This is another story losely based on fact and moments that influenced the rest of my life and my fettishes
The bitter wind made Andy feel even colder now, as he walked back from his school, than he had felt earlier that dark morning on the way there. His school had been closed due to power restrictions, this was the winter of discontent and the power workers had now been on strike, on and off for several weeks. Without power, the local authorities had to find emergency measures, as they did not have the power to heat the schools and classrooms. This didn’t mean a thing to the children except that now they were called in each morning to pick up some work that was to be done at home and so keep up some pretence of an education. They weren’t even opening up Andy’s actual school at all and so he had been into the smaller local infants school to hand in yesterdays work and pick up today’s. This brief visit, even including the walk, had taken him no more than an hour and the work, being so basic, would probably only take him another hour to complete, leaving him the rest of the day to himself. This might sound like every schoolboys idea of how school should be, but to Andy, an thirteen year old boy who lived out of the village, with nowhere to go, life could sometimes get very boring.

The Stevens house, stood on top of a hill and so was very exposed to the elements, and it felt even colder than the school had, but fortunately he was not alone, as his mother, Carol, didn’t work. His older brothers had both left home as they were lodging at college’s somewhere and his older sister’s school was still open, meaning that she had to still go in. Andy’s dad of course was at work, leaving just him and his mother in the big cold empty house.
Andy entered the house thorough the back door, as normal, passing his mum in the kitchen, to whom he grunted some sort of hello as he passed and made his way straight through to the lounge, where he immediately put on the television and lay on the big rug in front of the fireplace. He had every intention of getting his work completed and out of the way but obviously Carol didn’t see it like that. She had followed him in to the lounge where she promptly turned off the television.

“Your not having that on until you’ve finished your work.”
Andy pleaded with her, telling his mother how he could still do his work with the television on, but Carol was having none of it and insisted that the television stayed off, which had the effect of leaving the boy in a bad mood, but this didn’t take much to do that as far as his mother was concerned.
“Crikey it’s cold in here,” said Carol, who had spent all of her morning in the kitchen where the stove took the chill out of the air. “I’ll light the fire, hopefully it’ll warm the rest of the house up too.”
She was right, it would help as the big old house had no central heating, and other than the coal fired stove in the kitchen, the lounge fire was the only way of heating the place. Carol left the room to go to the coalhouse, where she picked up a pre prepared bucket of coal, some small pieces of wood and some paper before returning to light the fire.

“Come out of the way will you?” She asked her son as he was lying across the rug in front of the fireplace. As his mum had put Andy in a bad mood by turning off the television, he decided to ignore her and stay where he was and to carry on working there, even though he knew he was in his mum’s way, he just wanted to be awkward with her for the sake of it.

“If you’re going to be like that, then I’ll have to stand on you to make the fire,” Carol told him, determined to be just as awkward as her son. Andy said nothing in reply, he just stubbornly got on with his homework, which was so easy on this day, that he had nearly completed it already.
Carol was frustrated by her son’s stubbornness but her own stubbornness wasn’t going to let it stop her and so she stepped over the child to get to the fire. The movement of his mother stepping over him caused Andy to instinctively turn his head and to look up at what was going on above him, giving the young boy a brief but undeniable glimpse right up his mother’s skirt.

Carol was a fairly short but well built woman who always took a pride in her appearance and often wore skirts around the house and very rarely wore one without a pair of pantyhose and as she wasn’t tall, also usually wore a pair of heeled shoes with them. Today was no exception and so when he looked up, as if taking a photograph in his mind, in that brief instant Andy captured an image of his mum’s shapely legs, disappearing up into the darkness of the cover of her skirt, with maybe, just maybe, a glimpse of light material underneath them at the top, which he thought had to be her pants. His young groin stirred at this sight and he felt a sudden warmth and stiffness occur in his tight fitting pants.

