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Mom and Dad prepare for daughter's 19th.
Jamey was sitting on the edge of the bed pulling off his socks and watching Sara as she bent to ruffle through her lingerie drawer. Her ass looked inviting through the tight stretch pants she was wearing, and he could see the outlines of her tiny panties as she stood with her back to him. Her light blonde hair fell loosely forward as she searched in the drawer. Jamey stood up and let his pants fall to the floor, then tossed them into the corner. He stretched lazily and moved toward his lovely wife, thinking of pressing against that inviting bottom. His cock stirred with the thought.

Just then she turned around with a red silk teddy in her hand. "What do you think of this one?" she asked, holding it in front of her. It accentuated the curves of her breasts under the taut fabric of her short top, and was lacy in all the right places.

"Looks great, but what's the occasion?"

"Oh, you know Julia's nineteenth is coming up in a couple of weeks, and I was wondering what we should get her."

"Well, that certainly looks terrific on you, but are you sure our daughter is ready for a hot outfit like that. After all," he said, remembering her teary confession that had led to the thrilling sex session, "I think she just broke up with her boyfriend."

"Yeah, but he was a jerk anyway. She's better off without him. She needs a better lover. Someone more considerate, more sure of himself, more like, well, more like you."

Jamey's dick stiffened at his wife mentioning the possibility of him fucking their daughter, his mind racing back to the steamy couch drilling he had given her, and Cindy's words which were almost the same as her mother's. "I take that as a compliment, especially coming from a hot babe like you," he said, grinning slyly.

"Don't you think Cindy's beautiful, too," Sara asked, dropping the teddy back into the dresser and placing her hands on her hips provocatively, shaking them slightly to tease Jamey.

"Well, yeah. She takes after her mother. Both of you have wonderful, sexy bodies. Speaking of which, I'd love to see some more of yours right now. How about modeling that red nightie for me."

"Okay, but then you have to tell me how you think it'd look on Cindy. And if you think it's the right present for her, or we should get her something more, uh, traditional. So, now you sit back down there and wait while I slip into this." She whisked out of the room into the attached bath, dangling the red lace behind her.

Jamey sat in his briefs and unbuttoned his shirt, his mind going back and forth between Sara and Cindy. They looked so much alike, even though Sara was twenty years older. She had lost none of her sex appeal over the years, and still got Jamey's dick hard in a heartbeat. He loved her firm, high tits and beautiful long legs and she had recently begun shaving her pussy, which added a new thrill to eating it. It looked so goddamn sexy, and tasted even sweeter without the hair. His hand strayed to his cock as he thought about fucking her, and about fucking his daughter the night before, and about what his wife had said. His mind was racing, fantasizing about both of them when Sara waltzed back in, swaying her hips.

"So, how do I look?" she said, and swirled around, bending over so her butt cheeks were visible beneath the floral patterns of the lace material. Her legs were long and slim and her butt delicious looking. She straightened back up and turned around, her hands covering her breasts, then pushing them up against the tight fitting fabric. The teddy was cut high in the crotch and close to her pussy so Jamey could see all of her beautiful legs, and her playing with herself made his dick start to throb. He rubbed it through the cotton of his briefs.

"Gorgeous. Sexy. Terrific. Beautiful. Makes me want to fuck you right now," he said, the lust making his voice a notch lower so it came out almost a growl.

"Oh, we were talking about Cindy, remember? How do you think it would look on her? Don't you think our daughter would look sexy in this, too?"

"Well," Jamey admitted, "yeah, I think she's sexy, almost as sexy as you."

"Maybe it would be the right thing for her, then? Maybe I could get us a matching set. How would you like that? Twin teddies. We're probably the same size."

Jamey couldn't believe his wife was hinting about just what he'd been fantasizing about--fucking both his wife and his daughter, maybe at the same time. He knew Sara was bisexual because she'd told him about some of her adventures with other women, though he'd never actually seen her making love with one. "It would certainly double my pleasure," he said, "to have twin beauties modeling for me."

