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This will be my first story.... This story is fictional although I wish it wasn't ;)

Please Comment and Rate. Would love to know what I can add to my stories that the readers will like.

Hope you enjoy :)

Let me give you a little background into my life. My name is Ashley. Ever since I was young I have wanted to look like my mom and her friends.. I am 19 years old with blonde hair and C-cups I'm also 5'5" and 150 lbs, I know that I'm a very beutiful girl but have always secretly been so jealous of my mother that I'm attracted to her and fantasize very often. In fact I think about her more than very often, I pretty much can't stop. Lots of times I think about her and our 17 year old neighbor Jeremy. Our familes have lived beside each other for the past 4 years and I have had a crush on him almost the whole time. I've always wondered how big he was and how much my mother could take of it in her mouth or ass.

Speaking of dick, I had 3 boyfriends through high school but never had sex with any of them, so I'm still a virgin. Although me and one of them did go down on each other every time we were together, but other than that my sex life has pretty normal, just been left to a couple toys I've collected over the last few years... Or so I thought it was normal.

I came home from work 2 hours early on a tuesday night because business was really slow. Only I came home to find most of the lights off and my parents or brother nowhere to be found. But when I walked upstairs I could here the undeniable sound of my 18 year old brother Tyler moaning. Being curious I poked my head in my parents door really slow to catch a glimpse of what he was doing. Only to be shocked to see my mother kneeling in front of Tyler and Jeremy pleasuring both of them while my step-dad Mike stood beside them and video taped the whole thing. I couldn't bring my eyes away from them, my mother had my little brothers dick in her mouth and was jerking off Jeremy at the same time. I stood and watched for a few moments and admired what was happening before my eyes. Mike walked beside my mother and bent down by her ass. He rubbed his hand over her bum and played with the white g-string she was wearing. He pulled the white piece of cotton to the side for a second and gently grazed his finger over her asshole, keeping the camera on her ass at the same time he was doing this. I then watched as he stuck his middle finger in his mouth and brought it back down to her ass only to continue to slide the whole finger in her, slowly pumping in and out. All of a sudden I heard Tyler moan again and my mother start to move her head up and down faster and faster. This went on for about another 30 seconds until he threw his head back and mom stopped bobbing, but she still kept her mouth on his 7 inch cock. I couldn't believe it, my mother was swallowing my little brothers cum right out of his cock! All of it was getting almost too much for me and I felt really hot and flustered, only too look down to find my hand slowly rubbing my clit and my pussy oozing with wetness.

I closed the door behind me in shock and turned towards the stairs only to drop my cellphone by accident because I was in disbelief. My phone dropped down each step with a loud "Thud" at each step. My heart froze as I knew for sure my whole family would have heard it falling. All of a sudden I heard my mother call "It's ok hun, you can come in". I turned and stopped at the door again, "are you sure you want me to come in"? I replied still unsure to what the answer might be. But still without an answer my hand was drawn to the door handle and I continued to push it open slowly. My mother still had both of her hands on my brother and Jeremy but had her head cocked backwards so she could see me. The only person who changed they're postion was Mike who had turned off the camera and had his hand on his hip, obviously really comfortable being in the condition he was nude. And he should have been comfortable, Mike always kept good care of his body and looking between his legs his dick at least 6-7 inches even though he was flacid. "Looks like we've been found out" my mother admitted looking around at the 3 men she had around her. My eyes were brought off of Mike's penis and I looked again at my mother again. "Do you want me to go" I mumbled still clueing in to my surroundings and everything taking place. "No" my mother and Jeremy replied almost in unison. My mother looked up and Jeremy and I thought I saw her smirk for a quick second.

She stood up and walked over to me, "I'm really sorry you had to find out like this hunny, I know you really like Jeremy" she began to say. I looked and her and couldn't really think of anything off the top of my head to say. She started up again "We've only been doing this for 2 or so weeks with Jeremy, and he said he really likes you a lot". I looked over to Jeremy only to see him with his head looking down at his toes embarrassed. I couldn't believe still everything that was happening, all of the fantasizing about my mom and Jeremy was actually happening, it was one of the greatest things I could have ever asked for, I just wasn't expecting Tyler and Mike to be added into the mix.... But I liked it.

I smiled at my mother and looked back at Jeremy's hard penis, he stood about 8-9 inches and looked thick. My mother knew exactly was I was looking at and glanced back and took a peek as well. "Would you like to try it?, he said he wanted to take your virginity" she said. I nodded sheepishly and Jeremy seeing this sighed with relief. "But I think I would rather have my first time with just me and him", I said. "Of course hunny" my mother replied. Jeremy looked like he had just won the lottery and gone to heaven all at the same time. My mother turned back to me and whispered in my ear "but listen.. if your going to be joining us regularly, you have to play by a couple rules". "Like what"? I said with a puzzled look. "Me and you have to be completely submissive to Mike, Jeremy, or Tyler, do you understand"? she looked at me. "Ok I said, I can do that" nodding at the same time. "And one more thing.. you have to let him fuck you in the ass tonight".. My mind raced at the thought of having Jeremy's huge cock in my butt, thinking of how it would feel, and how much it would hurt. I've experimented a little with my ass to go along with my pussy, but the only thing I've ever had in my asshole was a soapy finger or two and a home-made set of anal beads which I fastened together out of an old necklace that had little wooden balls on them. "Ok I'll let him" I said as I reached out and grabbed his semi hard cock with my hand and walked him back to my room, giving my mother a small wink at the same time.

To Be Continued ;)

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2010-07-22 10:49:03
kind of dumb she finds her mom sucking her brother and jacking her boyfriend being taped by her father and isn't pissed off or hurt and why would she want anything to do with her cheating boyfriend or her parents realisticly she would have told them to stay away from her and that she never wanted to see jeremy again and then left to think for a few days or weeks i know this was a fantacy but atleast make it somewhat believable

Anonymous readerReport

2010-04-23 16:21:37
didn't finish you say you are a woman yet any woman knows that if they are 5-5 150 lbs they are not beautiful but fat keep your facts straight


2009-07-11 23:56:42
verry good loved it

Anonymous readerReport

2009-07-03 13:34:12
Very good I wanna read part two and then hopefully a part three


2009-07-01 03:44:34
Sorry about it being so short. Will be putting part 2 and 3 together than, possibly part 4 as well :)

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