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When I left off with the last story, my roommates Jenny and Amber, who were mother and daughter, were standing in the kitchen with me, all of us nude. The three of us had just had an incredible sex session together and were recuperating from all the physical exertion. After we had a refreshing drink in the kitchen, we decided to take a shower together in my master bathroom, which was large enough to contain the three of us comfortably. It was fun, we soaped each other up and generally teased each other while we were in the shower. First I thought we would end up having some more sex after drying up, with all the continued visual stimulation. But my dick didn't really grow beyond a little stiffness at this point, which made it dangle around a little stronger than usually. I guess Jenny and Amber also were plenty worn out and we spent the rest of the day in the nude, but without any more sexual activity. Later in the evening, I tried to call some of my friends to see if they wanted to come over to join in the fun. However, they all had already made other plans and gone to various functions.

During the following week, I stopped by one of my neighbors down the road on my way home from work. Bob was working on his front lawn and when he saw me we started to chat. During the conversation, I casually mentioned what my two roommates and I had done during the previous weekend, which interested Bob a whole lot more than I would have expected. He and his wife Barbara, who were both in their late 40's, had been over at my house in the past, and I at theirs, for social get-togethers. A sexual topic had never come up during those occasions. Only when I and Bob were talking alone to each other. You know, when two guys are talking trash. I thought they were quite innocent as a couple. Turns out, Bob told me that he and his wife would be very interested in having me over with my two roommates and doing some partying like we did the previous weekend. Bob had a built-in pool in the back yard with plenty of privacy, and he invited us to a pool party the following Saturday, exactly one week after the original sex session with my two roommates. He added that their teenage son had turned 18 just a few days ago. His name is Michael, and he is kind of nerdy. He is excellent in school, which his parents are very supportive of, but Bob thought that he probably never got laid before. He was not bad looking, but he was way too busy studying all throughout high school. Bob felt sorry for him and wanted him to get his first sexual experience. Bob and Barb also had a 19-year-old daughter, named Tanya. She was out of town in college.

The following Saturday, when it came time to go over to Bob's place in the early afternoon, we put on clothes, having been in the nude until then. I put on swimming trunks and a t-shirt. Jenny put on a red bikini and Amber an orange one. Both two-pieces were quite skimpy and well-chosen for their respective bodies. They left little to the imagination and covered up just enough. Then they each slipped on a summer dress over their bikinis to walk over to our neighbors. Both Jenny and Amber knew what was going to happen while we were over there, including Michael's sexual initiation. Amber smiled, winked with one eye and said she would take the initiative for that.

We arrived at our neighbors' and went straight to the back yard, where Bob, Barb, and Michael were already waiting, and they had refreshing drinks and snacks ready for us. Barb had Japanese ancestry. She was petite, had straight, black, shoulder-long hair, and generally looked very cute. She was wearing a tie-dye tanktop that revealed her midriff, and a white bikini bottom. A few minutes after our arrival, she suggested: “Why don't we get more comfortable and let our whole bodies take advantage of the nice weather ?” With that, she stripped off her tanktop, revealing boobs that were as small as they were perky. When she took off her bikini bottom, I could see a shaved and very smooth pubic area with a butterfly tattoo right above her pussy lips. Her husband, my roommates and myself followed suit, and found ourselves in the nude. Only Matthew hesitated and instead was clearly blushing. When his mom noticed, she encouraged him to get rid off his clothes.

He responded: “Mom, I have never seen you or dad naked. We usually wear bathing suits around our pool”. I'm not comfortable with this.

His mom then said: “Matthew, you are an adult now, old enough for mature activities. Don't be shy and join in. There are already five of us adults in our birthday suits.”

He proceeded to take off his swimming trunks. He turned away from us as he was doing this and sat down on one of the reclining lawn chairs, still with his back turned towards us.

