A chance encounter, draws a teenage boy to a needy girl. The two find their way through the unknown, guiding each other, on the trail.
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Finding a treasure at Winn-Dixie:

Daniel turned the corner heading up the frozen food isle and to his delight, he spotted a potential target for feeding his lust. Wild dirty blond hair, flared out and hanging six inches past her shoulders, her legs just straight in her pants, gave no indication of their shape, but they were attached to a butt that was worth looking at.

Her pants were obviously hand-me downs, that she had not grown into yet. Her shirt, on the other hand, was something she had already grown out of. As she leaned over the cart she was pushing, half her back was exposed. Her pants failed to contour to her body, so where her body bent at the waist, her pants continued straight up.

Daniel couldn't tell how old the girl was, from looking at her backside, but her curved butt looked old enough for a good look, and a pass bye, for sure. As he got closer, he spotted a tattoo on her left shoulder, and felt sure he was in for a treat once he made is walk bye, and fake turn around. He used this method for checking out girls all the time, once he got a good look at them from behind, he made like he forgot something, and then spun around to get a good look at the front. If they sparked his teenage lust, he would go past them from the front, then make another correction, heading back for a closer ass view. Then the rest of the day he could imagine her as he wished he had a girlfriend.

Even though Daniel was a very handsome young man, with a great personality, he was very shy. He had always been home schooled by his very conservative Christian mother. She had a plan to keep him from all the sins of this world. The past few years they didn't even go to church, because she felt like there were too many fake people there.

Even with all the isolation, Daniel connected very easily with people. Not for his efforts, because, for the most part, he was scared to strike up a conversation with most people, especially girls. But, people were drawn to him, just because of his brilliant smile, and good nature. He was gifted with a super personality. Connections that had been made earlier at church lasted, and he did odd jobs, since he was eleven years old, that allowed him to know many people. He mowed lawns, cleaned cars, painted, and did just about anything else folks around town would hire him to do.

Daniel was very smart, strong and capable. Now fifteen years old, he already stood five, eleven and a half, wore a ten and a half shoe, and weighed one hundred eighty five pounds. He spent most of his spare time, since he was a young boy, lifting weights, riding bikes, motocross and four wheelers, plus working hard, so he was solid muscle. He had a thirty inch waist, but legs that belonged on a person with a thirty two inch waist, so his legs never fit in his jeans correctly, and you could always see his leg muscles bulging out.

In the back of Daniel's mind he knew he was wasting his time checking this girl out, because he wasn't going to talk to her, but at least he could dream. Once he closed the distance to half the isle length, he realized her company wasn't a welcoming bunch. As a matter of fact, he almost turned right at the halfway break out of the frozen food section. A very tall fat lady, a short fat little girl, and a fat boy cluttered around her. Not that Daniel had anything against fat people, his own mother was probably seventy five pounds over weight, but she kept herself very neat, clean, and wore clothes that fit her size. These people seemed to be, sloppy, even dirty looking, mean looking people. All sporting tattoos!

"Maybe those are fake, who would let a kid get a tattoo?" Daniel thought as he slowly scanned the gaggle of people around the TV dinners. Not sure who was with who, but the shaggy, light brown haired girl still drew a hard look from his passing eyes. The cart she slumped over, held three cases of beer, and two cases of Hot Pockets, nothing else.

A sad feeling rose inside Daniel's heart, as he realized how sad the sight was, and how sad the girl looked. She might have been pretty, but she looked a mess, with her hair all over the place. Her clothes didn't fit right, she wasn't even really clean. But, it wasn't her fault, obviously she had never been taught how to look right, nobody corrected her before she left the house, that was clear from the way her mother looked. She might be beautiful, but Daniel only noticed the sadness, as he passed by.

Even though he had lost his desire for a front view, he turned around anyway, more for a reality check, then a stare. Once he did his about-face, his eyes met the most sparkling blue eyes he had ever seen. Those eyes were surrounded by a bright, lightly freckled face, that even though it wasn't terribly clean, it held an appeal. Frozen for a second, Daniel scanned the scene before reconnecting with those blue eyes.

Words without meaning, followed by a shove from the fat boy, broke up Daniel's love affair with the dirty faced girl. He continued back past her, turning only for a second to remind himself of the original object of his attention. Sure enough, her round ass was still attached to her skinny legs. Her pants still didn't fit correctly, and her long wave, dirty blond hair, still needed a brush.

