Listen is long, violent,
There were many people in the room as I sat down. I knew some by sight, but not all. The room is really a large office in a warehouse in one of the light industrial areas of the city. The office was situated on the second floor, with a nice view of the harbour.
.. " tell me what happened" Willie said.
" I got there about 20 minutes early. I wanted to check out the place. I saw her leave her office so I followed her at a distance. She went some ......... quite a walk, and finally entered a room marked ' Staff Only' ..........
" I waited a bit and tried the door but no go. It was locked and so I went back down the hall past some rooms and waited ......... she would have to come this way to return to her office. As I was waiting a older women and two kids made their way to a room near me. She was having trouble with the keycard........... the boy was being a little prick .......... I approached and asked Granny, for that is who she was, if i could help. She said 'YES' ........... but before i could take the keycard from her the boy grabbed it form her hand and swiped it ...' SEE, SEE ..the fucking thing doesn't work Asshole ' ........he says to me."
" Bet $5 I can get it to work. " ........... i said to the kid.
" Yeah, Yeah ..make it $10 .......... if I loose the old lady will pay. .. he says to me.
" The kid was a real work of art ........ "
...................zsssssp........ Strange noise for a card.
" We enter the room. I pick up her luggage and bring it in .. .. placing it on the luggage racks. This boy, I say about 13, tells Granny to pay me the $10.
I tell Granny to never mind and turn to leave.
Up til' then I was in control. This little pecker slaps the old lady on the ass, grabs her purse, throws it at me and tells me to take my $10 and get the fuck out. Granny is embarrassed, she say's ... 'Oh Jeff honey, don't be rude to the nice man'.
I caught her purse ........ I walk up to her and give her her purse, then turn my attention to the little asshole. I walk up to him, he says to me. ' you can't touch me man, I'll sue ya.' I cuff the little fucker ......... he flies through the air, hits the sofa, bounces over the sofa arm into the lamp and table, smashing the lamp. He springs back.
I'll give him credit for that ............ cussing at me. I cuff him with the other hand, he sails into the couch, bounces to the floor which time a small clear bottle appears on the carpet. He sits up on the floor, then backs away. I pick up the little vial and ask him what it is.
' I give that to the old lady before she goes to sleep. Then I fuck the old bitch.'
" Jeff, honey ........... now don't go telling such fibs." Granny says. Embarrassed.
" I turn to leave and say to Granny ..... ' You'd better get this boy some help '.
Granny say's .......... ' ' JEFF DON'T! You know your not to have a gun.' '
I turn and the little pecker is about three feet from me pointing a Black Widow .22 magnum at my head, which he likely had kept in his bag. I never thought he would be packing. I put the vial into my jacket pocket.
' Jeff ..please put the gun down ' ........ Granny blurts out hysterically.
Jeff turns his eyes toward Granny, ' Shut up you old bitch ' .
........... left hand up slapping the gun away, right hand strikes his larynx......................
He gets off a shot as he drops to his knees ...........
............foot to his jaw .......OUT.
I hear a thump behind me ............... looking ........... Granny is down. I go to her ... the shot hit her in the eye ......Granny's life is over. I turn back to Jeff, grab him, break his neck. Jeff's life is over. I should have killed him out right.
Turning again toward Granny, I walk to her and pull her dress down giving her some dignity, I pause, bless her........ then I notice the door is open. AH! .......... the little girl is gone. I leave the room, no little girl.
I head toward the door were the manageress had gone, the one with 'Staff Only' marked on it. I knock on the door, 'Just a minute please' ..i hear. The door opens and i push inside. She starts to protest but i put a finger to her mouth. She understands.
"A man will be coming to visit you in the near future. He will make a propsal to you. You will rememeber my visit today when you consider his offer. Do you understand?"
" Yes, I think so." ... she answers.
I look at her and leave.
I walked up the hall ..... there was a suite door ajar. I push the door open. The room is made up, no new luggage ... I step inside. I wait.
" ... she was walking down the hall towards me, she did not suspect a thing. I stepped out of my room as she neared and punched her in that fucking face fo hers. She dropped like lead weight. I picked her up by the neck, carried her a few steps into my room and threw her onto the bed, and shut the door. She tried to get up and I nailed her again.
I said, " you move again you fucking bitch and I 'll cut your throat".
