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A teacher with a very needy student gets himself a teacher’s pet to fuck.
Fbailey story number 372

Teacher's Pet

I like teaching ninth grade English. It is a required class and it is needed for graduation from high school. The girls are either sixteen or soon to be sixteen, that it the legal age of consent in my state. They have just come to the realization that they are now the small fish in a big pond. Last year they were the big fish in a small pond…big difference.

Most of the girls have reached a point in their young lives where they are pleased with their bodies and trying to use them to attract the opposite sex.

My classroom is set up differently than most, I have the students desks arranged in a semicircle around the room with my desk close to the front of the room where it belongs. Their desks are open as is normal, while my desk has a front panel on it. That way the female teachers don’t have to worry about the boys seeing their panties. In my case it sometimes covers up my erections or allows me to straighten one up inside my pants. On rare occasions I might even stroke my cock while they take a test, especially if I am looking at a pretty pair of panties at the time. I try to arrange the students sexually. I have two classes of boys and three classes of girls with one class that is mixed. Over the years I have come to the conclusion that if the class is made up of just girls that they are more unladylike and open up their knees for me. When boys are around they try very hard to keep them from seeing anything. Apparently I am not considered a boy any longer.

The first day of school is when I terrorize them. They don’t know what to expect and I don’t want to come across as easy so I tell them about the book reports, the tests, and the homework assignments. I watch as the smiles disappear and they realize that they are in for one hell of a year. I also make note of the girls that wear skirts instead of pants.

About a week or so into the school year they are stunned by the amount of work that I expect from them. That is when they want to talk to me about it. I give them a ten-minute time slot to talk to me before or after school or even on my lunch break. It is their choice.

I am quite forward with the girls. I look them over and tell them that there is a way that they can improve their scores without doing any more studying. They like to hear that. Then I tell them that I am a man and that they can work their feminine whiles on me. Then they ask me what I mean so I give them an example from a book that doesn’t even exist.

In that fictitious book a female student that needed extra credit would open her legs during class and allow her teacher to see her panties. Some days she would not even wear panties. When test time rolled around she would allow her teacher to fondle her, offer him blowjobs, let him see her naked, or even offer him sex.

A day or two after our little talk when the girl has had time to think things over she will wait for me to make eye contact with her, then she will smiled at me, and open her knees up for me. That is when I know for certain that I have won and that I can look forward to seeing much more of her as the school year continues.

Each year there is always one girl that puts up a good front and appears to be insulted by my reference to that fictitious book. She is usually quite religious and her parents are usually very strict. With all of the other girls flashing me I could hardly care if she does or not. However, it is always a thrill when she finally does open her legs for me. That is a very sweet victory.

There are usually quite a few very pretty girls that are well built and quite popular too. They are the girls that put out on the first date and get passed around. They are also the first girls to request a meeting with me. During that meeting they quickly get right to the point. They are willing to do what ever is required to pass my class. I have found that if they are willing to stand before me completely naked for five minutes while I fondle their young bodies then they really are willing to do anything. Sucking her nipples, finger fucking her, and rubbing her clit to orgasm seals the commitment. After that I have them come back to see me after school is over and when I can spend more than just ten-minutes with them.

The first girl that came to me at the end of the day this school year was Sally. She was sixteen years old and your typical blonde cheerleader type. She was basically an average student but she didn’t apply herself so she just squeaked by each year. She wanted to slide through my class so that she could spend more time on her other classes. Oh please! Sally just wanted a free ride, she had no intentions to make any more effort in her other classes. Hey, what did I care anyway all I wanted was a piece of her for the school year.

Sally knocked on my office door. It was nice to have a room of my own to grade papers in, no matter how small it was or how far away from my classroom that it was. So I opened the door for Sally and then closed it behind her, locking it from the inside.

Sally stood before me and asked, “What should I do?”

I looked at her and reached for one of her breasts. She just smiled sweetly. I gave it a few squeezes and then I reached for her pussy. Sally opened up her stance to allow me better access. I slipped my hand into her panties and cupped her warm pussy for a moment, then I pressed my thumb into the top of her slit. Sally enjoyed that and started humping my thumb to stimulate herself. When she got herself off I asked her to get naked like she had earlier in the day. Sally undressed placing her clothes on a chair in the corner and slipped her shoes under the chair. Standing naked before me Sally asked, “Now what would you like?”

I lowered my pants and my underwear to my ankles and sat in my chair. Then I said, “Come over here and sit on this.” I was holding my erect cock in my hand as Sally came over to me. I turned her around so that her back was toward me and then she sat down on my cock. She squirmed around to get it all up inside her. Then I reached around her and cupped both of her tits as she fucked me for her extra credit. I knew from much past experience that in that position I could last for fifteen to twenty minutes before cumming. Sally had a nice tight pussy and nice firm tits too.

