love all kinds of cock, so no, it won’t be a problem. When do you want to take the extra payment?”

“After the case is completed,” Pornacopia said, “and you’ll only have to pay if we solve the case, ok?”

“I don’t know,” Jen said with a mischievous smile, “maybe I’ll pay even if you don’t solve the case. How does that sound?”

“Like fun,” Pornacopia said, catching his breath as Sally squeezed his balls through his pants, “but I’d have to refuse anyway if I fail to solve your case.”

“Well, your loss,” Jen said with a shrug that made her tits bounce under her blouse. “So, are you going to take my case or not?”

“We’ll take it,” Pornacopia said before Sally had a chance to say anything.

“Good,” Jen said with a toothy smile. “So, how long do you think it will take you to find him?”

“I don’t know,” Pornacopia said evasively, “but give me your cell number and I’ll give you a call as soon as I know.”

“Let’s go Sally,” Pornacopia said as soon as he added Jen’s number to his own cell.

“Where are we going?” Sally asked as she mounted her bike at the same time that Leroy mounted his.

“We’re going to Sharon’s house,” Pornacopia said as if it was an obvious answer.

“But I already told you that Sharon wouldn’t tell me who it was,” Jen said with a frown.

“I know, but I have a few questions to ask her anyway,” Pornacopia said. Leroy leaned close to Sally and whispered, “will you be alright riding in your condition.”

“I’ll be fine,” Sally whispered back, “and so will the baby. In fact riding a bike is great exercise this early in my pregnancy.”

“Ok then, let’s go,” Pornacopia said kicking off to ride down the driveway and into the street with Sally right behind him.

After a block Sally brought her bike level with Pornacopia’s and said, “you know who he is, don’t you.”

“It’s pretty obvious,” Pornacopia said with a nod of his bike helmet, “and you must have figured out who it is too.”

“You’re right, it is pretty obvious,” Sally agreed, “so why didn’t we tell Jen?”

“Because I want to talk to Sharon and find out why she didn’t tell Jen the truth about her lover. There’s more going on here and I think the real case is getting everything cleared up instead of getting the answers.”

After their exchange Sally fell back and followed Pornacopia until they reached Sharon Jenkin’s house and parked their bikes along the side of the garage. The partners walked up to the front door and rang the bell twice before Sharon opened the door and looked at the two of them suspiciously.

“Yes?” Sharon said, her eyes flashing from Pornacopia to Sally and then back again. “What is it?”

“Sharon, right?” Pornacopia asked, waiting for the pale redhead to nod before he continued. “My names Leroy Brown, most people call me Encyclopedia, though some people have started calling me Pornacopia. This is my partner and fiancee Sally Kimball.”

“So, you’re the kid detective I’ve heard about,” Sharon said after she exchanged nods with Sally, “why are you here?”

“Wanted to talk to you about the slumber party you invited Jennifer Mussy to,” Pornacopia said. “May we come in?”

“Why not?” Sharon said with a shrug as she pushed the door open for the two teenagers. “If Jen sent you to ask me about the guy who fucked her you can forget about it, I’m not telling you who he was.”

“You don’t have to tell us,” Pornacopia said as he and Sally followed the redhead into the living room and sat down on the couch as she sat down on the overstuffed chair. “We already know that was your father.”

“How,” Sharon asked with a startled gasp.

“Who else could enter your house and surprise you without brining in the police?” Pornacopia said with a grin. “I figured that out from what Jen told me, even though she was blindfolded she knew there were only six boys who joined the party, and she recognized all six of them because she’d fucked them before. Your father entered the house after the six boys and after Jen was blindfolded, when she heard the six boys running off it was because your father showed up and chased them out.”

“The boys and the girls too,” Sharon admitted.

“Tell me the truth,” Pornacopia said, “was the slumber party really suppose to turn into a sex party, or did you have another reason for inviting Jen?”

“What do you mean,” Sharon asked evasively.

“The six boys who fucked Jen before your father couldn’t really have fucked any of the other girls before they fucked Jen, they couldn’t get that hard that fast after fucking another girl. Jen was the only girl at the party to get fucked wasn’t she?”

“Yes,” Sharon said with a sigh.

“You mean Jen and the boys were the entertainment for your slumber party?” Sally asked.

“It wasn’t like that,” Sharon said defensively. “The other girls and I were curious about sex, but none of us really wanted to go all the way. We thought that if we invited Jen and some boys over then we’d be able to see what sex was like without actually doing it.”

