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My wife heard that yoga was a good way to get her figure back after childbirth. I couldn’t agree more.
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My Wife Took Up Yoga

After our second child my thirty-five-year-old wife complained that it was much harder for her to loose the weight and get her figure back. I just liked her large milk filled breasts.

So anyway she joined a yoga class that met twice a week. That meant that I got stuck babysitting. Even though she expressed her mother’s milk and put it in bottles for me, it was still a pain in the ass to warm it up and get our new daughter to drink it.

The bright spot in all that was watching her get ready to go. It required her to take a bath while I watched and handed her our two-month old daughter to bathe. Then she carefully shaved her pussy. That used to be my job but since the baby she has been doing it herself. She was afraid that I would get too excited and want sex. Hell I would want sex with her even if she was dressed in a sack and covered with mud.

Getting dressed required her to apply baby powder to her body, fix her hair, and even apply makeup. But the best part was watching her pour herself into her yoga outfit. She felt the need to wear full size panties to help keep the tight leotards out of her girl cracks. I had news for her they didn’t help. That leotard was about two sizes smaller than was necessary. I watched as she pulled it up her shapely legs, over her slightly rounded belly, and then up over her enlarged breasts to slip her arms into the sleeves. Then she grabbed the material over her breasts and shook the leotard as she shook her breasts trying to get everything in the right places. I watched as she slipped her fingers into her leg openings and tugged it out so as to cover her fat pussy. I smiled as she pulled on her sweatpants knowing that the leotard material was already up into her slit giving me an excellent view of her camel toe. God I wished that I was in that class with her. She slipped on her sweatshirt and left before the baby could demand a tit.

I watched her from the front door as she walked to her car and pulled out of the driveway. Just then the baby wanted to be changed and fed and the two-year-old woke up crying. Welcome to parenthood. I had a busy night, put both girls to bed, and was just about to pass out when my wife came home horny. I could not believe my luck.

I helped her out of her sweats, out of her yoga leotards, and out of her panties. She smelled of sweat, her leotards were really tucked up into her pussy crack and her ass crack, and her panties were simply pasted up into her moist pussy. I actually had to tug at them to get them out. Then I slipped my hard cock into her. I didn’t use a condom and she didn’t care. You see while breastfeeding she can’t take her birth control pills and she is a very fertile woman. She could easily become pregnant for the third time. At that very moment I could hardly care. I hadn’t had sex in all of eight or nine weeks and that night was the night. Whoopee!

As I was fucking into her with an urgent need she was telling me about how great the yoga class had been, that there were two sexy guys in her class, and that the woman instructor had felt her up throughout the entire class. The funny thing was that she had thoroughly enjoyed. My wife told me that whenever she got into a pose that her instructor would come over to her and run her hand along my wife’s tits, ass, or her pussy. She said that at first it seemed innocent enough and even accidental however by the end of the class it was quite obvious. She was even kept after class where the instructor kissed her and tried to shove her finger into her pussy.

I asked, “She only tried?”

Then my wife confessed that she did more than try, she had succeeded. The instructor had finger fucked her to two orgasms, shoved her panties and leotard deep into her slit, and then she sent her home to me. I would have to thank her someday. Then I filled my wife’s pussy with my potent baby seeds. I was already looking forward to her next lesson. I would be looking forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next ten weeks.

On Thursday I watched my wife take a bath and nurse our daughter at the same time. Then as she got dressed she asked me if she needed to wear panties, of course I told her that it would be better if she didn’t. I knew that she was looking forward to getting felt up again and I looking forward to fucking her afterwards.

While she was gone for the next two hours I made sure to get the girls in bed before she came home.

She was almost an hour late. She let me undress her and make love to her as she told me the story of what had happened in class.

Soon after her class started her instructor kept playing with her milk filled breasts until she was flowing. Then she lowered my wife’s leotard and asked the two guys to help relieve the pressure. They eagerly sucked on her tits and complimented her on how good her mother’s milk tasted. Then after each exercise another set of lips were on her breasts. Those lips were from the other women. So for most of the class she was topless with her leotard down around her waist. She was late getting home because half of the time she was exercising and the other half of the time she was nursing her fellow students. The instructor suggested that all of the women just wear their panties to the next class and let their breasts hang out. The two guys were in favor of that until the instructor told them that she would bring in some of her panties for them to wear, however they finally agreed.

Sex was great that weekend, then on Tuesday she asked me if it would be okay to wear a special pair of panties that I had given her. They had writing on them that read, ‘My pussy belongs to my husband…but he shares.’ I smiled knowing that those panties might lead to more sexual activities. I asked her if I might be able to see a class picture. She said that she would try. Needless to say, she went to her yoga class in just those panties and her sweats along with her shoes of course.

That night when she got home and I had my cock slipped into her as she started her story. All of the women had worn just panties throughout the entire class, the two guys and the seven other women had sucked on her breasts, and they had taken a class picture for me…on one condition. That condition was that the two guys could fuck her during the next class. She said that they were willing to use condoms. Sure! Why not! However, I wanted more pictures and the used condoms. Then I shot a lot of baby making cum into her.

Then after I looked at the pictures on my computer we made love again. I had gotten hard quickly from them. There were eight women in just their panties with the two men. There were pictures of everyone sucking out her breast milk. Then there was a close-up picture of my wife’s panties with that writing on it and two rather hard cocks touching her belly in anticipation of what was to come, or cum.

As we made love for the second time in a row my wife told me that I could make love to her anytime that I wanted to from then on. I thanked her by cumming deep inside her.

Thursday she did not even bother with panties when she left. She knew that they would just be a waste of time.

I waited patiently for her return. When she came home she dragged me to our bedroom, removed her sweats, and pulled me into her with an eagerness that I had never seen before. She was hot!

As I fucked her, my wife told me about the two guys in her class fucking her three times each. She said that they were good at it too. They were also in their early twenties and college athletes. She said that the other women were jealous and wanted some of the action next week. However, that night it was all for her. After I filled her up she removed six condoms from her gym bag along with my camera.

As I looked at my monitor my wife explained the pictures to me. They really didn’t need any explanation but she just wanted to relive it with me. Since the other women wanted the guys too she felt it only fair to help them out. So every time one of the guys fucked her she ate out one of the women. Six fucks and six women later she needed to finish off the last woman. None of the women had eaten her though, because she had gotten all of the available cock. Needless to say we made love a second time and a third time before I finally let her go to sleep…then our baby daughter kept her up most of the night anyway.

Over the course of the ten-week class my wife lost the weight that she wanted too and toned up rather nicely.

I was invited to the very last yoga class so I got to watch them all suck on my wife’s nipples and watch those two college guys fuck her using condoms. I on the other hand got to fuck all of the other seven women without using a condom. They were on birth control and wanted it natural. I only managed to cum in three of them but the others gave me rain checks.

My wife stayed in touch with the other women and they all became very good friends.

My wife is now pregnant for our third daughter. As her pregnancy progresses her desire for sex decreases. I have no problem getting enough sex though because those seven women keep dropping in to check on my wife and to offer me sex. They promised to take care of me after the birth too until my wife is ready to take over.

I am so thankful that my wife decided to take up yoga.

The End
My Wife Took Up Yoga
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