Thanks to those of you who have repeatedly asked me to write more especially about Young Vickie’s sexual experiences. I am sorry for such long delays. Life has been difficult as I find myself like many others, the victim of the financial debacle of Wall Street as well as the ‘executive’ stupidity, hubris, greed and miss management of our big banks and then there are those 3rd world credit card cartels. Shameful corporate behavior. Many should be jailed at Gitmo with other world terrorists bent on destroying America. No, it’s not really an over the top idea now is it!
It had been a long time since Vickie had seen her Daddy. He was traveling in South America again on what had become a difficult and extended business trip… or something like that. Anyway, Vickie just knew she missed him…. What’s the word? Naughtily. Is that a word? Yes! She missed the hugs, the electricity she felt whenever he touched her, the sound of his voice, the rich, warm way he always smelled when she buried her face in his neck. She missed sleeping with him, loving him. Vickie missed fondling and licking his beautiful cock and his balls. She was only 11 years old but she clearly had the sexual desire, passion and lust of a more mature female.

Ron, her Dad called two days earlier saying he would pick her up Friday for a summer vacation week at the beach. He said he had some big surprises for her too. Surprises he said he was certain she would like. Smiling, Vickie thought how much she loved all her Daddy’s surprises. Since last Thanksgiving’s trip to the beach she had experienced one wonderful surprise after another and all of them always kept her young pussy wet. She had a big surprise for him too. She was no longer a virgin! She forced her mother’s vibrator into her little pussy through her hymen. It hurt badly but she was happy and proud of herself. Vickie was going to fuck her Daddy’s brains out! Yea! Really fuck for him, with her tight little her pussy. Her wet dream!
Her mother was at work leaving Vickie at home this morning to pack and dress and wait for her dad to pick her up for their trip to the ocean. In her room she heard the door bell ring! Oh boy! It’s Daddy! Wearing snug fitting white cotton shorts and a white T she grabbed her bag and ran to the front of the house. There he was! She jumped into his arms wrapping her long, smooth little girl legs around his body hugging him frantically. “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!” He laughed. How she had miss the contact, the physical sensation of snuggling with him. And there was the warm, masculine smell she knew so well. “I have missed you so much Daddy!” It was clear the feeling was mutual because Vickie could feel the bulge of his hardening cock against her little panty covered pussy as she wiggled herself against her father. Reaching down behind her with both hands he cupped her beautiful cotton panty covered butt and as if by magic his fingers found her young asshole immediately. Then pulling her to him he squeezed and rubbed her against the growing manhood in his pants like a little sex doll.

“Boy did I miss you my sweet girl and do I have a surprise for you! Wanna see it?” “Right here on the porch? What if somebody sees! Moms gone. Let’s go up to my room so I can get it out of your pants for you and then I’ll…..” “Whoa! Slow down little girl! Not that surprise. Not yet anyway. I have another one …actually two of them in the truck. Come on naughty girl!” He grinned. Approaching the truck they saw the passenger door opened and out stepped a woman who could have been Hallie Berry’s ‘ugly’ sister. Beautiful in her own right just not quite as heart stopping as her look-a-like movie star twin. A pair of spectacular legs unfolded from the truck; long, long legs with flawless mocha suede looking skin. Her legs coming together and disappearing just under a very short but expensive looking bright magenta dress. The site stopped Vickie dead in her tracks. Her heart jumped a beat. Swallowing, “Who is that Daddy?” “Her name is Eva.” As he spoke out of the back door came a young boy dressed in soccer clothes and shoes. “And that is her son 10 year old Alex! Surprised? She works for your Daddy now.”
Vickie was speechless. This was not at all what she had in mind when he said he had surprises for her. Her heart sank. “Vickie?” he asked her again. “What the matter?”

Smiling, arms open wide Eva walked right up to Vickie bent down and hugged her good revealing luscious breasts down her scoop-neck top. Eva said, “Vickie you are every bit as pretty as your Daddy told us you were! He just goes on and on about you. He has told me everything about you. Everything. He loves you so much. And I see why. Those eyes…Lord child you have such big beautiful eyes.” She hugged her close again sliding her hand down to pat Vickie’s little ass, in her ear she said, “What a perfect little stick-out butt, MMMMmmmm puffy nipples I can see them through you shirt and your just getting your tits too aren’t you darlin’! Oh we’re gonna have such a good time.” She whispered and her tongue darted into Vickie’s ear in a wet kiss. Oh my Eva smelled good to Vickie; overwhelmingly warm, clean and sensuous. Vickie’s pussy was instantly wet. She closed her eyes and hugged Eva back tightly feeling the woman’s full breasts and large nipples against her own budding baby tits. She wanted to see those big things and suck on them. Her breath was quickening and her hands began to tremble in sexual anticipation. There was no mistaking Eva’s interest in her even before that hot breath and wonderful wet tongue snaked into her ear. Giving her Daddy a dreamy look while Eva’s mouth was still licking and sucking her ear Vickie said, “I love my surprise Daddy.” Eva hugged her tightly long fingers exploring her little butt crack, her Daddy grinning at them hungrily.