Daniel only came in the Winn-Dixie for one bottle of pop, but after five more minutes, he was still walking around the store, making sure he passed isles that contained the object of his curiosity. "How old was she? Her ass said, fifteen, but her face looked not so old. But who lets their kid get a tattoo, even at fifteen?"

Daniel couldn't get her eyes out of his brain, nor could he shake the funny feeling she gave him. What was it, he wondered?

The scruffy girl consumed Daniel's mind as he wandered down the isles. The girl was probably very pretty, but because of the way she was kept, she ended up just looking sexy, but in a trampy way. Especially, with a tattoo on her shoulder, and her back exposed as she leaned on the shopping cart, with her pants three inches too big on her waist.

Daniel noticed the girl separating from her clan, sent on a "go get that," trip. As she traveled at one end of the store, Daniel traveled at the other, checking down each row, waiting for an opportunity for another, chance encounter. He would never talk to her, but she had to be investigated further, if for nothing else, to see if he could understand the feeling she gave him, inside.

Cautiously, he entered the last place she could have gone, the end of the line, the dairy section. A tremendous fear erupted in Daniel's heart as he spotted her down by the butter. He stopped six feet behind her, watching her, as she searched for something. Up and down, side to side, the girl looked, as Daniel quickly closed the gap between them. She had noway of knowing he was behind her, he had approached in ninja mode. She leaned over for something in the back row, as he arrived, just six inches behind her. Her ass protruding, and her shirt traveled up her back, exposing her white skin, while Daniel breathed softly behind her.

When she stood back up, Daniel towered over her ninety pound frame, by at least eighteen inches. He looked down her back, as her loose pants shifted back and away from her skinny waist. Daniel could look straight down the space between her belt loops and her flesh. If there had been a light at the other end, he could have seen all the way to the floor. "Well, mom, I guess that would be worse than wearing dirty underwear?" Daniel's breathing stopped at the sight of her ass crack, the first female flesh he had ever seen, below the waist and above the thigh.

The familiar stranger suddenly stepped back, onto Daniel's foot, then fell against him. He was so close, the fall wasn't really a fall, there just wasn't anywhere else for her to go, except up against her stalker. She squealed, half a scream, as Daniel's strong arms steadied her, but then she stopped as her head turned far enough to make eye contact with Daniel. Once her eyes found his friendly eyes, she remembered him from before, but still separated herself from him, in startled embarrassment.

As soon as the distance between them was adequate, Daniel's eyes were drawn to her chest. The cold, or the fright, or a combination of both, had caused this girl's one inch high lumps, to be crowned with what could only be described as, the end of a Crayola crayon. Clearly, this girl should have been in some kind of a bra, if for nothing else, to keep old men from getting a hardon, every time a breeze blew. As it was, the thin material of her worn out shirt, stretched tight, held nothing back, not even the clear outline of her dark red nipples.

Daniel would have been overwhelmed with anxiety, just from the contact with the opposite sex, but those glorious blue eyes, lightly freckled face, and taunting nipples, after having just seen the bare flesh of her ass, left him, speechless and breathless.

Without any modest concerns for the state of her tits, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Are you OK?" The voice of an angel seemed to reach a breathless Daniel's ears. Still not having taken in any air since their eyes met, Daniel gasped and answered, "I, I'm, I, I'm sorry, I."

With the same soft, melodious voice, she interrupted Daniel's broken stutter, "I'm Jessy Jay, I'm sorry I screamed, I didn't know you were behind me. What's your name?"

Daniel still frozen in place, finally broke his silence, "I'm Daniel. It was my fault, I should have been paying attention."

With a shy giggle, Jessy Jay said, "You mean you weren't paying attention, to me?"

Daniel knew he was paying attention to this strangely attractive girl, but it was her ass he had been focused on, not where he was standing. He looked her up and down, she was a rare treasure, like a scruffy stray dog found on the street. Even though its hair is a wreck, and it's covered with dirt, you can't look away from its cute face. Then after you take it to the groomer, you realize you have a beautiful pet.

"Actually, I thought I knew you, but then when you turned around, I realized I was wrong, I was embarrassed." Daniel's words were a lie, but it helped him clear the air and get refocused.