His mom then reminded us all that we should apply sunscreen and she suggested that we pair up to apply the lotion to each other, since we needed to make sure that the sunscreen covers our whole bodies, especially those areas where the sun usually don't shine. The women had obvious tanlines, and everyone's asses and pubic areas were completely untanned. We agreed and right away, Amber walked over to Michael. Bob paired up with Jenny, which left me and Barb. I did not mind at all. As Jenny and Barb rubbed the sunscreen onto Bob and me, respectively, I glanced over where Amber and Michael were sitting. She asked him to turn around which meant he would be facing all of us. Now it became obvious why he had turned away in the first place. His dick was rock hard. With his inexperience in all things sexual, it must have grown quickly as soon as our clothes came off.

Amber said: “I better make sure that I don't get sunburned on my untanned boobs,” and very sensually applied the sunscreen on her gorgeous boobs. She repeatedly moved her hands over her nipples, flicking them in the process. Michael was watching with his jaw open and his dick kept twitching. He was obviously and extremely turned on by what he saw. Amber smiled and said she will have Michael finish with her body in a little bit, and then she turned her attention to him. She rubbed lotion on the front of his body. When she arrived at his crotch area, she first rubbed the untanned area around his dick, then she rubbed the underside of his dick by pressing it against his abdomen. Then she applied the lotion to his whole dick by wrapping her right hand around his hard member. She slowly ran her hand up and down. Not five seconds later, Michael let out a moan he was trying to suppress, his body started twitching, and cum shot out of his cock, so forcefully that some of it hit Amber's chin and stuck to it. When he was done cumming, he said “I'm so sorry”. Amber responded: “That's OK, man. Really!” We all nodded in agreement. Michael clearly had a lot of sexual energy built up. And even after he had that strong orgasm, his dick stayed rock hard.

The other two ladies took the cue from what Amber did and spent more time than necessary to apply sunscreen to our dicks. As a result, Bob and I both got a hard-on, although we did not cum at this time. Bob's hard dick was shaped like a banana, I noticed. After the three of us guys were done getting sunscreen applied to our front and back, it was us our turn to do the same for the gals. We returned the favor and rubbed the lotion on the women's entire respective bodies. We remained paired up the same way. At this time, Michael glanced over to his dad and me to learn from us. We payed special attention the women's boobs and rubbed them extensively. We could hear quiet moans come out of all three of them when we did. Barb's nipples reacted particularly strongly to the stimulation from my hands. They kept growing longer and longer and ended up being about ¼ inch long. Bob leaned over and said: “I thought you might like that” Some time later, we spent a lot of time on their inner thighs, working our way to their pussies. We agreed that their respective clits needed a lot of sunblock protection in particular. More so by rubbing than by using more product. We got each of the women to get at least a couple of orgasms that way and finished up applying the sunscreen on the rest of their bodies. Each of the three of us maintained hard-ons the entire time.

All of us being fully protected from the sun's rays, we jumped into the pool. We did some horseplaying in the pool. While this was going on, Bob and I agreed to grab the women by their waist and set them down on the side of the pool, to give them oral sex. Bob then called over to Michael in the pool: “Son, watch this and follow our example”. We still continued with the same pairings. Bob grabbed Jenny, I grabbed Barb. We lifted them up on the edge of the pool and set them down on their asses. We lifted up their legs and spread them. All this while we were still standing in the pool. When Michael saw this, he did the same with Amber, including what was still to come. After spreading their legs, we locked our lips onto their respective pussies and worked on their clits, pussy lips and vaginas. The women kept cumming again and again. They had to keep their voices down to make sure that nobody on the street, all the way on the other side of the house, would hear them.

After we were done with the tongue-lashing, we got out of the pool. We went over to the reclining chairs, which thankfully were very sturdy and didn't tip over easily. Barb kneeled down on all fours on the chair, and I penetrated her doggiestyle. Her pussy was very tight, considering she had given birth to two children. Jenny laid down on her back and Bob fucked her missionary-style. Apparently, his upward-curving dick stimulated her G-spot especially strongly. She wiggled around on the chair like mad and kept saying how good Bob made her feel. Amber had Michael lie down on his back. She straddled him and lowered her pussy onto him, getting his dick to enter her from below. Again, it didn't take him long to have an orgasm. After a few seconds, he shook and moaned while shooting his load into Amber's pussy. He kept going, though, and ended up having almost as many orgasms as the women had while they were fucking us. I was impressed!

