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It’s around 7:00. The hockey team crowds into the overheated, steamy locker room overrun with the stench of unwashed hockey gear. The room is designed so the big communal shower was on one side and the single bathroom stall and dual urinals are next to each other. There are 6 of them in all, Nick is nearest to the stalls on the opposite wall and David is next to the showers on the same bench as Nick. Between them sits Henry. Nick is still in his goalie gear at this time, and is beginning to peel off his sticky undershirt. Nick is around 5’7”, with shaggy dark hair and a serious face. He has a skinny body and hairy strong powerful legs leading up to his crotch. Henry is faster, and his shirt has just came off, revealing a white chest and surprisingly cute nipples, covered in sweat. Henry is about an inch taller than Nick, with shorter hair and a similar skin tone.. Although his boxers were still fairly high up, you could see the beginnings of a happy trail. Dav
id is lagging and talking to Henry a little bit, and has just taken off his shoulder pads, but his arm muscles are visible; smooth and toned. His shaggy brown hair is wet with sweat and water from the practice, and he is visibly exhausted. The boys are just chatting, not really looking at each other’s bodies, yet.

On the other side of the room, Myles, Spencer, and Josh are sitting and far ahead of the other boys. Myles is opposite Nick, and he is a complete stunner. Taller than the rest of the boys, around 5’11”, he has shaggy black hair and a strong, built body. His skin is really white, but his arms are bulging with muscles and just a bit of hair. His pads are almost off, and he is starting to rub his abs under his white t-shirt which he then removes. At this point, he is just wearing a pair of boxer briefs which do a bad job containing his very impressive bulge. Nick continues to stare at Myles’s thighs but doesn’t say anything. Next to Myles is Spencer, who is softly airing out his loose boxers and wearing nothing else. Spencer is the tannest boy in the room and his shortly cropped hair is drizzled with water that also runs down his chest. Spencer is almost 5’10”, and is desperately trying to escape his inferiority complex which stems from him being very short at one time, and consequently much...smaller....down there. However, now he has filled out, and the other boys realize that he has probably grown significantly since last season. Finally, Josh sits on the far end of the bench opposite David. He is still wearing his under-armor and tight pants, although very little is noticeable down by where a bulge should be. Josh is a bit shy and is eyeing David from across the room as David lowers his boxers a little to rub his thighs. Josh is tan and the cutest boy in the room, although he is self-conscious. He has size 12 shoes but doesn’t want his friends to see his penis because he has no idea if its big or not, and Nick likes to make fun of him for it anyway.
Henry and Spencer, both in overly loose boxers so that nothing can really be seen, start discussing girls. “No way Spencer, I totally got the best head from Sara last night!” Spencer adjusts his penis over his boxers. “Well Henry, you’ve never experienced a hot senior girl like Nicole running her tongue over your dick now have you?” Myles steps in and says, “But Spencer, you’ve never seen a girl like Nicole suck a dick this big.” He laughs and puts his hand over his obviously massive penis. Nick laughs, “calm down Myles, we don’t need to see that thing dude we all get enough pussy in here, except for Josh of course!” Josh blushes all over and Spencer turns to him and slaps his butt, “there Josh! Now you got some baby!” All the boys laugh and Josh giggles along with them. David has a great idea, “come on Spence, I need some ass too man!” Spencer the runs across the tiny locker room to David and pushes him against the wall and pretends to
rape him as all the guys crack up. Spencer slaps David’s butt and pulls down his boxers and keeps spanking it till its a little bit red. All the boys are laughing and David turns around with his boxers around his ankles. Everyone looks at David’s penis and Spencer says “Nice one David, too bad its not big or anything!” David replies “Oh be quiet man, its average sized, like 6 inches or so, yours is probably half that!” David pulls down Spencer’s boxers, revealing a 7 inch soft penis. David recoils, “well it looks like you’re a bit bigger than me Spencer.”

The boys are all starting to get turned on by the two exposed dicks. Spencer spins around and shows off his soft penis to his friends and Henry comments on how Spencer’s butt is super white while the rest of his body is so tan. Spencer laughs and asks if Henry’s butt is as white as his body. Henry smiles at Spencer and pulls down his boxers for everyone to see. “Yupp guys, i’m white” Henry and David are exactly the same size, except Henry starts to get a boner and starts to rub it in front of his friends. Spencer laughs and reaches out to grab Henry’s hard dick to everyone’s shock. Myles asks “Spencer that’s really hot but I think its gay man.” Spencer says, “Myles shut up, yours is too big for anyone to handle!”

