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The story of a girl i'll never have.
( I know it's a little short and the sex scene might not be the best, but hopefully you'll get some enjoyment out of this. For those of you just wanting the sex, feel free to scroll down until you see the line.

Hi, nice to meet you all. My name is...well, fuck, you don't really care, do you? You're here for one thing and one thing only: a story that can provide you with enough wank off material to get you to cream yourselves at least once. Well, i'll get to it, but I suggest taking your hands away from your dicks for a bit, ok? We've got a bit of a build up here, and i'm not writing it for my health. Trust me, it'll make things better for you.

Ok, so we won't bother with names, but we will bother with some details. I'm a guy, freshly turned 18 and unremarkable as shit. Seriously, folks, if you're looking for a story with an interesting guy lead (which i'm sure you all are, hardy har har) you're out of luck. But, if you're in it for the girl, prepare to fall in love.

Her name is Aimee. She's a little on the short side, standing maybe a good two inches shorter than most males, but she's got this figure. No kidding, her shoulders are slender, her breasts are...well, average, but anything more than a handful is a waste, and anything more than a mouthful a distraction, so they're perfect, with nipples the color of chocolate kisses, and every ounce as sweet. Her eyes are absolutely gorgeous, and they give you the sexiest 'fuck me' look you'll ever see, because I can promise you that you'll drop dead from happiness if you ever get the pleasure of having it directed at you. Her waist isn't toothpick thin, but she's got enough there to wrap your arms around, and she knows how to work it, too. And her ass. Holy shit, it's almost too beautiful for words. It's like flesh colored marble, peach shaped and begging, demanding to be touched. It's amazing, and she knows it, but we'll get to that later.

Aimee is...not my girlfriend. She's actually engaged to a guy who is absolutely great. Charming, funny, her style. Perfect for her.

I hate his fucking guts.

Don't get me wrong, he's not a prick to me or anyone, and I know she deserves him and vice versa. I love him just as much as I hate him, because I wish it was me there. But, they're great together, so, what am I gonna do?

Well, friends and neighbors, there was one time that I DID get to be there. And that's what i'm spinning you this little story for. It starts out about 3 years ago, when we first met, thanks to the magic of the internet and a mutual friend. I'm dating someone, she isn't, we fall in love, but i'm taken. My relationship ends, and I find out she's started one.


No big deal. We become great friends, flirt constantly. She comes to me with her problems, and I comfort her. I move onto a new relationship for the next 2 years, and when it ends, I decide i'm moving.

To where she is.

This should be fun, huh?

I show up, call her up and tell her. She's excited, wants to meet me, and I want to meet her. I spend the entire day unloading a damned U-Haul, but when she finally shows up, my god, I just about explode. Text has nothing on the human form, buddies, so I suggest going out right now and picking up someone. Go on, this story will be here when you get back. Nothing I can type will ever get you as revved up as the body of some beautiful girl. Seriously. Go on. Get out of here.


Fuck. GO.


Ok, ya back? You know what i'm getting at now? Good. Now you know not to get your expectations up from this story, but we'll continue anyway.

So, I see her, and she's gorgeous. Her hair is short, but it's just that perfect length where you could grab a handful of it and just kiss her into eternity, you know? And her skin. It's not white, but it's not tan. It's cream, there's no other way to say it. This girl is sex, love and rock-and-roll personified. We hit it off right away, go to the nearest park, and talk. For probably 2 hours. About nothing. Absolute bullshit. It's great. We finally end up on the swing, and I am the smoothest I have ever been in my life. She stands on one, I hop up with her on it, and we just tilt back and forth, inches from each other, looking into each others eyes.

You can tell what's coming next, can't you? Hells yeah, she kisses me, and I see stars. Then those stars explode into fireworks. Every love song ever sung is blaring in my ears, and i'm gone, baby. Next thing I know, she's got her legs around my waist, i've got my arms tucked under the perfect ass, and we are stumbling backwards to the car. Backdoor, of course, because driving while doing what we plan to do is illegal, i'm sure.

( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ )

We're going to take our time. I tell myself this about a hundred times, but about the time I finally work up the nerve to get my hands in her shirt and onto those perfect breasts, that notion flies out the window. Time speeds up again, and next thing I know, the doors are closed, she topless, with her jeans and panties around one ankle, i'm shirtless and have my zipper down (damned belts are too much of a pain to get off it times like these.) We're still kissing, but I pull away just in time to see that 'fuck me' look in her eyes, and I know i'm in for some delicious hell.