Now because of where Andy had insisted on lying, there wasn’t a lot of room between himself and the fire, so as his mum squatted to lower herself to make the fire, she almost had to sit on him. Carol had lowered herself down as she moved forward, almost in a single movement, so her loose fitting knee length skirt had fallen open over her son’s bum and as she had come to rest, almost squatting with her bum right above his. She felt as if this position was leaving her uncomfortably exposed but she also felt that she had given herself no option if she should continue to make her point. Andy could feel the back of her thighs and her bum gently brushing against his young body and his mother could also feel it too, as at times, in this position, she was virtually sitting on him. She considered for a moment to grab her skirt and tuck it back under her legs for protection, but her hands were getting dirty now from handling the coal and so had no option but to leave it draped over her son.

Andy had stopped doing his homework now as he couldn’t think about anything else except his mums legs and how they felt as they touched him and there was no way that he wanted to move as he had now got a stiffness in his pants, the like of which he had never felt before. Carol had to move backwards and forwards as she laid the paper, wood and finally the coal, brushing gently against her son and Andy felt himself moving towards her so that their contact became more frequent and firmer in touch. He was really enjoying this sensation, feeling the warmth of my mums legs against his bum and he looked around constantly, wondering what it was that was making him feel so good and for some reason, wishing he could actually see more of her. Carol also found that she was also quite enjoying the soft touch brushing up and down the back of her thighs and a similar warmth was starting to stir down below in her, both on the back of her thighs and in between her legs, it was a long time since she had felt such a sensual contact.

Finally the fire was lit and so Carol carefully stood up and stepped back over her son, who had never once moved to help her. As she moved back Andy tried desperately to look up his mother’s skirt once more, but this time he was denied the kind of view that he had before and he felt disappointed, almost angry to be denied another look up his mothers skirt at her legs.

“There, that’ll soon warm the place up,” said Carol in a satisfied tone.
“Yes that’s great, thanks mum,” Andy muttered, as he was thankful for what his mum had done.

They both watched the fire, Carol standing in the middle of the room and her son lying in front of the fire, scared to get up and reveal the bulge that had grown in his trousers and was refusing to go away, fuelled by the earlier sight of his mother and maintained by looking around at what was left visible of her legs again as she stood before him. Even though he could only see up to her knees, he could imagine what they were like as they vanished up her skirt.

But there was a problem, the fire didn’t seem to be taking hold properly and then Carol realised that she hadn’t opened the vent at the bottom of the fireplace, which allowed a draft from the cellar to feed the fire. Both mother and son must have both noticed this fact at the same time as they both made a move together to remedy this, reach for the vent and so got in each other’s way. Andy had started to sit up as he moved, but decided to twist out of the way as he saw his mum also move forward, Carol had seen Andy move too, but due to now being just on one foot and her momentum moving forward, had no option but to carry on and so lifted her leg up and took a high step to avoid kicking him beneath her.

Once Andy knew that he had avoided his mum’s foot, he started to sit upright again, only to find himself move into a new semi darkness, very quickly he realised that his head was now up inside his mums skirt with his face just above the back of one of her knees, near her thigh. The young boy felt a bolt of electricity run through my body as this realisation excited him and as his body trembled he moved his head up and his face forward to rest on the back of her thigh. His soft young cheek touched his mother’s mature, nylon covered, soft thigh, it felt warm and comfortable and also smelt really good too.

Carol wasn’t feeling too happy about this situation, having her son’s head high up underneath her skirt and feeling as if it was going higher, but she carried on with the business of bending down and adjusting the vent, giving Andy some time to stabilise himself by raising his right hand to hold onto the front of the thigh that he had his face against. Carol’s legs lowered a little as she bent her knees to reach the vent control, allowing Andy’s face to reach even higher up the back of her thigh, lifting her skirt with him as he moved higher. He now hugged her leg, feeling almost light headed, his nerves tingling with excitement and intoxicated by this amazing situation, his mums leg felt so good, better than anything else I had ever held.

In these brief few moments that would live with him for the rest of his life and that would fuel a fetish for nylon, Andy looked up where he could now clearly see his mums bum as the movement of his head lifting his mothers skirt had allowed more light in. Carol’s bum wasn’t small and was covered by a tightly fitting pair of white pants, which were entrapped and pressed flat to her skin by the stretched sheer nylon of her tan coloured tights.