She was out, blood from her nose and mouth covered her face and some of the sheets and pillows. I slapped her face three or four more times, more blood.
Picking her legs up and opening her I punched her cunt, she moaned and flinched .......... ripped her panties off and slapped her pussy ........ ..she was getting very red.
Then for my amusement I slapped her inner thighs. I did this until each side was bright red.
Willie, puzzling, with frown .... " And".
" I stood for a minute, she was really out cold. I went and got a pop bottle I had picked up off the maids cart, rubbed it up against her cunt then shoved it in ....this took some time ........but I forced it. Even unconcious she cried out in pain. She bled. I fucked her with the bottle then went to her asshole.
I force the neck of the bottle in but the body of the bottle would not go in.
........ damn disappointing.
So i bit her ass, on both sides and hard ..... she bled ..........
This woke her up, she cried out, I grabbed her throat ............ I said, " I thought I told you to shut up you fucking bitch"
I took my gun out and jammed it into her mouth. .... her eyes where fucking huge . ["chuckle"]
I pulled the trigger ... nothing. I pulled the trigger again. Again nothing.
NO bullets .... ' fuck ' I said to myself.
You should have seen her Willie, her fright, her terror, unmatched in my lifes experience.
............... [silence for a few seconds]...................
I told her to call the cops in 2 minutes and tell them she had been attacked and raped by someone unknown." ............. " Forget you over saw me." I told her. ............... I waved the gun in her face.
I had to leave as the cops where coming.

Willie say's ... "You didn't kill her"

" NO!" ........... " I thought I had loaded the gun, but I forgot, I'll go back if you want Willie."
Willie gets up from behind his desk, gun in hand ... he walks around the desk, levels his gun, BOOM. Right between the horns.
Fredrick bounces back into the Big Comfy Couch then lurches forward onto the floor.
I jump up, " what the fuck Willie" ...
Willie levels the gun at me. I walk straight towards Willie.
I feel my rage grow, I glare at Willie. I am incensed. Walking right up to Willie, Willie press's the gun barrel to my forehead.
Willie cocks the hammer. We glare at one another.
Willie smiles a little... more like a smirk.
I open my mouth, Willie takes aim at the ceiling, he resets the cocked hammer.
Willie turns and walks away, lookin' back he say's. " your are one strange mother fucker ".
As Willie rounds his desk I smile back at him. Willie gives me a sidelong glance, " I should shoot you for that. "
Willie is deep in thought. ........................
Willie say's to me, " now I got to get someone else to take care of this and that ain't goin' to be easy with the cops involved ".
" NOPE" I reply.
Willie clears the room of his people, they leave muttering, and some are frightened. Willie has a bad reputation. Willie and I have known one another for over fifteen years. Every now and then I do this freak out to put the underlings in their place. Funny how I can go from happy to enraged and back, like turning a switch. Willie say's I'm crazier than he is, that's why he likes me around.
" Willie, I'll take care of this lady for you, but I will not kill her unless I have no other choice."
Willie looks at me. "Alright, see to it, there are some assocciates of mine who are behind this Bobby."
I smile, " So it's Bobby today is it". I'm not sure I really know Willie's real name. He does know mine.
We laugh ..
" When I am ready, I'll give you a call "............ " We can wait three months on this can we not, Willie?"
"I'll check and get back to you on that", Willie say's
........... just then I see a movement. I look around, Willie still has his gun in his hand. We look at one another and smile. " Damn Reflections."
I start to leave, " Willie, would you like to hear a story?"
He looks at me and frowns.
I smile.
"Don't be so gloomy. After all it's not that awful. Like the fella says, in Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love ............... they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock."
Willie laughs.
" What about Fredrick?' .. I ask.
Willie just smiles.
I leave.

Three months to the day !

I own or am in partnership in several numbered companies / corporations. I made my money in construction; got lucky when the boom hit. I met some very fine people who helped me as I grew. I also met some not so fine people. I learned that when required, step up to the plate, as I am doing now for Willie. I have a ' can be counted on reputation' and intend to keep it. My reputation serves me well.
The meeting is scheduled for Five in the evening. The lady I'm meeting is being picked up and driven in style to a very exclusive restaurant. Along with me, in reserve, are my secretary Sally, a representative from the lawyers, and a restaurant filled with associates. A stacked deck, you bet. I play to win.
