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Hopefully this one's better than my last.
It was the first day of summer vacation. Christina and her family were in California visiting her family. Nat had gotten up early that morning regardless, almost out of habit at this point. He knew his cousin would still be asleep so he went down stairs to make them some breakfast. Christina woke up and rubbed her eyes. She sat up in her bed and looked out the window.

"What time is it?" She said to herself. She stood up and looked at the clock. It was about 8 o'clock. For a 17 year old Christina was over developed. She had a slender, tan body, no more than 110 lbs and 5 foot. Her breasts were large. She had a firm ass. She had long curly blond hair that was cut just above her waist.

She wore pink booty shorts and a white spaghetti strap tank top. She walked down stairs and saw Nat cooking. She crept up behind him and said "Good-morning." He jumped a little as the sudden sound behind him "Damnit Chris don't do that" he said looking over his shoulder through is brown colored bangs. He was no more than 18, 140 lbs of muscle, and was 5 foot 9. He was wearing sweat pants and had no shirt on with a slightly toned body.

"In case you were to tired to hear, we have the house alone all weekend and today" he added as he was putting the finishing touches on breakfast and set it onto the plates. Scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast was served for the two of them. "Cool. But all my friends are back in New York." She said as she sat at the kitchen table.

"Hey I'm sure we can find some fun stuff to do" he said as he rubbed his hand on her head and flashed a smile to her. He had been sneaking glances at her clothes when she wasn't looking and if she remained dressed like that he wouldn't complain. She smiled back at him. "Yeah. But like what? This house is boring!" She looked at his abs.

He thought for a moment "Well its not like the two of us cant find something interesting to do" he followed her eyes to his abs and he playfully flexed them teasing her. "True. True." She smiled and giggled as she picked up a piece of bacon. He thought of a way to mess with his cousin "Hey after this theirs a video we could watch "He said as he quickly ate his food like any teenaged boy.

"Okay. Hey, guess what? You're a pig! Wanna chew your food?" She said as he shoved the food into his mouth. He shrugged his cousin off "Hey I was hungry and their was food" he laughed as he cleaned his plate and put it away. He stood cleaning the rest of the dishes used to cook. "Whattt evvvvvvvver." She said as she finished eating and handed him her plate.

He took it and washed it quickly. After finishing he gets a video and puts it in the player "Well lets see what this one is" he said grabbing the remote and sitting on the couch. "Okie dokie." She said as she sat next to him. He never tried this on his cousin but he hit the play button and the video started right into a porno. He was interested in seeing her reaction.

"Uhm......... Why is this on?" She asked half interested in it. She was getting wet from seeing a man puting his cock in a young girl. He smilled "An experiment to see your reaction" he said messing with her. Though he too was getting aroused by what was on screen. His cock stiffening.

She saw his cock getting hard and started giggling. She didn't say anything to him. She watched the porno and glanced at his crotch every few minutes. Looking at his cousin he spoke up "Want to try it?" he asked her, his cock now pulsing begging for release. "Okay." She said hesitantly. She took off her shorts and her shirt.

Nat stripped his clothes off as well. His 10 and a half inch dick stood straight out as he motioned for his baby cousin to sit on his lap. Christina sat on his lap hoping it wouldn't hurt. Nat snaked an arm around her waist as his other hand slid between her legs and rubbed against her clit. "This is your first time? Right?" he asked her. Hoping she said yes.

"Yes." She said as he rubbed her. She was trying to hold back a moan. He smilled as he slid a finger into her pussy. Pumping it in and out, he steadied her body with his other arm. "Mmmmmmm." She moaned as his finger slid into her.

Prepping his cousin he slid a second finger into her. He slid them in and out slowly letting her virgin pussy adjust. "Ow Nat!" She yelled as he pushed his fingers in then out. Nat slid his fingers in all the way and held them their "Just give it a moment you'll adjust" he comforted her. "It still hurts!" She said as a tear ran down her cheek.

Nat kissed her on the cheek "Just try to relax" he said softly to her. She started to relax and it hurt a little less. "It still hurts a little." He smiled at her "We just need to you to start making some fluids" he said thumbing her clit. She moaned as his thumb moved along her clit. "Ahh."

He used his arm to shift her torso as he moved his head licking her right breast and sucking on her nipple. "Ahhhhhhhh." She moaned louder as his tongue moved on her tit. Biting lightly on her breast he began to pump his fingers in and out of her once more. "Mmmmmm." She moaned. She loved the feeling of her older cousin shoving his fingers in her.

