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ok people trying something new..... Let me know if u like the whole 3 chapters at once or back to the 2 at once
Chapter 19

It was finally time to go to the grocery store to restore our diminished
supplies. "You ready to go AJ?" I asked. "Yep I'll be there in a second." he
replied hugging his little brother bye and running out to catch up with me. I
hooked the trailer cart up to the ATV and we were off to town. We walked into
the store a little while later to a raunchy smell. "Eww oh my god what the
hell is that smell?" Adam asked pinching his nose shut. It turned out to be the
fruit and things like that sitting on the shelves that had gone bad and
rotted. We each grabbed a cart and went on to load them up with what we needed.
This time around we got some foods we could cook in the micro wave oven that
Adrien was going to make work soon. As we walked along loading the carts the
fact that this supply of food wasn't going to last us forever and we would need
to find some where else to find food eventually. It took us about an hour to
gather up the food we were taking back with us and we bagged then up in the
front of the store before loading the ATV and cart up. I had initially wanted
AJ to come with me so we could have some fun private time together, but when
I asked him if we wanted to he told me he just wasn't up for it at the
moment. I could sense something tearing at him in his mind but I wasn't sure what
could be worrying him to the point of not wanting to get his dick sucked. With
out pressing the issue any further we loaded the food up in the ATV and
trailer and drove to the wal mart for a few things I had forgotten to get last
time. We walked in cautiously like usual and went to collect the things I
forgot to get. "Why are we in here?" he asked. "I forgot to get Chris his damn
toilet paper. You know how he likes to have his soft ass wipe." I said laughing.
"Hey you think we should get in the registers and take the money?" AJ asked.
"What for? Money is about worthless now." I told him. Seeing my point he
shrugged his shoulders. As we walked through the store he found a sun glasses
display and grabbed a few pairs to protect his sensitive eyes. The ones he
usually wore were getting a bit worn out. As I gathered the things we needed AJ
got a small basket and filled it up with candies before I could stop him.
"Dude you know we shouldn't take that stuff back. That'll be the only thing the
little guys eat for a few days till it's gone then they'll be sick. Hwy don't
you just get a few things for the others and get you some stuff you want,
just don't tell them you got it." I suggested. "This is for me." He said
laughing as he loaded the basket. "Adam..." I said trying to make my point. "Ok, ok
fine." He said putting most of the junk food back. I loaded the stuff we just
got into the ATV and the one thing I wanted to come back here for most I
almost forgot about. "Dammit I almost forgot! Come on AJ." I said walking back in
the store. "What did you forget now?" he asked. "A coat! I'm tired of
freezing my balls off in the morning when I take Lucky outside." I replied. He and
I picked out a coat we liked and a light jacket to. I also grabbed a bunch of
other coats of different sizes and took them for the other boys. I wasn't
sure who would fit in what but we would figure that out later, but at least we
had the coats now.

A few hours after we had left we arrived back at the mine entrance to see
Adrien and Chris there doing something with some wires and some kind of gadget
Adrien had in his hand. "What's that?" AJ asked him. "An intruder device. It
will warn us in the cave if an intruder comes past this point." Adrien said.
after he had installed his device and hidden it and the wires I backed the
ATV and cart down in the mine as far as possible again so we could unload the
food and stuff. When I walked in the cave I was shocked. There were wires
hanging every where. "What in the hell is all of this?" I asked. "Wires for the
lights and the other stuff Casper is fixing up for us." Chris said. It seems
that Chris has given Adrien a nick name of sorts. As long as Adrien didn't
mind I guess it was ok though. We carried the food to the chamber we're using
for a kitchen and pantry and set it there till we could stow it away. In there
to was a lot of wires hanging from the ceiling and walls. It looks like Adrien
has big plans for the cave in the way of electricity form the looks of all
the wires dangling. "Cool you got the TP!" Chris cheered grabbing the toilet
paper we got. "Yep we got a bunch of new coats to. We need every one to try
them on and see what fits who." I said to the others. The only conflict we had
was with the twins arguing over which one got the red coat and who got the
blue one, or so I thought that was the only problem. In gathering up the coats
at the store I had miscounted and we were one short. Every one had a new coat
except Zack. The fact he didn't get one seemed to break his little heart. He
teared up a bit but tried not to let every one see he was upset. I felt bad
for making him feel that way so I had to make it up to him. I walked overt to
the little guy and kneeled in front of him. "Looks like we need to make
another trip to wal mart don't we." I told him rubbing his cute little head. He
wiped his eyes and said, "Really you want me to go with you?" "Well yeah, you
were the one that got screwed on the coat deal weren't you?" I told him.
"Yeah, but I never got to go any where like that before. I was always too little
to go." He replied. "Well squirt you're big enough to go with me now." I said
poking him in the ribs tickling him to cheer him up. He smiled and looked
cuter than ever even though his eyes were red from crying. I let everyone know
that I had to make another trip back to town to fix the mess up I mad in my
count of coats. Who knows maybe there will be some recreation time for me and
the little guy while we were out of the cave.

We made it back to the wal mart for the second time today and I escorted the
little guy in with me. "Ok bud stick next to me like glue don't wonder off
on your own." I instructed Zack. We went to the boys department and he picked
out the exact coat he liked and we grabbed it. To make up for making him feel
bad I took him to the toy department and let him pick out some toys he
wanted. He grabbed a few things he wanted that weren't ruined from the roof caving
in on them and we wandered the store for a bit just grabbing random thing I
figured we could use. Soon we had a cart almost full and we were now back in
the boys department again. "Hey squirt lets get you some new undies and stuff
while we're here. You pick out what you want." I told him. He walked around
with me nearby and found some boxers he liked and grabbed them and showed me.
One pair had Scooby doo on them and another had sponge bob. The only problem
was I didn't think they were going to fit him they looked too big. "Ok dude
those are neat, but I think they might be too big for you. Only one way to
know for sure strip naked and try them on." I said. "Right here?" he asked being
modest. "Why not no one is going to see you but me." I told him. I guess he
got my meaning so he unbuttoned and unzipped and dropped his pants right
there and stepped out of them, the tighty whiteys soon followed leaving him naked
from the waist down. He tried the first pair of boxers on and sure enough
they fell right off his hips. He tried the second pair and the same result,
they were too big. "Maybe they might stay up if your pecker was hard and
sticking out. That big monster would hold anything up" I told him laughing making a
joke. "You think so?" he asked being serious. Next thing I knew his fingers
were playing with his good sized limp dick trying to get it hard. I couldn't
resist it any more so I just asked him, "You want me to suck it to make it
hard?" he smiled and nodded yes. I sat down on the floor in front of the short
little guy and guided him into position and slid his half limp pecker in my
mouth. He let out a slight gasp as my tongue flipped around the tip of his
little mushroom tipped python. It didn't take long till he was fully boned up and
enjoying himself. Once he was completely hard I let him slide out of my
mouth. "Why'd you stop it felt good?" he asked. "Well I thought we was gonna get
it hard to see if the undies would stay up." I said joking. He thought I was
serious and got a mad look on his face and tried to step away from me but I
grabbed him by his hips and stopped him. "I was kidding squirt. Of course I'll
suck on it more." I told him before sliding his big boy boner back in my
mouth. I cupped his tight little buns in my palms as he began to buck his hips
back and forth fucking my mouth. I rubbed and lightly squeezed his tight
little ball sack as my tongue worked it's magic on his long hard on. Being 7 years
old I knew he wouldn't last long and from the sounds he was making I knew he
was getting close to getting off. I started to force him in and out of my
mouth faster and I felt his hands rest o top of my head keeping his balance as
he was getting off and forcing me onto his dick even harder making me gag a
few times since he was so long. A few seconds after that I heard him grunt and
inhale deeply then I felt his long pecker pulsate and jerk a bit in my
mouth. I slammed him in and out a few more times really deep and he let out a deep
breath and began to breathe rapidly. I could feel his body begin to relax
now so I spit his pecker out and let him collapse in my lap. He sat there with
his eyes closed enjoying the feeling of the orgasm he just had as I slowly
rubbed his monster sized boy dick some more. "Did you like that?" I asked.
"Yeah buddy! It felt good!" he sighed opening hi eyes. He sat for a few minutes
more as he regained his composure then stood back up. All the pent up pressure
I was building in my dick was driving me crazy. Once he was off of my lap I
slid my pants and undies down then and began to jerk my dick off like crazy.
The little guys sat next to me as I jerked and watch like it was his favorite
cartoon. I felt his hand lay on my thigh then and I just couldn't help it
any more. I took hold of his hand and brought it to my dick. He instinctively
wrapped his fingers around it and began to pump up and down on it just like I
was doing. It felt awesome letting some one else get me off again like that.
"I'm almost there..." I grunted as he jerked me. He sped up his motions and a
second later a wave of pleasure shot through me and my whole body spasmed form
the pleasure this little kid was giving me. Even though I still couldn't cum
yet it still felt great as I peaked out my orgasm I had to tell him to stop
jerking me because he was still going like crazy and it was starting to hurt
now. He let go of me and smiled as I reached for his now limp pecker. "Thanks
kiddo that was great." I told him rubbing his pecker till it was hard again.
"You're welcome. Mine felt neat to." he replied. Once I was over my pleasure
I stopped playing with his boner and we got dressed again. Before he was
dressed all the way he tried on more of the under wear and found some that fit
him. "Ok kiddo lets get this stuff back to the cave, and let's keep our "FUN"
between us for now ok." I told him. "Ok cross my heart and hope to die, stick
a needle in my eye." to said smiling. I had to laugh at the little squirt and
poked his ribs again making him squeal. We got the cart and headed for the
door so we could load the ATV and get home. On the way out I grabbed him a
sucker for being such a GOOD little boy today, if you get the point. I checked
my watch and we had spent nearly 3 hours away from the mine just wondering
through the store and having some fun. I thought to myself about how I did truly
love the feel of the younger boy's dicks in my mouth. Nothing felt better
than the feel of their mushroom headed cut peckers sliding in and out of my
mouth. The added benefits of getting something from them in return was a bonus
though lol. Any ways we left town and headed back to the mine with our load of

I backed the ATV back in the mine again and this time where the wires were
dangling in the mine shaft there were some lights hanging over head or on the
walls. Adrien had been busy while we were out. A few of the others helped
Zack and I carry our load in the cave and put it away. I looked around and
Adrien had truly been at work. There were lights hung up in the cave all over the
place and it seemed like the miles of wires that were hanging were now
bundled up and out of the way. "Wow my friend you have been busy haven't you?" I
asked the hybrid boy. He wiped the sweat from his fore head and answered, "Yes
I have been getting the lighting system ready to connect to the power
generator." I asked what else he had done and he showed me to the storage chamber to
show me what he had done. "Holy shit you did all of this in 4 hours?" I
asked in amazement. He had the chamber filled to the gills with wires and car
batteries. In the corner he had built some kind of contraption out of the
microwave oven parts and some of the electronic stuff we took from the store. "What
is that thing over there?" I asked pointing at it. "That is the artificial
sunlight generator for making photosynthesis in plants." He answered. "A
what?" I asked. "It is a plant grower. It will make light for plants to grow from.
We can grow some out food if necessary. And it will generate lighting power
for the rest of the mine." He said. I couldn't believe he had did all of this
in the short time I had been gone today. "I still need to construct the
solar panels and position them on top of the hill outside of the mine to collect
sunlight to aid the devices in power demand. And I need to construct the
nuclear power supplier to run our other electrical needs." He said. "Damn man I'm
glad you're on our side, I'd hate to see you as an enemy." I complimented
him. I patted him on the shoulder and went on to sort through the things we
brought back from the store. Josiah and AJ had built a crude table out of wood
scraps they found outside the mine entrance and placed in the chamber we were
using for a kitchen and food storage. As I watched them place it, it made me
think about maybe finding some furniture from some of the houses in town to
bring back up here so we didn't always have to sit on the ground. If things
went right soon we would have electricity in the cave and we could some luxuries
that we could never have in the safe room, like a refrigerator to keep what
food we can get cold, a tv so we can play the video game on, and what ever
else that runs on electricity we might need or want. One of the things I
brought back with us from the store was a calendar so we knew what day of the week,
or even what month it was. I checked my watch and set the date on the
calendar accordingly. My watch said it was now late October and the cold weather
would be here soon. The cave was looking more and more homey with every little
thing we put in it from town. We had all talked about it and decided not to c
hance working on the alien ship to take us to the Caribbean where it was war
until next spring so we could get the cave in shape to live in for the time