And then Vickie noticed 10 year old Alex standing beside her Dad watching everything. He was a tall, handsome young mocha colored boy with a nice sized tent growing in his soccer shorts. Maybe her other surprise?

It was a three hour drive to the beach. With Daddy driving, Eva in front with him, Alex and Vickie in the back seats. Everyone was talking and laughing, playing driving games just like they had been together forever. Vickie felt so good, so happy. This was neat and going to get even better. They stopped a Dairy Queen for cheese burgers, fries, cherry limeades for dinner and the bathroom. The one more hour to the beach. After eating Vickie dosed off as did Alex. It was getting dark. She woke just long enough to want to lie over and put her head in his lap. As she snuggled over on him she felt his cock in his shorts on the side of her face. It was small. But it was exciting to feel his penis against her face. As she lay still against him he became more and more erect. A wet dream? He appeared to be fast asleep. She rearranged her head on him as his erection pointed straight up now. Vickie turned her head nuzzled the cock with her lips and kissed it taking the side of it into her mouth through his shorts. It was small. Not real small but nothing like her Daddy’s. The super thin black silky soccer shorts gave her a perfect outline and feeling of his 10 year old erection in her mouth but she want to taste his dick. It was almost like Alex had nothing on under the shorts at all. Just the netting inside maybe. Vickie thought boys were suppose to wear something call a ‘jock’ to protect their balls. Anyway she had almost complete access to the boy. Sliding her fingers up the open leg of his shorts under her head she touched his balls. They were there for sure, two little balls in his sac. No hairs yet like her Dad, and they were about the size of small grapes. Vickie checked to see that the adults were paying no attention and in the dark she more daringly grabbed sleeping Alex’s little nuts and began to really feel them, gently pull on them and massage them between her fingers. He stirred a bit opening his legs more for her. Wonderful she thought. Vickie was being overcome with that strong oral urge of hers she always wanted everything in her mouth. Now she wanted to get his cock and those little balls in her mouth.

Quietly she checked to see what the grownups were doing in the front seat. Dad was just driving but Eva was nowhere to be seen. Then between the front seats Vickie could see Eva with her head in her Daddy’s lap bobbing up and down. Then she heard the unmistakable sounds of what her Daddy called a ‘wonderful wet blowjob’. Not many 11 year old girls knew what a ‘wet blowjob’ was. When the girl gags up that super slippery stuff from her belly and uses it to throat fuck the cock deeper. And with his help Eva was gagging herself hard on his cock, her cheeks puffed out big gagging then recovering, sucking, spitting and deep throating again. Her Daddy’s hand on the back of Eva’s head pushing his cock all the way down her throat. Vickie had experienced that big beautiful thing pushing down her throat and she had made these same sexy gagging noises many times for her Daddy. Her little pussy was sopping now.
Well if they were that busy she figured correctly they would never know what she was doing to Alex and he was still sound asleep. From out of the leg of his shorts his 4 ½ inch hard penis disappeared into her mouth. God it was so good to suck cock again. Vickie loved the taste, the feeling and the smell of a cock and balls. With Alex she could take it all and still stick out her tongue licking his little balls at the same time. A trick she learned watching her mother on a video tape as she was performing for the young college age black man her girlfriends gave her for her birthday. Vickie’s hand was in her short now her fingers creating that wet, sticky ‘clicking’ noise a pussy makes when fingered fucked. She was about to cum. She didn’t know it but so was Alex. Suddenly his hands were on her head holding her while he began to thrust into her mouth fucking her face hard. She just went with it, loving it, her eyes rolling back in her head as she came soaking her panties with little girl orgasm juice. Without a sound Alex seized…. his body arched up tight and he squirted one, two, three, four small streams of something tasting like and the consistency of, a cross between pre-cum and real cum. He shot into her throat so deeply it forced her to swallow. OMG he was delicious! 10 year old boy cum. So sexy, so hot. She didn’t think a boy this age could squirt cum at all! Now it was nothing like when her Daddy came for her shooting those thick ropes of white, rich, hot, salty sperm she loved to taste and eat. That was incredible to feel when he went off in her mouth. …Five, six and seven, even eight shots to the back of her throat, on her face, her tongue and sometimes on her nubbin tits. Strong smelling and tasting sex goo and lots of it all over her little body. Happy, happy girl.
Alex’s little cock was getting soft quickly and he was super sensitive jerking hard as Vickie tried to suck any remaining cum from him. She knew she should just stop sucking and hold him gently in her warm wet mouth until he was fully flaccid and let the last of his sperm dribble into her mouth and it would with no more sucking. She knew that. A girl’s mouth was so good it hurt at this stage for her man. Her Daddy had taught her well. Sometimes he reacted the same way. Other times he wanted her to suck hard and lick it all out of him. It seemed to depend on how long they had been apart and maybe how good she had preformed for him…how submissive she had been. How hungry she was and how much noise she made for him during their sex. Vickie really couldn’t help it. He said she made wonderful little girl sex noises and he encouraged her, working her harder to get even more out of her.