The lady in question is a manageress of a prominent Hotel an Casino. Her situation has gotten to this point because she refused to play ball. I intend to change her mind.
Willie's associates want two things. They want the security contract for the Hotel and Casino. They want a few of their machines in the Casino to offset expenses. Having security in the Hotel / Casino affords Willies associates the opportunity to eaves drop and spy on prominent people who frequent said establishment, with obvious advantages.
At Four Fifty Five on the day of the meeting the car pulls up in front of the restaurant, I am waiting at the door for my guest. I walk over and open the door for her and she gets out of the car. I introduce myself. Her name is Janet.
" Hello Janet " ...I say.
" Hello Bill" ..she replies. I smile.
I offer my arm, she accepts, we walk into the restaurant together. We are met by the manager. I introduce Janet to the manager, Bill.
" Hello Bill " ...
She looks at me then back to Bill, " Two Bill's." .............
" Why two Bills' Janet?" ............. say's Bill.
Janet looks at me and then Bill, questioningly ... "Bill and Bill" ...
I smile.
Bill looks at me, "You buggar" .................... "Janet, Meet BOB."
She gives me the most beautiful smile. " I owe you."
"Yes you do." .. I reply, and look at her ass. ... then wink.
"I can see a girl better be on her toes around you."
I just tilt my head and smile.
" Oh, you." .... say's Janet .
" Pleased to meet you Janet, I've heard only geat things about your Hotel " say's Bill.
" Why thank you Bill ", say's Janet with a nice smile." I am hoping that my meeting this evening will only improve that reputation "
I take Janet's arm again and lead her to the conference room for dinner. The room is multi-functional. All one needs to conduct business meetings, comfortable, complete with Chesterfield and chairs, private washroom, and even a small bed room. And of course a dinner table with seating for up to twenty.
We enter the room together, and our surprise pays off in dividens. We had arranged for Janets husband and two teenage children to be here for supper. Janet was ecstatic. We exchange pleasantries and are seated for supper. Supper went very well, everyone had a good time.
Supper lasted about two hours, at which time none essential people left and only Janet and myself stayed in the room. Sally had arranged for herself and support people to be in an adjacent room.
Our respective staffs had done their job and Janet and myself agreed on and sign several documents benefiting the Hotel she manages. Several companies are involved. All these companies are legitimate and well known companies.
" These business arrangements are very good for my Hotel " Janet said.
" I can't help but wonder why such good deals ." ......... Janet pauses, looking at me for a response.
" Sally, would you come in please " . I said into the phone system.
Sally enters. It is crunch time for the lovely and talented Janet. I get up, get my own coffee and offer Janet and Sally coffee. I take the coffee' over to a coffee table, with the more comfortable seating.
We all sit, Sally and myself on the Chesterfield, Janet in the comfy chair. The waiter has left. He also works for me. Sally is very good at arranging things.
" It is my intention to make you a number of offers that you will not want to refuse." I said.
" The business we just concluded will benefit your Hotel and your reputation, for this I ask three things.
"First, we have aquired the security company which monitors your Hotel."
Janet's face turns serious.
"By we, I mean myself and some other business partners."
"Two. You have heard of Steinhouse, Crabbs and Wilson ? "
" Yes, they are a well respected management training and consulting firm." Janet replies.
" You will , and are being offered a lecturing post. You will be required to lecture on managerial topics of your own choosing once a month. For this you will receive $100,000.00 per year , paid on a monthly."
Janet's jaw drops ................................ she is stunned.
" You also will recieve five percent ownership in one of my legitimate companies, again of your choosing. " .......... I smile, wondering when the word legitimate will hit.
" How am i doing Sally ?" ,I ask.
" Fine so far." Sally replies.
I look over at Janet ... she is shell shocked. My barrage has had it's desired affect. So much so that she has let her legs open, showing a very attractive pair of legs. I am pleased to see that she has no bruises from Fredrick's rough play. She missed my peek up her skirt. I sit and wait for Janet to come around. She is digesting this avalanche of information.
I get up for mo'e coffee, Sally gets up with me. Sally gets Janet another coffee and brings it to her .. " here ya go honey" Sally say's .. ..... Janet reaches for the coffee at which time Sally takes her hand and say's .... " Come on honey, come over here with me ...... every thing is going to be great, just give it a little time. " ...............