I asked Sally how many cocks had been in her pussy and she said, “Just yours.”

I could hardly believe that a girl like Sally was still a virgin. She was pretty, she was extremely outgoing, and she approached me, she got naked earlier, and she was now fucking herself with my cock. I replied, “Really?”

Sally said, “Honest.”

So I had Sally tell me all about her sexual experiences. She told me about taking bathes with her little brother when they were very young. She told me about fooling around with other girls when she was thirteen. Then she told me about eating out her science teacher’s pussy the day before. Wow! I didn’t even know that Mrs. Smith was even into girls, I thought that she only fucked the boys. Sally said that Mrs. Smith had been freshly fucked before she ate her out. She knew because Mrs. Smith had told her that she was swallowing Tommy Kline’s cum. Then Sally told me everything that I ever wanted to know about Mrs. Smith, her naked body, her droopy breasts, and her fat pussy lips. Before she could go Sally had to tickle Mrs. Smith’s clit with her tongue until she had an orgasm and that it had taken close to a half an hour. Several minutes later I was cumming in that sweet innocent misunderstood girl. I asked Sally to stop by every day and tell me who she was having sex with.

The next morning when I saw Mrs. Smith in the hallway I stopped her and whispered, “I see we are both having sex with Sally.”

Mrs. Smith replied, “No. I didn’t have sex with Sally, she had sex with me.”

I smiled and whispered, “Yes she was, she was sucking Tommy Kline’s cum out of your pussy after he fucked you.”

Mrs. Smith asked, “What do you want?”

I smiled and said, “You.”

Mrs. Smith said, “Okay. Tomorrow at five o’clock, my office, and bring Sally with you to clean me up afterwards.”

I replied, “See you then.”

The following day I knocked on her door. She opened it and Sally and I walked in. We both made sure that the door was locked. Sally was told to get naked first, then me, and then Mrs. Smith finally got naked too. There was no foreplay needed because some of her other students had already taken care of that before we got there. Mrs. Smith bent over her desk but I had her get on it on her back instead. I wanted to see her face as I fucked her and I wanted to watch her tits move around. As I fucked into her she tried very hard not to enjoy it but try as she may she orgasmed before I climaxed in her. She expected me to pull my cock out immediately but I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction. I kept sliding my cock into her wet hole until I fell out all soft and withered. Then Sally got between her legs and started licking. It was no more than a minute before Mrs. Smith had another orgasm and Sally stood up smiling. I knew that Mrs. Smith wanted more of Sally’s attention but Sally knew that it was over when she had an orgasm. I took the opportunity to lean over and suck on Mrs. Smith’s nipples. She moaned and asked for more.

I said, “Okay. Tomorrow at five o’clock, my office, and bring Tommy Kline with you to help me fill you up.”

Mrs. Smith had a smile on her face when we left her office. She was still naked on her desk too.

Out in the hallway Sally said, “That was fun. Next time can you make her eat me while you fuck her?”

I smiled and said, “Be in my office before five tomorrow.”

I managed to catch up with Tommy Kline the next day. I filled him in on what I planned to do to Mrs. Smith. I even suggested that he jerk off before coming to my office with her so that he would last longer.

When I heard the knock on my office door I opened it up and let Mrs. Smith and Tommy in. Then I closed and locked the door. Sally was already naked and sitting in the corner. Tommy undressed and then I had Mrs. Smith undress so that I could be last.

I had Tommy lay on his back on my desk, I had Mrs. Smith squat on his teenage cock and lean forward, and then I slipped my well-greased cock into her asshole. She didn’t say a word and she accepted it all. I had Sally get in front of her and then I had Mrs. Smith lick Sally’s pussy for a change. She resisted at first but after I thrust my cock further up her ass she gave in. She admitted that that was her very first double penetration…and that she liked it. She also admitted that Sally was the very first girl that she had ever licked…and that she liked that too.

For the next hour the four of us had sex together, the girls sucked our cocks hard and then Tommy and I traded holes. I made sure that Mrs. Smith got my cock to suck.

After that day Mrs. Smith and I traded students too. If she had a girl that needed a better grade she would send her to me and I would send my boys to her. They fucked her and I gave them a passing grade. I fucked her girls and she gave them a passing grade. Sometimes her girls and my girls were the same so I still fucked them and we both passed them.

A few years later Mrs. Smith married me and together we get all of the young sex that we desire.

The End
Teacher's Pet
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