As with all Reflection stories, there are elements of truth to it.
Sheila and Rob are coming to see me in an hour. They are in town and are coming to the office to thank me for all their good fortune these past weeks. Their On-Line business is booming they tell me. I am very happy for them. They are good people. Of course I have my usual alternative reasons for my looking foreward to seeing Sheila. She has a great ass, ...... that woman. I left a messsage for Sally to see if she is interested in seeing Rob. Rob is very infatuated with Sally.
Sitting back in my chair, letting my mind wonder back to our first diner after we met. Reflecting.
Diner went very well, plenty to talk about .............................
Sally and myself, Rob and Sheila walk up the sidewalk toward Rob and Sheila' house. We enter their home. They live in an upscale neighborhood. Rob shows us around the house while Sheila heads off to the bathroom. Their home was very nicely decorated. Rob and Sheila have just signed contracts with us which would help their business. We conducted on-line interviews with many couples who wanted to improve their companies profits. Rob and Sheila run a wholesale company selling Industrial protective wear, which fit in with my main buisness construction. Not to mention several other less notable enterprizes which could use their products.
. Rob had shown us the main floor when Sheila returned with more drinks. Rob was a quiet drunk. Sheila was happy. I was hot for Sheila's gorgeous ass.
About one half hour into this portion of the night. Sally left to get the documents that we signed and left with the lawyer. Sally and myself were sheduled to leave on a flight early in the morning and we wanted to have everything finalized before we left. Sally said she would be back in an hour. Sally and myself had originally taken a suite in a near by Hotel but Sheila and Rob would have none of it, so we were staying with them for the night. We had made arrangements for a five AM pickup to get us to the airport on time.
Rob and Sheila were over joyed with the new business arrangements we had given them, so the booze was flowing and the mood was festive. We talked about business and how it would really help bolster their company. We ran out of beer so Sheila switched over to wine. Rob was well on his way as he had highballs all night.
Sally was cool as usual. Sally rarely drank, and never to excess.
As for myself, happy, and lusting over Sheila' ass.
Rob was weaving around pretty good.
"Rob, buddy, why don't you sit in the chair over there." . I said
"Suure." ... a bit slurred, but understandable.
Rob made his way to a chair in the corner, nearly fifeteen feet from Sheila. I moved in on Sheila, took her face in my hands and kissed her. She was drunk so I caught her by surprize. Sheila did not react .... having been taken off guard.
"Sheila, you have very soft lips, I wanted to kiss you all night."
Sheila looked toward Rob and then back to me. I looked over at Rob, he was looking at us with an leer on his face. All be it a drunken leer.
Sheila was flustered. Sheila looked again toward her husband but he was ignoring her. I approached her again, once more I took her lovely round face and kissed her. She sort of resisted but was confused by Rob' actions, my agressiveness, and the signing of lucrative business deals earlier. Not to mention the booze.
"I don't think we should do this." ..Sheila said ... In her best defence against the man who was going to make her rich.
She was alone in her home with a man who had just made her day, and a husband who was not protectiing her.
She say's, looking at Rob ............. "He is just drunk."
"Yup! "....... I said
I held out my hand to Sheila, ... " Come". ........
I moved toward Sheila again, she backed off quickly.
"No need too be nervous Sheila". ... I said.
She turned and realized he husband was playing with himself. She lost her composure.
"ROB! ROB! .... ......... SWEETIE!" ... She blurted out.
Sheila did not know which way to turn. Her husband sat in the chair and looked up at her with glassy eye's. He bowed his head down. The lust in his eyes was unmistakable.
I caught her by her waist. Sheila froze momentarily. I pulled her to me, put one hand behind her head, brought her close to me, with the other hand pulled the blouse out from the back of her skirt. She looked scared, and pleading at the same time. Her head tipped to one side with that look on her face. I nearly stopped, but the thought of her pussy washed that thought away. Sheila stepped quickly to right and then back to her left trying to get away from me. She nearly fell over the coffee table in their living room. I grabbed her waist to prevent her from falling.
" Now be careful, I don't want you getting hurt." ..
She gave a awkward smile, " No ............... thank you."... hoping to placate the bastard putting the heat on her.
I slowed my approach. .............. I noticed her face relax a little.
The door opened and in walked Sally. She put the folders down, walked right past me and Sheila to Rob. I looked over at Rob and he was in his own world masterbating. Sally slapped his hand away from his cock. Sally looked at me and said: " Give me a hand, we will put him to bed."
"Sheila, where is his bed." ..Sally said.