The time came for Adrien to run the power cables outside so he could set up
the solar panels he had built on the top of the hill. "Are you going to have
enough wire to run all the way out of the mine and up the hill?" Chris asked
him. "I will not need to do that the cables will run directly to the panels."
He replied. "How?" I asked. "As much as I do not want to use it, I will use
the power glove to bore a small hole straight upward to the surface on top of
the hill. I know it will drain my strength greatly but it is the easiest way
to do it." He told us. "Adrien I cant believe I'm going to say this, you keep
working on your gadgets I'll make the hole for you, I'll use the glove.
It'll probably wipe me out for a while, but that's ok you need to be able to keep
working. Having you able bodied is more important than me." I said dreading
what was about to come. He reluctantly agreed since he saw my point and
watched me put the alien glove one. I pointed my finger straight up and
concentrated on blasting a hole upward. The earth above me began to crumble in a
circular shape about two inches around and began to go upward making a hole like it
was being drilled out with a power tool. It took a few minutes but the hole
went all the way to the top of the hill and a small bean of sunlight shot
down ward through it as I collapsed into AJ ad Josiah's arms as they were ready
for it. I had warned them ahead of time that using the glove might make me
pass out so they were ready to catch me. The last thing I saw before going
unconscious was AJ's smiling face and coal black eyes. I woke up some time later
to a bright light filling the room where me and the rest of the boys slept. I
looked up with out getting up and saw a light hanging from the ceiling
working. "Did he get the wires ran?" I asked in a mumble. "Yeah he sure did and
then some." Chris answered as he was tending me. "Hey every one he's awake!"
Chris yelled out. He helped me to a sitting position and I could feel my body
feel as sore as it ever has. "Damn I'm sore how long was I out?" I asked.
"Well you're not going to believe this but, you was out for 3 days." AJ said. I
looked at him in disbelief. "You're right I don't believe that. Are you
serious I was asleep that long?" I asked. "If you don't believe us look at your
watch." He said. I did just that and he was right it had been three days since I
put the calendar up and marked it. Joe helped me up to my feet and steadied
me as I walked around looking at Adrien's handy work. "Damn that alien works
fast. I can't believe he got all this stuff done." I said looking at the cave
lit up from over head lighting rather than lanterns or flash lights. I
walked with Josiah at my side to one of the storage chambers and saw the solar
lights Adrien had made to grow plants with hanging on the alls and ceiling. This
place had changed a lot in the last few days. It was like I had just fallen
asleep for a few hours then waking up to see all of this. The boys had make
some make shift furniture out of more wood scraps and we had a few tables to
put stuff on now. "Dude check this out!" Chris said as he pushed some buttons
on the microwave oven and it came on. "Wow he did get a lot done. Let's go
see the hybrid." I said walking to find Adrien. He was in the power chamber he
had constructed finalizing the last few things he had made. I was astounded
to say the least at what he had in that cave chamber. The center piece of the
room was the alien's information device that had all kinds of wires tied into
it running all over the place. "Wow Adrien you have out done your self." I
told him. "Hello my friend I sensed you had woken up. How do you feel?" he
asked. "I hurt all over." I replied. "What is all of this stuff?" I inquired. He
showed me the intruder alarm system he had set up, the power supply system,
the lighting system, and the information center that used a hologram to see
the information. "I can't believe you got all that done in three days. I bet
you didn't get much rest if you got all that done in that time." I told him.
"He didn't sleep any. He was up working the whole time you were knocked out."
Josiah told me. I looked at Adrien's face and you could tell he needed rest.
He had bags under his dark gray eyes and he looked exhausted. "Damn Adrien
why didn't you rest some?" I asked him. "My work was too important to delay."
He said. "Well I'm going to the hot spring to loosen up the soreness in me, I
think you should join me to do the same then you need to get some sleep." I
suggested. He put down the tools he had in his hands and followed me to the
hot spring. We stripped down and got in letting the warm water melt the knots in
our muscles away. I loved the heat on the muscles it made me feel a little
less sore and I was positive it did the same for Adrien, he fell asleep in
there a few minutes after getting in the water. I scooted next to him to brace
him so he sat uprite and didn't slump into the water. As we sat there and I
enjoyed the heat I couldn't help but let my hand wonder over to his sleeping
leg. My fingers wondered upward from his thigh to his abdomen then down to his
cock. I had never felt pubic hair before and his was the first. It was soft
and whispy since it was so short but I loved the feeling of it. I wrapped my
fingers around his dick and gave it a few strokes but it never did seem to
spring to life. I figured he was more tired than I thought. I just sat there for
a while with him sleeping and relaxed soaking up the warmth of the natural
hot spring. While we were sitting there in the water a few of the boys decided
to join us since they had nothing else to do. As they walked in the chamber
I shushed them to be quiet and not wake Adrien up. The twins, Chris, and
Nathan stripped their clothes off and gently got in the large pool of hot water
being careful not to disturb the water enough to wake Adrien. "I guess Casper
is really tired isn't he?" Chris asked quietly and I nodded yes to answer
him. I got out of the water a few minutes later feeling a lot more limber and
relaxed and dried off. I shook Adrien awake and he to stepped out of the water
and toweled off. The two of us walked our naked bodies to the sleeping
section and he went straight to his bed and lay down. He was literally asleep as
soon as he was horizontal. I wasn't really sleepy from being knocked out for a
few days, but I was sore and tired from not moving much in that time. I took
it easy and walked my naked ass around the cave marveling at the progress
Adrien had made in the last few days. The lights through out the cave were
keeping it lit up more than I thought they possibly would. There were plenty of
electrical outlets in every chamber. The kitchen looked great, there were a few
tables in there and the microwave was even working now. I couldn't resist
using it so I popped in a bag of popcorn and cooked it. The smell must have
traveled through the cave like lightning because before I knew it Zack, Donny,
Josiah, and Adam were walking in sniffing at the buttery smell. "That smells
so good!" Zack said licking his lips. "Well guys make you some if you want
some." I told them. AJ got out a few bags and cooked them after mine was done
and split the bags between 2 boys each. I took my bag and walked to the chamber
that Adrien had set up the information device and the control center for the
intruder alarm. I turned the device on and the hologram display popped up in
front of me. It showed all the sensors he had set up through he mine and
some were even outside. As I checked through the info stored in the device I
found the plans for the crashed space ship we were going to use to get to the
tropics. Adrien had also made plans for building some kind of device that made
things we might need. As I read through the plans it told how it would only
produce inorganic things like metal or rock or stuff like that. I sat there
for what seemed like for ever and finally got up and went back to check on the
others when my eyes got tired of reading. I got back to the bed chamber and
most of the boys were in there fresh out of the hot spring and were either
naked or in their under wear. The only ones that had their undies on were
Justin, Donny, and Chris and the rest were in the buff letting their peckers get
some fresh air. Carry was in there with them to and she was close to naked
herself. All she had on were her panties and training bra. I didn't have clue of
what time it was so I checked my watch and it was nearly 8 pm. "Hmm no wonder
their all almost nekked." I thought to myself. I sat next to Adrien's still
sleeping body with what was left of my popcorn and watched the boys play
monopoly and risk. I had to quiet them down a few times when they got too loud
but in all they were ok and having fun. One by one they all eventually ended
their games and made their way to their bed and fell asleep. Close to the end it
was just Carry who was reading some book, her brothers who were looking very
droopy eyed and ready to sleep, Donny who I guess was winning the monopoly
game, and I were the only ones awake. I closed my eyes and just let my mind
wonder as I sat there and dwelled on how I was going to get what we needed to
make this place a good home. I opened my eyes a minute or two later and Carry
had went to her bed and Donny was still playing the game with Cole. Cody had
laid his head down while playing the game and fell asleep. I got up and went
over and gently woke him and he rose up to his knees. He crawled over to the
big bed and crashed his naked body out and fell back asleep. "Looks like
you're ready to join him." I said to Cole. He looked up at me and I could tell he
was fighting with all his might to keep his eyes open. "Ok boys I think you
need to just call the game for the night and get some rest." I suggested.
Cole didn't seem to have a problem with that when he crawled over and nestled
his naked body up next to his brother and fell asleep. I put a blanket over the
cute naked twins and admired their great looks. I turned my attention to
Donny then, "Hey kiddo you wanna go outside and take a piss with me? We can take
Lucky out with us." I asked. Donny got up then and stretched his little body
and he whistled for Lucky who happily perked his ears up.

As the 9 yo and I approached the opening of the dark mine shaft I
concentrated hard on trying to pick up on any thing abnormal that may be waiting
outside for us. So far I hadn't sensed anything so we proceeded out with caution
and took out pee break. I could definitely tell by the way the cold air felt on
my bare skin that winter was coming on with a vengeance. "Dam Don let's
hurry up and get back inside this air is cold on the pecker!" I said as I shook
the last few drops off the tip of my dick. Donny stood there trying his
hardest to force his pee out as fast as he could so we could get out of the cold
night air. Lucky on the other hand was having a field day pissing on everything
in sight as usual. Once Donny was done he yelled for the dog to come on and
the dog woofed a little. "Come on Lucky I don't care if some other animal
peed on your spots. It's cold out here and we don't have fur like you do we're
nekked." Donny told the dog. Lucky let out like a grunting noise then followed
us inside. We walked as fast as we could back to the cave entrance and I
secured the door to the mine room that led to the cave entrance for the night.
Now that our home was locked down for the night I turned on the intruder alarm
like Adrien showed me how to earlier. I was still cold from being outside
for the brief moment and saw that I had goose bumps all over my body. I walked
through the cave rubbing my arms trying to warm myself up and found Donny and
Lucky in the kitchen eating some cheesy crackers together. I just had to
shake my head and laugh at the little guy and dog sharing their food. "Aren't
you tired yet squirt?" I asked. "Yea a little but I'm not sleepy." He replied.
"Well you wanna get in the hot spring with me to warm up?" I asked hoping he
would so I could wear him out to where he was ready for some sleep. He smiled
and nodded yes. He told lucky he could go lay down now and that we were going
to the tub. "Ok bud now we have to be quiet when we're in here we don't want
to wake everyone else up." I told Donny as we got in the hot water. I sat
down on the rocky ledge I used for a seat and pulled Donny down on my lap and
tickled him a bit. He wanted to squeal so bad but he held it in so he didn't
wake the others up but he wiggled like crazy from it. I released the grip on
his ribs and he began to breathe and smile like crazy then. "That tickles!" he
said catching his breath. "I know that's why I did it. You want me to tickle
something else?" I asked. He thought for a second then it hit him and he
smiled evilly and nodded yes. He sat back on my lap and almost crushed my now
stiff dick. He felt what he was about to sit on and moved aside a little bid to
clear it. Once comfy he leaned back against my chest and I began to wiggle
his little worm till it got hard. It didn't take long till he was stiff and
ready to play. I began to rub and stroke it and he seemed to relax and enjoy
every blissful second of it. "You wan me to suck you?" I whispered in his ear
after a few minutes of stroking him. He nodded yes very fast so I knew he was
ready to feel really good. He raised up off my lap and stood I front of me
and for the first time I could see his little nut sack hanging low from being
in the hot water. It looked like two tiny marbles inside of his hanging little
sack. I instructed him to sit down on the ledge of the pool and dangle his
legs in the water. I got in position in between his open legs then and sunk
his little stiffy in my mouth. Once again I was about to enjoy one of my most
favorite things in the world, the feel of a smooth little pecker on my tongue.
I looked up at his face the best I could and could see that he was smiling
from ear to ear. I then put on the super clamping suction force and went down
on him really good. He began to breathe deeply like he was in pain so I
stopped for a second. "You ok? Is it hurting?" I asked. "No way! It feels awesome!
Do it some more please!" he begged. I went back down on his little rod and
sucked like crazy. I felt his hands forcing my head downward on his pecker so
I knew he wasn't far from feeling that oh so great feeling of an orgasm
coming on. I began whipping the tip of his little tool with my tongue and that
drove him over the edge. "Oh my gosh!" he moaned out and tried to muffle at the
same time so that no one else heard. I felt a huge spasm shoot through his
little body ending at his pecker, then another and another and another. It
seemed he was having a rather powerful one indeed. He let out one final grunt and
one last jolt ran through him then I felt his tense body begin to relax. As
he laid down on the ledge of the pool with his legs dangling into it I let
his shrinking pecker slide from my mouth as I licked it a few times to give him
those precious little after shocks of pleasure. He raised his head up and
looked at me and smiled hugely then I saw his eyes divert to something behind
me. I turned to see Lucky standing there wagging his tail looking at us. The
dog began to grumble some kind of low growling bark then Donny just cracked up
laughing. "What?" I asked him. "Lucky just said he can do that to his self."
He answered giggling like a nut. I just shook my head and grabbed Donny in a
tickle torture then. He squealed like crazy as I jabbed at his ribs and
belly. I tickled him till his eyes were watering and he was nearly out of breath.
"Had enough yet?" I asked. "Yes, yes please no more." He begged. I let him up
then we both got out and dried off. Lucky followed us back to the bed
chamber and we were sure to be quiet so we didn't wake any one up. I checked my
watch and it was way later than I ever usually stay awake. "Come on squirt we
need to hit the sack. I'll see you in the morning." I said rubbing the top of
his damp head. He found his spot on the big bed and laid down with Lucky
curling up next to him. I went back to my spot to and laid down. Now that I
realize it I am more tired than originally thought. It was like flipping a switch
from one minute to the next. One minute I am wide awake and ready to have fun
and now that I am laying down I feel the relaxing sensation of sleep coming
on like a freight train. And just like that I closed my eyes and was asleep.

