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Continued adventures of step sister
When Kirstin came downstairs from her shower, Henry thought his cock was going to burst out of his pants. His stepsister was wearing three-inch spike heels and a dress that barely covered her ass. Henry didn't need X-ray vision to guess that she had nothing on under the dress. He saw her nipples protruding straight out and also noticed the nice smooth shape of her ass as she walked by.

Seeing his reaction, Kirstin grinned and said, "Like it?"

"You're going out to dinner in that?"

"Sure, why not?" She twirled so he could see how she looked from all angles. "What's wrong with this? Doesn't it make me look hot?"

"Hell yeah, and every guy wherever I take you is going to have a hard-on."

"Does that bother you? Big brother, if it was any other night, I might want to see some of those hard-ons. But tonight, I'm having too much fun with you."

"Some?" Henry repeated.

"Well, yeah. I get off on doing different guys, sometimes at the same time. Is that a problem?"

Henry pictured his sexy eighteen-year-old stepsister taking dicks in her mouth, cunt, and ass, and his own cock got even harder. "No problem at all," he stammered. Damn, the girl had more of a secret life than he'd suspected!

"Good. Then let's go. I've worked up an appetite." Kirstin winked.

Henry's car was right outside, which was fortunate. He was able to get Kirstin into it without any of the neighbors seeing. Somehow he didn't think it would be a good idea if they saw him going out with his stepsister when she was dressed like such a slut. Not that he minded how she was dressed. But she was, after all, supposed to be his sister, and she was dressed for fucking. It wouldn't be too hard for the neighbors to jump to the right conclusion and probably tell his father and Kirstin's mother, who would pitch a fit if they found out what he and Kirstin had spent most of the evening so far doing.

As soon as they were out of the driveway, Kirstin put her hand on Henry's thigh. "I love being fingered in a car," she said.

"You do, huh?" Henry slipped his hand under the hem of her dress and found her clit in the wetness of her pussy. "Like this?"

Kirstin moaned. "Hell, yeah, big brother. Let's see if you can make me cum before we get to the restaurant. Where are you taking me, anyway?"

"Somewhere people won't be likely to recognize us."

"What are you, ashamed that you're fucking your sister?" Kirstin laughed. "Just teasing. I agree, this should be our little secret." She moved her hand up to his cock. "Or not so little, as the case may be."

"Take it out."

With an ease that had to have come from practice, Kirstin unfastened Henry's pants and reached inside for his cock. As she stroked him, he continued fingering her clit. Both gasped and moaned; it was just a matter of who would cum first.

Henry felt his balls tighten and knew he was about to explode. There was no way he was going to cum on his pants, not if they were going into a restaurant. "Kirstin, I'm going to cum!" he exclaimed.

She leaned over and took his cock in her mouth. It took only a few seconds of her talented mouth on his cock to make him shoot another huge load of his cum down her throat. She swallowed and sat back up with a satisfied smile. "Tastes good, big brother."

"Felt good, little sister." He picked up his finger's pace on her clit. "Are you planning to cum, or am I just going to keep doing this all the way to the restaurant?"

"Well, let's see. You've fucked me a couple times, and I got myself off in the shower. And while I was getting dressed. So I can wait till we get to the restaurant. You, on the other hand, chose not to cum when you fucked me a little while ago, so you couldn't help yourself."

"Payback, huh? I didn't cum for you, so now you aren't going to cum for me?"

"I'll cum for you. Just not until I'm ready."

The entire way to the restaurant, Henry fingered his sexy stepsister. Just as he pulled into the parking lot, she finally let herself go. "Fuck, yes, Henry!" she shouted. Her body shook and she clamped her legs tightly together. "Damn, that's the best one yet!"

"You had to hold out right till the end, huh?" Henry said. He licked Kirstin's juices from his finger. "Tasty little slut."

"Damn straight. And a hungry little slut. Hurry up and park the car so we can eat."

"You're impatient."

"Yep. I want to get to dessert." She licked her lips. "So let's get in there and eat."

Henry and Kirstin walked into the restaurant. The hostess stared wide-eyed at the microscopic dress Kirstin wore. "I think she likes you," Henry whispered.

"Could be," Kirstin replied. "She's kind of cute."

"Just two?" the hostess asked, recovering herself.

"Yes. A back table, if one's available, please," Henry said. He had a few ideas of what could happen with his sexy stepsister if no one else could see.

"Certainly. At this hour, we aren't very crowded. Follow me."

The hostess walked ahead of them, shaking her ass a little more than necessary. Henry and Kirstin both eyed it. "You're bi?" Henry asked under his breath.

"Hell yeah," Kirstin replied. "Maybe someday you can play with me and one of my girlfriends."

The hostess led them to a table in the back corner of the restaurant. Only one other couple was seated near them, and that couple was three tables away. "Will this work?" the hostess asked.

"Yes, thank you." Henry slipped a five out of his pocket and handed it to her. "We appreciate it."

