Name changed, the girl is real
A dark, rainy night, stopping in to pickup a coffee at a famous fast food establishment using the drive through. I'm sitting in my truck waiting for my coffee when Sonia, a dark haired teenage girl, comes to the window ..... She calls me by name. ..
" ..... can i catch a ride home with you, i am not dressed for this weather " ..
" Alright ......... i'll pick you up at the front door as soon as i get my coffee " ... i reply.
No sooner said than she is at the passenger side door trying to get in, with my coffee ... I open the door, after moving some papers from the passenger seat. The energetic little buggar jumps in and fastens her seat belt.
"Hi sweatie .......... she say's. Hands me the coffee.
"Tomorrows my birthday" .... Sonia starts off the conversation with.
"How old are you Sonia?" .....
"I will be sixteen, legal for everything." ..... She say's .
Truely, I had no reply.
I drive her home, about ten minutes. Sonia is a very attractive young women. Rambunctiously energetic would describe her. She has jet black her, pretty face, perfect teeth, very appealing. Slender of build, or so I would think, having only seen her in her unifrom. Her brown skin from the Summer Sun. ...... And open minded it seems.

Several weeks later. ...............

Late at night cruising in my truck. I love to go for a drive in the rain late at night when most everyone else is at home. While turning onto 16 Street I see a car stop in the turning lane across from me, heading in the opposite direction. A girl gets out, almost thown out it seems, and a pair of shoes sail out the door and land on the street. I slow to watch, getting too about a half block away when I see the car leave and the girl standing there, all alone in the dark. I make a "U" turn and head for her. I pull up near her and lower the passenger side window. .........." ... are you alright", I say. .... No reply.
" Lady, ...... do you need a ride." .......... That was dumb, i thought.
Still no reply. She seemed lost in thought. She is young, pretty with long dark hair. I look in the mirror, no traffic yet. One more try. I put the truck in park, leaning heavily toward the passenger side window, " I`m leaving now, are you going to be alright."
She looks up. " Is that you Sonia." ... I say.
She comes to the passenger side window and looks in ........ "Hi". Sonia say's. ... she turns, picks up her shoes and gets in the truck. She seems very un-Sonia like.
I look at Sonia ...... "Home" .. i ask.
.... No response.
" Sonia, should I take you home.?' ....... Sonia buckles up. I put the truck in "D" and start in the direction of her home, as i remember it. Seems like the nights events went bad, .............. No Doubt. Don't Speak. Give Sonia a chance to talk.
" Stop here please" . Sonia says. I pull over to the curb and put the truck in park. We are about two blocks from her home. The truck is partially obscured from the side by some trees. Sonia starts to talk about her life, basically boy's wanting to have her and she wants time, but they are in a hurray. I really didn't know what to say, or how to say it. I would love to fuck her myself, she is delicious. This is the first time i have seen her with out her uniform. Sonia has great legs, which i noticed when she got in the truck.
It seems that she was a date to a wedding. Her date wanted a blowjob before her took her home, that is where i came in. Dumb ass, I thought. A girl like Sonia you take your time with, the wait is worth while.
She is wearing a nice dress, light blue, knee length I think ...she is sitting in my truck, hard to judge the length of her dress. Sonia has on a light jacket or suite coat. Because of her 'coat', i could not tell how big her breasts were. It was her legs that had me thinking like a perv. .......... OH, she is sweeet ...
" ................ Yes", I answer, as i come out of my fanciful thinking.
"Could i kiss you," she asks ............... I know my jaw dropped because Sonia smiled at me. She unfastened her seat belt, leaned toward me and gave me a little 'peck' on the lips. I was too stunned to do much. I just sat there like a lump on a log. Sonia moved again and kissed me. This time I kissed her back. She smiled, .. " How was it", Sonia asked.
"Just fine", I replied. ......... " Just fine", she said, and looked down. Obviously my answer was not the right one.
I turn off the ignition. " Sonia, I'm going to kiss you know !" ....... She perks up, how teenage, "Yes, ....... yes please," ..she answers excitedly. Sonia came toward me across the middle front seat, with it's folding back down. I put my hand too her shoulder, she sat back, puzzled. I put the seat back up so she would be able to sit near me, or so i thought.
My truck is a "Crew" cab, the front has a middle seat. I adjust the drivers seat, moving it back and reclining it somewhat. These trucks have lots of room in the cab.