Chapter 20
It has been a while since everyone left the orphan home to go to the mine
and the bunker. We know what is happening with the mine kids, this part is for
the bunker kids. The trio arrived at the abandoned army base after a few
hours of hiking through the woods keeping a constant look out for monster or any
other dangers. It was exactly like Gavin and the hybrid left it when they left
the last time, it was in total chaos. "My goodness those monsters did all of
this?" Alicia asked looking at the damage. "Sure did, and worse." Gavin
answered looking around with a shotgun and flash light. "Where are we going to
stay?" Phillip asked. "I thought the officer's barracks would be the best for
now. It has more space than the soldier's areas. Plus their close to the
bathrooms and to the kitchen area." Gavin explained. He led them through the messy
corridors to the area he was talking about and it to was in just as bad
shape. They left their belongings in one of the officer's rooms and went on to
check out the rest of the bunker to make sure it was alien free. They got to
the scientific are and Gavin told them of how he found Adrien and how he
rescued him. When Alicia saw the small area that Adrien was confined to she felt
bad for him then. "Wow I can't believe they made him stay in that tiny room all
of his life." She commented. They went on and in about an hour they covered
the entire area that they could get to. Some areas were so badly damages form
the attack that they couldn't access them. They closed and secured what
doors and entry ways they could to make sure the place was locked up and secure
for them to stay in. "Ok now that we got this place on lock down lets see if
we can get some kind of power going." Gavin suggested. They found the
engineering section where the power controls were and found the main power breakers
had tripped causing the power to go out. Gavin checked each switch carefully
and only turned on the ones that led to the sections they had access to so
nothing outside of their safe are got juice to it. He flipped the switched they
needed and like magic the lights began to flicker. It took a few minutes but
some of the undamaged lights came on giving the place a bit of light to see
by. "Wow this place is fucked up!" Gavin said now that he could see how much
damage their really was to the bunker.

The three made their way back to the officer's quarters to make their area
for sleeping ready. "Ok how are we going to do this?" Phil asked about the
sleeping arrangements. The room they had chosen had two separate beds in it and
a desk and table in it to. "Well how about Alicia take one bed and we'll take
the ...." Gavin started to suggest before Alicia cut him off mid sentence.
"No, no, no. Phil you take one bed and I'll share with Gavin." She said. She was
firm in the way she meant what she had said so the boys let the arrangements
go as that, Phillip in one bed and Alicia and Gavin in the other. "I gotta
ask, Are you guys you know, an item?" Phillip asked. "Yes if you have to know
Phil I love him." Alicia answered. Gavin didn't know whether to smile or cry.
He liked the fact that she liked him because he liked her to, well he liked
the way her pussy felt any ways. But the fact she said she loved him made him
feel good, he hadn't heard those word in a very long time. He smiled and told
Phillip, "That's right man we love each other." Before he took Alicia by the
hand and kissed her on the cheek. With that out of the way the three cleaned
up the room a bit and got their beds ready to sleep in. The long hike and
checking the bunker out had worn them out and Phillip for one was ready for
bed. "Um, how do you guys plan on sleeping?" he asked wanting to know about bed
apparel since he usually slept in his under wear. "You can wear what you want
Phil. I sleep either in my undies or naked, it all depends." Gavin told him.
They both looked to Alicia then. "Oh my god why does everything come down to
me? Phillip sleep in you under wear if you want. And we will to unless
something happens during the night that makes us need to get naked." She said
winking at Gavin. Phillip not seeing the wink or getting the hint stripped to his
undies and laid on the bed and covered up. He was asleep in no time. "You
wanna have some fun now that he's asleep?" Gavin asked rubbing his finger tips
up and down Alicia's thigh. "You keep that up and you may get more than you
asked for." She answered. I'm sure as you can tell being the age that they are
the rest of the clothes came off pretty quick and the FUN commenced.

Alicia took hold of Gavin's rock hard cock and started to stroke him slowly.
The stroking quickly led to her sinking it in to her mouth and giving him
some of the best pleasure he'd ever felt. "Oh yeah suck it baby!" he said
quietly rubbing the back of her head. She pleasured him for a few minutes till she
decided she wanted some pleasure of her own. His dick slid from her lips and
she slid her body slowly up on top of his. She shuttered as she felt his
dick rub her sensitive clit. "Fuck me now!" she whispered to him. Gavin reached
down and took hold of his stiff shaft and positioned the head at the entrance
of her happy tunnel and slowly pressed inward. She moaned and clinched her
eyes as his dick slid into her till he was buried to his balls in her. Slowly
she began rocking back and forth on top of him giving both of them a thrill.
Soon they were both sweating and panting quietly trying not to wake Phillip
in the next bed. Little did they know Phillip knew exactly what they were
doing, he had been awake the whole time that they were playing. He was pretending
to be asleep but in actuality he was rubbing his hard uncut tool under the
covers listening to them fuck. Back to the others, their pace began to speed
up and Alicia was now bouncing on Gavin's dick sliding it almost all the way
out of her then quickly forcing herself back down onto it. "I'm, I'm, I'm
going to cum!" she said right before she erupted her clear pussy juices all over
Gavin and herself. Gavin felt the pressure on his cock increase as her pussy
slightly squeezed down on it when she started her orgasm. He began to force
himself up into her even faster and harder then until, "Oh yeah!" he grunted
firing his own juices up into her cunt. The two slammed against each other a
few more times getting the last few ounces of pleasure form their orgasms
before Alicia collapsed on Gavin. They embraced kissing for a few minutes till
Gavin's dick went about half limp still inside of Alicia. She raised up letting
him slide out of her and laid down next to him. "God dam that was great!" he
whispered to her wiping the sweat from his face. "Tell me about it!" she
replied enjoying her own orgasm. Phillip stopped rubbing his own dick when he
heard the two talking in fear that he would be caught awake by them. Instead he
just rolled over on his other side and pretended to still be asleep till he
did fall asleep. Alicia and Gavin just lay there cuddling and kissing for a
short time till the day of strenuous activities and night of fun had worn
their bodies out. They fell asleep in each others arms and enjoyed the beginning
of their new lives together.

We jump some time ahead into the future and shoe how the kids have adjusted
to their new environments. The kids in the bunker had tidied up enough to
make the bunker into a suitable place to live, as have the kids in the mine who
have turned the old cave into a high tech work of nature. Gavin and Alicia
have become more open with Phil being around and have even let him join in on
their fun sessions a few times so he doesn't feel left out. Alicia didn't
really like Phil in the sexual sense, but she did on occasion give him a BJ to
make him feel like he belongs and that she does care about him on some level.
Gavin doesn't seem to mind her pleasuring the younger kid, he even tried to
get him to join in the sex sessions sometimes but he declines. The kids in the
mine have become a close nit group more or less considering each other all to
be like a big family now. The weather outside has turned cold and the signs
and sightings of the monsters have gone down to almost nothing. Apparently
the information about their temperature tolerance was true, they can't stand
the cold weather. Snow has fallen and the ground now is covered with a thin
layer making for some fun times out of the mine entrance for who ever took Lucky
outside to do his duty every morning. Usually it was two of the boys who
went out just to make sure things were ok. When they did go out in the snow a
snow ball fight almost always got started. They had made a rule over the weeks
that no one goes outside alone just for security and safety reasons. The hot
spring now was getting a lot of use for warming up after going outside and
for general bathing, and other recreational purposes. Needless to say everyone
in both places had adjusted well to their new homes and the habits of the ones
they lived with. Carry had accepted the fact that almost all the boys in the
cave loved to be naked and have SPECIAL time with each other. Derrik has
accepted the role of being the one not officially put in charge. Adrien or
Casper as the boys call him sometimes now has more or less become the handy man
around the cave fixing almost anything that became a problem. HE had also
become a deep love interest of Carry's, he just didn't know it yet even though he
did sense her get apprehensive around him. I know there are several details
missing up till now but this brings us up to this point in the story.

"Damn it's getting really cold out there now." I said as I walked back in
the cave with Chris from taking luck outside for his morning glory. "Yeah my
ears are still freezing." Chris said holding his hands over his super sensitive
ears. We stripped down and almost ran to the hot spring to warm our bodies
up some. Now that we have been here for a while not everyone runs to the hot
spring at the same time when one or two want to get in. we have established a
bit of private time as we call it so we can have some fun with each other
when we want to. Since Chris and I were in the hot water now we decided to have
a little fun of our own. I talked him into letting me slide into his ass so
he straddled my legs and slowly sat down on my dick facing me letting it slide
tenderly into his tight love tunnel. When I was all the way in and he was
comfy with it he leaned forward against me and began to rock back and forth
rubbing my dick against his prostate giving both of us a thrill. "That feels
great." He said as his hips began to buck up and down on my dick. As he glided
up and down on my shaft his hard pecker rubbed against my stomach making Chris
feel even better. I enjoyed having him ride my cock, but I also loved the
fact that I was basically holding him in my lap like a little kid. Our fun ended
all too soon when Carry accidentally walked in on us. "OH oops sorry guys."
She said slowly backing out of the chamber. Chris all but stopped riding me
then and said, "Man that sucks she killed the mood." I did agree with him to
some point. "Yeah I guess she kind of did didn't she. It's cool if you want to
stop." I told him. He slowly raised up and let me slide from inside of him
and then sat down on my legs. "It was fun while it lasted though. Maybe we can
try again later." He said. We both just sat and relaxed in the water for a
bit till we felt warm enough to get out. Adrien had constructed a crude
heating system but it kept the cave warm enough for us to survive in, it stayed
around 65 degrees inside with it turned on. The system was a total mystery to me
of how it worked. He had it tied into the electrical system he had
constructed running off the alien device.