Relieved at Sally's arrival Sheila led us up the stairs. A beautifully carpeted staircase with a Oak railing. I looked at Sheila as we went up stairs.
Sheila was thirty seven, had two sons. Married Rob out of High School. Sheila is a hard worker. Sheila is a good Catholic. She has not been a regular attendee at Church for some years now, since getting invovled in On-line sales with her company. Sheila is big boned. Her legs are long and heavy, shapely though, her skin is soft looking. Her hips are wide, her waist filled in a little, Sheila has curves, very nice curves. She has large breasts. Her bum is big, as only would suit her. She works out three times a week.
Sheila is fit, tall and attractive. A big plus in todays work world.
Rob is a good husband to Sheila, He also works hard. Rob has and achilles heal. He has had two affairs which his lovely wife does not know about. AND, he wants to see her fucked by someone else. How do I know all this. WE do our research.
Sally and I lifted Rob to his bed. Sally grabbed some pillows from Sheila's side of the bed and propped Rob up. This bed was huge. It looked like two adjacent Queens.
"Come on Sheila, lets us girls have a few, an some laughs." .. Sally said.
" OK!" ........Sheila is happy and gladdly bounces off downstairs with Sally to enjoy her company.
" I think I will turn in." ........ I say .......... to no one.
I look around, find my stuff in one bedroom, Sally's in a second bedroom. Sheila and Rob have shipped their son's off to their friends for the night.
I shower ....... then lie down and rest. Naked. ......... I drop off to sleep ...
Awakening to laughter, Sheila and Sally are coming toward the bedrooms. I hear Sheila say she has to pee. I turn the table lamp on and wait. Sally peers around the corner.
"You up?" ..............
"Yes" ......... I reply. I get up and put on a house coat.
Sheila comes down the hall heads into her bedroom. I get up and follow her into her room. Two table lamps are on, illuminating the room. They have a large bedroom with an en suite. There's only the two lamps turned on in the bedroom, leaving areas of darkness. Rob is lying in the bed asleep. Sheila pulls her blouse out from her skirt, her back toward me. She is quite drunk. She stands for a minute looking at her husband and say's something which I couldn't hear.
" Hello Sheila." I say
Sheila turns, and nearly falls. I catch her.
"How are you doing?" ...she asks me, seemingly unaware of my intent.
" I am fine, and you Sheila?" ..
"DRUNK!"... she say's ... with only a little slurring.
"I see that.'' ........ and move toward her.
I take her hand, bring it to my mouth and kiss her hand. Sheila looks at me through her drunken haze. I look at her hand, ......... " You have lovely hands Sheila."
"Thank you." as she smiles.
"And such a beautiful smile." ........
"Thank you again."
I pull Sheila to me and kiss her mouth. She looks at me and steps back. I cup her lovely face and kiss her again, holding her face. At this point I push both hands up the back of her blouse to her bra. Stoppping there with one hand and continuing up to the nape of her neck with the other hand and kissing her again. She tries moving her mouth out of the way but I hold her head firmly from the nape of her neck. Locking onto her lips and kissing her passionately. My need of her was apparent now. I pressed my hard against her stomach. Sheila puts her hands on my shoulders and pushes against me. I hold firm and kiss her.
Her mouth is soft with nice thick lips. She smells nice, even with all the booze she drank she does not stink of alcohol. I moan as I kiss her, she is sweet and .. mmmmmm tasty. I slip my tougue out and lick her lips. Kissing her face, her eyes, nuzzling her neck and ears ..nibbling on her neck..
She has her hands on my chest now and is trying to break free. Her resistance is not one hundred percent though. Kissing her neck, I sniff her shoulder and hair.
" MMMMMM" .............. "Sheila you smell and taste so very delicious." ........
I sniiff at her neck, throat, gnaw at her collar bone.
" NO! ........................... NO! .... please no."
I continue sniffing at her, gnaw at her, gently bite her neck. Fuck she feels so good to be near.
" Uhng" ......... as she pushes against me.
I keep up my assault. I am horny as hell, I have already leaked onto her skirt.
My hand on her nape gives me control. I kiss her hard. I love those lips.
I move my other hand around her body under her bra onto her left breast. Squezzling her tit hard, kneading her, fingering her nipple. Cupping her breast with my entire hand, squeezing tightly. Massaging her tit. Pushing and squeezing her. I move my hand to the other breast, lifting her bra up and freeing both breasts as I cross over. I lift her blouse high and pull us close, my robe has long since come open. I can feel her bare breasts agaisnt my chest.