Sonia scurries over to me, gives me another quick kiss, spins around, snuggles up to me, her head on my chest, hands and arms folded together as she curled up against me. Her back to the steering wheel. Sonia is a bit damp from the few minutes in this light rain.
Sonia moves to adjust herself, getting more comfy against my chest and curling her legs up. I put my left arm under her, supporting her, with my left hand near the small of her back. I hug Sonia. My right hand moves to her chin, gently touching her face, she looks up with two beautiful dark eye's. With two fingers and my thumb I craddle her chin, and kiss the lovely Sonia........ WHAT a sweat kiss. So gentle, so new, WOW! ......... I close my eyes to savor the moment. Pressing my lips to hers, the warmth and softness of her mouth. I pull back, look at her beautiful face, then kiss her again, she would follow in a few seconds, kissing me back.
I stopped kissing her and squeezed her tight. Sonia curls closer and nestles into my arms and body. I new she needed attention, but how much and what kind was another question. I want to be careful, I am much older than she.
" Cold "? . I asked..
" Just a litttle". Sonia replies. ......... I move my right hand down her back, past her waist, brushing over her hip and bum, just grazing her, smoothing her dress over her legs, all the while seeming casual, so as not to be misconstrued. I reached behind me, getting the jacket which I kept hanging on the back of the drivers seat. I put the jacket over Sonia covering her legs and hips. Sonia is covered from her feet to just up past her waist. With her legs covered i could start to concentrate.
" ............. do i kiss ....... like a women."? Sonia asks.
" YES! ................ why do you ask?"
" Brad, that guy i was with, said i kissed like a little girl and had better learn how to kiss."
" Sonia, I don't kiss little girls like i just kissed you. I liked, no loved your kiss." ........... " You have such a sweet mouth." ....... " I would like to kiss you more ......" I said.
"Ok ! ". She answered, with a little wiggle. Teenage girls can be fun and giddy at the same time.
Well I am just the right guy to take advantage of a sixteen year old girl, whose self-esteem is damaged. ... I felt like a preditor who just caught a young Lamb and was about to devour her.
I put my right hand below her bum on the back of her thighs, and with the left hand and arm supporting Sonia' upper body I move her upwards so I can have better access to her mouth. I started to kiss Sonia gently, softly, on her lips, then her nose, her eyes, her cheeks, back to her mouth. Darting my tongue out in little sneak attacks. I am totally in love with this sweet young women. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Ya ! ............. It is hard to control myself when holding on to a women so delicious. My lust level was going through the roof.
Kissing her mouth, I slipped the tip of my tongue out, licking the inside of her bottom lip. It tickled her and she jumped, this brought a smile and a " That Tickles " ...followed by a little giggle. I lifted Sonia, leaned her back so I could kiss her neck. She let her head roll back so I had better access to her neck. It is really something to kiss a young women, all that young skin and so eager.
I kissed, nibbled, licked with the tip of my tongue. I glide my open mouth over her neck, lower jaw, and mouth. Sonia's breathing was picking up, her kisses were more passionate.
Suddenly she gets up on her knees.... Sonia removes her jacket letting it fall behind her were it lies on my legs and the stearing wheel. Then she kicks off my jacket, moving her legs above the jacket on the seat when she comes back to my arms.
Sonia presses her mouth to mine, kisses me and sucks on my lips, then sucks on my tongue when I put my tongue into her mouth. She sucks hard on my tongue, so hard it hurts a little. She is moving quite a bit now. She has pushed me to an angle up against the door. Her dress is up, showing those gorgeous legs of hers. I look at her legs in the street lighting as we kiss. Sonia notices me looking at her legs.
"Yes!" ........... is all she said between kisses and panting.
I move my right hand to her thigh, down to her knee, in behind her knee, such soft skin. Caressing. ... Touching. ... I am ecstatic. .....I move her hem up. I moan. My God she is beautiful.
Sonia looks at my face and smiles, she has stopped kissing. She rests her head on my chest, her hand grabs my shirt. She pushes her face into my chest and takes a little bite through my shirt. She moans and hugs me. Her breathing is not as heavy as it was. Sonia moves. Sonia is on her back now, ........... bringing her knees up. Sonia opens her legs, looks at me again. I look at her tanned legs, OMG. I look at Sonia's face and smile. I lift her off my lap, and move myself down the seat, laying prone with my head over her hips.