Daniel was ready to excuse himself, because he knew his penis was growing by the second. Luckily, he had on jeans, but still it would become obvious at some point. Daniel had never had an opportunity to see other boys in school, and sex education wasn't really part of his mother curriculum, so he had no idea that what was brewing in his pants, far exceeded norm, for his age. What he did know, was it had become uncomfortable. He knew he was going to have to stop on his way home and masturbate. That was something that had been happing a lot during the last year. Often, while riding his bike, or four wheeler, he would have to duck off someplace and get himself off. The problem had increased with this warm weather they were having recently.

Daniel imagined right where he would stop on the four wheeler trail on his way home, but his thoughts were interrupted by Jessy Jay's sweet voice. "Do you have a motor bike, or a four wheeler?"

"A four wheeler, how did you know, why did you ask?" Daniel asked, amazed that this question would come up, at the same he was imagining his ride home, and what he was going to do on the way.

The easily excited girl didn't answer before blurting out, "I love riding on four wheelers, can you give me a ride? Yeah, that would be so much fun, can you ride me home?"

Without even considering anything, Daniel's mouth spoke, and agreed. Jessy Jay danced off with a tub of margarine, yelling back for Daniel to meet her out front, she would go tell her mother.

Daniel sat in front of the Winn-Dixie drinking down his pop, wondering how disappointed he was going to be when his new friend came out and told him her mother wasn't going to let her ride home with a stranger on a four wheeler. He resolved that it would be alright, because he didn't have any idea where he might have to ride her, plus he had a need that had to be met soon. As a matter of fact, as Daniel nervously thought the whole course of events over, he realized he was well overdue.

Even though he had resolved not to be disappointed, the sight of Jessy Jay's chest trophies leading the way out of the automatic doors, made his hopes soar. He even thought for a second about saying a prayer, but immediately questioned the appropriateness of that. He watched the ruff looking group cross over towards the parked cars. Halfway to the first parking spot, Jessy Jay pointed over towards Daniel and then changed directions, heading towards him.

Daniel's heart wanted to soar, but he kept it in check, because in all likelihood, she was just going to tell him her mother told her noway. He watched the young girl walking towards him, trying to read her expression, while also watching the large lady loading more beer than groceries into the rusted multi-colored, Chevy, Astro van.

"Are you ready to go, can I have a sip of that?" Jessy Jay had a hard time limiting her brain and mouth interaction to one question at a time.

Daniel's erection started bothering him again as this girl, he knew nothing about, placed her lips on the opening of his pop bottle. It was the first time he noticed that her lips were so full, and flush with red color. They took the top of the bottle into their grasp in a special way, one that Daniel had never seen, or may be noticed before.

As the Astro van puffed smoke and drove off, he knew this was really going to happen, Daniel Morris was going to ride a girl on his four wheeler. But where, he still didn't know.

As Jessy Jay leaned into the Honda, Daniel wondered what was holder her pants on. They sagged out in front this time, and he was sure if had stared hard, he would have seen down to where her missing underwear should be.

Daniel's nerves went on edge at the thought of where he was taking this girl. It was just two short miles, but in the wrong direction. Not only was it down the rail road tracks, in the wrong direction, it was on the wrong side of the tracks. "That's why you don't want to go to that high school, Daniel. Those are the kind of people who go there." Those were the words his mother had spoken as she pointed to the neighborhood they were passing, the very same neighbor he was about to take Jessy Jay to.

Daniel still wanted to go to that High School, but he didn't argue with his mother. The truth was, he like most people, and rarely judged anyone based on where they lived, or what they looked like. That was obvious by looking at his new friend.

Jessy Jay flipped her leg over the seat, and wrapped her arms around Daniel's waist like someone who was used to having something between her legs. Before the two of them were fifty feet down the trail beside the rail road tracks, Jessy Jay was encouraging her captain to increase their speed. "I'm not afraid, go faster, it's fun!" She spoke into Daniel's ear.

Daniel's balls started to tingle from the engine's vibration, and his cock swelled from the excitement of a girl's arms around him, her legs spread behind him, and her body pressed against his. The faster they went, the closer he got to losing control. He had often been horny enough to have an orgasm just from finding the right RPM, and holding it there, while getting his balls, just so, against the seat, but he didn't want that now. He didn't want to get to Jessy Jay's house and have a big wet spot on the front of his pants.