As we walked around naked in the cave I noticed AJ sitting in the sleeping
chamber all to him self. "What's up Adam? How ya doin?" I asked to break the
ice. "I'm fine I guess." He replied. "Christmas will be here soon, then new
years." I commented. "So what? What the hell does it matter any ways..." he said
in a non caring tone then just laid down and rolled on his side away from me.
I took that as a sign that he wanted to be left alone for some reason so I
did just that. I wasn't sure if he was sick or what but he definitely didn't
want to be bothered for some reason. The day went on and I noticed more and
more that he seemed to be hateful and grouchy towards everyone else in the cave
to. The twins and Josiah were playing a game and apparently they got a
little too loud for Adam's taste and he snapped at them. "Why don't you guys
fucking be quiet!" he yelled at the younger guys. "Dude what the fuck is you
problem today AJ?" I asked demanding to know. "I don't have a problem ok." He said
before walking off to be alone. "Donny you wouldn't know what is with your
brother today would you? He's acting like a total ass." I asked to see if he
knew. "Umm...." The little guy said thinking. "Oh, what day is it Derrik?" he
asked. "It's... December 19th." I said looking at the calendar. "Ohhh...." Donny
said making a weird face. "Oh what?" I asked. He got up and came over to me to
tell me so no one else heard. "It's bubby's birthday today." He whispered to
me. "Really? I guess that might explain his funk then." I commented. I rubbed
Donny on his moppy little head then patted him on the but as he went back to
playing with Zack. I made my way to every one in the cave and explained why
AJ was acting the way he was. Everyone saw why he was being mean now and
understood he felt bad about it. I also talked to everyone and we figured out a
way to show him we do love him. we didn't have any way to make him a cake or
anything, but we did have a cup cake in a single rapper left out of a box and
we used a match since we didn't have any candles and made him a make shift
birthday cake. I gathered everyone in the kitchen area then I went to find
Adam. I found him sitting on the edge of the hot spring with his feet dangling in
the water crying. I sat down next to him and he looked at me with teary eyes
and asked, "What now?" I draped my arm over his shoulder and pulled him
close and whispered to him, "Happy birthday Adam." He instantly broke down and
started to cry full blown. I held him for a few minutes till he got the cry out
of his system. "How did you know?" he asked sniffling and rubbing his eyes.
"Donny told me." I replied. "That little shit. God I love him." he said
smiling. I got up to my feet and pulled him up to and had him come with me. When
we walked into the kitchen area everyone yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY AJ!" making
him smile and blush through the tear soaked cheeks and blood shot eyes. He
walked over to his brother and grabbed him into a big bear hug and kissed him
right on the lips. "Love you bubby" Donny told him. Josiah was next to hug his
cousin to let him know he cared, and so on went with everyone else. When
everyone had let him know they care we gave him the little surprise. I gave the
signal and everyone started to sing happy birthday to him as I lit the match
sticking out of the middle of the cup cake. He got a kick out of that and
smiled and laughed at his cake. "Make a wish." I told him. He closed his eyes and
then puffed the match out and everyone cheered. He sat the cup cake down and
then gave me a hug last. "Thank you for this." He said in my ear. "Maybe
later I can give you a present." I whispered back as I gave his pecker a squeeze
with out any one else seeing. "It's a deal!" he said smiling. AJ wanted to
divide the cup cake up between everyone but that would have just been a waist
so we all told him to eat the whole thing which he gladly did. His attitude
now was a total 180 from what it was earlier in the day. Apparently he thought
no one cared about him enough to remember or think about his birth day. I
would make it a point from then on to know everyone's birthday so this kind of
thing wouldn't have to happen again in the future.

We all grubbed down on what ever junk food we had and warm pops since it was
a special occasion. "You wanna take a bath with me bub?" AJ asked Donny. Of
course his little brother wanted to, but AJ wanted a little more than a bath.
"Can we go to?" Zack asked for himself and Justin. "Guys I think they need a
little brotherly time together alone." I suggested to Zack and Justin. They
didn't really like what I said being how young they were but they would have
to deal with it. AJ went to the hot spring with is brother and they stepped
their naked bodies in the warm water. "Donny do you know why I wanted you to
come in here with me?" Adam asked. "Umm... cus you wanna do it?" Donny replied.
"Well yeah sorta. I wanna suck yours bub. I know you want to so sit on the
edge and I will." AJ ordered him. Donny not to be the one to complain did what
his big brother said and sat on the edge of the water. AJ got in between
Donny's little legs and began to message his pecker till it was boned hard. With
out a word Adam sank his bro's little dingaling in his mouth and sucked it
like crazy. Donny was loving the attention his brother was giving him and put
his hands on top of his head and held on as AJ bobbed up and down on his rod.
Not long after they started Donny said, "I'm getting that tickley feeling
bubby." signaling his oncoming orgasm. A few more up and down motions later of
AJ sucking Donny tensed up and grunted deep. He pushed Adam's head down hard
forcing his little prick deeper into his brother's mouth. Donny then began to
breath deep and fast signaling he was over the peak and coming back down now.
AJ sucked a few more times and then let his pecker slide out of his mouth.
"Love you bubby." He told Donny rubbing his shrinking hard on. "Love you to
bubby." Donny said back in between panting breaths. Minutes later when Donny had
regained his senses he told AJ that he wanted to give him a present for his
birth day so he said he would suck AJ's dick in return. Adam didn't want
Donny to do it because he felt he owed him just because it was his b-day. "No
bubby I want to cus I love you, and cus you sucked mine, and cus it's your
birthday, and cus..." Donny tried to say before Adam cut him off. "Ok squirt I get
the hint. I'll let you, but only if you want to." AJ said. The little guy just
smiled then went to work on AJ's smooth shaft. From the level of hormones
surging through Adam's body he didn't last long after his brother started to
suck him. "Oh dam Don I'm about to do it!" AJ grunted putting his hand on the
top of Donny's little head. He forced Donny downward onto his dick and forced
his dick even deeper into his mouth. Donny sucked away trying not to gag on
his brother until, "Oh fuuuuuccckkkkkkk!!!!!" AJ grunted as his body went
tense as he was having a dry nut in his happy little brother's mouth. He released
his grip on Donny and then Donny spit his dick out and just watched the worn
out look on his brother's face as he sat there with his mind in orbit. It
took AJ a few minutes to regain his senses but he settled back down in the
water and smiled to his brother right before he splashed him. Fits of laughter
then broke out as AJ grabbed Donny in a tickle torture that only a big brother
could give you, you know the really brutal kinds of tortures.

As the brothers were having some special alone time I entertained the others
with playing games and such as I found out when every ones birth days were
and marked them on the calendar. We were surely not going to have another AJ
episode form not knowing when a birthday was. For some reason the whole
evening I noticed Carry sneaking peaks at Adrien. I tried to scan her thoughts and
all I could sense was an excited state from her when she looked at him. She
saw me watching her once and got a rosy red color form embarrassment then
excused herself to go to her bed chamber. A few minutes after she left I sensed a
very heightened sense of arousal from her. I could only guess what she was
doing, but I figured it involved her pussy and her fingers. For now I would let
that be, but I will make a point to find out about it soon. The night went
on with the boys all trading off playing board games against each other until
one by one we all found our way to our beds. Seeing each other naked now was
not such a big deal as it was in the beginning when we all seemed to have
boners most of the time from seeing each other with out clothes on so much. Now
occasionally some of us will get a spontaneous hard on but we knew how to
take care of it. We would find some one who wants some play time and sneak off
to the hot spring and take care of our hard problems. As I lat on my bed my
brain went over its usual things before went to sleep, but I did begin to think
about the others that went to the bunker. I wondered how they were doing and
getting on in the military complex or what's left of it. I could sense that
they were alive and well, but I didn't know how they were really doing there.
I could only hope and speculate that they had a good place to live. Adrien
was the last one of us to find his way to his bed. "How ya doin my alien
friend?" I asked as he sat down next to me. He yawned big and stretched his arms
out wide. "Very tired." He replied stretching the rest of his body. He laid
down and I wanted to ask him something with out the others hearing so I used
our mental abilities to do it. "Adrien I been meaning to ask you, but do you
know what your dick is for? I mean besides pissing out of?" I asked. "Yes it is
for procreation and breading." He replied. "OK, I know that but do you
actually know how to? And do you know about jerking it?" I asked again. "Jerking
it? Wont that hurt?" he said. Laughing to myself I said, "No silly its
masturbating you know what that is don't you?" "I know the definition of it and what
it means but as for the act, no I do not." He said. "Well how about I
introduce you to it in the hot spring?" I asked hoping he would want to. "Ok I will
join you if only to relax my sore body in the water." He said. "Trust me by
the time we're done you'll be ready to sleep like a baby." I told him. We got
our naked bodies up and went to the hot spring and got in. we slowly settled
into the hot water letting our skin adjust to the high temps. Adrien closed
his dark eyes and enjoyed the magic that the hot water was working on his
sore body. With out saying or thinking about it I reached over and took hold of
his cock. His eyes opened instantly and he looked at me. "Just relax I'm
going to show you how to get started then you can take over." I said. I messaged
his dick till it was boned up then got my fingers around it and ready. "Ok
now to start you grab it like this, then you just go up and down on it like
this." I said as I started to slide my hand up and down on his dick jerking him.
"Oh wow that does feel pleasurable." He said liking the feeling. I jerked
him a bit longer then I decided to let him try on his own. I let go and took
his hand and put it on his dick. He wrapped his fingers around it and stroked
just as I had and from the looks of it he was liking it. "Feels awesome don't
it?" I asked him. "Yes it does. I wish I knew about it sooner." He replied.
He kept on jerking it and the better it felt the faster and harder he jerked
it. "I feel like I am going to urinate." He said. "Urinate? Oh yeah! You're
not going to piss you're going to have a orgasm they feel great! Just keep
going and don't stop." I warned him about the oncoming greatness he was about to
feel. He began to beat it like crazy then I thought about something, "Wait a
minute if he's got some hairs that means he might be able to squirt. I better
tell him to get out before he squirts it in the water." "Hey Adrien stop for
a sec. I don't wanna be mean but you have to get out of the water to finish
that. It's just you might be able to squirt and we don't want to have cum in
our bath tub do we." I told him. He wasn't sure what I was talking about "cum"
but he got out just the same. He sat on the edge of the water but not enough
where his dick was over the water its self. "Ok now go for it. If you squirt
now it will get on the ground." I told him. I didn't think about the added
bonus of getting to watch him jerk off when I told him to get out of the
water. He sat there and stroked it like crazy for about another minute bouncing
his hand down ward till it smacked against his hanging balls and then back up
till it almost slid off the tip of his cock. "Ok hold the pissy feeling back
as long as you can, and then when you feel like you can't hold it any more
just let it fly!" I said to him. I could see his face getting contorted so I
knew he was straining to hold it back. I then saw him tense up and his body go
stiff then the miracle of his first orgasm came squirting out of his one eyed
monster. The first gob shot out and landed on his knee, the second
splattering on the ground along with the third. The last few drops kind of dribbled
out and ran down his fingers as he slowed his pace of jerking. It looked like
all his juices were still pretty much clear, but it was the coolest thing I
had ever saw. He stopped stroking a few seconds later and sat there enjoying
the powerful feeling of that first ever nut that only a boy his age could have.
When he finally opened his eyes I said, "See I told you it was great didn't
I? You glad I showed you how to now?" he smiled and nodded yes like a 5 year
old would. I reached over to his half hard dick now and took hold of it and
squeezed out one final small clear drop making him shutter from the feeling.
He smiled as the drop oozed out onto my finger. I studied it for a minute then
smelled it. It was sure I that its own identifying smell, but I had to go
further. I stuck the finger in my mouth and got my first taste of boy juice.
Tangy and kind of salty, but it was something I could get use to. "What does it
taste like?" Adrien asked. I dipped my finger in the gob on his knee and got
some on it. I offered it to his mouth and he with out hesitating took it and
cleaned it off. "Kind of salty I would say. It definitely is like nothing
else I have experienced." He said smacking his lips together to get the last
taste of his own juices down his throat. I told him to clean off and get back
in so he took an old towel and wiped the spooj off him and got in the water
with me. He caught me off guard next when he reached over and grabbed my dick.
I didn't expect it at all but it did feel nice. He started to jerk me just
like I did him. "Dude that feels nice." I whispered to him. He began to jerk
faster and faster till his hand was making a splashing noise in the water. I
didn't care at this point I was getting ever closer to the peak of his jerking.
"I'm almost there." I said then he stopped. "Why did you stop?" I asked.
"What about the liquid that comes out of the penis hole?" he said. I laughed and
told him, "I can't do it yet. You only squirt when you are like in puberty a
little. I'm just starting so I can't squirt that stuff yet." He slowly began
to stroke me again then stopped once more. "Now what?" I asked. "Aren't you
going to sit on the edge like I did so I can watch you?" he asked. He had
been reading my mind when I though about it being fun to watch him get off. I
wasn't going to complain I got out and sat on the edge and he went back to
stroking me. I didn't last thirty seconds after that and I was pulsating and
shuttering like crazy from the feeling his was running through my hairless cock.
He slowly lessened his pace and eventually stopped jerking me until he
stopped. He sat in the water watching me like I was a science experiment or
something. My self I was on cloud 9 and loving the after glow of him jerking me off.
When I floated back to earth I saw him watching and smiling. "Was that
amazing like mine was?" he asked. "Hell yes it was! Except for the part where I
can't squirt yet." I replied. He again yawned really big signaling to me that
he has had enough for the night and was ready for some sleep. Myself I felt
great after letting him jerk me, but I felt a good nap coming on for myself to.
The both of us dried off and went back to the bed chamber to hear the soft
sound of the other boys sleeping peacefully. "Lights dim." Adrien said
quietly. Remarkably the lights dimmed down to a low level making the room perfect
for sleeping, there was just enough light to see by if you woke up before the
others. "Wow when did you get that thing to work? I didn't know we had voice
command of the lights." I whispered. "One of the projects of the day I was
working on." He answered. We laid down then and got comfortable. As soon as I
was stretched out and feeling good I felt the feeling of the thick furry coat
of Lucky scoot up next to me on one side and on the other was little Zack who
snuggled up close to keep warm once he felt me laying there. Adrien noticed
and smiled then laid down himself. I quickly drifted off to sleep for one of
the best night of sleep I had gotten in quite a while.