I put my hand between her legs, no slow approach, just place my hand on her crotch. Her lips are swollen, her clit is swollen. I am swollen, she can feel me poking her, she presses herself against my cock and smiles at me. I turn and put my other hand and arm under Sonia around the small of her back, dragging her hips toward the passenger seat. Burying my face in her stoamch, smelling her, moving my face down her belly, nuzzling her, sniffing at her, gnawing at her tummy though her dress. Her stomach is hard, what a fit young women. I reach down with my free hand and lift her dress up. Gorgeous legs, white panties ........... my face finds her crotch. Damn she is sexy. If this moment never ended I would swear I was in heaven.
Her legs are bent up and out because of the seats and door. Her crotch is wide open, white panties and all. I push my face in to her soft femininity. Sniffing. Nuzzling. Squeezing her with my mouth. Kissing, licking her legs, her panties, mouthing her clit and lips, feigning bites.
I move my hand back and forth on her crotch. Touching her lips and clit. Feeling her. Her lips push outward, they are firm to the touch. I rub her gently at first. I continue I press harder on her, I feel her react. Sonia moans ....her breathing is heavy again. Her hips move. She moans ................. and the thrusts grow ........ she groans. I keep up with her movements .... Sonia is coming. I move my hand up her tummy and down inside her panties. ................ right to her pussy. I squeeze her. She has very little hair. I rub her. Sonia is moving frantically now. She is quiet in her passion .......soft moans.
Moving her panties aside to see her pussy in the street lighting. She has no tan line ...Sonia is a lady with brown skin. My, my ......... lucky me ........ my first time..
Pushing a finger in ... Sonia is tight on my finger. She is coming now, holding her, fingering her. Keeping my hand pressed tight against her lips. Pressing my mouth against her inner thigh, taking little bites at her inner legs.
My hand is like a bronco buster riding a wild horse ... Sonia' hips are rocking and I keep my hand firmly pressed against her ...rubbing her, with a finger in her hole. She seems to be slow in coming.
Sonia moves her head away from me and undoes my zipper, she pulls me out, benting a stiff prick in doing so ... She puts me into her mouth and moves her mouth all the way up my shaft .. I feel her throat ........ she gags abit ... drives me as deep as she can .....gags again ... then pulls back and sucks, an licks, sucks, and licks.
What a sweet wet mouth. I am going to cum, she bites me .......... She sucks me, licks me, and bites me. Her newness is exhilaratling. .......
" Sonia "............. " Damn you feel good."
......... Sonia starts to move again. She is getting closer to her cllimax. As she moves I take a second finger and push it into her tight hole ... she flinches a bit, but does not complain. I push both fingers in as far as I can .. finger fucking her using her own motion, as my arm is pinned. I feel her bite my prick ..not hard ............ she likes too bite.
Tonguing her clit, two fingers in her hole.
I felt Sonia undo my pants, she does not pull them down, she slips her free hand into my pants from behind ......... she touches me, then moves her hand to my balls. She starts to feel up my sac.
Seems like there are no bounds with this young women. I take my free hand and move it into her panties from behind, slidding her panties down. I put two fingers into my mouth to wet them. Sonia has her leg over the passenger seat, I can see her in the street lights. Absolutely gorgeous crotch, soft skin, tight pussy, smooth to the touch, sweet smell ........... literally a Goddess.
Taking a wet finger, i spread the two fingers in her vagina a little and press one from my other hand into her, pushing all three as deep as i can. Sonia flinches a little, then moans. I have a little freedom to move now so I finger fuck her.......Sonia is sucking me hard now.
Pushing my cock toward her mouth. Getting between her legs, my face in close. I put my mouth on her clit, giving it alittle bite. I feel Sonia take my prick into her mouth and start sucking again. With two fingers I push them into her pussy again. I suck her clit hard.
I press my cock into her mouth, touching her throat ..she gags a bit. I start fucking her mouth. She is sucking and trying to keep up ... fucking her mouth, forcing my cock deep into her mouth, gagging her .... her passion is increasing. I let Sonia worry about breathing. I bury my face in her crotch. I pull my fingers from her vagina. Baring my teeth, I gnaw her the soft opening. She loves it.
Sonia is building toward her finish. Her arms are around my hips as she holds me tight. My teeth are at her opening, I am careful not to hurt her soft womenhood. I push one, then two fingers in her pussy. I finger fuck her hard .... Sonia flinches, but I do not stop, Sonia keeps going ................ she starts to cum ............ I force a third finger into her .......... it slows her for a few seconds ..then her orgasm starts ...She rocks. She ...... cums hard. Her motion forces my third finger from her vagina. I bury the other two fingers deep.