A large bump caused Jessy Jay's hand to fall and strike Daniel's erection, which was standing straight up, trying to get out the top of his pants. Daniel's mind remembered the exact place of impact, and his brain was telling him over and over how a hand, other than his, had touched him.

Daniel's passenger had her fingers intertwined, locking her hands together, just above the top of his pants, too close to his cock, but too far at the same time. He needed her to either take hold of his throbbing dick and send him over the edge, or move her hands far away. He shifted, and lifted up just far enough to move his cock under her hands. This time, Jessy Jay left her locked hands on Daniel's lap, clasped around where his rock hard pole was. Daniel used the ruff terrain as an excuse to ride his boner up and down against her hands.

Jessy Jay knew exactly what was going on, because she was no stranger to having a cock in her hands. For the last two years, the asshole her mother called her boyfriend, had been using JJ, as he called her, to help him get off, whenever her mother was passed out.

As her hand entered the top of Daniel's pants to find his needy cock, she smiled, knowing for once, it was her choice, she wanted to touch him, instead of waking up to that drunk shit head forcing his tiny prick into her mouth. His fat, smelly belly hanging over on her face, she hated him.

There was just enough room for her tiny hand to slide down the front of Daniel's jeans, and as soon as it slipped below the belt line, it encountered the soft skin of his cock head. Before she could even force her hand over the head, to grasp the shaft, she felt his hot fluid shooting from the tip.

The four wheeler came to a sudden stop, forcing Jessy Jay against Daniel's back as he pushed back hard into her body. Leaning back on her, he jerked his hips forward and upward, forcing two more streams of hot fluid onto her hand.

Daniel was so inexperienced that he didn't even realize he might have been embarrassed by his premature ejaculation. He actually couldn't even understand what had just happened, or what he should do now.

The girl's lips tasting his sweaty neck and licking the bottom of his ear, sent tremors through Daniel's whole body. He had never even held hands with a girl, now all of a sudden he was expected to know what to do next, after having had a girl touch his cock. He turned his head left, spotted the lips that had seduced the pop bottle, and without anyone explaining what to do, his lips tasted hers. His tongue instinctively pierced her lips, finding her tongue eager to welcome his. The two strangers embraced in a kiss that sent shock waves through both their bodies, finally finding a home in their hearts.

The little girl who found no love at home, and had never had anyone kiss her tenderly, wrapped her arms around Daniel, and hugged him as hard as she could. She was sure she had found love, and she was going to make sure, she kept it.

Daniel stood motionless behind his four wheeler, looking down into the eyes of a girl, he knew nothing about. He didn't even know if Jay was her middle name, or her last name, yet he was sure they were going to do things together that he was never supposed to do until he was married. He didn't understand how he could know that, but he knew.

Hugging her, he looked down over her shoulder, and he could see down the back of her pants, her white flesh seemed to shine inside her pants. His hand lowered down her back and found rest inside the top edge of her loose pants, just above the curve that identified the start her ass. It seemed to him that his hand would burst into flames just from its position in a girl's pants. Daniel's hormones exploded, he knew it was wrong, but he couldn't make his hand stop, it went two more inches. His heart pounded, he knew he was touching a naked ass, but what next?

Daniel thought he had offended Jessy Jay as she stepped back, so he yanked his hand from her pants. She smiled at him as she rose to her tippy toes, searching for his lips. He leaned over and met her lips, her mouth opened and instinctively the two mouths knew how to make passion, burning passion. Their young lust pulsated through every fiber of their bodies.

Jessy Jay guided Daniel's hand down the front of her loose pants, hoping he knew what to do next. She knew how to be used by a disgusting man, but she didn't know how to seduce a teenage boy. Her heart pounded and her nerves sizzled as Daniel's large strong hand slid down her tummy, past her mound and found a home between her legs. Without the girl having to tell her legs to move, they spread apart to give free reign to Daniel's hand.

Although, he had heard about first base, second base, third base and of course a home run, Daniel always imagined he would have more time to find out exactly what to do. Now all of a sudden he was standing in the woods with his hand inside a girl's pants, touching something he had never seen. "What is this I'm touching?" He questioned, as his large finger found its way between Jessy Jay's pussy lips, and it moved around in the wet flesh. Then it turned north, "it's so tight, I wonder if that's the wrong hole?" Daniel knew the girl he was kissing responded to his finger's probing with a gasp, and then a more excited kiss, so he assumed he was doing what he needed to do.

