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Chapter 4 Continued
VIP Chauffeur Chapter 4, Part II
“The weekend assignment continues”

Mrs G brought us back two cold beers and a bowl of munchies which seemed very hospitable under the circumstances. She had put what looked like a man’s tee shirt on and seemed totally relaxed. It might have been me but she seemed to ignore the fact that I was even there and was paying all of her attention to Mr K. I wondered whether she was smarter than we thought. Her husband on the other hand was still bound and gagged and sitting, albeit slumped over in the chair. She paid him no attention either but was now really sucking up to Mr K and he was taking it all in. After we had a few slugs of beer Mr K launched into a discussion about the daughter who was lying immobile in her bed. This put Mrs G somewhat uneasy and you could tell she was probably angling to get her daughter out of this somehow. She was saying, what do you want with her, I can give you everything you want. Mr K was smooth. He kept saying that everybody should pay or play and that while he promised he wouldn’t hurt her he wasn’t going to be swayed. He told Mrs G. look, here’s what I going to propose. I have in my bag of tricks a pill that is called Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate or GHB. It causes you to feel intoxicated and euphoric but the unbelieveable effect it has is it causes complete amnesia from some period of time before you take it and until it wears off. GHB begins to take effect 10 - 15 minutes after ingestion. The effects last for 3 - 6 hours when taken without alcohol and 36 - 72 hours when mixed with alcohol or other drugs. After I mix it with some gin it looks exactly like water. I’ve used it many times before and it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Mrs G looked both confused and unwilling to commit to anything. She asked Mr K again, why not just leave her out of it? Mr K said relax now honey everything will be just fine and he motioned me to come towards them. He told me to get the handcuffs and I gave them to him. Mrs G said whats this for? Mr K replied you seem to be getting a little hinky for me darling and I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t take any chances so I’m going to leave you here with hubby and the two of you can either get some sleep (it was approaching 5am) or have some bedroom chat and my associate and I will be back in a few hours and we will have a much better idea what lies in store for all of us. Mrs G continued to object and was getting more animated even boisterous. Mr K grabbed a gag and put it on her and told me to grab the suitcase and get going to the downstairs bedroom.
Mr K an I stopped outside the downstairs bedroom and the 16 yr old daughter seemed to be asleep. Mr K mixed up a small glass of the juice with what I guess was vodka or gin. He instructed me to go with him into the room and be sure we got her to swallow all of the liquid. Hold her nose he said while I pour it in. She was asleep, tied four points to the bed and gagged. She still had a tank top pajama top and matching pajama shorts on. She was strikingly beautiful, fully developed for 16 years old. I approached her from the top of the bed and began to quickly remove the gag. As she awoke, I warned her in the strernest voice I could to not make a sound and as soon as the gag was off I pinched her nose hard and Mr K opened her mouth and got the 3 ounces quickly down her throat. It went down easy enough but the taste must have really startled her because she began to cough. Nothing came up and that’s all Mr K was concerned about. She then began to cry and Mr K told me to put the gag back on and be sure it was tight. I did and then he asked me if I like what I saw meaning her. I replied, do you think she still has some fruit below? Doubt it he replied based on what I’ve seen in this house already but you never know. Lets give this stuff a few minutes to take effect. I want to use the bathroom Mr. K said. Stay here and make sure nothing happens to her state of consciousness, breathing, reaction or anything else.

Mr K was gone for a good twenty minutes and the 16 yr.old rapidly fell into a state of almost paralysis. Struggling stopped, no noise or anything. I guess she was just “tripping”. Mr K said take the gag off and lets get her undressed. I removed the gag and Mr K cut away the tank top and shorts. She had small but very firm tits, large brown aureoles and very erect pink nipples. Her pubes were shaved or waxed completely unlike her hot Mommy who had the landing strip I loved so much. Mr K asked, well what do you think? I said not bad at all. He replied, good shes all yours first. Have as much fun as you want. I’m going to go upstairs and give each of our other guests a mild sedative that will put them down for a few hours. I plan to call our client around 10am and inquire what I should do about them, providing I get the discs back which I am pretty confident I will, come Monday morning. Once I put them down for their nap I plan to do the same, get a couple hours of shuteye. When I come back you should think about doing the same. My guess is after your finished with her you will need a rest as well. I let him know I appreciated his concern as he turned and left me alone with this teenager that looked much older.