I listen to Sonia, as she finishes I push my cock deep into her mouth ...... I feel her gag ..she tries to swallow, the swallowing action feels so good on my cock ...I hold it deep for a few seconds, pull back so she can get some air ............ and push deep again. I hug her tightly. I bury my face in her crotch ........ and push my six inch cock in as deep as it will go ..... she is gagging and trying to swallow .......
I cum in her mouth ........the position is difficult, my orgasm is brief.
Proping myself up on one elbow. Looking back at her as she lies there, she looks so pleased with herself.
" How was it ?" .......... I ask, smiling at the lame question.
" Fine". ..........Sonia answers.
" FINE" ............... I answer her back.
" Ya, fine" ... .. She smiles. And gives me a Devilish grin.
I reach for the release for the passenger seat, move in back, then recline the passenger seat. This gives my upper body more room. Holding her with my arm wrapped around her, and up on my right elbow , I pull Sonia' hips more fully onto the passenger seat. Her knees are still bent with her legs open. I see her look at me out of the side of my eye. I take Sonia's panties off. Sonia is one sassy little girl. These athletic teenage girls are something. Lord she is built. Beautiful legs and a great ass and pussy.
I dive face first between those legs, engulfing her sweet pussy, licking at her clit, nuzzling her pretty box, tonguing her hole, sucking her lips .........devouring her crotch. Sonia' hips buck. Relentlessly eating, sparing no part of her crotch. Bitting her inner thighs. .......... stopping to sniff her. ....... then diving in again ......... her pussy is near perfect to my tastes.
Holding her with both arms wrapped around her, my head between her legs, she thrashes about ..legs closing to squeeze my head, then apart ... no rhythm, just lust ... ....Sonia cums hard.
I keep licking her, gnashing my teeth against her vaginal opening. Sniffing her like a dog, growling. ............ She giggles. Putting her clit in my mouth, sucking ......... licking it, I open my mouth and gnaw at her clitoris with my lips, I gnaw her mould, her inner thigh ....... my assault continues ...and then ................... Sonia comes.
Sonia is still sucking on my cock. I do not stop eating her out. She is too sweet to let alone. I could eat Sonia for hours. Sonia has one of those pussy's you want to eat until she's raw.
I press my cock into her mouth, she gags, I pull back, Sonia continues sucking. I move to lick her clit, glancing back . I move my thigh just above her head, pinning her head between me, the seat and the stearing wheel with her Jacket cushioning her head.. I let her suck me as my play unfolds.
Pulling my head back I take another look at her ...Damn she is sexy. I move my fingers near her anus. She is sucking on me, I fuck her mouth ....forcing my cock deep ..she gags .. I pull back .....and push in again ...she gags ...
I feel my urge to cum building ... fucking her mouth harder and harder, my face in her crotch......... I push both fingers into her ass .. not hard or rough, but firmly .. she bucks .. I hear a moan, her mouth is open ..... I drive my cock as deep as it will go ... my fingers up her ass as far as they will go .. and I gnaw on her pussy ...... she gags, she swallows, .... I do not pull back ... but hold in deep ..... in a few seconds I will come ..she is choking. Damn it feels good .....
Sonia thrashes about frantically trying to breath ........ I am in her throat. I cum and cum and cum ....... On my last squirt I pull out quickly ............ Sonia sits up hurridly, coughing, spitting and gasping for air.
Pulling my fingers from her ass, I sit and hold her. She coughs, and coughs ... her face seems red in this light. I grab the jacket and place it on her lap and lift part of it under her chin ...... she is a mess. Sonia rests her head against my chest ..still coughing .. only slightly now.
" Fine " .. I said.
She looks at me, half smiling, with a comical look to her, and punches my chest, and coughs again. I hug Sonia for some time ...give her the bottle of water....she sips ..... Sonia' fine.
" I am a mess, your in my hair, on my dress, my face ......... and my bum hurts." ...... she punches me again.
I smile at her ............ "YUP!" .. "Your one hell of a hot women." ...
Sonia looks at me eyes sparkling.


2009-07-12 00:27:28
That was amazing.Just passion and laughs. what more could you ask for?

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2009-07-11 19:44:23
fantastic my freind..... just fantastic

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