"No problem." She ran her eyes up and down Kirstin's hot body. "I'll bring you your drinks. Helena will be your waitress; she'll take your order in a bit."

After setting the menus on the table, she walked away. Henry and Kirstin sat down. "I think you have an admirer," Henry said.

"Hopefully more than one." Kirstin rubbed her foot against his shin. "You're imagining me fucking her while you watch, aren't you, big brother?"

"Don't call me that here. Someone might hear you. And yeah, I am."

"Maybe we could arrange it."

"Not tonight." Henry's cock stood at attention, thanks to his sister's foot. "This weekend, I'm only interested in fucking you. Some other time, maybe we can get her to join us."

"Are we going to continue after this weekend, then? I thought maybe it was just something we were doing while our parents are away."

"Only if that's how you want it. We'll have to be a little more discreet when they come back, but do you really think I'm going to give up that body of yours?"

Kirstin giggled. "Guess not. Okay, fine. Some other time, then."

The hostess brought them each a glass of water, and dropped a slip of paper on Kirstin's lap before shimmying away. Kirstin picked it up and read it. "Her name and phone number. Looks like sometime soon, you'll get your wish, big- Henry."

"Sounds good to me."

While they waited for the waitress, and then for their food, they talked about Henry's job, Kirstin's college classes, and their sex lives. Henry learned more about his stepsister than he'd ever imagined. The girl had more experience than he did, for crying out loud, and she was five years younger! Listening to her stories made his cock painfully hard once more. Kirstin, with a mischievous grin, hitched her chair over beside him and reached under the tablecloth to his bulge. "Too bad I can't suck you here," she said.

"That feels good enough," Henry said hoarsely as his sister rubbed him through his pants. "But tell you what. With everything you've told me, surely you must have fucked in a bathroom."

"Sure, in bars and clubs."

"Bars? You're underage."

"False ID, big brother."

Henry decided not to comment. After all, he'd gotten his first false ID when he was sixteen. "Okay. So after we eat, let's do it."

Kirstin's eyes lit up. "Ooh, hot! I like the way you think!"

Their food arrived a few minutes later. Both of them ate quickly, anticipating what they were about to do. When he finished, Henry stood. "I need to use the restroom," he said, just loud enough to be heard by the nearest diners. "I'll be right back."

He went into the men's room and waited. Fortunately, no one else came in until the door opened, revealing Kirstin and her hot B-cup tits, which were hanging out of the top of her dress. Henry grabbed her arm and dragged her into the room. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Thought you might like to see them. Don't worry, big brother. I made sure no one was looking before I took them out." She grabbed his hand and brought it to her tit. "Don't you like looking at them?"

"Hell, yeah." Henry bent to take one nipple in his mouth. He sucked and slid his hand under Kirstin's skirt, plunging his fingers into her sopping cunt.

Kirstin moaned. "That's it, big brother. Get me nice and ready for that huge cock of yours. Fuck me!"

Without a word, Henry took his fingers out of her, turned her around, and bent her over the counter. He pushed her skirt up over her hips, revealing her hot pussy and ass. An almost irresistible desire to eat her out came over him, but Henry pushed it away. They didn't have much time; someone else might need to use the restroom any time now. Instead he undid his pants and shoved his long, thick dick into his stepsister's cunt.

"Fuck!" Kirstin exclaimed. "God, Henry, that thing is so fucking big! I wish I'd started fucking you a long time ago!"

"Your pussy's so tight," Henry replied. "I'm not going to last too long this time, sis. Where am I going to cum?"

"Let me know when you're ready and I'll suck you off. But first, you're going to make me cum."

As Henry pounded in and out of her, he reached around and rubbed her clit. "Oh, yes!" Kirstin cried after a few moments. Henry felt her pussy contract as she came.

He pulled out and turned her around. "Suck me off."

Kirstin knelt in front of him and took him in her mouth. She sucked just the head for a few seconds, and then plunged her mouth down onto him. "That's it, little sis," Henry said. "Suck me!"

Continuing her tongue and lip action, Kirstin reached up and fondled his balls. After a minute, they tightened and Henry cried out as his cum filled Kirstin's sexy mouth. "Damn, sis that was incredible!" he exclaimed as she stood up.

"Glad you enjoyed it." Kirstin tucked her breasts back into her dress. "Now that we've had dessert, let's go finish our meal."

Once Henry paid the check, he and Kirstin left the restaurant. The hostess winked at them as they walked out. "We should have invited her into the bathroom with us," Kirstin joked.

"Maybe next time," Henry replied.

They got into his car and he headed for home. They'd barely gotten out of the parking lot when Kirstin grabbed at the front of Henry's pants. "Damn, you aren't hard," she said.

"Um, yeah, that might be because we just fucked in the restaurant bathroom. And a couple times at the house before that. I'm fucked out for now."

"You are? I bet I can have you hard again by the time we get home."

"Bet you can't."

Kirstin stuck out her tongue. "You always were a brat."