Spencer looks at Henry for approval; Henry winks and blushes and Spencer continues to play around with the tip of Henry’s throbbing cock. At the same time, Nick walks over to the urinal on the left and begins to stroke his cock while pulling down his boxers. Myles notices this and walks over to the right urinal and takes out his thick penis and rubs it. The two boys smile at each other and Myles moves his big hand over onto Nick’s hard cock and starts jerking it for him. Nick does the same to Myles and moans a little as Myles’s massive dick moves back and forth in his hand. Myles smiles at Nick and jerks his big dick for him, playing with his balls from time to time.
Spencer and Henry have paired off and start to kiss each other and while caressing each other’s dicks. Spencer hard nipples are rubbing against Henry’s chest and Spencer starts to kiss Henry’s neck. Henry moans out “oh Spencer, dude, you turn me on so much, I want to bust all over you man” Meanwhile, Josh and David give each other dirty looks. David, already with his boxers down, shuffles over to Josh and asks if he is big. Josh stutters and tells David he can find out if he wants. David smirks and starts kissing down Josh’s chest, past his nipples and abs until he gets to his boxer line. Then David pulls down Josh’s boxers in one swoop and takes his dick in his mouth while going to his knees. David looks up at Josh and says “yes Josh, you have a very cute dick.” Myles hears this from the urinals and laughs “I knew he did!” Nick tells Myles to cut Josh some slack, after all Josh is a total cutie.

Nick walks over to Josh and David, totally naked, and Josh goes down on his knees and starts licking Nick’s balls and penis head with his wet tongue. David goes over to Myles and they make out right next to Nick and Josh. Spencer sits down on the bench and Henry starts to blow him as Nick licks Henry’s penis. The boys form a blowjob line. Nick, Myles, and Spencer, the three big boys, are standing, while Josh, David, and Henry are on their knees in front of them blowing them, respectively. They hold hands as they get blown, and Nick starts to rub Myles’s leg and comes closer and closer to cumming. Spencer is the first one to give in. He moans as loud as he can, making the other boys even harder, Henry keeps sucking on Spencer’s rock hard cock and gets prepared for a huge load of cum to burst out. Spencer cums in Henry’s mouth and he smiles as Spencer busts all over his face. Henry runs to the shower to wash the cum off his face and Spencer follows. They hold each other in the shower and start rubbing each other’s dicks again, jerking as fast as they can. Spencer’s glistening body gets wet in the shower and Henry runs his hands down his chest to his hips and rubs his thighs before taking Spencer’s hardening cock in his hands again. Spencer’s smooth 7 incher is loving every touch of Henry’s powerful hands. All the boys can hear Spencer moan “Ohhhh, mmm Henry don’t stop doing that, rub it faster, it’s so hard, mmm Henry oh baby rub my dick, get on your knees and lick it.”

Meanwhile, Josh asks Nick if he can give him some great head. Nick nods his head and Josh runs his smooth arms across Nick’s chest before placing his hands on Nick’s sides and starting to kiss down his chest, to his abs and eventually to the tip of his 7 and half inch dick. His tongue slinks down Nick’s dick, licking the sides and shaft as Nick moans. Josh puts Nick’s cock in his mouth and begins to suck it. Then he deep throats it and places his soft hands on Nick’s upper thighs. Nick’s feet shake and his fingers run through Josh’s smooth light brown hair and he starts to cum in Josh’s mouth. Josh drinks Nick’s cum while rubbing his balls lightly. Once all the boys had came, they began to get dressed again, eagerly awaiting the next practice.

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2011-05-11 01:24:54
wtf my name is nick im a goalie ......creeper.......

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2011-02-03 22:42:37
Umm y are there only six guys? And no fucking way they are all gay!!
That is such a lie

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2011-02-03 22:42:12
Umm y are there only six guys? And no fucking way they are all gay!!
That is such a lie

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2009-08-29 19:01:02
uh wtf. 7 inch soft.. really..

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2009-07-23 23:07:52
umm i play and ull never c me on this team plus wheres the coach wtf

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