Andy felt like something was going to burst inside of him. He stretched his neck up as far as he could so that his cheek rested against his mothers bum and audibly took a large sniff of the musky aroma from inside his mother’s skirt. This delightful smell of sex, that the young boy was experiencing for the very first time, along with the sight of his mother’s tightly fitting pants crushed by the stretched nylon of her tights sent a shockwave through his young body that caused him to explode inside his pants.

Andy wasn’t sure what was actually happening but he could feel a wonderful warm feeling as liquid shot from his young member, pumping it out in strong spurts into his pants. He felt like he was wetting himself but it was a pleasant feeling for a while until the realisation that he was wet, very wet, finally hit him.
Carol had felt her son gripping her leg and wasn’t sure if she felt him tremble or spasm too, although she knew she shouldn’t, she actually been enjoying this experience and felt a little bit excited by it all and she felt herself getting wet to the point that there was a distinct smell in the air that even she was conscious of. As Carol finally stood up straight again, she reached down, pulled up her skirt and grabbed Andy’s body, pulling him off her as she stepped back and pulled her leg from his now weakening grip.

There was definitely an aroma of sex in the air, one that Carol used to be familiar with but hadn’t smelt for a long time now. She stood above her son, looking down at him with a shocked look on her face that was turning to anger, until she saw her highly embarrassed son as his face flushed with almost as much heat as the fire beside him. Her heart melted at the sight of him, how could she be angry with someone she loved so much, her face turned to one of pity as she knelt down beside him, quickly realising what had happened to him.

“Oh dear,” she said sympathetically as she placed her arm around his shoulder and started hugging him. “Is that the first time that’s happened to you?”
Andy was so embarrassed that he was nearly in tears and all he could manage in reply was a pathetic little nod of his head.
“Hey, it’s alright,” said Carol pulling her boy to her so that his head now rested across her huge soft chest. His mother’s embrace was working like magic on Andy and very quickly he was starting to feel better about the whole situation.
“I’m sorry,” he mumbled into her jumper, which was all that stood between his face and my mum’s chest, “I couldn’t help it.”

The warmth of his breath penetrated Carol’s jumper and warmed her large heaving bussom, “Come on,” she said standing up and pulling him up on to his feet, “we’d better get you cleaned up and changed.”

Carol led her son to their bathroom and he never let go of his mum’s hand, all the way there, until they finally climbed down the two steps that were just inside the door. Carol closed and locked the door, even though there was nobody else in the house and then turned to turn on the taps to fill the bath.
“Now let’s get those dirty clothes off you.” She said softly. A confused thirteen-year-old boy just stood still and silent as he watched his mother fill the bath with hot water, Andy was too busy looking at his mum now to do anything else.

He stared at her legs, he loved how they looked in her tights and he watched how they disappeared underneath the hem of her skirt, to a place where he had been just a few minutes ago, he remembered just how good it felt there and longed to go back. A stirring started again as he now admired the roundness of his mother big round bum, he started to stiffen again but this time in a pair of sticky wet pants that he had cum in earlier. Carol turned around to see her son just standing there and noticed the obvious bulge that had reoccurred in the front of his trousers.

They looked at each other before it was Andy who broke the silence. “Mum, will you take your skirt off while you wash me please.”
Carol was shocked by the words she heard coming from her sons mouth, but at the same time she felt a little turned on. She had enjoyed what had gone on downstairs nearly as much as her son and the prospect of revealing herself to him was exciting her again. But she regained her composure again before replying to her son, “I don’t think that would be appropriate.”
Without even thinking Andy instinctively returned “but I’ve seen them before now, haven’t I, so what would be so wrong.”

“No!” Carol replied sternly, reaching down and unfastening her son’s trousers as if he wouldn’t be able to do it himself. His loose fitting jeans dropped straight to the floor, revealing Andy’s young penis sticking out of a sticky mess that was inside his pants. He continued to finish removing his trousers, kicking his shoes and socks off first to stand in just his pants and tee shirt. Even at the age of thirteen, Andy was just as tall, maybe even a little taller than his mother, his body was slender but his penis was just growing into adolescence and a good size.