As I focused on her beauty, I went over to her and decided I would be riskier than usual. I released all of her restraints and she appeared to be completely unaware of what was going on around her. I stripped down as quick as I could and crawled into the queen size bed with her. She immediately felt warm and pliable in my arms. I started to kiss her deeply and she responded almost immediately. What was running through my head over and over was whether I was about to deflower this young thing or had somebody already had the pleasure. I would soon find out. When I had explored all of her mouth I began to whisper into her ear to see how she might respond. I said to her, stroke my cock baby! She mumbled something that was inaudible so I said it again a little louder and a bit more forceful. Again she was muttering something incoherent and made no move whatsoever towards my already rock hard cock. I determined she had no idea what I was talking about and had no intention to do as told. This course of action and the mickey that was given her had rendered her completely out of it so whatever was going to happen was going to be through my effort. I decided to mount her and see who and what I was dealing with. I began to finger her pussy which was moist but not wet. I finger fucked her fairly aggressively and she seemed to respond. I mounted her and aimed my cock for her tunnel and pushed in. It went in without resistance and I slid right in. No virgin here. I humped her pretty good and she began to respond. The harder I rocked into her the more she responded. I thought about 5 minutes into it she actually orgasmed but it was impossible to tell. I found myself losing interest as there was no reaction or response to speak of. I sucked on her tits and her nipples responded immediately. After about 15 minutes I was closing t blowing so I pulled out and mounted her chest to try and tit fuck her. She seemed almost anxious for me to put my cock in her mouth as I stroked myself between her firm mounds. I actually put her hands on either side of each breast to try to get her to squeeze my cock and although she was cooperated as soon as I let go of her hands her hands fell to her side. I was playing with an inflatable doll and not much else and rapidly losing interest but I wasn’t going to not use the opportunity to blow a load. I felt myself close to coming and tried to put my head in her mouth as I released. My first shot clearly hit the back of her throat and I squeezed out 3 more strong spurts and one long squeeze, all of which got into her mouth. She swallowed all of it almost automatically and never uttered a word. I finished up and re-bound her hands and feet and she was oblivious to it all. I wondered how Mr K would find these circumstances.
I walked around the house for awhile, taking what I could in trying to get a feeling of the surroundings. I checked my watch to see what time it was and found it to be nearly 7am. I would have to find something else to do for what seemed like a long time. I checked the upstairs bedroom and found Mrs G. asleep with Mr K lying next to her. He was awake but clearly resting. Mr G on the other hand was still struggling in his chair. Mr K noticed me lurking about and asked what was up? I said I was just killing time. He said what happened with the daughter. I replied well if you were wondering she is not a virgin and I just cant seem to get into doing anything with her because there is no response whatsoever. Its almost like jerking off with some cadaver or something. He snickered and said he was sorry it had to be that way but given the circumstances, as long as the goal of the mission appeared to be achievable, any other collateral damage had to be relatively minor if anything at all. I said I completely understood that the fringe benefits of this job were plentiful and a less than complete experience was better than nothing at all. Mr K said to find some way to kill the time and in a few hours we’d have a new plan ready for action. I did so by trying to find something substantive to eat.
Around 10:30am I heard Mr K talking on his cellphone followed by a fairly boisterous conversation between Mr K and Mr G. Mr K seemed a bit agitated as he approached me to have a conversation. OK Bucko here’s the plan. I’ve confirmed that the bank where the discs are located is open until 1pm so I’ve explained to Mr G that we are going to prepare him to take me there. While I’m gone you need to keep an eye on Mrs G because our client wants her brought to him. Once I have the discs in my possession I will return Mr G here and you and I will deliver Mrs G to our client. It’s my intention to give her a large enough sedative to knock her out and out her in the Escalade and deliver her to the appointed location. Now here’s where it gets a bit dicey. Should Mr G lead me on a wild goose chase or fuck me over than I will have no choice but to render him permanently maimed. If it continued than you and I will have to plan to get rid of a real cadaver and not the kind of stiff lying in the bedroom over there. While I’m gone with Mr G do whatever you want with Mrs G just keep her under your control at all times. As I explained it to our #1 client, this broad is way too dangerous to let go after this caper and it sounds like our client has a little woody thinking he’s getting himself a slave for life. I signaled that I understood what was expected of me and could handle it. We both then began to get Mr G in the proper condition to make the trip. That included a shower, dressed particularly respectable and to be sure he had the proper indoctrination to be sure there would be no screw-ups. Based on what little I could assess, he was ready to carry this out. Mr K made absolutely sure that Mr G was properly aware of what would happen if something went wrong. He was angrily warning Mr G that he would not survive the walk back to the car let alone see another sunset. He seemed to understand but time would tell.