"Sheila!" ........ " Wow honey." ............. "Damn you are one hot women."
"Stop, Stop, Please". Sheila say's in a low voice.
Her condition and the struggling is tiring her.
"OOOOOH!" .............. Sheila say's.
I feel her sag
"Ohhh! ... Please don't?'' ......... Sheila say's, in a low voice now.
I move my hand from behind her neck to her lower back to support her should she weaken. The second hand goes to her bum, pressing her to me and I rub my hard against her lower tummy. I know I am leaking onto her skirt. I like the thought, messing up her clothing, dirtying her. Her tummy feels soft and yet not flabby. I'm humping her belly. Slowly, digging in, pressing, sliding up and down, goring her with my cock, fucking her, but yet not. Sheila is so well kept a woman it behoves me to mess her up.
"Oh God No.'' ........... "Uh!" ...........
I put a second hand on that ass, growling into her shoulder.
Sheila lifts her arms around my neck, and hangs on. Continuing to massage her stomach with my cock. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
I feel a little movement from Sheila, then she stops. I run my hand down her ass, feeling her cheeks. She is something, big, fit. I lower myself and rub my cock on her mound. Sheila resists a little, very little. I feel her move again.
Back up her stomach, then down to her mound. I do this again and again, pushing my finger into the crack of her bum. Running my finger up and down her crack, sliding deeper into her crack. I will not find her anus. She has lots of bum.
I spin around in a dance step holding Sheila, moving her closer to the bed. I look at her face, eyes closed, mouth wet, hair messed, breasts firmly held against me. I have placed my thigh between her legs in this manoeuvre. Slidding my thigh against her mound and clitoris. Sheila moans softlly, and moves her crotch a little. I slide up and down, like a dog humping. Keeping my thigh between her legs. Pressing my cock against her. Sheila is starting to respond.
Once more I spin with the dance step. We are at the bed now. Sally has snuck into the room and sits in a chair in the dark. Sally is dressed in black. Rob has awoken and is quietly playing with himself. Sheila is getting turned on. I kiss her, she kisses me back ............
"Ohh!" ... Sheila moans.
I keep humping her like a dog. I notice her starting to hump back. Small movements, little pushes, tiny grinding moves. I push my hands up her blouse ........ lifting it and her arms over her head. She helps with discarding he top. Sheila puts her arms around me again with a little hug this time. I kiss that mouth of hers. Sheila kisses back, with some passion. Sheila and I kiss. I tongue her mouth. She does not do like wise.
I feel her nipples in my chest, I look, her nipples are erect. Taking her breast in my mouth, sucking her big nipple, gnawing on her breast, suck, lick and nibble and twist her nipple with my lips.
"Oh such tits, what gorgeous nipples." ............ I tell her.
Sheila's head tilts back a little. Her breathing is getting heavy. I work those nipples one after the other. Her nipples stick out over an inch. Her hips are rocking. I take one nipple into my mouth, suck in as much as my mouth can hold. I bite down slowly, gently, flicking her nipple with my tongue.
"Uhng, ... Uhng ......, Oh .. Ohhhh!." ............. sounds from Sheila. Her tits are magnificent.
I move downward, nuzzling her stomach, gnawing at her through her skirt, chewing her skirt, biting her tummy thought her skirt, sniffing at her .............. her hands stay on my head. I get to her mound, sniff, nuzzle, gnaw through her skirt and panties on her. I feel her bush. She smells so sweet. God, what a find.
I slide my hands under her skirt and pull her panties down her legs. Sheila steps out of her panties. I pick them up, stand up and smell her panties in front of her. Sheila blushes, ........
"You smell so good Sheila." ..
Sheila blushes more. Even pissed as she is, she is still a lady.
"Hot damn." ... I say to myself.
I kiss that lovely mouth of hers, then her neck again, down to her tits ...sucking, licking, gnawing, nuzzling, kissing her body. I stand and lay her back on her bed, holding her. Sheila lies back with my help, she pulls herself backwad onto the bed. She lies there with her legs dangling over the side of the bed. I pick up her skirt and see her pussy for the first time.
A brown bush, not trimmed, not huge, just right. I lean forward and part her lips ... placing my tongue near her hole, I lick, I slide my tongue about, reaching her clit. Sheila jumps. I lick her for a short while, then move away .... her clit sticks out like her nipples. I purse my lips ....... and gently suck on her. Pull back and flick her with my tongue, then massage her clit with my lips, and suck on her again. Sheila holds my head to her, her hips rock, thrust, push up, and Sheila cums, quietly.