Carol was slightly mesmerised by the sight of her son and the strong smell of his semen and as he simply pleaded once more, “please mum.” All of his mother’s sense went out of the window at this point and without thinking about the consequences of what she was doing, she found herself reaching round to the back of her skirt and unfastening it. Andy watched in amazement, as he never really expected his mum to oblige, as Carol unbuttoned the waist band, he heard her pull down the zip and slide her now loosened skirts over her full round hips. Once past his mothers hips, her skirt slipped down her legs, quickly but gracefully to the floor, where it fell in a circle around her ankles.

Andy’s dick visibly stiffened some more as it stood to attention, pushing his pants away from his body. Carol looked down at this, “what the hell am I doing?” she thought to herself as all of a sudden she realised what she had just done, but the damage was done, she had already done what she said she wouldn’t, she had removed her skirt, purely for her young sons pleasure.

Andy pulled off his tee shirt and at the same time, Carol reached down to remove his pants, but to her own surprise and much to her young sons pleasure, she slipped her small right hand into his sticky wet pants and firmly gripped the shaft of his penis. With his mouth open and almost dribbling, Andy looked down at where his mother’s hand had gone, he felt the electricity shoot through his nerves again and he felt his penis throb in her grip. Carol felt his penis throb too and it was a timely reminder to let go of her very underage son, but somehow she couldn’t, she did however pull his cummy pants down with her left hand, but her right one remained firmly attached to her prize.

Not knowing why, instinctively Andy reached out and placed his hand firmly onto one of his mother’s breasts. This time it was Carol’s turn to feel a surge of electricity shoot through her body as her son accurately placed his sticky hand over her erect nipple and started to squeeze it. She knew it was her place as the adult in this situation to take control and stop what was happening, but it had been many years since she had felt so aroused and all reason had now vanished from her mind and body. Her logic twisted from her sexual desire now told her not to stop what she was doing, but now to remove her jumper as her son’s hand had got cum stains on it by her breast.

“Now look what you’ve done, you’ve got semen on my jumper,” she said. Andy immediately felt deflated as he heard his mother scold him, but he quickly got aroused again when she followed up with, “I suppose I’ll have to take it off now.” The prospect of seeing his mum’s tits excited him even more and Carol felt one more large throb of his penis before she finally released it to remove her jumper, pulling it over her head and tossing it into the corner of the room by the dirty laundry basket.

Knowing that everything she was doing was wrong, Carol’s heart was beating like a drum, her mouth wasn’t dry it was wet with saliva as she looked at her naked son standing before her. Andy’s excitement was growing as he was in the presence of his mother in just her underwear and he could clearly see her large erect nipples through the thin translucent material of her silky bra. His mother’s breasts were huge and pulled up by the tightly fitting bra to form a large deep cleavage, he couldn’t help himself as once again his hand was attracted like a magnet to her breast. A shudder went through Carol’s body as she felt her breast gripped for the second time, her son’s hands accurately gripping tightly onto her engorged nipples, instinctively she closed her eyes, threw her head back and sighed.

Not knowing what had happened and thinking he had hurt his mother, Andy quickly withdrew his hand, “are you ok?” he asked.
“Oh yes dear, I’m fine, you didn’t hurt me,” Carol replied, knowing instinctively what her son was thinking. This change allowed an element of sense to come over her as she told Andy to get into the bath to let her clean him off. This sense didn’t last long however as her mind went into a spin yet again as once her son had stepped into the bath, Carol knelt along side the bath as she felt was the right thing to do, but this brought her sons cum covered erect penis right in front of her face as he was still standing up.
The sight and smell of this made her head spin yet again and as if in a daze she reached out with both hands and caressed it firmly, making it throb again. Carol ran her hands down its length collecting the stickiness on her fingers, which much to Andy’s surprise, she provocatively brought up to her mouth, licking every bit off.

“Mum?” said Andy, amazed, as he had never dreamt that anyone would want to eat anything that comes out of a penis.
“Do I surprise you?” Carol asked her son, her urge was to take his penis into her mouth but at last a small element of sense that she had left prevented her from going any further, instead she told her son to sit down and wash him self. “I’ll take these out and swill them off,” she said picking up Andy’s pants and taking them out of the room.