“And you figured Jen wouldn’t mind because she’s the class slut?” Pornacopia asked.

“Something like that,” Sharon said, “it was my idea to blindfold her and make noises like we were fucking the boys too, but none of us actually did anything except watch. Then my dad walked in. I found out later that his business meeting was cancelled and he decided to turn around and come back as soon as his plane landed. He didn’t call ahead because he thought I was already in bed when he turned around, but he managed to arrive in time to see the end of the gangbang. At first I thought dad was going to explode when he saw what was happening, then he got this funny smile on his face and started stripping out of his clothes. That’s when the other girls got scared and ran off for home. By the time dad finished taking off his clothes the boys were gone too and I was the only one there to see him climb into bed with Jen.”

“Did you enjoy the show?” asked with a lewd grin.

“Up until my dad got involved it was pretty boring,” Sharon said as she brushed her red hair back over her shoulder, Pornacopia noticed that her hair seemed dull and greasy as she shifted it. “It was pretty obvious that Jen wasn’t getting into it up to that point, six guys and she wasn’t even getting aroused, made things pretty dull up to then. As soon as daddy crawled into bed that changed. When I saw the way he was playing with Jen’s tits and pussy it made me so hot I wished I was the one in bed with him.”

“By the time daddy started fucking the little slut I was so wet and horny that I’d slipped out of my own clothes and started fingering myself,” the way Sharon was shifting her ass in the chair Pornacopia thought she wanted to stick her fingers in her pussy as she remembered the sight of her father fucking another girl.

“Have you done anything with your father since that night?” Pornacopia asked.

“No,” Sharon said with a grimace, “I wish something would happen, but ever since that night my dad is so obsessed with Jen that I could crawl into his bed naked and he’d never realize I was there.”

“Does your father know who Jen is?” Pornacopia asked.

“Not yet,” Sharon said, “he keeps asking me who she is but I haven’t told him, but it’s only a matter of time before he finds out who she is. And when he does I’m sure he’ll want to fuck her again. The way he talks about Jen I think he’d marry her if he could.”

“Actually I think he could,” Sally said, “didn’t she get held back a year? Even though she’s a high school senior she’s eighteen so if she wants to she could marry your father, and the way she feels about him I think she might want to.”

“I was afraid of that,” Sharon sighed. “If the two of them actually do get together then I’ll be left out.”

“Maybe not,” Pornacopia said, “if you’re the one who brings them together then maybe the two of them will decide to include you.”

“Do you think so?” Sharon asked hopefully.

“You can only try,” Pornacopia said with a smile. “And when I tell Jen about your father I’ll be sure to point out how much fun it will be to include you in their bed.”

“You’d do that for me?”

“Of course,” Pornacopia said, “and if you want to show your appreciation later I can think of a way you can show your appreciation.”

* * * * * * *

“I can’t believe you actually managed that,” Sally told Pornacopia as they mounted their bikes for the ride home. “Two girls in one case.”

“Well you’re welcome to join us,” Pornacopia said with a grin, “you’ve told me that you like eating pussy almost as much as you enjoy fucking. I’m sure the girls will enjoy your mouth as much as I do.”

“Sounds like fun,” Sally said, licking her lips in anticipation as they arrived back at Pornacopia’s house. “Why don’t we go inside and call Jen right now?”

“I don’t think we have to,” Pornacopia said, pointing to the car parked in front of the house, “it looks like she was so excited about finding out who her lover was that she decided to stick around and find out what we learned.”

“Good, because I’m so wet I don’t think I’d hold out long enough to call Jen and wait for her to join us,” Sally said as she leaned her bike against the garage wall. “Let’s close the office move things to your room.”

“Hi mom,” Pornacopia said as he entered the kitchen from the garage. He gave her swollen belly an affectionate pat before he gave her a quick kiss. “Where’s Janet?”

“She’s in Lynn’s room,” Mrs. Brown said, “from the moans and screams of passion I’ve been hearing for the last hour I’m sure the two of them are enjoying themselves.”

“Hi Mrs. Brown,” Sally said, giving Leroy’s mother a shy smile.

“Hello Sally,” Mrs. Brown said stepping up to the blond thirteen year old and giving her a quick hug before she stepped back to hold her at arms length so she could look her over from head to toe. “Your mother called, I understand congratulations are in order young lady.”

“Mom always knew how to spoil a surprise,” Sally said with a twisted smile, “at least you don’t seem to be upset about it.”