See, we're biters. And scratchers. I know this, and she knows this, and we both also knows someone's going to be bleeding by the end. I decide to start things off, grabbing her shoulders and raking my nails down her back. They're short, but they do the job. Next thing I know every piece of her body is pressed to mine, her nipples jabbing into my chest like little pebbles, her pussy (shaved baby smooth, of course) grinding into my upper thigh as she wrapps her legs around one of mine, letting out a breathy whimper. I can feel the heat coming from her, and it's like a furnace. When she pulls away, I hear the soft 'shlck' of sex juices already seeping from her. She leans up, biting my ear, and whispers, her breath brushing my skin, hot and dry, the one thing any guy could ever want to hear, pushing up against my leg every time, her nails digging into my shoulders. "Do me do me do me do me do me..." over and over, humping my leg every time, getting that breathy little moan in there every few seconds.

I decide that this is good. Teasing is one of my stronger points. So, I don't. Instead, I start to trail kisses down her body. She knows what's coming, which keeps her from ripping me open, but she's not happy about having to wait. So, while I start sucking those little chocolate kiss nipples, one hand leaves my shoulder. Seconds later, I feel it brush my stomach as she starts fingering and rubbing herself. She knows what to do, judging by the soft coos and moans, but it won't be enough for long. I glance down, and see she's managed somehow to get two fingers up to the third knuckle inside herself and she is just going at it. I can actually here the slap of her palm against her skin as she starts to squirm, whimpering and giving little screams whenever the heel of her palm brushes that sensitive little clit. "Mmm, oh FUCK...oh shit oh shit ooOOHH SHIT!!" before long, she thrusting her hips to meet her fingers, shaking the whole damn car. I know what this means, so I kiss further down and I adjust her hand so she can get even deeper inside herself while I suck and nibble that clit. This doesn't just throw her over the edge, it heaves her over with cement blocks around her fucking feet. She screams and cums. Not just a little squirt or ooze, but fucking gushes. One of her legs hooks around one of the front seats, and the other finds it's way into the back window. She keeps moaning and thrusting and screaming while she cums, soaking me and the car, lifting her ass completely off the seat, every muscle in her body tensing up. It's amazing.

Eventually, she settles, and by settles, I mean stops cumming long enough to push me onto my back. Next thing I know, she is all over me, licking my body, still fingering herself as she licks her sweet, sticky cum from my body. "Oh, baby, i'm such a dirty little bitch. Mmm, my cum tastes so fucking good, my pussy is so wet for you. Do you want this dirty little bitch's pussy, do you, baby? Huh? DO YOU?" with that she slams down, somehow perfectly impaling herself on me, screaming as she does. Now, i'm only a little more than average, maybe 7 on a really good day, but she's working every fucking inch. She doesn't even sit up, she just leans down and bounces her hips, every movement sending this wet, sweet slap of her skin against mine as she fucks herself on me. "Oh, fuck yeah. Fuck yeah fuck me oh god do me. Fuck that little pussy, fuck it like he never does." And to think that an hour ago, she could have gotten into a catholic boarding school. She continues bouncing, stopping to grind her sex into mine, pushing up enough to shake her chest, get her tits moving.

After maybe 10 minutes of this, she pushes herself up and starts riding me. And none of that grinding stuff. She actually bounces up and down, moaning and cussing and whimpering the whole time. I can see her sweet little pussy, red raw now, abusing itself on my shaft. Her entire body is bouncing, from her hair to her tits, and she's braced herself on my chest, eyes closed, mouth open. It's perfect. Before long, she leans back and starts abusing her clit, not just rubbing it but tormenting it, moving her hand so fast that it's a blur, and then she cums again. Everything in her tightens up and explodes in excruciatingly hot wetness, and i'm soaked again, but she doesn't stop fucking while she cums, she just keeps bouncing, squeezing her tits and screaming.

That's all she can take. She calms down again and slides off, utterly exhausted, but she's not done with me yet. Within seconds, she's manuevered herself so that most of her is in the front seat, but her mouth is on my cock and she is working it. Her hand is at the base of the shaft, stroking away like mad, and she's bobbing away at the upper part, every once in a while pulling it out of her mouth to spit on it or lick it like it's ice cream. Every inch of my cock has her tongue on it at some point, and before long I can feel it swell. I warn her, but she's already moved herself again, this time straddling my hips, stroking my cock right over her bare pussy. That's all I need, and I cum, moaning her name. Spurt after spurt of thick, white cum splatter on her raw pussy, and she moans, reaching down to rub it against her clit. "It's so hot..." she whimpers, rubbing my thick cream into her pussy. I couldn't agree more.

After that, we cuddle, then dress. We both know it will never happen again, but we also both know we don't need it to. It was the best we'll ever have, and we don't want to ruin it. One more kiss, then I drive her home to her fiance, and I go back to finish unpacking. The smell of her sex lingers in the car, and I make sure to leave the windows shut and the doors closed as much as possible. I want the scent of my stolen angel for as long as possible. Besides, I hear that her guy isn't completely shut off to sharing sometimes.
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