"Just modeling?"

"What else did you have in mind?"

"Right now I've got your dick in mind, so why don't you show it to me."

He felt a new surge of strength in his cock and realized he'd been rubbing his erection while she talked. Now he pulled it out and began stroking it slowly up and down, bringing a drop of precum to the tip. "How's that, baby? It's already nice and juicy for you."

"Looks yummy," she said and dropped to her knees, crawling toward him as he sat poised on the edge of the bed, squeezing his hard cock. "Give mommy a taste." He held out his cock toward her as he edged closer. She stuck her tongue out and delicately licked the drop from the tip of his dick, then licked her own lips in pleasure. "Yum. The appetizer is always delicious. Now for the main course." She dipped her head and sucked in the head of his cock, exerting hard pressure and moving slowly down its length. She moved one hand to cup his balls, tickling under the bulging sack. One hand slid up his ass crack and Jamey moaned low in his throat.

Sara pulled her mouth off his cock, and began stroking it up and down, licking the underside. Bursts of pleasure shot through Jamey with each lick and each stroke. A little more of this and he might cum before he got to fuck her. She looked up into his eyes, her own dreamy with lust. "Your cock is so sweet. I love sucking it. Will you cum in my mouth tonight? I want to eat you up."

"Oh, baby, I'll cum anywhere you want me to. I love the way you suck me, but I want to fuck you before I cum."

"Will you really cum anywhere I want you to?" Sara asked, and something about the way she said it made Jamey pay attention.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I want you to cum in my mouth tonight, but I might want you to cum somewhere else, or maybe in someone else later."

"Someone else? Who did you have in mind?"

"Someone close," she said. "but right now I want all of your dick to myself." She plunged her mouth back onto Jamey's cock, taking almost the whole length of it into her mouth, and instantly Jamey's thoughts went to his impending orgasm. He didn't know who else she had in mind, but the thought of fucking another woman was exciting, and especially if Sara would join in with some hot pussy licking. Those thoughts and the "someone close" drove him to distraction and he knew he wouldn't be able to hold out long against those wildly sucking lips.

"Umm. You're driving me crazy." With an effort he slid her lips off his cock. "But I want to fuck your sweet pussy now."

Sara moved up to kiss her husband deeply, snaking her tongue in his mouth. She pulled back just a little, teasing him with the tip of her probing tongue. "Does your cock taste good in my mouth?" she asked, something she always liked to ask him. It seemed to excite her when he said he liked the taste of cock in her. For answer, he pulled their mouths back together and rammed his tongue down her throat, then whispered into her open mouth.

"I love the taste of my cock in your mouth. I love to taste it when I cum in you and then taste it still hot on your lips."

Sara melted into his kiss then, and sank down on her back, pulling him on top of her. He slid his dick against her wet slit, feeling the lips parting against his pressure. He rubbed his hard cock against her shaved pussy, feeling the vibrations running through her as she responded to every move he made. He grasped her tits roughly, massaging the spongy flesh and watching her squirm under his touch. He lowered his lips to suck in one gorgeous nipple, guzzling at the mammary with abandon, slurping it into his mouth hungrily as she fed it deeper into his mouth. He licked the nipple and bit it softly, then moved to its twin, gobbling it just as greedily as the first while his dick beat a grinding motion against her moistening pussy.

"Fuck me, fuck me. Ohh, I want your dick inside me. Give it to me baby," Sara said, her voice a maze of lust in his ears. He let his cock ride up into her slit, easing the head into her steaming pussy as she bucked to meet him. Her hips ground against him in a flurry of motion and he found his dick sinking into the sweet folds of her pussy, her cunt opening to meet his wild thrusts. He started a slow rhythm, fucking her slow and sweet as she reached up for him, locking her legs around his back and pulling him deeper.