“Upset?” Mrs. Brown asked as she gave Sally’s flat belly an affectionate pat, “I’m overjoyed, three grandchildren all within a few months of each other. And you and Leroy engaged on top of that. I always knew the two of you were going to end up together and I’m happy you got such an early start.”

“That’s a relief,” Sally said, giving Mrs. Brown’s swollen belly an affectionate pat as well, “I was afraid you’d think I seduced Pornacopia.”

“And why would I think something like that after Leroy knocked up both Lynn and me?” Mrs. Brown chuckled. “By the way, I invited your parents over for dinner Sally, so you may as well hang out here until then.”

“Thanks Mrs. Brown,” Sally said with a smile.

“We’ll be in Lynn’s room if you need us mom,” Pornacopia said as he and Sally left the kitchen.

“I thought you might be,” Mrs. Brown said with a grin as she watched them head for the stairs, “enjoy yourselves, dinner will be in about two hours.”

When they reached the door to Lynn’s room Pornacopia raised a fist to knock but paused to listen to the voices through the door. “That’s the place Jen,” Lynn gasped, “suck my clit just like that and I’ll cum in no time.”

“I never knew eating a pussy would be this much fun,” Jen said, “does this mean I’m actually a lesbian?”

“Do you still want a cock in your cunt?”

“Yes,” Jen said with a hungry sigh. “I want cock, I want to suck it and fuck it, and if I can think of anything else to do with a cock I want to do that too.”

“Then you’re not a lesbian,” Lynn said, “you may be bi-sexual, but I think it’s may be that you just enjoy any kind of sex.”

With a broad grin Pornacopia knocked and then opened the door before either of the girls had a chance to answer. “Can we join the fun?” he asked as the two girls turned to look at the door from the bed.

“Just what we need,” Lynn said, licking her lips as she smiled at her half brother. “Come on in and join the party.”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Pornacopia said as he stripped out of his clothes, hopping on one leg at a time as he removed his pants on the way to Lynn’s bed to fall in a heap with the three girls as Sally joined them. “So who’s first?”

“That should be Jen,” Sally said as she untangled herself from the naked pile of flesh, “but first you better tell her what you learned from Sharon.”

“You got Sharon to talk?” Jen asked excitedly. “How did you manage to do that?”

“It wasn’t that hard,” Pornacopia said modestly, “not after I told her what I’d already figured out from what you told me.”

“What do you mean?” Jen asked with a confused frown.

“It wasn’t that hard,” Leroy said and then proceeded to tell Jen and Lynn what he and Sally had learned.

“Sharon’s father?” Jen gasped when Pornacopia finished. “I never would have guessed. Well, you’ve earned your pay, all of it, including a bareback fuck in my fertile pussy.”

“Do you mind if Sally and Lynn join in?” Pornacopia asked, “I’m guessing you’ll need the practice since Sharon will want to share the bed with you and her father.”

“I look forward to it,” Jen said with a grin as she reached over to stroke Lynn’s swollen belly and tits, “I hope we both get pregnant by her father, I can’t think of anything I’d like better than for both of us to get pregnant at the same time.”

“Are you sure you want to take a chance fucking me then?” Pornacopia asked with a concerned frown. “I won’t force you to pay the extra fee.”

“Force me?” Jen asked with a chuckle, “try and stop me. I want to fuck you Pornacopia, and I would have done it even if you didn’t find out who my mystery lover is. So get over here and show me what you learned from your sister and mother.”

“You told her?” Pornacopia asked, shooting Lynn a mock look of accusation.

“Of course I did,” Lynn said with a mischievous grin, “I knew you’d find out who her secret lover was and I thought she should know just how potent you were.”

“And you don’t care?” Pornacopia asked hopefully.

“Fuck no,” Jen said with a grin. “I always knew someone would knock me up some day, it may as well be you.”

“But what will Sharon’s father say?” Sally asked as she squeezed Jen’s left tit hard enough to make the older girl’s fat nipple pop erect so she could lick and suck it.

“Sharon’s father,” Jen said with a chuckle while she held her other tit steady for Lynn and opened her legs so Pornacopia could crawl between her thighs and eat her hairy pussy, “saw six boys fuck me bareback before he joined the party. If I’m pregnant a month from now he’ll probably think he has a one in seven chance of being the father. I’m sure Sharon’s father already has a good idea what kind of girl he’s getting involved with, if he doesn’t care why should I.”