Jessy Jay's burning insides grew impatient with her inexperienced lover's hand, as she rocked her hips trying to find a release for her lust. She knew she needed to push things along, being she didn't have too much time, so she reluctantly separate her inflamed clitoris from Daniel's bumbling fingers. She stepped back just far enough to reach for Daniel's button on his jeans. She looked into the piercing eyes of her terrified lover, as she unfastened his jeans.

After she lowered his pants past his hips, she reached for the top edge of his white Fruit of the Loops. Daniel had no way to process these events anymore, so his mind shut down, he was along for the ride, his lust driving him on. Tiny fingers gripped the waist band of his underwear, he watched Jessy Jay's face with anticipation of her discovery.

His dick head caught in the elastic as she pulled downward, it bent, the elastic stretched, then finally his cock sprang forth. Jessy Jay stared in shock at the sight of Daniel's dick bouncing before her face. "Holy shit, why is it so big?" She thought, but not wanting to give Daniel knowledge of her limited experience, she kept silent. She had seen her little brother, and two of her mother's boyfriends had molested her, but theirs were tiny in comparison to what she was looking at. "Maybe because of their big beer bellies, it made theirs look small?" She wondered, but was pretty sure she was wrong, as her tiny mouth approached the plum sized cock head in front of her face.

With great anticipation, excitement and fear, her lips made contact with Daniel's flesh. For the first time, this young girl felt a wave of pleasure between her legs, as her mouth tasted the flesh of the opposite sex. Joy filled her heart as Daniel sounded a wonderful and appreciative groan. Jessy Jay hated all the pigs that had ever shoved their things in her mouth, and hated the smell and taste, but as she allowed Daniel's large bulbous dick top to squeeze between her lips, and fill her mouth, she couldn't help smiling a big, satisfied smile.

Daniel looked into those tremendous, blue eyes in amazement, as they looked up at him, their owner's lips around his penis, and smiling like a cat with a canary. He wanted to fully enjoy the pleasing sensation on his dick, but he was overwhelmed with what was happening. A little while ago he was getting a pop, and had never kissed a girl, now he was on a trail, with his dick in a girls' mouth. He didn't even know her, but he wanted everything she had to offer. He was scared to death, not knowing anything about what might happen, or what to do next, but he was going to allow Jessy Jay to lead the way, he figured she knew what to do.

Jessy Jay knew what it was like to have a dick shoved in her mouth, have her mouth used for someone else's pleasure, and what would be squirted in her mouth, and she would be made to swallow. But, she didn't really know anything about give a blow job. However, she determined to apply everything she was forced to learn about sucking a guy's dick, and use it to make the owner of this cock, remember this blow job for as long as he lived. She wanted it to last, and be the most wonderful thing that ever happened to him. She willed her gag reflexes to shut off, she forced the over sized meat into her throat, sucking hard while her tongue twirled all around Daniel's musty cock. Even though, she couldn't take much of him inside her mouth, she treated what she could, to the most energetic sucking and licking possible. The glorious sounds of her mouth making love to Daniel's dick could be heard a great distance away.

Daniel clung to the back of his four wheelers with a grip that could have bent steel, as his sperm filled Jessy Jay's mouth. He didn't even know what was happening, he just suddenly realized his balls were pumping their juice out of his dick, and into the swallowing mouth of a mysterious girl, on her knees in front of him. His semen left two trails down her shirt, and over her lumpy chest, after it had spilled from each corner of her stretched mouth. Daniel's legs felt weak as her mouth continued sucking his sensitive flesh, as the last of his orgasm trickled into her mouth.

Daniel lifted the strange beauty to her feet, and leaned his head to meet her lips. Their passion burning now like a wild fire, consumed everything in its path, especially any sense of self-control that might have been, before. Lips and tongues forced together, devouring each other with lust only found in youthful romance. Without breaking their kiss, Daniel's untrained hand found Jessy Jay's swollen breast and instinctively worked it between his fingers. The long hard point on the top, seemed like it could tear through the material as his hand pressed hard against it.

Jessy Jay found Daniel's stiff cock between them, with her childlike hand, sending an electric shock through him and sending a moan of pleasure from his mouth, into her mouth, as their tongues fondled each other.