They left feeling fairly confident and Mr K said he expected to be gone an hour or two. I thought to myself about what should I do with Mrs G while they were gone. An hour to two was plenty of time but I wondered how she might react to what I would want to do. I decided to go in and talk to her. I checked on the daughter downstairs to be sure she was breathing and she seemed totally out of it but breathing normally. I then went upstairs and found Mrs. G bound naked in the bed without a gag. I entered the room and she immediately asked me to come closer. She began what would turn out to be a weird conversation. What do you think your boss will do to me when this is over? I replied quickly, do you think it will be over soon? She responded that she was confident her spineless stupid husband wasn’t going to try anything stupid and would lead Mr. K directly to the discs and back here. She was hoping that that would account for the end of this ordeal. She added that while she was really disappointed in her husband she had taken a liking to Mr K and that it was the best sex she’d had in a very long time not to mentioned that she had never been fucked simultaneously by two guys and she found that experience, mind blowing. I replied that I had no idea what her fate would be but that if the discs were recovered and returned to their rightful owners than it was feasible that all of this would be over a lot sooner than we all thought. I had been sitting on the side of the bed and I felt her hand stroking my leg the best that she could given she was bound hand and foot. She the inquired about her daughter and I thought to myself, no sense telling the truth at this point. I told her that her daughter had not been violated in anyway that Mr K had done a thorough examination of her and was overwhelmed with how pure and innocent she seemed to be and that since you had become so cooperative and had had such a good time with him, he decided to spare your daughter any insult whatsoever. He did administer a small sedative to her that would cause the amnesia that he had referred to so to make sure she had no recollection of her being tied up or restrained in any way but that she should be respected and not touched. Mrs G seemed quite relieved about that and very appreciative. She asked me did that disappoint me. I responded that her daughter was indeed very attractive and not and that he would have liked very much to have had sex with her but the boss was the boss for a very important reason and whatever he decided was law. I added a question to through out 5 to get ten. Do you know Mrs G whether or not your daughter is a virgin. Oh no she replied quickly, she has had a boyfriend for over a year now and I believe that she gave herself to him a few months ago since she asked me to support and help he get birth control. She then asked if I wanted to do to her what I had planned for her daughter? I said that I was looking forward to having her daughter suck my cock and let me fuck those gorgeous young tits and come in her mouth. Mrs G said that her tits were probably not as gorgeous as her daughters but she would be more than willing to take her place for that assignment. I released her from her restraints and she immediately went for my cock, reaching inside my pants and yanking it out. She admired, what a beautiful cock you have sir and added I guess I’ll never know your real name will I. I shook my head no and thanked her for her compliment.
She began licking my member from my tip to my sack with great enthusiasm. It seemed like she did that for quite a long time before she took a break and muttered would you please play with me. I need to cum. I reached for her cunt which was very wet. I tickled her clit and made it hard quickly as it grew to the size of a small almond. I began to finger it aggressively and had her ready to come in no time. When I thought she was nearly ready, I plunged two fingers deep into her cunt trying to hit her G spot. I must have done just that because she screamed out and clamped down on my hand and nearly broke it. I had just given her a huge orgasm. She spurt a tiny bit of cum onto my hand and bucked wildly. When she had calmed down she resumed sucking my cock, deep throating it often and stroking it with vigor. I was massaging her tits and aiming to arrange to get my cock between her tits and spurt into her mouth. I was nearly there when my first shot exploded and landed in her face. I shot one additional round and she opened her mouth in time get most of it to taste as I continued to send two more strong spurts onto her tits. She seemed fairly satisfied covered in my sperm and wiped it off with a bed sheet. She said something like you really know how to work with those hands buddy. As I heard my cellphone ringing. I scrambled to get it as I was sure to keep it right at my side while Mr K was away. Sure enough it was Mr K and he advised that everything had gone accordingly to plan and that they would be back at the house in 15 minutes. I was told to get Mrs G dressed and to be waiting right inside the kitchen near the garage door when they arrived. Mrs G inquired who was on the phone and I set we have our next order. I’m going to untie you and you need to freshen up and get dressed as soon as you can. Her reaction was not unexpected. What do you mean get dressed, why? What happens now? I reiterated that ours what not to question why but to do as we were told. You can have a few minutes in the bathroom but I will be with you and then you must get dressed immediately. Now lets get going. I grabbed her by the arm, helped her from the bed and led her into the bathroom. She was still questioning what the plan was and not cooperating. I again warned her that this was not the time to become a problem and that Mr K would not appreciate non-compliance with his requests. She yelled back; oh yea you let me worry about your Mr K. I’ve got him right where I want him. I thought to myself, boy does this chick got it all wrong. I wasn’t tipping my hand at all but I suggested she just do as told. She planted herself down into the toilet and I heard her pee. She wiped herself, got up and got a washcloth out of the closet. Soaped it up and cleaned some private areas and then washed her face with some special soap. She then set to applying some makeup, brushing her hair which clearly need to be shampooed but there would no time for that. She lead the way back into the bedroom and approached a large dresser. Rifled through one drawer that had nothing but panties and some of them seemed fairly risqu?The same for another drawer that had bras. She chose a matching set both in a pale pink color. I actually enjoyed watching her dress and she put the panties on just right, making sure they covered as little as possible and then carefully placed those precious mounds into the bra cups. I estimated she was a full D if not a DD. She went to the large walk-in closet and I followed her in. She chose what appeared to be an expensive pair of jeans, added a gold belt and put on looked like a black cashmere sweater. All the while muttering what the hell happens now. I bet your boss wants to take me to some exotic island and fuck my brains out for weeks. I thought she had the later right, someone would he fucking her brains out for weeks but it wouldn’t be Mr K and it wouldn’t be exotic by any stretch. She pulled out a pair of black sandals and said lets go wherever we’re going.