“I like your attitude,” Lynn said, taking her lips away from Jen’s nipple long enough to speak. “So what do you think? Did I do a good job of teaching Pornacopia how to please a girl?”

“Very good,” Jen agreed with a low moan of pleasure as Leroy’s tongue tickled her clit. “A little more practice and he could be as good as Sharon’s father.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Pornacopia said, pushing Jen’s legs as wide as they could go and sliding up her body until the tip of his cock kissed her wet pussy lips. “Are you ready for the attraction?”

“Hold on a second,” Jen said, “Sally, come up her and straddle my face so I can eat your cunt while your boyfriend tries to knock me up.”

“Kinky,” Sally said as she straddled Jen’s head, facing Pornacopia and giving her fiancee a sexy smile as she stuck her small tits into his face.”

“Ok Pornacopia,” Jen said through a mouthful of Sally’s bald pussy, “show me what you can do with your cock.”

“With pleasure,” Pornacopia said, sliding his cock into Jen’s wet slit while he leaned forward to suck Sally’s erect nipples.

“This is incredible,” Jen groaned through Sally’s pussy while Pornacopia slammed his cock in and out of her cunt, his balls bouncing off her ass with every stroke.

“Just think what it’s going to be like fucking Sharon and her father like this every night,” Lynn said, squeezing Jen’s closest tit as her half brother fucked her friend and she ate his girlfriend’s bald pussy.

“Oh, oh, oh God I’m cumming,” Sally screamed as her body jumped around on Jen’s face that the thirteen year old blond lost her balance and fell to the bed giggling and gasping for breath at the same time.

“Fuck me Pornacopia, fuck me,” Jen screamed. Leroy could feel his balls starting to quiver and he knew it wouldn’t be much longer before he blew his load in Jen’s fertile belly. “Come on Pornacopia, you can do it, blow your load and knock me up just like every other girl you’ve fucked.”

“Here’s my chance,” Pornacopia yelled with one last thrust deep into Jen’s fertile body as his cock expanded in the older girl’s pussy and spat several spurts of cum into her belly.

“You’re going to love being pregnant,” Lynn told her friend as she stretched out next to the girl. “The morning sickness, the weight gain, the way your body distorts as the baby grows in your belly and your tits swell up with milk. But it’s all worth it when you can do something like this,” as Lynn finished she squeezed her left tit with both hands until a drop of milk formed on the tip of her nipple.

“Mine,” Jen said, rushing forward to lick the drop of milk from Lynn’s nipple before she had a chance to jerk away from her friend’s tongue. “Yummy,” Jen said as she smacked her lips.

“Jen, that was my first drop of milk, it should have been Pornacopia’s.”

“If that was your first drop than Pornacopia will have plenty of milk to drink before your baby is born, but this may be the only chance I have a taste of your milk.”

“She does have a point Lynn,” Pornacopia pointed out as he pulled his cock from Jen’s pussy. “And she is a guest so she should get the first chance at any dish.”

“I guess you’re right,” Lynn sighed.

“So, who’s going to help me get this thing back up?” Pornacopia said, indicating his limp prick. “First one to get it back up gets a fuck.”

“I think we better pass,” Sally said with a regretful sigh, “my parents are coming over tonight and I know my mom expects you to knock her up tonight. So we better not fuck you again or she could end up disappointed.”

“I guess you’re right,” Pornacopia said with a wry grin, “but maybe you can spend the night after the party. All three of us could spend the night together and I’m sure I’ll be able to get it up a couple more times during the night.”

“That sounds wonderful Pornacopia,” Sally said with a wistful smile, “I’ll ask my parents when they get here, and I’m sure they’ll agree.”

“I hope so,” Lynn said, “after a session like this I may never go back to fucking one on one.”


2011-08-24 02:20:01
5/10 for sex and 6/10 for story = 11/20, 6 for story now is like a 7 so it's harder to get then before.


anonymous readerReport

2010-12-08 23:45:33
I finger fucked myself & came after reading this..on friday ima see if my boyfriend would like a threesome...

anonymous readerReport

2010-12-08 23:45:22
I finger fucked myself & came after reading this..on friday ima see if my boyfriend would like a threesome...


2009-06-22 14:50:36
can't beleive how much of a great hard on i got from reading the series so far. keep it up!!!!

Earl JohnReport

2009-06-18 19:25:35
Great. (About time too)
hope all goes well in your employment prospects.
Maybe... try to earn a bit of cash (warning! it won't be much) as an author!?!

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