A flame like she had never felt before burned between Jessy Jay's legs as her hand gripped Daniel's dick. Her young body needed to be satisfied, she needed someone to make love to her. She needed Daniel's cock inside her, she needed someone to make her feel good, and feel loved, not used and fucked to satisfy someone else's need. "I want to do it, Daniel, will you do it with me?" Jessy Jay spoke those words into Daniel's open mouth.

After a quick survey of their surroundings, Daniel switched places with Jessy Jay. She pushed her pants down without even unbuttoning them. Daniel's eyes followed the top edge of her pants, past her belly button, over her hips, and past the snow white sin, above the crease in her flesh, that divided her body down the middle. He stared in amazement at the beauty of it, as his heart raced like he had never felt it before. He didn't move, he didn't speak, he didn't even breath, he just looked, knowing he was now seeing a naked girl, a wonderfully naked girl.

"Is it OK? Is something wrong?" Jessy Jay, spoke those words with all the appropriateness that would be expected from a self-conscious, twelve year old girl. She assumed Daniel's frozen stance and wide open mouth, was a reaction to her hairless, preteen body. It was, but she had assumed the worst.

"It's, um, I, I think." Daniel gave up trying to speak, and let his body answer her question. He took her in his arms, pulled her against his body and kissed her. His cock pressed firmly against her belly as he finally spoke. "You're beautiful, so beautiful!"

Daniel assumed Jessy Jay to be an experienced lover, and Jessy Jay assumed the same about Daniel, so neither led the way, they just did what came natural. Daniel lifted Jessy Jay out of her flip-flops and pants, which had gathered around her ankles, and placed her ass on the back edge of the four wheelers' seat. Her dirty feet hanging a foot off the ground, her legs slightly parted.

Her eyes drew Daniel in as he stepped between her opening legs, with his pants still shackling his feet together. This was no time to consider anything, both were terrified that somehow what they both wanted to happen, would stop, if they even paused for a second. Jessy Jay leaned back, supporting herself on her left arm, while opening her legs and drawing them up slightly. Her bald, immature vagina glistened for the first time in anticipation of someone making love to her. Her eyes and her heart beckoned Daniel's cock to her body, while her mind screamed for her to consider the size of his dick and the pain it would cause.

Daniel, at this point can only assume this is the way this thing is supposed to go, and his new friend has plenty of experience at this sex thing. He only knows there is a hole between her legs, and the thing between his legs, goes in it. He's so naive, he doesn't even realize the implications of Jessy Jay's baldness. He only knows he has a need, and he knows he's going to meet it, nothing else matter as he fumbles with his throbbing penis, trying to get it where it belongs.

With a slight grunt, at the realization that Daniel is trying to enter the wrong hole, Jessy Jay reaches between her legs. Her hand and Daniel's hand both holding his long shaft, they guide it up and down between her lips. Together, they both help his tool find the perfect entering point. His massive dick head completely covers her tiny entrance. Somehow, that spot on her body sends a silent message to Daniel's body, telling him to push.

Daniel's cock pushed inside enough to surround the top half of its head with warm, wet flesh. He pushed harder as he watched Jessy Jay's face say stop, with a grimace, but her eyes say more, give me more. Daniel believed her eyes, and shoved even harder, only to be greeted by a scream. "Oh, ouch."

Fearful he had done something wrong, Daniel froze. Jessy Jay sat up more and locked her hand together, behind Daniel's neck. She leaned in, close to his ear. "Please don't stop, just go slow."

Jessy Jay opened her legs wider to help accommodate the largest thing that had ever been inside her tiny body. Daniel's hips jerk forward, now all of the purple head has been hidden between Jessy Jay's puffy lips. She felt her hole stretching, sending silent screams to her brain, but she wouldn't allow them to travel to her mouth, she bit her bottom lips instead.

For Daniel, it was like going into the cold water really slow, he hated that, he wanted to end the torment, and plunge inside. He jerked forward once again, his cock rejoiced at the waves of pleasure shooting through it, causing an involuntary secondary jerk, that sent several inches inside Jessy Jay's tight hole. Daniel groaned with delight at the most powerful sensation known to man, his oneness with the body of a female. He couldn't even tell where his dick started or ended, he just felt a wonderful warmth sizzling through every nerve from his belly button down to his thighs.