Eventually we all had our share of orgasms and took a break. There were enough reclining chairs for each of us individually. We each grabbed another refreshing drink and laid down to rest, listening to some nice, mellow music. The light breeze in the air helped get rid of the heavy sweat that we all had accumulated during our sex session.

Then something happened that reminded me of the previous weekend which I described in my last story: Someone unexpectedly walked in on us. This time it was Bob's and Barb's daughter, Michael's older sister. She came home from college this weekend as a surprise. When she arrived in the house, she heard us chilling behind the house and came right out to the backyard. To her surprise, she saw the six of us laying naked on the reclining lawn chairs. Her parents said hello to her and invited her to get undressed. She said she never thought she would ever see her family like this, but that she acquired quite a bit of sexual experience since entering college, so she didn't mind. With that, she took off her t-shirt, jean-shorts, bra, and panties. Tanya definitely got most of her genes from her mom. Her face was Japanese and she, too, had that petite Asian body with the small and very cute boobs. Her pussy was topped by a small patch of black pubic hair. And her ass was to die for! I noticed that when she turned around to place her folded clothes on the grass behind her. Her ass was absolutely perfectly rounded. When she bent down, she spread her legs ever so slightly, revealing her pussy lips from behind. Man, did I get turned on! Tanya noticed my hardening dick when she turned back around. She looked at me, winked at me and had a devious smile on her face.

I quickly introduced my roommates to her and vice versa. This was followed by Tanya saying that she had an idea. She walked over to Amber, who were both college girls and about a year apart in age. Amber was still lying on her back, and Tanya got on all fours above Amber, facing the opposite direction. Yes, the two of them proceeded to have a 69! The rest of us gasped and couldn't believe what we were seeing. We didn't mind at all, of course. Then Barb got up, walked over to Jenny, and got on top of her. They also got into a 69.

This left Bob, his son, and myself. The three of us were absolutely stunned, watching in awe what the two pairs of women were doing to each other. We got up to get closer to the two reclining chairs the women were on. All three of us were already rock hard again. Again, due to Michael's inexperience, this extreme stimulation was too much for him, and he had another orgasm. He shot out more cum as soon as he had gotten up. All it took to get him over the edge was that he briefly touched his dick by taking his erection between his thumb and forefinger and sliding the two fingers along his shaft once.

We were exposed to incredible visual stimulation, watching the two pairs of women go at it with the 69's, and accompanying audible stimulation through the moans of the four women. Because of what we were experiencing, it didn't matter any more who was related to whom. The three of us guys proceeded to fuck the women, switching around between them again and again. With them being on the reclining lawn chairs, we had easy access to all four of their pussies, either by standing down or by kneeling down. We were penetrating them from behind at the same time that they were continually giving each other oral sex in two's with the 69's. Judging by the multiple orgasms that the four women had again and again, they were enjoying themselves a great deal. They stayed in place and us guys made the rounds. We were able to move around freely, since it was three guys and four gals. One of the women was always available, meaning one of the four pussies was always not being fucked at any given time.

We lasted quite a while, even Michael this time. It helped that we had multiple orgasms before, especially Michael, and that we periodically gave our dicks a break while we were moving from one woman/pussy to the next. But even this round of raw sex had to come to an end. At about the same time, Bob, Michael, and I were indicating that we were about to cum. The four women got up quickly and got into a semi-circle, on their knees, with their backs straight up. Their faces were close to each other. This enabled the three of us guys to place our dicks in front of the four women's faces. We shot out our cum at the same time, all over the four faces in front of us. We had plenty of cum left in us and covered their faces with spurt after spurt.
That was enough sex for all of us for now. We each took a shower to clean off the sweat, and the women also washed off all the cum on their faces. We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at the pool. Still in the nude, but without any more sex. Eventually, my roommate and me put our clothes back on and headed back home. We all agreed that we had a very memorable and enjoyable day.

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