Nat trailed kisses up from her breast to her lips locking hers with his. Hannah bit down on his bottom lip lightly. He slipped his tongue into her mouth frenching her. His hand thrusted into her with more speed feeling her get more wet. "Ah." She moaned into his mouth.

He pulled his fingers out and while their lips were locked, guided her onto her back. Breaking the kiss he raised his body above hers. "What are you going to do now?" She said as he laid her on her back. He smiled at her and rubbed his cock on the outside of her pussy "Just relax this is where it gets fun" he said to her. "Okay." She said as she closed her eyes and tried to relax.

Nat thrusted his cock into her slowly. Being careful not to hurt her. Hannah moaned, half in pain, half from pleasure. Her body tensed up. Nat kissed her neck "Relax the pain will end soon." he said to her. "I'm trying." She said softly. He gave her a kiss on the lips "Just a little while longer" he said as he entered half of his length.

"Okay." She whispered right before he was entirely inside of her. "OW!" She yelled as he popped her cherry. He didn't move and just held onto her. "Does it still hurt?" he asked her after a minute. "Not really." She said as she looked in her cousins eyes.

He started to pull out and thrust back in quickly "Im glad" he said quietly as he kept up the motions. "Mmm." She moaned as he fucked her. He started moving quicker as he pushed his whole length into her with each thrust. "Ooooooooooooh! Fuuuck!" She yelled as he pulled out then pushed back in. "Mmmm, you like that Christina? You like having your cousins cock in that tight virgin pussy?" He asked as he got really horny.

He pushed in harder and went deeper into her pussy. "Mmmm Yeeees! Fuck me Nat!" She screamed. He smiled at her as he fucked her faster than ever. "Ahh. I'm gonna fill your little hole with my cream baby." He pushed in a few more times then let out a huge load of jizz into her pussy. She moaned as she came. Nat's abs were covered in pussy juice.

He licked his lips then looked at Christina's wet cunt. He smiled at her again then said, "Sit up." She listened at sat up wondering what he was about to do. He got on his knees so his face was leveled with her pussy. He kissed her inner thigh until he was at her pussy.

"You're going to love this I promise." He said as he licked her pussy lips. She moaned and closed her eyes again. He spread her legs further open and licked her clit. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She moaned. He gently bit down on her little pink nub and sent her into ecstasy.

He slid his tongue deep into her hole and licked the walls of her vagina. She sudenly screamed "OOOOOOOH FUCK I'M GONNA CUM!" Nat took his tongue out of her vagina and flicked his tongue over her clit a few times. Without warning Christina came all over his face. "Ahhhhhhhhh!" She yelled.

She looked at him then down at his erect cock. "I want to try something." She said to him. "Kay, what do you want to do?" He asked. "Have you ever done it with two people?" She asked innocently. "Like a threesome? No? Why?" He asked her hoping that's what she wanted. "Wanna call one of your guy friends? I wanna know what it feels like to be double penetrated."

"Really?" She said happily as he picked up his sweat pants and pulled his cell phone out of the pocket. He dialed a number. "Hey Freddy." Nat said as he winked at his cousin. "Uhm, my really hot friend's here and she wants to uhhhhmmm.... She wants to...." "DUUDE JUST SAY IT!" Freddy screamed. "Dude calm your nuts. She wants to have a threesome." "Uhm. Sure. I'll be over in a minute."

Nat hung up the phone, put on his sweats, then sat next to Christina on the couch. She slid her thong and tank top back on. He leaned into her and bit her neck. She put her head back and rubbed his neck. The door bell rang and Freddy said "Yo, Nat, open up." Nat got up and opened the door.

Freddy walked into the living room. Christina's jaw dropped. Freddy was 18 and very muscular. He played for the football team and surffed. He was 6 foot 1 and 150 lbs of pure muscle. He had brown hair and brown eyes. He was wearing nothing but black basketball shorts and Nikes.

Nat walked in and started laughing once he saw Christina's face. "I see Christina found something she likes. Chris, that thing you're drooling over, yeahh that's Freddy. Now wave or say hi." She looked at Nat and said "Heyy, I found something Nat likes and doesn't want broken." She went to go kick him in the nuts but stopped right before hitting him.

Freddy laughed as the two bickered. "Uhm, hi. Yeah so. I think we should get started." He said anxious to see Christina naked. "Okay." Christina smiled as she pulled Nat's sweats off. Nat's cock stood straigt up and her turned bright red. "He meant you, you jerk." Nat said. "I meant whoever." Freddy laughed, "But mostly Christina." He smiled as he walked over to her.