At the bunker the kids were enjoying a late meal of MRE's (meals ready to
eat, or K rations) that they found in storage after a hard day of fixing the
bunker up and having hard sex. Phillip had become accustom to seeing Gavin and
Alicia fucking like rabbits all the time now and just liked to watch . He did
enjoy the few times he got to join in, but those were not very often so he
was kind of feeling left out some times. To occupy his spare time he worked on
the computer systems in the base trying to get them operational again to see
if he could contact any other military bases for help. The other two spent
most of their spare time smooching and making out with the end result ending
up being sex. They did manage to get one of the locker rooms of the base in
working condition so they could at least bathe and get cleaned up. They had to
wash their clothes the hard way by washing them the same time they bathed in
the same water. Compared to the kids in the cave they had it made when it came
to sleeping arrangements. At least they have beds to sleep in the kids in
the cave have to sleep on the ground. Beds that occasionally got bounced off
the wall lots of times pretty often. They have ventured out of their safe area
in the bunker a few times to check out other areas of the bunker, but for the
most part have stayed where they knew they were safe. A few times they have
heard strange noises in the complex that scared them to go outside of the
safe zone. Sounds like some one or some thing inside the place. They did have a
few weapons so they felt reasonably safe and protected, but they knew the
weapons they had would do nothing for them if they were found by the monsters.
Days seem to just drag on and go by with them reading what books and material
they can find, having as much sex as possible, and just surviving. Sometimes
Phillip wonders if he made the right decision to come her instead of the
mine. All he could do now is wonder about that decision and go on with the path
he has chosen.

Time goes by day after day, week after week. The kids in both places get by
wondering about how the others are doing and hoping they were ok. Derrik and
Adrien have and edge when it came to this, they knew the others were alive
and ok due to their mental abilities. The bunker basically stayed a place for
the kids to live with out ever seeing the light of day and wondering about if
they were alone or not there. The cave and mine seemed to be transforming
into a high tech wonderland with all kinds of special features that you just
didn't see any where else. The weather outside has turned to the harsh side with
several inches of snow on the ground and temperatures staying well below
freezing. The kids in the cave knew they were relatively safe for now from being
attacked by the monsters because of the cold, but there was the threat of
their robots and probes finding them. The half alien half human boy Adrien has
continued to gain more of his humanity becoming more human by the day and also
letting more of that Alien intellect soar out of him. He has set the whole
cave up with voice recognition for the lights and power, he has set up and
entire power grid through out the mine, and has accomplished several other
little things that you just wouldn't imagine a 13 yo kid doing. Carry has
discovered her womanhood the hard way one day. She was suddenly astonished to see
blood running down her inner leg and was at first scared she was dying or really
hurt. She then remember the talk that she and Alicia had with the nurse of
the orphanage about when a girl becomes a woman and realized what had just
happened to her, she had started her first period. Needless to say her whole
attitude changed during these times and she didn't go around in the cave in the
normal attire, naked. Instead she work her under clothes and shorts to hide
the fact she was on her rag. Derrik had explained it to the boys so they knew
not to mess with her to badly during those times. Alicia had started her
periods some time before the kids had ever met each other outside of the
orphanage in the big pit in the ground. The time goes by with not much excitement for
both groups. Sex for the bunker kids, and playing around for the Cave kids
was the favorite pass time, but the kids in the cave at least had others to
talk to and games to play when they wanted. The kids in the bunker had little
to occupy their time like reading so that's where the large amount of sex and
fore play comes in. All that the kids can do is wait out the winter cold and
hope spring brings them new hopes and better chances of survival.

Chapter 21
Spring time seems to only be days away now. The air outside seems to be
getting warmer every day and the snow has almost gone now. The morning trips
outside to let the dog do his business was becoming less tedious now that it
wasn't so cold. The trips to town for supplies will be a lot easier now that we
don't have to use skies and a sled to drag the stuff back to the mine by foot.
We had to make several trips for food and supplies over the snowy months that
I rather didn't enjoy doing. Over the winter we have fancied up our home in
the mountain considerably. I mean for a cave underground it was nicer in my
opinion than some rich peoples homes use to be before the invasion. We had a
nice warm hot spring to bathe and play in, we had lights to see with instead
of lanterns, and we had also made our hard beds on the ground disappear to. We
have built a huge bed on the ground out of bedding and mattresses we had
brought up here from town so we could sleep a little better. The littler guys
loved the mattresses for another reason, they loved the springiness of them so
that they could jump up and down and bounce on them. I enjoyed them for the
fact I slept a lot better than I did before we had them. Carry of coarse had
her own bed in her chamber that she had fixed up to her own tastes. I believe
it is the only cave chamber I have ever seen that was painted pink. Adrien
has outdone him self on the power supply system that he has built. We haven't
had one bit of trouble out of it and it kept us warm all winter and kept all
our power needs running. Not surprisingly we have all lost a bit of weight
being that we only had canned food and dried foods to eat. We all missed that oh
so yummy taste of ice cream and fresh milk in our cereal. Now we eat the
cereal out of the box and most of it is stale from sitting for so long. Our PLAY
sessions have kept going as you would expect with a few changes taking place
from what we use to do. The twins have discover how great the number 69 is.
They now enjoy blowing each other at the same time when ever they get the
chance. Adrien has continued his exploration of masturbation and jerks off every
time he bathes and has begun squirting even bigger loads then he did that
first time he did with me in the water with him. His body has also changed
considerably. His pubes have sprouted and taken off, they now are about an inch
long and are all around the top and sides of his dick. The thickness and color
of his juice has also changed to, the taste has also. It has went form the
clear, watery cum to the milky white salty tasting type. He still is the only
one in the group in the cave that can squirt cum. The rest of us just enjoy
getting off and not having a mess to worry about cleaning up. This pretty much
sums us up to where we are in the story now.

"Spring will be here before much longer." I told every one walking back in
the cave after taking Lucky out for the morning. Every one was up and going
about their normal business in the morning except for one. I walked over to see
who was still laying down and it was Cole. He was lying on his spot on the
bed covered from head to tow with a blanket. "You ok bud?" I asked him. I
could see in his face that he wasn't but I wanted to know what was wrong. "He
said he don't feel good." His twin told me. "Well Cody I can see that. I need to
know what's wrong." I stated. I felt Cole's head and he was a bit warm. "How
you feeling?" I asked sitting down next to him. "I'm freezing." He replied. I
figured he probably got a cold from playing in the snow when he went outside
with me and his brother a few days ago to take Lucky outside. I lifted the
blanket and he was in his usual sleeping wear and well usual wear all the
time, naked, and I said, "Well bud you might feel cold but your forehead feels
warm to me. You wanna take a warm bath with me and your bro?" he let a weak
smile and nodded. I called for his brother and he came back and stood his cute
naked ass in front of me with a box of cereal and his hand in it. "What?" he
asked with his mouth full. I couldn't help but laugh, "Come on take a bath
with me and Cole he needs you." I said. He sat the box down and grabbed the
blanket and yanked it off Cole. "Common sicky head." he said then to his brother.
Cole sat up and I could see he didn't have much energy. "Feel like you hurt
all over?" I asked him and he nodded. I figured why not since he wasn't very
big for their age so I helped him to his feet then surprised him when I
picked him up to carry him to the hot spring. "I can walk you know." He said. "I
know, but it looked like you need to save your strength, plus I wanted to
carry you ya cutie." I said and gave him a little kiss on his warm cheek. He just
laid his head on my shoulder as I carried him. The feeling of his little
pecker on my stomach felt great and I'm sure he felt it to, but he didn't let on
from being sick I'm sure. Cody jumped in the pool of warm water and splashed
it every where. "Dude why did you do that? Now it's going to take fucking
fore ever to fill back up." I said the little guy scolding him. The pool of
water did recycle its self, but it took a long time for it to fill up once the
water was splashed out of it. Cody knew he had messed up and apologized. I let
Cole down to his feet and I then stripped off my outside clothes and got in
the water and sat down. Cole then followed and as a surprise instead of
sitting down in the water he sat down on my lap and cuddled against me. Cody
looked at us weird then. "Dam bub you don't feel good do you? I can tell now." he
said. Cole just shook his head no. I leaned back against the carved out rock
wall and cradled the sick twin. Cody had scooted over next to us and snuggled
up against his brother. He took a wash rag then and began to wash his
brother's body gently. I made me feel good inside to see that they really cared so
deeply for each other even though they didn't show it at times. We sat for a
while soaking up the warmth of the water as it replenished the pool to its
normal level before Cody had splashed it out and it was now submerging us up to
our necks. Cody hugged his brother before he went to get out but before he
did Cole kissed him on the lips. I had seen them do this a few times before
but they had always tried to keep it a secret, just something special for them
to share, but this time it was right in front of me. It showed the special
times that they showed they really loved each other all the way to their souls.
I mean there isn't much closer that you can get to some one being their
twin, unless you're conjoined. "Thanks bub." Cole said to his brother. Cody left
me and his brother alone in the water momentarily so I could speak to him.
"What exactly doesn't feel right? Is it your stomach or what?" I asked him. "I
dunno I just hurt all over. My throat hurts, my head hurts, I just feel like
crap." He answered. From the sounds of it he was down with a pretty good cold
from playing in the snow. I think the best thing for him would probably be
some rest. "Ok bud well come on lets dry off and I'll get you cold medicine so
you can feel better." I said rubbing his head. I helped him out and he stood
there as I dried him off then he walked with me to the bed chamber. He went
straight to his spot and laid back down and covered up with a blanket. I knew
he wasn't going to get much rest while every one else was in her making all
the noise they usually did so I asked his sister for a favor. "Carry can your
brother please sleep in your area for a bit? He needs some peace and quit so
he can sleep good for a while." I asked. "Of course he can he's my brother.
I'd do anything for him." she replied. I then went to our supply chamber and
found some cold medicine we got from the pharmacy a long time ago and brought
it to Cole. I gave him a double dose of it just to be sure he got enough, it
sure couldn't hurt much to give him a little more than he needed. I told him
to get up then and go to his sister bed and lay down. Cody helped him to his
feet and then he and Carry helped Cole to her bed since he didn't seem to
have much strength.

