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Okay I’m 25 and every year I go skiing, sometimes different places, sometimes the same.
This time around I am in Canada going to Lake Louise. I arrive to my hotel and decide that I’m going to take a long nap so after I put my bags in a closet ,I take off all my clothes put the heater on and go to sleep.

Little did I know at the time, that day was the times the maids and the house keepers come and clean. So everything in my room is nice and tidy except outside my room is a pile of the clothes I was wearing and took off to go to bed. So the house keeper who is a latin man picks up the clothes and walks in the room to put the clothes in the drawers, and he freezes and stares at what he discovered a man lying naked in a room alone. So he puts away the clothes and comes up to me and is hovering over me without me knowing of what is going on.

This latin housekeeper comes and kneels down and touches me lightly to see if I’m awake, and I wasn’t at the time. So he decides to grab my dick lightly and play with it so lightly that I wouldn’t wake up.

Now while I was sleeping I felt like I was getting hard and I was but I didn’t know why and I was too tired to find out so I just turn over and the latin guy freaks and jumps back hitting a lamp and I wake up freaked out by this latin guy in my room with me naked and having a boner.
Him: I’m so sorry! Forgive me please, It’s just...
Me: it’s just what!?1 don’t you see I’m sleeping, and I’m naked!? WHAT THE FUCK??
Him: I… I…
Me: did you do this to me? Were you fucking touching my dick?
Him: no please let me explain sir… I fuck… aye dios mio
Me: what the fuck are you saying man speak English! What the fuck are you doing to me!?
Him: I… I was touching your body and your dick… I couldn’t help it you have such a beautiful body and such a beautiful penis. Please sir don’t report me I need this job, har?cualquier cosa para satisfacerle deseo.
Me: WHAT!? You expect me to- whattthe fuck did you just say to me, speak fucking English I can’t understand you asshole!
Him: id do anything sir please anything just don’t report me please anything.
Me: anything you say eh?
Him: anything sir porfaour.
Me: first stop speaking whatever you are speaking and speak fucking English.
Him: yes sir.
Me: now…suck my fucking dick faggot.
Him: …no sir I couldn’t please
Me: did you just say anything or did you fucking say something else…
Him: ya but-
Me: but nothing do what you’re told.
Him: okay…

I’m not gay or anything but when this guy said he’d do anything he made me think about him begging me to fuck him and think about what he could’ve been doing to me I didn’t move, and he didn’t hit the lamp. And it got me really horny. So I thought to myself, what the hell… this guy wants it, and so do I nobody will know.
So he starts to suck my dick and it was feeling really good while he was sucking my cock he looked up at me with these big eyes, like you see in the pornos and I thought yaa, this isn’t so bad… I like this, I like him. It’s just like fucking a girl…but with a dick and a pair of balls and a manly voice, and I start to laugh and he stops and says: what?
Me: shut up and keep sucking it faggot.

And he did what he was told he continued to suck my dick, and I continued to enjoy. He was rubbing my balls with his hand and slowly slide his finger around my asshole a few times thinking I didn’t notice but I did so I told him to just do it and he smiled which brought his teeth down and made him bite my dick a little, I told him that felt good bite harder, he did so and he got me hornier and told him to stick his finger in my asshole and he did it felt weird but not in a bad way. He continued this blowjob and fingering me for another 2 minutes until I grabbed him and unbuttoned his shirt and took off his shoes and pants and ripped his underwear off and made him naked. He looked so sexy coming from a man whose not gay… or at least wasn’t before today.
He had a cut 4 pack, nice arms a tattoo that goes from his chest and leads down to his ribs and a nipple piercing. And he was all nice sweaty from one, getting busted and, the heater.
And it was hard not to notice the big 8 inch or around there thick, tan dick standing up hard as a rock with a little patch of hair. I was so horny I grabbed on to it and started jacking him off and then stopped and started to suck the big dick which was hard to get in my mouth cause it was thick, but I managed to get it in. I felt weird giving a blow job it was like a extra thick popsicle with veins and was warm, but it felt good in my mouth like It was meant for it.
I was sucking it so hard and so good I know that because he kept moaning and I think he was complementing me in Spanish.
He asked me if I can do something for him now.
Me: what?
Me: alright sexy!
I push him on the bed suck his dick for 3 more seconds. And I flipped him over pushed his back down but told him to arch it so his ass sticks out, and I couldn’t believe I was doing it but I began to fuck him like he was a girl. I was pushing in him so hard and so deep I felt bad and asked him are you okay, he told me the best he has ever been in his life, I got happy and smiled and slowed down so I can have a longer time doing something that felt so good, and I wanted the moment to be cherished not only by him, but by me. The idea of me fucking him but pretending it was a girl was over, I wanted to believe I was fucking a guy, it now made me hornier.

Time goes and I am fucking his ass, we are both sweating, and then out of nowhere his manager comes in to see why the other rooms are not finished and to see where his employee is, and he catches that he is fucking a man.

He told him he was fired, and we stopped because he got worried about not having a job, I got upset because I actually liked the guy so I got up, punched the guy giving him a nose bleed and took off his shoes, and yanked off the shoe laces and tied him up and took off his pants, and I said lets fuck him. He said he just wanted to be fucked, I told him ill fuck you later sweetie just come by again later tonight.

So he got happy and I started to suck his dick before we fucked the guy, and I kissed him with a so passionate kiss, and then made the guy suck my dick and told him to fuck the guy, because I didn’t want to deal with the guys dry asshole, and made him suck my dick, he bit it… I punched him 4 times as hard as I could knocking him out. So I continued to fuck him now deepthorating cause he was uncontinous, and now I got tired of him I wasn’t so interested so I stopped and watched the latin guy fuck and I got so horny started to jack off, he saw me and began to suck my dick. I told him fuck me I want it bad. He begins to stick his dick in my ass and he sees me bite my lip, he asks me are you sure you want this, I tell him most surely sure.

So he begins to fuck my asshole so slow, it hurt but a good hurt if you know what I mean.
I really enjoyed the feeling and thought that I should switch to being gay,and then he started pumping my asshole going fast it felt so good this feeling kicked in like I was going to just melt I didn’t know what it was he kept going and I screamed my body spazzed out I was squirming and the feeling did just stop there I ending up having the sudden urge to cum, and I did the two most greatest feelings I’ve ever experienced in the same night, next I know he says get off im going to release!

Me: what??
Him: uggghh!! ……ahh too sorry.
I felt a warm feeling squirming in my asshole.
Me: ohh...hahaa wow feels so good...
Now the 3 best feelings I’ve ever experienced.

I told him thanks, he said no thank you but you also screwed up my job, but it was worth the night.

Me: The night is still young, you said anything, so I say spend another day with me.
Him: okay sure thing.
Me: wow hah fuck skiing. Id rather come here for you, you were great.
Him: you were too.
Before I could hear he said that I knocked out..
When I woke up I found him laying on my lap with me having a boner and the manager bleeding from his forehead.
I thought to my self, what the fuck is going on here..

Him: ya hun we’re probably going to have to go now..
Me: what the fuck did you do.
Him: long story.
Me: what the fuck?!?!

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