Janet looks at Sally. I feel sorry for her at this time, she is completely overwhelmed. This is a very capable professional women, who has been overloaded with information. How little we understand the human brain I think to myself.. One of God's secrets. However, considering the alternative, she is doing great. And, considering my objective, I am doing great also ............ thus far.
" Legitimate " ............. Janet whispers .. ..... I smile.
" Yes ! ...... I reply.
She looks at me, half questioning, still dazed.
" Let me tell you a story while Sally takes care of you. "
" Takes care of me ? "
" Yes. " I say, with no further explanation.
" First a question Janet, are you Gay ? " ...........
" NO ! NO !............... I am not. "
Now Janet is back with us. She looks at me, searching my face for a clue. I stand and extend a hand toward Janet.
" Stand please."
Janet looks at me, I see fear starting to come across her face. I smile .... Sally gets up and goes to the washroom. Janet stands, getting nervous, Sally returns.
" Janet, you will be alright, that is why Sally and I are here.
" It'll be alright baby, really it will. " Sally say's, putting a reassuring hand on Janets arm.
" How tall are you, Janet?" ..I ask.
" Five Seven , why ". Janet looks puzzzled.
I move to get a footstool and bring it to were Janet is, about four feet from the Chesterfield. Placing it on the floor in front of Janet. She gives me a queer look. I ask her to stand on it, after taking off her shoes. She gives me a queerer look.
" It's a test for the Managerial Company you will be working for, should you accept the position. " .. say I.
" I accept." .... Janet say's. "Boy do I accept."
Janet steps up on the footstool. Her demeanor [ demeanour for you Yank's] changes to one of happiness. I move toward her, I take her hands, she starts and steps upon the foot stool. Janet tries to pull her hands away from mine, I hold on firmly, and smile at her.
" You must think I am a Cheshire Cat, always smiling at you."
She tiits her head, " Thats funny." she say's.
" Now for my story, and Sally's caring." ..
Sally moves up close behind Janet. Sally puts her hands on Janet's waist for support, I hold her hands, I move her hands to my shoulders then my hands to her upper arms. Janet tenses up, she looks at me, her eyes fixed on mine, waiting, wondering.
" Three months ago you were badly beaten."
Janet's knees give way, Sally has hold of her waist, I hold her by the upper arms.She sags, I pull her to my chest. Janet lets out a little whimper. She has not fainted, but close.
Her arms slowly move up around my neck, but very weekly. I can see Janets back in the reflection from the stained glass. Sally turns, picks up the remote, changes the input on the big screen Plasma TV. In doing so she has also turned on six hidden camera's. There are enough lights so Janet doesn't notice the light from the TV changing. The TV is located behind her.
I look at the Plasma and see Janets back. She looks cute standing on the footstool. I commence with my story.
" The man who beat and hurt you is dead Janet, he was killed that very same day for doing what he did." I said. Putting a spin on the truth.
" Did you hear me Janet?" ...........
"Yes, .... Sally is undressing me."
" Listen to what I have to say please." ......... " Sally is examining your injuries." ............ another lie.
"Part of the medical for that managerial position you just accepted."
I look at the TV and see Sally is undoing her zipper and button on her skirt, she slides her skirt down over her hips. She exposes a gorgeous ass, covered with full sized panties. Janet tries to pull free from my grasp. I hold her. Fear creeps across her face.
"This is how we do this Janet, especially with your recent attack."
She stares into my eyes ... she is scared.
" Janet, that man was suppose to kill you." ..... her stuggling stops.
"Why ?" .... she asks, her eyes on mine and very sad looking.
I hold her close, a caring hug. She is so vunerable.
"Your Hotel hosts some prominent functions. These functions are attended by influencial people. The Hotel security system affords an opportunity to gather information from and on these people. "
" The man who paid me a visit late one afternoon ?" Janet blurts out.
" Yes " ... I replied.
" Thought it improper, and invasion of privacy. I have a responsibility to my guests." Janet said.
" These men will not let you stand in their way Janet." ............. I look past Janet, she is deep in thought. I see Sally has her underwear down, and is looking rather than touching. I wonder what she has found. Sally stands. Sally looks at me, if looks could kill.
"Take Janet into the bedroom, I need to show you something." Sally say's.
Sally turns off the TV. This is unusual, I am concerned.