I stand back and look at her. Sheila' skirt both beneath her and up over her stomach. Her skirt and slip as such liken to a flower, petals open. Legs open, but not wide, knees raised, her breasts large, nipples still very erect.
Sheila is a big women, her skin is near perfect. Dispite her size her shape is very sexy. Her legs are big, not fat, nor muscular. With her legs somewhat open her crotch looks fantastic. Her mound of brown hair cascades slightly into her crotch. She has very little hair between her legs.
Moving back in to eat her. Sheila opens herself up to me and her crotch is a wonder. Wide and soft to look at. Her skin is so white between her legs. Her size gives her such beauty. So much women . Putting my hands under her thighs, lifting her thighs over my arms, and sliding up until my face is right in the middle of her crotch. She is spread enough so my face does not touch either thigh. I smell her and lick her slit. Little nips of her inner thighs as I turn my head to first one side then the other. Bringing my lower arms up and around her hips, bending my wrists to get my fiingers near her, spreading her lips.
" Sheila honey, you are fuckiing gorgeous. You have one of the nicest cunts I have ever seen."
Sheila has hold of my head, she gives me a little slap, she say's: " Don't say that."
How about' "Pretty Pussy." ............ and smile at her.
Sheila blushes, but I'm not slapped.
Back at her, I lick her slit, spread lips revealing beautiful pink colors. A tiny hole for such a women. mmmmmmM! I can smell her and she smells wonderful.
Tongue-ing her hole, licking her clit, sucking her lips, her clit, sniffing at her like an animal. Nuzzling, gawning, nipping, biting gently, burying my nose in her. Over and over and over again I do this. I have found a sweet wonderous woman, and I am going to ravish this body of hers.
Sheila's hips push up, gentle trusts, slow, strong ................ what a cunt. Sheila gasps, her moaning is barely audible. Her chest heaves. She holds my head firmly. I lick the opening to her vagina. Tongue fucking Sheila.
Sheila press's me hard into her crotch..........she cums a second time, quietly. So much women. What an unbelievalbe rush. I continue to sniff around her hole .... lick her, tongue her opening.............. moving up, nuzzle her clilt.
Slowly, licking, kissing, I nibble and gnaw my way up her frame ..her tits are fantastic ...her nipples have gone down .....Sheila is falling asleep. Kissing her neck, I lower myself to enter her. My pinus touches her crotch ........... Sheila wakens.
" NO ! ,YOU CAN'T ! ... I'm not protected." ..
I push at her. "No, don't ruin it." ....... she say's.
"Sheila ......could you roll over so I can cum on your ass."
" OK." ..... Sheila turns over, with me helping to keep her skirt untangled. Finally I unbutton her skirt and pull her skirt and slip completely off. I get a pillow during this repositioning and placed it under her hips. Sheila is naked now lying length wise on her bed. She has placed her face looking toward the edge of the bed. Her bum elevated, her legs slightly open. I marvel at her body. What an ass.
The lamp beside the bed is on, a light also shines near the en suite. I see Sally. Sally could put a cat to shame. Damn she is guileful. Sally has managed to place two pillows between Sheila and Rob without either Sheila or myself noticing. In doing this she has shielded herself and Rob from Sheila's view as long as Sheila is lying down. Sheila seems to have forgotten about her husband. Or doesn't care.
I take a few seconds to glance over at Rob, peering into a darkened part of the room. Rob is lying there masterbating. Sally pushes his hand away ...sush's him ........... she turns from me and him to take off her panties. Sally turns her panties inside out, folds her panties in such away the the crotch part is outwards ................ she then pushes her panties into Rob's mouth. The man went to heaven. He did not make a sound, Sally has her Eastern way's. He started to cum. Sally quickly engulfs Robs dick and swallows all Rob can deliver. Rob hardly even moved ...just blew his load into Sally's mouth.
I turn my attention back to Sheila. I start to caress Sheila's back and kiss her shoulders as I work my way down. I take my time with this beautiful lady. When I get to her ass I kiss her cheeks, slide my tongue along her crack ............I spread her legs more. Sheila seems quiet, pehaps she has fallen asleep. I continue ....see how much I can achieve before she wakens.
I see Rob and Sally looking, they both give me the thumbs up.
Kissing Shelia' ass ............. with her legs spread wider, I have a little more of Sheila to lick. I move her cheeks apart some and continue licking and tasting her ass. God this women is clean. She smells like fowers all over. She must us a body lotion when she showers or baths.