"Me? You're the brat, kid. You've been a brat from the moment my dad married your mom."

"Kid? Does this feel like a kid to you?"

She took his hand from the wheel and guided it under her almost microscopic skirt. Henry touched bare pussy and felt his cock twitch, but he willed himself to stay limp. If Kirstin was going to play this game, he was determined not to let her win.

"Mmm, that feels so nice, Henry," Kirstin murmured. "Don't you like touching your stepsister's cunt?"

That caused more movement below Henry's waist. When he'd arrived at his dad and stepmom's house a few hours earlier to check up on the place while they were out of town, he'd found Kirstin in the family room with a dildo in her pussy. And he'd fucked her. The knowledge that he'd fucked his stepsister, that he'd crossed that line, was a total turn-on. And so was hearing the word "cunt" from that innocent-looking mouth of hers.

But all he said to Kirstin was, "Yeah, it feels nice."

Kirstin pouted. "That's it? It feels nice? You're playing a game you can't win, Henry. I know you're getting hard from having your fingers in my wet cunt."

Again a twitch. Henry was definitely going to lose the game if Kirstin kept this up. He pulled his hand away from her. "Maybe I am, and maybe I am not."

"You are, or you would have kept touching me. What are you, afraid of what I'll do if I make you hard?"

"Sweetie, you're about the least frightening person I know. But I have to admit, I'm a little concerned that you're going to wear me out."

"Yep, and you'd love every second of it."

She didn't touch him again until they were inside the house. As soon as Henry closed the door, Kirstin was on him, her tongue thrusting between his lips as her hand groped his dick. This time, Henry didn't try to stop himself from getting hard. There was no point; his stepsister was insatiable, and he had to admit he hadn't gotten enough of her sexy body yet.

Kirstin grinned in triumph. "You're hard!"

"Ah, but you said you'd have me hard by the time we got here," Henry pointed out. "I wasn't hard until after we walked in the door."

"Damn, you're right. So I guess I lose. What's your prize?"

"I get a prize? Hmm... I want you to strip off that dress, get down on your knees, and suck me dry."

"Ooh, giving orders, huh? I like it."

Kirstin proceeded to do exactly as he'd said. Her dress ended up in a pile on the floor. She hadn't worn anything under it, so Henry was treated to another view of her gorgeous tits and pussy. She knelt and unfastened his pants, which she pulled down around his ankles to reveal his hard, thick cock. "I can't get enough of this thing," she said, wrapping one small hand around it.

"Then have some more of it. You're supposed to be sucking me, not jerking me off."

"Yeah, yeah. Patience, big brother."

She stuck out her tongue and lightly licked the tip of Henry's cock. It jumped in her hand, and she giggled. "I think it wants more, too."

"Yes, it does. You lost the game, sis, so give me my prize."

"Oh, fine."

Kirstin plunged her mouth down on his cock. For a moment, Henry let her tongue and lips work their magic, then he took control. Grasping her head in his hands, he fucked her mouth, watching in amazement as she took over half of his full length. Unfortunately it was only a matter of 5 minutes before he shot straight down her throat yet again. His legs shook as she sucked the head into mouth again…twirling her tongue all around the head of his cock. Making sure that he saw her tongue flick out and get the final drop of his cum and then moan softly as she swallowed.

Kirstin licked her lips and stood. "Okay, big brother. You got yours, now it's my turn. Come to bed with me."

"Why do I have the feeling we aren't going to sleep?"

"We are. After I ride you so hard you scream."

"Think you can do that, huh?"

"I know I can."

"Then I guess I'd better let you prove it."

Henry kicked off his pants and boxers, leaving them in the middle of the floor. It wasn't like anyone would find them; his father and Kirstin's mother wouldn't be back for another day and a half. Kirstin took his hand and led him to her room, which was the typical pink, frilly, girly room it had always been. Except for the box Kirstin pulled out from under the bed. "My toy box," she said. "Mom and your dad would have a head fit if they knew this was here. Maybe tomorrow we can try out a few of these."

"Maybe." Henry lay on his back on her bed and closed his eyes. "Okay, I'm exhausted, so if you want a last fuck before bed, you're in charge."

"Sounds good to me."

Kirstin stroked and licked his cock back to full hardness, then climbed on board. Henry couldn't help moaning as her tight little pussy fitted itself over his dick. She rode him slowly at first. Then she picked up the pace until she was practically slamming herself onto him. "Fuck, Henry, how can you just lie there?" she demanded. "This feels so fucking good!"

"Told you I was exhausted," Henry said without opening his eyes. Though there was one part of him that was far from exhausted.

Finally, Kirstin's pussy contracted, and she cried out, "Holy fuck!" Then she collapsed onto Henry. "Are you close?" she asked.

"I've cum enough for one night. Go to sleep if you want to. You can make up for it in the morning."

"Better believe it." She slipped off his cock and snuggled beside him. "Night, big brother."

"Night, little sister."

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