Confused, the boy sat down and started to wash himself off, at first he just washed with plain water but the sticky mess wouldn’t come off, but eventually trying soap, the last thing on a young boys mind, what was left of the cum soon washed off. Unknown to Andy, Carol was now downstairs, sitting in the kitchen, sucking all the cum that she could from the dirty pants of her son. It had been a very long time since she had experienced this sweet taste that it wasn’t until she was convinced that there was no more to be had that she finally threw them into the washing machine to be cleaned later.

In the bath Andy had calmed down, he was now clean and no longer had an erection anymore, and for him, that might have been an end to it that day, that was until his mother came back into the room still just wearing her underwear. The sight of her nylon covered legs, her white pants underneath the nylon and her thin bra brought back his erection in an instant and the memories of what had had happened earlier made his heart beat hard. Carol was now getting used to walking around in her underwear, to be honest she found it liberating and exciting, especially as that she knew that she shouldn’t be doing it in front of her son.

She picked up a bath towel and held it up for her son to step into, slowly and shyly, Andy stood up in the bath, revealing to his mother yet another hard erection as stiff as any other that he had experienced that day. “Oh dear, doesn’t that thing of yours ever go down,” Carol asked, her eyes drawn to his erection. Andy’s foreskin had been drawn right back from the washing and the sight of this firm young member made her mouth water, she then felt the warmth regenerating between her legs and she started to go light headed again as the blood rushed through her vibrant mature and wanting body.

Andy pulled out the plug and stepped out of the bath, feeling the warm towel being placed over his shoulders by his mother, who had not taken her eyes off his erect penis for a second. Likewise her son could not take his eyes of his mother’s pants that were still wrapped tightly under the sheer nylon of her tights.

“I think I need to help you with that,” said Carol, her voice slightly shaky. “But before I do, we need to agree that today will always be our little secret, do you understand.”
“Yes mum,” Andy obediently replied.

“Good boy,” she said, reaching down and once again taking a firm grip on her sons erect penis. “Ooh,” she moaned as her fingers wrapped around its shaft, for some obscure reason it felt good to be holding her sons erection and she never wanted to let it go. Despite the cold, her body felt warm, her body was tingling because all her nerves were on edge, it felt like all her senses were heightened, especially her touch and another bolt of electricity shot through her body as she felt two young hands take hold of her hips. She felt the hands stroke her hips and the body of her son move closer as he reached round to take a firm hold of her bottom. Carol’s hand slowly pumped Andy’s throbbing shaft, they were close enough now to feel the warmth of his breath as she did and decided to stop this and to just firmly grip the young penis as she wanted this experience to last a little longer. She knew everything she was doing was so wrong right now, but somehow she didn’t care, as she hadn’t felt this good for so long, the feel of those excited hands exploring her body was one that she didn’t want to stop.

“Do you like the feel of my bottom?” Carol whispered into her son’s ear.
“Oh yes mum, it feels great.” He replied, his voice sounded higher and younger than normal, but this didn’t shock Carol, it excited her even more. “I love the feel of you tights and how they cover your pants.”
“I can tell you do,” his mother gasped, “it’s ok, you carry on.”
“Mummy,” Andy never used the word mummy, but the sound of this thrilled Carol intensely. “Mummy,” he said again, “I think I’m going to wet myself again. I feel funny inside again like I did before.”
“Ok,” said Carol, “It was bound to happen, you just relax and let it go.”
“Mum,” Andy said again, “can I do it on your tights please?” He felt really nervous asking this question but had figured in his young mind that as they had gone this far, he had nothing to lose now by asking.

Both mother and son were excited by this prospect so Carol replied, “of course you can.” But the next words that she found herself instinctively saying made her feel almost sick with anticipation as she asked her son, “Where do you want me darling?”
Andy knew exactly where he wanted his mother, he just never believed that she’d ask, “Can you lie on the floor and can I sit on you?”
Carol tried to respond but her mouth had now gone dry so as her mouth moved she couldn’t hear the words come out, but as requested she backed off her son and proceeded to get down onto the floor.