I pick Janet up, she is light ............ I carry her toward the bedroom. She does not protest at all. This surprises me. I feel her shaking, the plan has gone awry. I look at Janet, she looks terrified. I look at Sally.
" I know." say's Sally. Sally has taken Janet' panties and skirt off while I am carrying her to the bedroom. I lay Janet down on the bed. Sally undoes the buttons on Janets blouse. I lift Janet, Sally removes her blouse. I lay Janet back down on the bed. Looking into Janets eyes I can see she has panic'd, her breath is irregular. Sally removes stockings and then her bra, and places them with the rest of Janet's clothes. Janet is quiet. Her shaking has stopped. Her eyes are fixed on the ceiling. She is naked. Sally and I stare at her, then look at each other. Sally's rage is now joined my my own rage. I spin and head out of the room. Closing the door, I look and see Sally holding Janets hand and talking with her.
As I leave the suite I see my security for this suite sitting near.
" Get Kendra, send her to this suite, no one else gets in." ........ " Sally is in there with Janet."
I head for the main dining area. Stop! Look around and fined Gino. I make a bee line toward Gino, Willie is there, he looks and see's me and stands immediately. Gino's men look around and see me, they also rise immediately.
A silence falls over the patrons. Most sit, or turn. A few rise. Firearms are drawn by several.
Gino stands. : " NO GUNS". ...........
All that took five seconds.
I say nothing, lunging at Gino, knowing full well I will never reach him. Bruno has me and so does Ray. The fight is on.
To spare the gory detales, I got in a shot on Bruno, maybe a couple on the other guys. Basically got my ass kicked in less than ten seconds. But I made my point. Gino steps to the front .......holds his hands high .......... Everyone stops ...except for me.
"Bobby, whats the problem. You know you can always talk with Gino." ...
" ehhhhhhhhh!" ........ and holds out his arms to hug. I hug. Not to would be bad.
" Gino, I want to show you something."
Gino looks at me, he knows I am serious. Willie, and the entire room look on.
" Ok, ok'' .......... ''un mio amico'' .. ''Show me what has you so upset."
I lead Gino with Bruno, Ray and Willie to were Janet lies.
As we enter the room Sally rises ............ I hold a hand up giving the Stop Sign.
Sally quickly covers Janets box, leaving the rest of her open to see. The room is silent as the men see Janets injuries. The scaring on her body left by Fredick.Teeth marks on her breasts, abdomin, thighs, ................. Sally consoles Janet, Janet turns onto her stomach showing her shapely ass. On this gorgeous ass were two of the worst bite marks I have ever seen. Fredick nearly bit off chunks of her ass. Sally rolled Janet onto her back and covered her completely, and STOOD. WAR is at hand. Everyone quiets. Sally had that look. Sally is lethal.
Janet laid there with tears streaming down her face.
Gino stepped forward, he lookd at Sally, Sally took one step back, signaling Gino that it was safe to approach Janet. Tension ebbed. Gino went to Janet, took her hand, ... "we will make up for this dear lady, that I promise." .... " May God forgive me for what has happen to you."
Gino stepped back, looked over at me, then turned to leave.
Gino looks at Sally, Sally moves around the bed toward Gino. Bruno, Ray and Willie go toward Gino. Sally slowly walks toward Gino. I move to protect Janet. Gino raises his hands ........ Everyone stops, even Sally, a show of respect. Gino see's this.
"What do you want Sally?" .............
"Janet is under my personel protection, and Bob's protection, I want you and Willie to offer the same."
"Done" .. say's Willie.
Gino loooks at Buno and Ray, they both nod. Gino walks over to Janet, takes her hand, kisses it.
" God is very busy Janet." .................... there is a saying Janet. " Gino say's it in Italian." .........then English: .. "God be with you in all the places you walk alone" ........
" Janet, you will never walk alone again. Do you understand?"
Janet sits up, rises from the bed ........... sheets fall to the floor. She and hugs Gino, naked as the day she was born. .... " Yes Sir"........."My Hotel is your Hotel".
Gino pulls back, kisses Janet on her cheek.
After Gino and Willie have left. ................
I looked over at Kendra. Her eyes red from crying. I looked back a Sally, ... " you alright boss, you look a bit battered." ...Sally say's to me. .... " better than if I had tangled with you" .............. [chuckle. ] ...........
I looked at Janet and began to speak when Sally interupted, " She knows.''

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