Eva was making noises now. Quiet moans and gags, sniffing as snot runs from her nose while her Daddy shot his wad into Eva’s mouth. Vickie knew the sounds and could imagine the exact experience Eva was having right now. Thick, hot cum filling her mouth and sometimes coming from her noise as she gagged and snorted. That big, angry cock flexing up even bigger and harder as it emptied his balls into his woman’s belly. Tonight Eva was the lucky woman but soon it would be Vickie’s turn again. She knew her Daddy couldn’t resist his 11 year old lusting after his cock….performing for him. Her Daddy was a child lover and Vickie was his child lover.

The Beach

Early the next morning Vickie was awake, yawning, stretching and rubbing her eyes. Wandering into the living room with a view of the ocean from the 7th floor of the beach front condo units. She could see her Daddy already up to his waist in the small breakers surf fishing…one of his favorite things in the world. Alex was with him learning how to rig and cast. She peeked in to their bedroom. Eva was still sound asleep. She was truly beautiful, even in her sleep, even after a night of heavy sex. Vickie and Alex had fallen asleep long before the adults went at it. The kids were exhausted. As Vickie watched her sleeping Eva turned over revealing one of her luscious bare breasts. It was full, high and like the rest of her mocha brown suede. Her nipples were dark, smooth and slightly puffy…begging to be sucked. Vickie could not contain herself. Slipping into the room, creeping up beside the bed she gazed and drooled at the sight of this beautiful woman’s tit. She got on her knees and gently kissed and licked the nipple; it sprang to attention…Eva’s ‘high beams’ came on! Like men’s cocks, women’s nipples get hard and have a feeling and a taste all their own. Vickie had to suck. Trembling again she sucked the dark, hard nipple into her young mouth. Eva’s breasts were firm and soft all at the same time; again like a man’s cock. Vickie took the body of the breast in both hands and still could not cover it completely but it pushed the nipple higher filling her young mouth with nipple and tit making sucking even more satisfying. Eva finally moaned awake. Smiling a very sleepy smile she cupped the back of Vickie’s head in her left hand pulling the little girl down hard into her tits. Vickie was smothered in two if the prettiest, sexiest tits she had even seen. She rubbed her face all over them. So hot! Eva was in sexual heaven too. She loved the very young ones ….little boys and little girls. She threw the covers back completely, “Come lay on top of me baby. Take your clothes off pretty girl, lay between my legs.”

Vickie was naked on top of her before Eva’s words stopped ringing through the air! Eva kissed her passionately her very wet tongue going deep in the little girl’s mouth. Vickie sucked it like a hungry baby swallowing the woman’s saliva and going back for more. Eva broke the kiss only long enough to look into Vickie’s eyes. “Lordy girl, you are an exciting little thing aren’t you now! Look at those little erect nipples on your budding tits! Soooooooooo sexy little girl. I want to kiss you senseless baby, come here.” Vickie loved this idea, her Daddy sometimes “kissed her senseless” too to get her wet and ready for him. She loved that dazed, hot feeling of sexual kissing. Eva pulled the child to her pushing her big, long tongue to the very back of Vickie’s throat almost gagging her, and then licking Vickie’s lips, her front teeth… even the roof of the 11 year olds mouth. Eva was sex hungry for this little girl, salivating big time into the child’s open mouth kisses. Vickie swallowed everything Eva drooled into her mouth, sucking the woman’s big, hot pink tongue excitedly. Eva’s breath was hot, delicious and wonderful as Vickie breathed her in. Too short to rub her hairless pussy against Eva’s and kiss her at the same time so Vickie pulled her right knee up tightly against Eva’s hot, wet hairy cunt and Eva hunched her….her tight pink lips leaving shiny wet pussy tracks on the little girl’s leg. Using her well defined stomach strong butt muscles Eva was now beginning to fuck and hump hard against Vickie working herself to sexual pleasure with this little girl. Vickie helped her by pushing her knee harder into the sexy mocha woman’s pussy breaking their kiss to suck Eva’s spectacular tits….her favorite thing in the world. Almost. Sucking cock was even better. If you do it right they squirt in your mouth and you’re in complete control of a grown man! Vickie loved that feeling of making a man lose control…holding and fondling her Daddy’s balls, sucking his cock until he cums in her mouth! Whether he wanted to or not. (Yeah right!)

Then Eva curled her toes, arched her head back hard, made a big “O” with her mouth, gasped and this beautiful woman grunted and grunted again hard her body convulsing, she squirted all over Vickie’s leg. Wow, she had never seen that before. Wow, If you do it right they squirt too!!! What did she squirt? What would it be like if my mouth was down there when she did that, Vickie wondered? I wonder what it tastes like! What is it? Pee? No, I don’t think so, it didn’t smell like pee. It was slippery, different. “I’ll find out next time she does it!” Vickie whispered to herself.

A breathless Eva said “Just out of curiosity little girl what is your sign?”

“Daddy says my sign is ‘Slippery when wet.’ whatever that means.”

Eva said, “I know exactly what he means. That’s mine too!”


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