Jessy Jay saw stars as Daniel's fat cock head pierced her cherry, she screamed without a sound, holding Daniel's body in place with her legs. Jessy Jay had been so devastated while that dick head raped her, that she hadn't realize that he never fully entered her, not wanting there to be proof. She now knew the sharp shooting pain of losing her virginity.

As soon as her legs eased their tension, Daniel's hips continued forward, and didn't stop until he couldn't see anymore of his cock. He looked down between them, seeing nothing but their bodies seared together, his pubic hair pressed against where hers would be. He felt like he had never felt before, he felt pleasure, joy, lust and passion that he would never be able to explain. It felt so good, he was afraid to move, but his dick demanded it. He slowly pulled back, watching as his wet flesh magically appeared from its hiding spot. Suddenly, blood covered his shaft, and he panicked. "I hurt her, I made her bleed. Hymen, blood, virginity." His mother's words rushed his mind, as he realized he had just taken this girl's virginity! She was a virgin too.

"Keep going, it's OK, it feels good, go ahead." Jessy Jay's words were all he needed to send his cock back inside the most wonderful place on this planet. Daniel's ability to control his body was stripped from him, by the flesh walls that gripped his cock as it moved through Jessy Jay's body. Slowly at first he moved in and out, wanting the feeling to last forever. His speed increased regardless of his desire to make it last. His body was doing what it wanted to do, and he had no control over it.

The first pain of having her outer hole stretched was uncomfortable, and the pain of having her deep insides opened up was also uncomfortable, but the sharp pain of having her hymen destroyed had washed all other pain away, and nothing was left for Jessy Jay, except the wonderful joy of having hot flesh coursing through her vaginal tube. "Someone is making love to me, someone cares about me." Her heart sang as her orgasm built inside her belly. She felt so complete, so whole as Daniel's cock filled her body, driving her closer and closer to the brink of ecstasy.

Daniel's body rocked at light speed, while he fought with it, trying to make it slow down, so it would last, but he was losing the fight. The pleasure was so intense, that he had to keep fucking, even though, he knew it was surely going to result in, an orgasm, and then it would be over. He was going to have to pull out, and cum outside, or else!

Jessy Jay's face shined like the sun as her second orgasm sweep through her body. Daniel's dick head plunging inside her body. She felt so good inside, she never wanted to let him take his cock out, she wanted to keep it inside her, forever. At that moment, she knew she was going to let him cum inside her, even though she started her period two months ago. "Don't let anybody cum inside you, or you'll end up like me." The only words her mother ever spoke to her on the subject matter, floated through her mind, but she forced them out. "I don't care if I get pregnant, then I'll have his baby in me. I'll always have someone who loves me."

Daniel's frantic jerking was a clear sign he was about to get off. "I'll pull out at the last second, it feels too good to stop, but I have to." Right as Daniel was about to pull out, Jessy Jay wrapped her arms and legs around Daniel, pulling herself off the seat, and locking their bodies together. Daniel's cock was forced as far inside her as it would go. Jessy Jay hung from his neck, impaled on his gigantic cock as it filled her with baby fluid. She kissed his neck as his hot juice soothed over her deepest inner being.

Daniel's hands gripped her ass, while he pumped his cum inside her, kissing her neck. He couldn't even think about what was happening, he was too busy enjoying the wonderful pleasure only experienced when your cock orgasms inside a tight hole. It was so different than when he shot into the air, it was glorious and worth anything, at that moment.

Jessy Jay pulled her head back to look into Daniel's eyes. "I love you!" They kissed lovingly, still connected as one body. His dick cut into her flesh, her flesh holding him tight, sealed by her blood. No matter what happen between Daniel and Jessy Jay, neither will ever forget this day, as long as they live.

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2016-05-10 12:28:15
Awesome story. Please continue it.


2016-05-01 12:28:07
You write very well and tell a great story. I look forward to reading more of your work!

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2009-11-06 19:53:14
to the readers requesting part two: there is one, retards


2009-10-17 10:06:48
Hey, you brainless idiots. Obviously, most of you have the IQ of a brick and no balls. Otherwise you would be reading and writing about sex with adults instead of children. I also notice that readers and writers don't show any contact ID. What are you afraid of?

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2009-07-29 02:03:52
Excellent, amazing, soooo freakin true and real and loving, during the whole story i kept saying to myself "Oh boy... Somethings gonna happen". I LOVED IT!!!!!!!

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