We have been lucky up to this point that no one has gotten seriously sick,
but it was inevitable that some one would get sick though. It just sucks that
little Cole had to be the first in line. I went about my normal daily
business, then ate, and got dressed then took the dog back outside for another potty
break. This time AJ joined me as we watch Lucky piss on every thing in
sight. "How is the squirt?" he asked me. "The squirt? Oh you mean Cole. I think
he's just got a nasty cold and needs some rest. I gave him some medicine so I
guess we'll just have to wait and see." I replied. We stood there in the cold
mid day air and suddenly we heard something. "Did you hear that?" AJ asked
me. "Sure as hell did. Sounded like a gun shot or something." I said. About that
time Chris came running out to join us. "Did you guys hear it?" he said
excitedly. "Yeah bud we heard it. Sounded like a gun shot didn't it." I told
him. "Yeah but it sounded like it was pretty far away though." Chris said.
"Maybe, but we shouldn't take any chances. Remember that psycho soldier might
still be out there some where and he knows about this place. I think we should
get back inside and turn on that hologram thing that Adrien made to hide the
entrance to the mine." I suggested. We called for the dog and he came running
behind us as we went back into the bowels of the mountain to safety. I shut the
door to the chamber outside the cave and locked it from the inside. I found
Adrien and let him know what we heard and about the soldier knowing about the
cave so he turned on the hologram to hide the entrance. He also installed
one of the holograms to hide the entrance to the cave from the mine just incase
so we turned it on to. he then showed me something else he had installed for
our security. On the holographic display he built he showed me the outside
of the mine entrance and some other images through out the mine. "Wow you
built a surveillance system to? Why didn't you tell me about this?" I asked him.
"I didn't feel it was necessary till this point." He explained. It was a
logical answer but I still wish he would have told me about it. Now we could know
when some one or something was about to find us or attack us so I guess it
was ok he didn't tell me. Any ways we turned our security on for now and just
waited in our home to see if we'd be ok. I wondered when Adrien was going to
put lasers or some crazy shit up in the mine to protect us lol. Thinking
about the soldier maybe still being out there made me wonder about the others in
the bunker then. I mean it would be one of the most logical places fro him to
go, I mean it is a military complex and he was heading there originally any
ways. I just hoped Gavin had that place locked down and safe for them to stay
in. Carry was hanging out with the guys for now playing board games with the
little guys while Cole used her space to rest. Cody was a nervous wreck
right now even though he tried not to show it. I knew he was worried about his
brother from scanning his thoughts and I knew he wanted him to get well asap.
He spent the day checking on him to see if he was sleeping and ok and to see
if he needed anything the few times he did wake up.

For myself I had some time to kill so I checked through the files in the
alien device just to see what else I could learn about them. Adrien had used a
laptop computer we took from wal mart to tie into the device so we could
access it remotely in the cave. The others saw what I was looking at and could
make no sense out of the strange symbols that were on the screen. To me it was
just like ready normal English in a book. I found a detailed file on the lay
out and schematics of the good aliens space ships. "Holy shit hey Adrien check
this out!" I yelled to him. He sat next to me and looked at the drawings and
details about the alien ship. "This will be a great help when we begin work
on the ship to repair it." he said looking at the screen. Adrien marked the
file on the computer so he could check it later and we continued to look
through the info. While we were looking I heard one of the boys playing a game
safe, "Ok loser has to suck the winners dong." That grabbed my interest rite
away. I looked over at who said it and for once it was a shock to me. I would
have expected to hear it from Chris or AJ, but it was Zack and Justin who had
said it. "You squirts got a bet going or what?" I asked them. "Umm..." Zack
said. "It's ok boys you can do what ever you want. Every one in here has did that
stuff before so it's no big deal." I told them. They both smiled evil little
grins then that they knew we didn't care if they messed around any. They
were playing a game of monopoly and the victor would get a BJ from the loser.
I'm sure that in the end both of them would end up being winners though.
Because either way it went I was going to give the loser a little fun if the winner
of the game didn't return the favor. Adrien read my thoughts and said, "You
would actually enjoy that?" "Hell yes I would. It's fun." I replied to him.
peeking his interest I sensed him thinking, "I wonder what it is like then." As
much as I would love to such this alien hybrid off I knew some one else in
the cave wanted to 10 times more than I wanted to. Carry was definitely
crushing on him hard and I knew she was scared to let him know it for some reason.
I also knew that she had rubbed and fingered her pussy many times to the
thoughts of Adrien being inside of her. Subconsciously my dick got hard while I
was thinking and I then saw Zack and Justin laughing at me. I looked down then
and saw my hardness and said, "What? Like your peckers never get hard. I
know for a fact they do you lil shits." They busted out giggling then. They had
been laying on their tummys on the ground and Zack rolled momentarily on his
side to show me his monster boy dong was almost as hard as mine was and was
being smashed underneath him. "You better sit on your but or something you
sure don't want to crush that snake of yours." I said to him make him laugh
more. "Snake of his?" Adrien asked. "Hells yea dude look at his dick. For his age
he's huge. He's almost as big as me and I'm like 6 years older than him." I
explained. Seeing my point Adrien took a good look at Zack boner. I glanced
down and saw that Adrien to was getting hard. "Aren't you even the least
little bit curious of what it's like to suck on one of the little guys?" I
whispered to Adrien. His silence was answer enough for me. "That's exactly what I
thought. Trust me dude it might seem dirty, but I think it's fun, and it feels
great to. Getting sucked does I mean." I said to him. Now I had his interest
peeked as high as a mountain. He was wondering if it would be fun to suck and
get sucked and I think we may actually be willing to try it. "Hey guys how
about it? You wanna take a bath with me and Casper here?" I asked the boys.
They were all for it so I asked Adrien through my thoughts, "Well how about
you? You willing to put Justin's lil pecker in your mouth?" he seemed to be
intrigued by it and decided to at least try it. "Ok I guess it wouldn't hurt to
experience it. At least he will be clean since we are bathing." He thought
back. "Come on squirts, get in the hot spring." I told Zack and Justin.

I stepped into the hot water for the second time today and this time was
going to be a lot more fun that the first. As we got in the water all four of us
were hard as rocks and ready for some fun. Justin's lil rod was so hard it
was pointing kind of upward at his belly and the rest of us were pointing
generally straight out. First thing was first we bathed and washed our selves
really good with soap before we had any kind of fun. I washed myself and Adrien
then did himself. I told him then to wash Justin to get things going. He
started to wash his arms then I stopped him. "NO, no that's not what I meant. I
meant wash him down there that's the main reason we're in here right now." I
said pointing to Justin's little boner. Adrien took his soapy fingers then and
gently began to wash Justin's dick making the little guy sigh in pleasure. I
then got the soap and did the same for Zack. This would be the second time I
took him in my mouth, but this time I was ready fro how big he really was.
The younger boys rinsed off then and I told them to sit on the edge of the
water just like Adrien and I had when we jerked off before. Justin and Zack got
ready and I showed Adrien how to get into position between Justin's legs. We
then gripped the little guys by the base of their dicks and I sank Zack's
long toy in my mouth. He moaned a bit when he felt the great feeling of tongue
on his cock tip. Watching me Adrien opened his mouth and copied what I did
taking Justin into his mouth. Justin to moaned as Adrien pleasured him for the
first time ever. We sucked the boys for a few minutes at a steady pace then I
started to speed up and go down even deeper on Zack's long dick. Zack started
moaning a bit louder then and breathing deeply as his little body twitched
from the pleasure. Adrien then also sped up on Justin making him do a similar
behavior, breathing hard and moaning. "Almost there." Zack moaned as I bobbed
on his stiffy then I felt his body got stiff and I felt his pecker pulsate
and twitch on my tongue. I knew he was getting off and having a good time of
it. "I'm almost read to." Justin then said. Just as I was letting Zacks dick
slide out of my lips Justin grunted hard and took a deep breath. I knew then
that he to was getting his orgasm in and unknowing Adrien's mouth. I saw
Justin begin breathing fast like Zack a few seconds later but Adrien was still
sucking on him at a steady fast pace. "Adrien you can stop now. He had his
orgasm. Didn't you feel it on your tongue" I said. He stopped sucking him then and
spit his pecker out. "Yes it felt his penis pulsate but I didn't know what
it was." He answered. "Well no you know. Thanks Casper!" Justin said sitting
with his eyes clinched enjoying the after feeling of his dick getting sucked.
Zack to was enjoying what he just got but he was giggling to, at the whole
situation of Adrien giving his first bj. "Congrats my friend you just gave your
first blow job. So what do you think?" I asked. "It wasn't all that
displeasurable. The feeling of his penis on my tongue was intriguing." Adrien
answered. The little guys looked at us like they didn't have a clue what he was
saying. "He means he liked it." I told them. "Me to!" Justin and Zack said at
once making them both giggle. "Next time I expect you two to do it for each
other." I told the younger guys. "You guys can go back to your game now if you
want." I told them. They then left me and Adrien alone in the water so we
could deal with our still rock hard cocks. "You still boned up?" I asked. Adrien
just stood up and showed me his stiff cock. This time instead of jerking each
other off we would sit next to each other and jerk side by side at the same
time. It didn't take long for me to start to get that familiar feeling down
below. "I'm almost there!" I moaned as I stroked away. "I am also." Adrien
said. I got an idea then. I wanted to try something, "Adrien stand up and point
yours at mine and squirt your stuff on my dick." I told him. Almost imidiately
he stood up and point his dick at mine almost making them touch and an
eruption of warm stick juices splatter out of it and onto my cock. I took hold of
my dick then and beat madly as he fired shot aster shot of cum on me. The
warmth and slipperiness of his cum sent me over the edge. My orgasm wracked me
like never before. "OH MY GOD!" I moaned loudly as the last few drops of his
juices dripped onto my cock tip. Wave after wave shot through me as I felt his
cum running down my hand and cock coating my balls in a sticky great feeling
mess. Once hit the top of my pleasure I had a steep fall back to earth as I
stopped stroking and laid back on my back with my legs still in the water.
The whole area of my dick, balls, and stomach were coated with a film of
rapidly drying Adrien Juice as he laid down on top of me grinding his cock
together with mine. I had never felt this kind of pleasure before. I mean fucking
and sucking some of the other boys was great, but the feeling of his juices on
me magnified the feeling by a hundred. The fact that he was laying on me
grinding me felt awesome to. Once our orgasms were over we just lay there for a
minute, me on my back and him on top of me, collecting our senses. "God dam
that was great! What made you get on top of me?" I asked trying to catch my
breath. "I don't know it just seemed like the right thing to do." he answered.
"I don't know, but I'm sure glad you did it feels great." I told him. He then
raised up off of me so we could clean his sticky mess off of us. I grabbed a
rag and wiped his half dried juices off me then handed him the rag. He tried
to wipe his cum off but was having a hard time getting the cum to come out of
his pubes. Let's face it if you ever gotten cum in your hair before you know
how hard it is to get out. Any ways he eventually got most of the juice off
of him and we got out of the water. "We definitely have to do that again
soon." I told him. "I agree it did feel good." He replied. We then walked out of
the chamber where I almost knocked Carry over when we rounded a corner. There
we were fresh from a jerk off session with our cocks still half hard and red
from the action we gave them and her naked as the day she was born. Since
she had no hair around her cunt yet I could see the lips of her pussy kind of
hanging out of the slit. "Ok I guess now is a good a time as any to do this.
Carry I know you like him. I've know since the first time you saw him after he
turned human. I mean looking at you I can also tell you know what we just
did since your pussy lips are hanging out. And I also know you been getting off
thinking about him. Adrien she is in love with you and is to bashful to tell
you." I said dropping a bombshell on Carry. She stood there dumbfounded that
I knew everything and didn't say a word. "I take your silence to mean that
what he says is true, is it?" Adrien asked her. "Yes...all of it." She said
looking like she was about to cry. "Please don't cry I am not offended. I am
flattered that you like me. I am not entirely sure of what I feel but I believe I
like you also." Adrien told her. She then perked up and looked at him and
smiled. "Glad I could be your match maker today. That will be a $39.95 fee
please." I said being a smart ass. Carry smiled and laughed at me and of course
Adrien didn't know what I meant. "Adrien, Carry I don't know for sure but I
believe you guys belong together. I think you should give things a chance and
see how it goes. I mean I know for a fact that me and almost all the other boys
like dick, and you my friend now that you have experimented a bit it don't
know if that's for you. Maybe you two should try things out. I mean if you two
don't work out there's always your fingers to keep you company." I said
shrugging my shoulders. Carry again laughed at me. I walked away from them then
to let them decide how to handle their new found situation.