He felt the cum boiling inside him but wanted to hold back before cumming, so he could shoot inside her hot mouth and then taste his cum melting in her sucking mouth, drinking in the juices of their joining. He raised up and pulled out of her, bringing her off the bed, and guiding her onto her knees with her lovely ass pointing right at his bulging hard-on. He slid his cock up her from the rear, feeling his balls slap against her as he stroked in. He grabbed the luscious ass cheeks in both hands, massaging them roughly, then stuck one finger into her pussy along with his dick, letting it fuck into her clinching pussy. He pulled it out dripping with her pussy juice, then began working it up her ass crack, poising at the entrance to her butt hole.

As he fucked into her pussy with his dick, he began working his lubricated finger into her asshole, slowly at first, until the sphincter muscle relaxed. She groaned at the added pressure. "Ohh. Baby, baby, baby. That's right. Stick it up my ass. You know I love it there. Umm. Fuck my ass."

With that, Jamey pressed his finger in all the way and rotated the knuckle against her ass crack, the puckered anus opening to him like a flower starved for water. Her ass loved to get fucked and Jamey loved to ram it to her. He could feel the trembling start deep within her as her ass bucked up to meet his finger and her pussy grabbed at his pounding cock.

"I'm gonna cum baby. Oh, here I cum," she shouted, shaking her head as the orgasm gripped her and sent a shudder through her that threatened to throw Jamey out of the saddle. He held on to her wild bucking, easing himself back, remembering she wanted him to cum in her mouth.

As her writhings slowed, Jamey slipped his throbbing member out of her cunt, the juices flowing freely down his engorged cock. He was about to burst himself and knew it would be only moments before his hot cum exploded inside her mouth. He turned her over, slipping an extra pillow under her head and relaxing her back into it. "Now you're really gonna get it," he said. "Daddy's gonna fuck your sweet little mouth and fill it full of juicy hot cum."

"Umm. yeah. Let me lick that delicious cunt juice off it," she said, starting her tongue racing all around the swollen cock. "Ohh, yeah, now give it to your little girl, Daddy," she moaned, taking Jamey's cock deep into her throat.

The words got to him, as he imagined fucking his daughter's throat the night before, and his balls began to tingle as soon as his dick slid down his wife's hot, tight throat. "Take it all in," he said. "Oh yeah, baby girl. Let Daddy fuck your hot little mouth. Umm. I'm gonna cum and fill you up, ohh. here it cums."

With that, his eruptions started, and loads of cum began pouring down her throat, but she pulled back a little so she could get her mouth full. She gasped as the hot sperm pumped into her sucking mouth, some dripping out the corners and dribbling down her chin. She grasped his ass cheeks, a finger snaking around his asshole as she squeezed every drop into her, gobbling it voraciously.

She slipped his dick out of her mouth and rushed up to meet his lips, her tongue darting out to meet him, cum still dripping from its tip. He gasped with pleasure as she hungrily fed him his own cum. "God, I love the taste of my cum in your mouth," he said.

"Lick it all off me," she said, feeling some dripping from her chin. Jamey anxiously licked up the remains from her cheeks and hungrily fed it back to her groping mouth. "Umm, I love the way you eat cum," she said, relaxing back into a dreamy sigh on the pillows. "And you love fucking your little girl in the mouth, don't you?"

Jamey's thoughts instantly went to the night before when he had fucked his daughter, and he said huskily, "You bet. Nothing better in the world. And you love to suck it dry, too, don't you?"

"Just like honey," she said. "So, which one would look better, me or Cindy?"


"In this little red teddy."

"Oh, uh, I can't decide. You're both so damn sexy."

"Well, do I take it you'd like to see us both in it? That's what we should get her for the big day?"

"Sounds fine with me. I'm putty in your hands right now," he said, as she stroked his soft dick casually up and down, jacking it slowly to milk it of any remaining juice.

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