He grabbed the bottom of her tank top and pulled it over her head. Her 32DD tits bounced as they were set free. Freddy stared at them and his cock got hard. Nat smiled at his cousin as he snuck behinde Freddy and pulled off his shorts exposing his 11 inch dick.

Christina smiled devilishly as she looked at the two huge cocks infront of her. Freddy picked her up and sat her on the couch. He kissed her on the lips then down her body to the top of her thong. He took the think piece of fabric between his teeth then pulled them off. "I'm going to fuck you so good baby." He whispered as Nat stood next to her, his cock leveled with her mouth.

She licked her lips then bit down on her bottom lip. Nat looked at Freddy then said "Wanna make it really interesting?" Freddy looked at him and smiled. Nat ran into the kitchen and opened the freezer. He took out a hand full of ice cubes and put them in a cup, then he opened the refrigerator and took out whipped cream and diced strawberries. He walked back into the living room put everything on the coffee table and ran upstairs.

While Nat was upstairs Freddy got down to buisness. "Suck my cock." He demanded. Christina looked at him and licked the head of his dick slowly. "So you're a tease huh?" He said as he pushed his cock into her mouth. Nat ran down the stairs holding a vibrator.

"Pussy smoothie?" He asked Freddy as Freddy thrusted in and out of Christina's mouth. "I love the way you think Nat." Freddy moaned. He pulled out of Christina's mouth then took the ice and put it in her pussy. Nat smiled as he put the small cubes of strawberry in her. Freddy put the vibrator all the way in her tight cunt and turned it on high.

"OH FUCK THAT'S COLD!" She yelled. "Well I don't think either of us would want a warm smoothie." Nat said jokingly. "MMMMMMMMMM FUUUUCK AHHHHHHHHHHH COLLLLLLLLLLLLLD!!" She moaned louder than before. Freddy looked at her then took the vibrator out.

He put the nozzle of the whipped cream can in her hole and squirted some out. Nat looked at her then licked some of the whipped cream out of her. Freddy did the same and stuck his tongue in her pussy, drinking the water and strawberries out of her. "MMMMM." She moaned and pushed Freddy's head further into her hot cunt.

Freddy got really horny and finally said "You wanted to be double penetrated, and I wanna fuck you and so does Nat. Lets get to it." Freddy stood up as did Christina. Nat sat down and Christina sat down on top of him. He put his cock in her ass. Freddy rubbed her clit with the head of his cock. "I'm a tease too baby." He said slyly.

She moaned as Nat thrushed in her ass and Freddy teased her clit. Freddy finally slid down and pushed his cock into her cunt. "OHHHHH FUCK!" She yelled as she was being fucked from the front and the back. Nat and Freddy went in and out at the same pace. Nat was the first to cum.

He filled her ass with cum. Freddy came soon afterwards. "OOOOOOH FUUUUCK!" They both yelled. Christina came 5 minutes later covering Freddy in hot juices. Freddy sat down next to Nat and pulled Christina onto his lap. She was exausted and was falling asleep in his arms. He kissed her one last time then woke her up and told her to go get dressed.

Freddy and Nat both put there boxers and pants back on, while Christina got dressed. She came back down stairs. Freddy walked over to her and picked her up, then walked back to the couch and sat down. Christina fell asleep with her head on his shoulder.

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2009-09-11 00:22:57
I agree with most of the comments here, but I'll give you some pointers.

Proof read. Nothing kills a boner more than random name changes, poor grammar and forgotten quotes. Not only does it look bad, it makes the reader have to go back to figure out what was meant, which kills a story.

Don't worry too much on the deions. I don't care if she's 5 feet tall or 50 feet tall. Sure, blond hair is nice, and a toned, tanned, fit body are good deions, but stay away from weight and age. If you really think those things matter, try to weave them into the story, like "he lined his cock up to her 17 year old pussy".

Work on your dialogue. I understand that you were trying to get to the sex, but it has to make some degree of sense. A 17-year old virgin girl isn't going to willingly have sex with her cousin, nor would they be making jokes at a girl willing to do a DP.

Shoot me a PM and I'll give you some more pointers.


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post only constructive comments. Moreover, they won't be online immediately


2009-07-10 19:58:42
Um, sorry but it really wasn't that good. Way too unrealistic.

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stupid...amateur....waste of time....

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