I stopped in at Carry's bed to check on Cole and he was just laying there
staring at the ceiling. "How ya feeling dude?" I asked. "Bad." was his answer.
I checked his temp by feeling his forehead again and he was still a bit warm.
"Any thing I can do for you?" I asked. "Can you tell Cody to get me a pepsi
please?" he asked. As much as I didn't want to tell him that we were out of
pepsi, I had to. "Sorry bud we don't have any more. All we have is some
bottled water and juice." I said referring to the canned juices we had in storage.
It looked like his eyes began to tear up some then. I knew I needed to keep
him from crying because it would only make him feel worse. I sat down on
Carry's bed next to him and said, "Tell you what dude, I'll make a special trip to
town just to get you some pepsi. But only cus you're the sicky head right
now." He smiled a bit and I knew he wanted to laugh, but he just didn't seem to
have the energy. "I'll tell your brother you want to see him and I'll get
ready to leave for town. We need a few supplies any ways." I told him as I got
up from the bed and walked away. I went to the bed chamber and began to get
dressed for the cold air outside. "Cody your brother would like you to come
see him." I said sliding my shirt over my head. Cody went to check on his
brother and I asked if some one wanted to go to town with me. About half the
people in the room said "ME" at once. "Ok, ok I think I'll only need a little bit
of help. How about lets see.." I said looking to the ones who asked to go.
"Ok how about Josiah and Carry. You two want to go?" I asked them. Of course
Joey did, and Carry looked at me like I was crazy or some thing. "Ok I guess
from the look you're giving me you don't want to go?" I asked her. "No it's not
that, it's just you've never asked me to do anything like that before." she
replied. "Well first time for everything. You want to go or not?" I said. She
smiled and said yes. "Ok then you two go get dressed." I told them. Joe
grabbed some of his clothes and got dressed as Carry went to her room to check
her brothers and put some clothes on. A short time later we were all bundled up
and ready to brave the cold air outside.

The ride to town was a cold one. It was the first time we have been able to
use the ATV since it got cold out and started snowing. It sure beat walking
through the snow with skies and pulling the supplies behind us on a sled back
to the mine. We pulled up in front of the grocery store and I grabbed the
shotgun as usual and went inside first. "Ok you two stay on my heels. I don't
sense anything out of the ordinary, but you never can tell when something might
be in here." I warned Josiah and Carry. They stayed close to me as we
inspected the building for any unwanted company. The building was almost as cold
inside as the temp outside. Once we searched the whole place we grabbed a cart
and went to work gathering the supplies we came for. First off I went to the
soda isle to get Cole the pepsi I promised him. The shelf was almost empty of
pepsi since it seemed to be every ones favorite at the cave. There was one
case of cans left so I grabbed it and a few others of other kinds of pop. We
managed to fill up a cart with food and supplies when Carry said she needed a
few things for herself. Josiah and I followed her to the isle that had the
WOMAN products in it, if you know what I'm saying. She grabbed a few packs of
tampons and a few things to keep herself clean. "What the hell are those for?"
Joe asked. I whispered in his ear, "Those are for her to clean her coochie
with." "EWWW gross!" he said shrugging his nose. I poled him in the ribs
making him laugh and Carry just rolled her eyes looking at us. "Boys..." she said
mocking us. Now that she had her personal things and we had a cart of supplies
it was time to head back to the mine. It was starting to get late and I damn
sure didn't want to be caught out in the dark trying to get back to the mine.
Before we did head for home I wanted to make one more quick stop at the
pharmacy to see if I could find some other medicine to try and make Carry's cute
little brother feel better. The three of us went inside and I grabbed a few
boxes of cold medicine of different kinds and some pain meds. "No way comic
books!" Josiah cheered when he saw a magazine rack. He grabbed a big arm full
of comic and carried them out to the ATV. Carry looked through the store and
found a few things she would like to have and we left for the mine.

As we approached the mine entrance I sent Adrien a mental message to let the
others know we were back. He turned the hologram covering the entrance off
and I backed the ATV down the mine shaft to its parking place. A few of the
boys had put some clothes on and came out to help us carry in the supplies. The
younger guys freaked when they saw the comics that Josiah had grabbed at the
pharmacy. We unloaded all the supplies and put them away and I went through
the bag full of cold medicine and saw what would work for Cole. I looked
around and noticed that Cody wasn't present so I figured he was with his brother.
I ripped open the box of pepsi cans and took one out for Cole. They were
already good and cold from being in the cold store, but not cold enough to where
they were frozen. I kicked my shoes off where we all kept our shoes on the
way to Carry's area to look for the twins. The lights in her area were off so
I assumed Cole must be sleeping. I pulled the curtain covering her chamber
opening and saw the twins laying in her bed both sound asleep. Cody was laying
behind Cole with his arms draped around him. I guess it was the light coming
around the open curtain that did it, but Cody opened his eyes and raised his
head to look at me. "Hi" he said quietly. "Hey bud. Ho is your brother
doing?" I asked quietly. "I think he's starting to feel a little better. He fell
asleep after I came and laid down with him." Cody replied. I felt Cole's fore
head and he did feel a bit cooler now. Ok well I promised him a pepsi, but he's
asleep. If you want this one it's yours I'll stash another one for him for
when he wakes up. I', sure there will be enough though." I said setting the
can of pop down beside Cody on the ground. "Thanks." Cody said as he laid his
head back down on the pillow next to Cole's. "Get some rest bud. Take care of
him, I'm sure he'll have lots of energy to burn when he wakes up." I said
rubbing Cody's but through the blanket covering them. "What's that mean?" he
whispered. I got down close to his ear and whispered to him, "Means he'll
probably need that yummy dingaling of his sucked a few times when he wakes up."
Cody smiled and then closed his eyes. I gave the little guys a kiss on the top
of the head then left them alone to rest.

By the time I got back to the common chamber the boys that helped unload the
ATV had already stripped back down and were looking at the comics Joey
grabbed. I went to the kitchen and saw AJ sitting at the table we built by his
self. "Everything ok?" I asked him. "Yeah I just wanted some alone time is all.
The little shits in there get on my nerves some times." He said sipping on
one of the pops we brought back. "Now you know how I feel sometimes." I told
him. "Yeah I guess so. I'm sorry if I was ever a pain in the but to you like
that. If I was I didn't know it." He said. "It's ok Adam I loved it when you
was a pain in my but. Especially that first time you stuck it in there." I said
laughing. "Smart as." He said laughing to. He thought I was talking about
something else then I flipped around on him. I sat down next to him then and we
chatted for a while, just us big boys. "I never thought I would ever have to
live like this. I always thought I would live with mom, dad, and Donny till
I was old enough to go to college. I thought I would get my license and a car
and stuff. You know stuff like that. I never imagined I would end up living
with you guys like this taking care of my little brother like I am now." AJ
said sipping the pop and thinking. "I know exactly what you mean. I always
thought the same things. One plus out of it though, we don't have people telling
us when to go to bed or when to eat or anything like that any more. But
you're right I do miss my family." I said thinking on things to. "I gotta admit
though, I couldn't have been rescued out of that bomb shelter by a better bunch
of guys. You have been great to all of us Derrik. You got me out of there
then found my baby brother. I owe you more than any one here I think. If you
ever want me to do something to repay you just tell me." AJ told me with a dead
honest look on his face. I didn't know what to say to him for that. He
caught me totally off guard with his emotional outpour. This was a side of Adam I
hadn't really seen yet. "Don't worry about it dude we're all in the same boat
right now. Almost every one we knew is dead or worse. Our families are gone
and we're on our own to survive and try to grow up the right way. I'm not
sure what the right way is, but I think we're doing ok so far." I replied to
Adam. He got up then and was about to walk away when he hugged me and said
something in my ear, "I did mean I'll do anything to repay you." "Ok I guess we'll
see some day wont we." I replied to him. After that I was left alone at the
table to think about things. I was about to take a sip of a freshly opened
can of pepsi when I hear some one start crying like crazy. "Fuck now what?" I
mumbled wondering who was hurt now. I went out into the common chamber and saw
every one crowded around some one on the ground. "Watch out guys." I said as
I pushed my way through them. There on the floor was poor little Cole crying
his eyes out. "What's wrong bud?" I asked him. "He fell." Justin said. "Cole
you have to tell us what's wrong so we can try to fix it." I told him. "My,
my wrist." He said through his sobs. I kneeled next to him and checked his
little wrist. Just then his brother came rushing to his side. "Cole are you
ok?" he asked with a serious look of concern and care on his face. "He hurt his
wrist." Justin said again. "Why were you even out of bed? You should still be
resting." I asked him. "I was going to get something to drink and tripped on
those shoes." Cole answered crying profusely. "Oh god I'm sorry bro. if I
wasn't asleep you wouldn't have had to get out of bed. I'm so sorry." Cody said
starting to cry to feeling guilty for his brother's injury. I checked the
little guys hand and wrist and he could still move his fingers and stuff so I
figured he may have just sprained it or something. "I don't think you hurt it
real bad." I said trying to comfort him. "Derrik let me try something." AJ
said. He knelt next to me then and looked at Cole's wrist closely. "Wow that's
new. I think I can see through his arm, you know like x-ray vision. Ok I can
see his bones. I don't think they look broke or nothing." AJ said. "See dude
you probably just sprained it." I said again. Cole didn't let up on his
crying though. I'm sure his arm hurt bad enough, but being sick and not feeling
good on top of that had to suck. "Come on bud let's get you back to bed. You
don't mind if he uses it a bit longer do you Carry?" I asked before taking him
to bed. "Sure go ahead anything for my brothers." She replied. I scooped him
up and carried him to the bed since he was so small for his age, I mean he
and Cody were 10 but they were the size of Zack, you know small they were
little guys. Once I laid him down Cody was right there at the bed side crying to.
"I'm sorry Cole." He kept saying. "Cody please go get me that medical bag
that we took from the orphanage." I said trying to divert his attention off his
brother. When he left I asked Zack who was also there what exactly happened
in there to cause this. "He was walking through rubbing his eyes and I guess he
didn't see the shoes and tripped on them and fell on his wrist." He
answered. Cody arrived back with the bag then. I took out a wrap and wrapped it
around Cole's wrist to stabilize it so that it didn't move much. "Ok bud that
should keep it from moving. Here take this it'll make you feel better." I told
him giving him a pill to swallow and he swallowed it with out question. I felt
his fore head again and his temp had gone down, but I'm sure he felt
miserable now. "Ok Guys lets give him some privacy for a while and let him rest." I
told Zack, Cody, and Carry who were there with us. "I'll be back in a few
minutes to check on you ok." I said to Cole. I walked into the common area and
Carry was holding her younger brother in a hug as he bawled his eyes out. "It's
not your fault." she kept saying to Cody but he still cried. I walked over
to them and Carry saw that I was hinting to talk to him. She let go of the hug
and I turned him to face me. I wiped the tears from his eyes and told him,
"I know you love your brother, but this wasn't your fault. Even if you were
awake and got the pop for him it could have been you that fell and hurt your
self." The fact that I said that still didn't make him feel any better. He
stopped crying, but he still felt guilty over it. "It may not be his fault, but I
want to know who's shoes those are." I looked around and no one said a word.
I saw every ones eyes divert to Nathan's direction though. He looked around
and saw every one looking to him. "They...they're mine." He said sounding a
little scared. "Where are they supposed to be?" I asked him. "In the storage
room with the coats and stuff." He answered looking like he was about to cry.
"Then why are they laying in the middle of the damn floor?" I said. "I'm sorry
please don't hit me!" he said starting to cry and cringed up like I was going
to hurt him. "Why in the hell would you think I was going to hit you?" I
asked. "Because that's what the people at the orphanage did to us if we messed
up or did something bad." Carry said with a dead serious look on her face.
"Nathan I'm not going to hit you. I do think you need to apologize to Cole
though it's his arm that got hurt because of your carelessness." I told the crying
little guy. I didn't want him to feel terrified to get hurt for what he did,
but he did need to get some kind of punishment for it and apologizing was
the start.

