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this is my first story attempt so go easy on me
I was working at a drug store in my sophomore year of high school. My first job was great making money on my own. I was 16 dirty blonde hair blue eyes my beach days long faded I had lost my tan but kept the muscle definition that I had from surfing. I had to ride to and from work on my bike, it wasn’t to bad except when it rained. My manager Steve was always really nice about it he would offer to take me home raining or not. After a while we would take lunch together, an even hand out at his place after work a few times. Steve was quite a bit older than I was his early thirties his hair was a little thin but he was tall and very athletic.

After work one day we were back at his place playing videogames. The rain was really coming down hard and it was getting late. Steve had me cal my parents and let them know I was ok, he spoke to them and reassured them that he had no problem letting me stay at his place until the storm let up. My dad had no problem with it he met Steve and knew he was a good guy. We went back to our video games but the storm just got worse. Eventually the power went out.

“Well now what are we going to do Steve?”

He went to get some candles it was hard to see except for the lightning strikes. After he lit a few he went to his room and returned with a large book, a photo album actually.

“Lotta memories in here but ya can’t tell anyone ok.”

“Sure?” but I was dreading a boring next few hours. I was shocked when he opened to the first page. The picture was poor but it looked like someone on their knees looking up from sucking a rather large dick. Right below it was a picture of the same person with cum a allover there face. That’s when I realized the person was a guy. “Holly shit!” I just blurted out.

“I wanted to tell you but I couldn’t so I decided to show you. I am gay.”

I just stared at the picture.

“I’m telling you because I thought you…”

“You think I’m… Why?” I was still in shock but I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks I must have been beet red.

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you.” He shut the book.

“No! Wait.” I stopped the book from closing.

He smiled at me “So was I right?”

Never in my life had I been so embarrassed. But the excitement and the first two pictures he had shown me had me turned on already. “Last year, a friend and I we…”

“It’s ok. Ill share my stories if you will share yours.”

I felt like I was going to cry, but I didn’t know why. He must have noticed because he pulled my head to his shoulder. “It’s ok you don’t have to hide from me.” I hugged him. “Tell me what happened.” He said as he pet my hair.

I recounted my story of Paul and I from last year. I felt so much better like a weight had been lifted off my chest I was smiling and so eager to share. He smiled back, then took my hand and led me to his room.
I tried to speak but h just shushed me. He sat me down on his bed an unzipped his pants. I looked up at him as he stood there. He knew after what I shared I was completely vulnerable his for the taking. And I knew it too. He dropped his pants and his cock stood out only inches from my face. I could see the tip was already moist with precum. He reached out and took the back of my head pulling me toward it. I opened my mouth and took it in. It had been so long and I missed the taste. I did my best but had only sucked once before. He moaned as I slid my mouth up and down his shaft. He began thrusting it gagged me and I tried to pull away but he had my hair tight in his fist. I wined as he forced it deeper and deeper. But he kept thrusting. I could feel fresh tears in my eyes but then he released me. I coughed and gaged for just a second.

“Steve! What are you…”

“Shut up an turn around!”

“Steve…” I began to protest but he flipped me on to my chest without effort at all.

He yanked on my pants. Still buttoned and zipped they gave him a little resistance but he had me down to m boxers in seconds.

“Steve please!” but his hand forced my face on to a pillow. His free hand had my boxers off before I even realized it. I could feel his legs between mine spreading my legs apart. I tried to scream but I could barely hear myself through the pillow. I felt him sliding his cock up and down my crack. It was still slippery from y saliva and his precum. He began pushing it in, the firm pressure built in to pain and I tensed up.
“Hey! Don’t tense up it will just hurt more.”

But I couldn’t relax. He kept pushing harder and harder until I felt it pop. Again I screamed but he just shoved my face in to the pillow harder. His head now in, he was forcing the rest of the shaft in to me. I sobbed openly but he didn’t let up until I could feel his balls resting on my ass. He groaned as he pulled out and then pushed back in. I could feel the cool air on my back as he lifted off of me then his hot wet chest as he pushed back in. I was done struggling I was exhausted and breathing heavy. He let my head go and grabbed my hips.

“now behave and you can enjoy this too.”

He pulled me on to my hands and knees, and began to fuck me. Every stroke felt like he knocked the wind out of me. I was gasping between his thrusts, trying to catch my breath. His balls were slapping my ass and his hands kept me in a tight rhythm. He noticed before I did that my gasping had become moaning. He began thrusting harder, but it was only making it feel better. He reached around me and grabbed my cock.
“I want you to shoot that little load on my bed boy.” I could only moan in reply.

“Yeah you like this don’t you. You little cock sucker. C’mon boy shoot your little boy load.”

His command was all it took. I let out a yelp as I show several jets of cum in to his hand.

“That’s it boy… you like this cum don’t you…” I tried to say yes but it only came out as another moan. He reached up from my cock and wiped it on my face. In my passion all I could do was lick ot off my lips. I could tell he liked that because he started grunting hard when he thrust in to me. I wanted it more than I had wanted anything before. So I begged.

“Cum in me Steve! Please Steve, cum in me!”

He pulled out and again flipped me on to my back. He mounted my chest and slapped his thick cock on my lips.

“OPEN SLUT!” he demanded. And I did so happily shoving his cock down my throat I felt his balls tense up on my chin. He let out a cry and his cum gushed in to my mouth. I gagged but tried to swallow. It sputtered out of my mouth and on to my cheeks and chin. He pulled out and rolled over next to me. Words were not necessary at that point. We laid there for some time before the storm died and I could shower. He drove me home in scilence.

The next time we worked together he offered a ride home and I readily accepted. Even suggested we stop at his place for some video games before he took me home.

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2009-06-25 13:28:40
ok you had me untill the end! shitty cock....oh fucking nasty!

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