As we went downstairs, Mrs G asked if she could look in on her daughter. I didn’t see any downside so I agreed. She went straight to the head of the bed and looked into her eyes which were watery, red and woefully glazed over. Hello Melissa darling, how are you doing? Melissa didn’t even acknowledge that she was there. She just muttered something like, “great just great”. Mrs G said something like, my God you all really snowed her. I guess that’s better than having her have some nasty recollection of all of this. We went into the kitchen and no sooner had reached it when I heard the garage door activated. Mr K pulled the Escalade in and closed the door immediately. He went around to the passengers side and pulled Mr G out of the car much more roughly than I would have expected. So much so as he fell onto the cement floor with a thud. Get up you sorry fuck, Mr K yelled. Still handcuffed Mr G struggled to his feet and the two of them came into the kitchen. Stay here Mr K screeched at me and Mrs G. I’ll be right back. This way you idiot, pulling Mr G. along. They seem to be headed towards the upstairs bedroom and Mrs G got more and more agitated, wondering what was going on. Mr K came back directly with his suitcase in hand and as he approached his cellphone was ringing. He spoke cryptically into it. Yes sir, I understand. Thank you sir. You know you can count on our organization. He ended the call and turned to me and said, mission accomplished, the discs are in the bosses possession. Mrs G could obviously hear this and said with relief, so I guess this is all over know and we can all go back to our miserable lives. Not really Mr K responded, I still have one more task that needs to be completed. He reached into an inside flap of the suitcase and pulled out a vial with a hypodermic needle. The expression on Mrs G face changed markedly. What is that all about she said pointing to the needle. Like I said Mr K replied, there is one important component left to be completed. What is it Mrs G demanded? Well darling you’ll be accompanying me back. Where are we going she exclaimed? I’m not going anywhere unless I know where I’m going and whom I’m going with. She began to back away from Mr K and I and looked like she was contemplating so type of escape. Mr K leaped to grab her and she slipped from his grip but I was right behind him and caught her head on. Mr K spun around like you see in a crazy movie. Grabbed her from me by the hair and slapped her face with a crack that I’m sure you could have heard a block away. The look on her face could only be classified as totally startled. She tried to speak but couldn’t. Any thought she had of Mr K being nice and submissive was long gone after he landed that punch to her face. In fact as I looked at her, her eye was beginning to swell and close. He adeptly filled the syringe and better than most medics or surgeons I’ve seen, plunged the needle into her thigh right through her jeans and into her large muscle. She was out like a light within seconds and Mr K instructed me to help him put her in the back of the Escalade. We covered her with a large blanket and went back through the house, tidying up, untying the daughter and giving Mr G a syringe of his own which Mr K said was a cocktail of the same stuff his daughter got with some other drug that would render his recollection completely void.
Mr K instructed me to a location that was way out in the sticks. It was a farm with no neighbors anywhere within 5 miles of anything. We drove up to the standalone farm building at the back of the property. Mr K had us drive right into the building and the doors were closed behind us. Two guys approached the back of the Escalade and yanked Mrs G right out before we even had a chance to get out. They picked her up and carried her to the far rear of the building to what appeared to be a stairway down. Mr K said you may want to see this Bucko. We followed the two burly guys down the stairs and then through what looked like a trap door to a lower level. What I saw there was something that I had never seen nor ever thought I’d ever see. It was a slave farm for lack of a better term. There were 3 women, 2 men and now Mrs G all secured to chains that look like they were from a construction site. They seemed to be in good physical condition but all of them seemed to be sedated. In one section of this large open area was what was clear to me to be a torture chamber with every conceivable contraption known to man. This was a truly wild place. Mr K whispered in my ear, we could have a lot of fun here Bucko. This is someplace we should come back and visit, don’t you agree? I said, just tell me when boss and I’ll be there or here or whatever you say. All right now calm down Bucko I just wanted you to see where our beloved Mrs G will likely spend her remaining days/years. We have got more important things to do right now. We’ll be back to play some day soon. Its time to collect our fee.
We left and got into the Escalade and drove him to his hotel. He handed me an envelope which has become standard operating procedure. I thanked him as usual and he said he would be needing my services again by the hand of the week. I said I’d be ready.

Chapter 5 to follow

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