I made him walk to Carry's chamber to see Cole. When we walked in the pill I
had gave Cole was starting to kick in. "Hey dude's wazzzzzup" he mumbled.
"What's wrong with him?" Nathan asked.
The pain pill I gave him is kicking in. He'll probly be high for a few
minutes then fall asleep. Ok I guess you're off the hook for now, but when he
wakes up you will apologize to him and we'll see what else to do for a
punishment." I told Nathan. "I'm sorry Cole." He said squeezing the fingers on Cole's
unhurt hand. "It's ok it's not my jerking hand I hurt." Cole said moving his
hand out of Nathan's and over to his pecker and grabbing it. "Ok, ok I think
you need to sleep now." I said making him smile as we left him alone. I don't
think he was feeling much pain at that point, but he definitely would when he
woke up. "God I feel terrible now." Nathan said. As we were walking back to
join the others Adrien walked up to us. "Can I have a word please?" he asked
me. Nathan continued on and Adrien said what he wanted. "I am not sure if I
can heal Cole's arm or not with my powers. I feel if I try it may cripple my
abilities to the point that I can not use them any more." "Adrien if it is
going to hurt you to help him feel better, don't try it. His arm will heal, but
if you get all messes up none of us can help you. It's to much of a risk even
to make the lil dude feel better." I explained. I thought it noble of Adrien
to want to help Cole, but it wasn't worth it to risk his own health or life
to make a sprained wrist feel better. "Hey how goes it with you and Carry
now? Did you guys hammer things out between you?" I asked him. "Actually she is
attracted to me and I believe I am to her. I am not sure of what to feel or
think for sure though it is confusing." He answered. "Welcome to puberty my
friend. That's how it goes." I told him. Adrein and I went to the common room
then to see a fight in the middle of the floor. "Hey break it up!" I yelled to
the two boys who were fighting. Not surprising to see it was Cody and Nathan
fighting. "It's his fault my brother got hurt!" Cody yelled at Nathan. "I'm
sorry Cody I'm sorry!" Nathan cried back. I had to physically restrain Cody as
he tried to go at Nathan again. "CODY! Settle down!" I yelled at him. Nathan
just stood there crying and said. "Just let him hit me. Please!" I sensed in
him then the utter most feeling of sorry fear and defeat. "Damn Nathan." Was
all I could say to him. A kid his age shouldn't feel the way he is now over
something as simple as Cole hurting his self and Cody fighting with him.
"Cody stop now!" I said as he tried to get out of my grip and hit Nathan again.
Cody settled down eventually and I told him to go the bed chamber to cool off.
I knew he loved his twin and he was very pissed over what happened to him
because of Nathan being careless. Adam followed him after I gave him a nod as
a hint to talk to him. I took Nathan by the hand then and made him follow me
to the chamber where the hot spring was. "What's wrong? I know it's something
else beside the whole deal with Cody and Cole. No one your age should feel
so sad inside like you just did when you told me to let him hit you." I asked
him. He was reluctant to tell me anything other than what I knew. "If you
don't want to tell me then can I find out in my own way?" I asked. "I don't
care." He said sounding like he didn't care anymore. I placed my hands on the
sides of his head then and extended my thoughts to his own. I began to read his
thoughts and delved deeply into his memories. I poked around inside his mind
for a minute and then I let go of his head. "Oh my god. Why didn't you tell
some one he was hitting you?" I asked him. He broke down crying then because
he knew what I was talking about. I was asking him about the reason why he
came to be in the orphanage. He was taken away from his father because his dad
abused him. His mother had left them when he was very young and he had no
memory of her. His dad use to beat him with anything he could get in his hand and
Nathan never told any one about it, he was too scared to. The reason he
ended up in the orphanage was because his dad beat him so severely one night when
he was drunk with a lamp cord that he ended up in the hospital. "I always
wondered what the scar on your back was, now I know. I'm so sorry Nate." I said
as I took him in a hug. I felt so bad for him to have to go through what he
did in his life. I think that's why he just gave up when Cody wanted to fight
him and why he got so scared when I yelled at him when I found out he was
the one who left their shoes out. "I swear to you no one will ever hit you
again. I'm sorry for scaring you earlier to." I said comforting him. He calmed
down eventually and we went back out to the common area. Sitting there on the
ground was Cody. He got up and walked right over to Nathan. Nate cringed up
like he was expecting a punch form Cody. Cody did the complete opposite of what
Nate expected. He wrapped his arms around him and hugged him. "I'm sorry. I
just lost my head was all. I didn't mean to hurt you or nothing. I was just
mad cus of Cole was all." Cody said apologizing for fighting with Nathan.
"It's cool." Nathan replied hugging him back. "Kiss now!" I heard Justin yell
being a silly ass. I looked at him and gave him an evil eye, but to every body's
surprise they did. Cody kissed Nate on the lips real quick and then laughed
a little. Nathan couldn't believe that Cody really kissed him. After all the
drama of Cole today my nerves were stretched thin and I felt like I needed a

I took AJ by the arm and pulled him with me to the bathing chamber. "What?"
he asked. "Time to pay up." I said laughing. He looked at me like he was
totally lost. "Remember you said if I ever wanted you to do something for me? I
want you to take a bath with me, and maybe have a little fun in the water." I
explained. He smiled and stepped right into the water. The hot spring was
definitely the place to be for me today. I had sucked a dick, jerked off, and
got cummed on and humped all already today in the hot spring and now I was
about to have fun with Adam in it. I got in with AJ and sat down next to him. For
now I just wanted to relax for a minute than see where our fun takes us. We
sat in the hot water and let the heat relax the knots and pains out of out
bodies, until I felt that familiar feeling of some one grabbing my dick. "So
what do you wanna do?" he asked me. "I know what I want to do, but I don't know
if you're in the mood for it." I told him. "Try me," he answered. "Well I'd
like to slide it in you." I told him bluntly. "Ok as long as you don't hurt
me." He said sounding like magic to my ears. He got up and stood in the water
next to me. I couldn't resist grabbing his now stiff dick and licking it a
few times. He had one of those absolutely yummy looking smooth hairless mushroom
peckers on him to. Like I said before I love the feeling of a smooth rod on
my tongue. I stuck him in my mouth and slowly started to suck away. "No. no
this about you." he said sliding his dick out of my mouth. "Fuck me and jerk
me." I was in total agreement with that. He turned away from me facing the
wall and bent forward leaning down on the edge of the water pool. I grabbed the
hair conditioner we had next to the water and lathered my dick up with it
really good for lube. I got in position behind him and asked if he was ready. He
nodded so I began pushing into his ass slowly. When I got the head in he let
out a little gasp. "You ok?" I asked. "Yeah it's just been awhile for this."
He replied. I continued on till my balls were dangling against his but
cheeks. Slowly I withdrew from him and pushed back in over and over. I put my
hands on his shoulders as I began to speed up going ever faster in and out of his
ass. "Oh ummm" he moaned. "You ok?" I asked in between thrusts into him.
"Yeah. Hell yeah do it harder." He moaned. I was happy to oblige him so started
to slam in and out him making splashing sounds in the water and smacking
sounds as I collided with his ass. "Oh Adam I'm almost there!" I moaned out. I
lowered my hands then to his hips and pounded his ass as fast as I could. That
ever great feeling of a monster orgasm ravaged my body as I spasmed a dry nut
in his sphincter. He felt me getting off so he clamped down with his ass
muscles on my dick making the feeling I was having even more intense. I thrust
as hard as I could a few more times into him before going over the edge of the
orgasm cliff. I stopped then and just held onto him and kept my dick in him
as I now lay with my chest to his back. I was breathing heavily and now
sweating like crazy from the heat of the water and the heat of the good fuck I
just had. "How was that?" AJ asked. "Unfucking believable!" I said coming back o
my senses. I was still inside of him, but I was starting to go limp. Before
I withdrew out of him completely I gave him one last thrust for giggles.
"woohoo!" he laughed when I did that last push into him. After that I let my dick
slide out of him and I sat down in the water. He turned to face me then and
I could see his cock was still sticking straight out. "Ok now you get to jerk
me." He said. "Are you kidding me Adam? Look at that yummy tasting dick. You
really think I can just jerk it? No way I gotta suck it now." I told him as
I leaned forward and slid it into my mouth again. "Ok if you say so." AJ
moaned as I sucked like crazy on his yummy mushroom. I felt his balls and plated
with them with one hand as the other hand found it's way to his sphincter. I
slid my middle finger in him then making him moan like crazy, "Holy shit yeah
keep doing that!" I sucked his shaft then and fucked his hole with my finger
and he was getting close to that orgasm peak now to. "Oh shit here it
comes!" he said just as I felt his dick spasm and then I felt something wet and
warm on my tongue. I knew right away what it was from playing with Adrien. AJ
was shooting his first nut in my mouth. I only felt the one small gush, but he
did definitely shoot on my tongue. I don't know why but his cum tasted so
much better than Adrien's did so I sucked like crazy then. I sucked like a mad
man till he said he had enough. I stopped then and let my finger slide out of
his slippery hole. He then sat in the water next to me panting hard trying to
catch his breath. "Guess what?" I said with a huge grin. He shook his head.
"You squirted in my mouth." I said smiling. "No way really?" he said
astounded. "I cummed? Wow cool. I though tit felt really good for some reason. Even
better than normal." He stated. "Yep you sure did. It was only like a little
drop but it was yummy." I said smacking my lips together. He laughed then and
had to be a wise ass. "Hey Derrik, I just realized your older than me and I
can cum first before you can." He said laughing. "Yeah, yeah what ever. Just
remember I don't make a mess to clean up when I get off, you do now." I said
matter of factly. "Shit I didn't think about that. I guess I'll have to keep
shooting them in your mouth." He said winking. "Maybe." I answered. It did
suck I was older than him by almost a year and he could cum before me. Hell who
knows he'll probably have hair before me now to. Oh well I liked the way my
crotch looked for now, silky smooth and hairless. And I also liked not having
to clean up cum when ever I got off to.

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