Andy watched his mum get down in front of him, wearing just her underwear, and this action looked so sexy to him that he nearly came right then. As Carol lay flat on the floor looking up at her young son standing over her, suddenly she felt vulnerable and her usual senses starting flooding back, she felt wrong and started to say No, but still no words would come from her mouth. Just as she was about to move she felt Andy gently sit across her thighs. “Oh no,” she thought to herself, “what have I done?” But in the time it took to think of what to do, Carol felt her hands being taken and placed onto the now familiar erect penis. As responsible as she knew she was to take control of the situation, she felt powerless to resist her sons actions and the feel of this perfectly formed young cock in her hands sent her head swimming and all reason was sent back out of the window.

The feel of his mother’s soft thighs, covered in the sheer nylon of her tights, beneath his bum and between his legs even stroking on the lower side of his balls, made Andy very excited. Like his mother, this situation made him feel sick too, but sick in a good way in a form of excitement that he had never felt before.

“Oh god, you’re going to cum over me.” Carol called out loud in an excited voice. What a time for her voice to start working again, it wouldn’t work when she tried to say no, but now it works, when she only wanted to think the words, she screamed them out for her son to hear.

Carol pumped her sons penis as hard as she could, Andy had never felt anything like it, this was much stronger than anything he had felt earlier or that he had even done to himself. Carol was no longer in control of her actions again, she worked her sons erection, making her so excited that she could feel her own pants getting wet, in fact wetter than she had ever felt before, so much so that she wondered if she was urinating, but she was sure that she wasn’t.

The moments seemed to last like hours, but only too quickly Andy felt himself tightening at the base of his dick for a few seconds before he sent a stream of semen over his mothers abdomen and onto her stomach, almost reaching her bra. At this point Andy may have stopped, but it was his mother who had control of hi penis and she continued to pump it fiercely. At the feel of some warm sticky cum landing on her stomach, Carol lifted her head, just in time to see a second stream of cum shoot into the air higher than before and land in a string which stretched right from the top of her chest up onto her face, just reaching her lower lip.

Andy had never seen anything like it, he didn’t know that he could produce such a thing, but he knew that it felt good, really good. Inspired and excited by the sight of such a large amount of cum, Carol continued pumping hard, aiming the young penis up her own body and her wishes were fulfilled, as the next stream of cum shot even further than the first two and hit her smack in the face. Andy looked amazed as he watched his mother allow this discharge that he was producing to hit her in the face, sending a string from her chin to just underneath her eye and he was even more amazed and excited as he watched as his mother’s tongue appeared to take in the part of the string that crossed her lips, into her mouth and then lick around to take in anymore that she could reach.

Feeling amazingly excited but with his balls starting to ache, Andy sent a final large stream out into his mothers face. Carol was waiting for this and hoping for one more, she watched it fly through the air towards her, as if it was in slow motion and she felt herself opening her mouth and moving her head in an attempt to try and catch it and felt elated as she felt it splatter her face, some of it flying straight into her open welcoming mouth. This last string added to the others on her face but had landed across her lips teeth and open mouth and nose and as she lapped it up, Andy thought his mother looked dirty but incredibly sexy, something he had never noticed before.

Carol lay her head back down on the floor, knowing that there wouldn’t be anymore but she raised her right hand and started scooping up all the cum from her face and neck into her fingers and much to Andy’s further excitement she deliberately licked and sucked it from her fingers. Not knowing what was right or wrong, Andy copied by scooping up the string that had come to rest across his mother’s stomach and very tentatively tasting it himself. At first he wasn’t sure as it tasted strange, but like a drug, it seemed that the more he had, the better it tasted and so licked his hand completely clean.

Carol watched her son in amazement, “Did you like that?” she asked.
“Which part?” Andy replied. Carol thought it best not to push the subject any further but requested that her son get off her now, especially as she still felt a small jolt of electricity every time he touched her.
She looked at her son as he moved away and noticed that he was still erect, “Christ what are we going to do with that,” she thought to herself.
Andy moved off his mum and then sat on the side of the bath quietly watching her every move as she went around picking up her clothes, mesmerised as her tights stretched even more tightly over her pants as she bent down and he got up to watch her walk out of the room and down the landing to her bedroom.

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