I kiss her cheeks, go lower and see her pussy from the rear. I sniff her crotch again, lick her pussy from behind. She is so wide. I sniff her, push my face into her crotch. I take my hands and spread her cheeks until I can see her anus. Wow, more perfection. Sheila opens her legs more for me. Awake. ........... I stick out my tongue and touch her anus with it. Sheila flinchs. I go in for seconds ... she pulls away but does not close her legs. In for thirds then. She lets out alittle noise
" that feels different, but it also feels good." ....................
I continue eating her out, licking her ass and pussy from the rear. I spread her ass more but I am having trouble getting comfortable licking her anus. Sheila rises, takes one of the pillows between her and Rob, puts in under her hips, looks back at Rob getting sucked, and lies down again, spreading her legs wide this time. Now i can see her anus. Sheila faces away from Rob towards the edge of the bed.
"Sheila honey, I want you this way?" ................
"Ok, but be careful, I have never had anyone in my bum, I don't want to be ruined for life.
............. " Giggle" ......
" Don't worry, I have just become your newest best friend." .. I respond. Sheila smiles at me without moving her head.
" Liar" ............
"Thank you Sheila." ............ I say to her.
She smiles and closes her eye's .............. I look over a Rob, he is out. Sally is reseated in the chair. I smile at Sally, and beckon her over with a finger. Sally looks at me ...... I mouth the word. " VIrgin "
Sally is at my side in a flash. Sally loves womens virgin anus's.
Sheila is quiet again, legs spread wide, bum elevated with pillows. I move aside to watch. Sally moves in behind Sheila ..... and starts licking. Sally is thorough. Licking Sheila's virgin ass, touching with her finger, spreading the little hole for pentration ........... smelling her, pushing her nose into Sheila's crotch ...devouring this lovely lady.
Sally brings her vibrator out .....she presses the vibrator to Sheila' crotch. Sheila jumps....... she is awake.
"What is that?" ...........Sheila ask's.
"That is Sally's vibrater." .I reply
" No, No ... I'm not gay." Sheila say's as she trys getting up.
Sally touches her somewhere and Sheila gasps. I move to her, " It's alright honey, you'll love this, Sally has magic."
Sheila say's nothing, she is awash with feelings from Sally' touching. I hold her head gently and kiss her face. Sheila settles back down on the bed amid passionate loving. I kiss Sheila, on her neck, her back, the small of her back, looking toward her bum, Sheila's bottom rises up. I kiss her and taste her skin, circling over her lower back, taking little kisses and licks as I move toward her bum. Kissing, licking, drawing circles with my lips, breathing on Sheila' skin. Moving up her lower back toward her crack, licking the top of her crack, inhaling her smell.
Seeing Sally's face buried in Sheila's ass.
Sally moves down to Sheila' pussy, licking, kissing, nibbling, fingering and using her vibrator on Sheila. I follow. Licking, kissing, tasting Sheila on my way to the top of her bum. Circling the sensitive start to her crack. Gliding over her with mouth open, breathing gently upon her, tongue darting out stabbing her skin with lustful licks. Moving down Sheila' crack to her anus, slowly, teasing, nuzzling, she is wet from Sally. Coming at Sheila's bum sideways to avoid Sally' head. Spreading her cheeks wide ...licking her anus, pushing my tongue in, circling with my tongue. Tongue fucking Sheila' ass.
All the while my partner in this lustful assault on a lady vibrates Sheila. In tandem our mouths, fingers, tongues and the vibrator touch and massage every sensitive part of Sheila' bottom. Sheila's size affords us this tandem effort.
Sheila' head rises with a load moan, her back arches. Sheila' moan turns to a mild roar, her voice hoarse, her gasps grow in volume as she cum's ... she bucks, she strains her muscles. Sheila squirts into Sally's face, splashing me, her bed. Her bum constricts, the vibrator hums along. Sheila' oragasm lasts, and lasts. She thrusts and writhes. Sheila's body goes rigid, then flexes, then goes rigid again. Her body spasms, Sheila collapses on her bed.
"Oh My God " .......... Sheila murmurs.
I look at Sally, we smile, we kiss, her wet lips with mine. Our faces, our hair wet from Sheila. I glance over at Rob. Rob is awake, tears in his eyes .......... he gives a week smile and a nod.
Approval from hubby, '' ya gotta love it ''... I think to myself
Sally kisses Sheila's ass and gives her a little pat on her bum.
I look at Sheila's face, her eyes are closed. A heavenly calm has desended over her world.
I will wait for another day to bum fuck this lovely lady.

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