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characters from Brit Teen soap act out convict orgy. Mail me if you'd like pics of each babe. Finc
The straddling man nodded excitedly his hand on his cock his balls slapping on Steph’s screaming face. He was getting harder every second his length unfurling to attention. He could see how much fun his longhaired biker friend was having. That man was licking Becca’s neck, tongue in her ear whispering,” not long now, shit your gonna get a fucking bucket full of spunk inside you any second!”

The other man didn’t care what Becca was “gonna get up her.” Now with his cock poker stiff he stood pulling Steph’s long blonde mane, making her get to her feet. Her fabulous hot legs bent in at the knees as she tried to cover her nakedness. With the musky licked slit now gone Becca gasped and clawed the ground her insides feeling the increased hammering as the bug man could now get to work on her curves with vengeance, while watching his friend finally fuck the other.

The horrified Steph was pushed a few feet toward the wreckage, her head shaking, the man’s cock waving at her like a prison guard’s baton. He spun her around her hands falling onto the bonnet of the steaming prison wagon as he mounted her from behind.

From across the way Mandy saw the girl look to the heavens in desperation her long nails hands clawing the metal radiator grill as the angry stiff rod thrust up her licked wet slit. His entry was fierce lifting her onto tiptoes her mouth open in a fly catching yawn. He gripped her waist his pelvis a blur of power as he thrust up and down like he was pneumatic powered, and her look of horrid penetration was match by a wolf long howl of dismay from her sweet mouth.

As if in celebration poor Louise’s game had come to a climax both men erupting over her tits the girl looking down in disgust as her beautiful buns spattered with sticky thick spray the men mouthing obscenities as their cocks slapped her fantastic breasts and elegant snooty physique. She was disgusted, wriggling in dismay and refusal.

She was still shaking her head looking down over dripping tits when an old fat con waddled up to her. He had stripped completed naked except his boots, his hair white and bedraggled like some evil grizzly Adams. He had a rope in one hand and with the other gently helped her stand; leading her hand in hand towards a twisted branched tree.

“P…. Please,” she stammered unsure what he intended.

She was looking around desperate for help but followed him passively, still holding his hand as if taking an evening stroll in the park.

But Mandy couldn’t worry about her friends anymore. She had pressing problems of her own. On her back the nasty cons hand deep up inside her Mandy's tried to get herself free. But it was useless. The man’s hand was twisting, his cock banging with fury up her rear. His wrist was pulling out long enough to stretch her lips to their limit before punishing back in, his cock also seemed intent on rubbing so fast it would ignite her ass tube.

“Stop fighting bitch,” he snarled as the blonde stunners wriggled and bucked like she was live with electricity

“Stoppppppppp!” She gasped through gritted teeth before giving a deep belly grunt at one deep fingered twist inside her.

She was desperate to be free of the insane gyancological examination. “Get out of meeee!” She screamed.

Suddenly her wrist was gripped another mans hips straddling her neck his hand on the back of her head his cock pushing to her mouth. Then inside, then deeper, Mandy's eyes cross as he seemed intent on burrowing to her tummy.

“Get chewing on this sweetie.” He laughed, “Santiago’s doing just fine inside you.”

He done it so fast that she was unable to argue and blushed at her own compliance.
She was slurping and gagging his big bulk jerking forward his sweaty ball sack slapping her chin both hands now on her head pulling tight allowing her hands to grip his ass, her claws biting deep .But this only seemed to excite him more, all the while her body still buggered and fisted.

Santiago, his hand and cock hot with teen flesh grunted in humiliating fun; “yes it so naughty honey bet your ma and pa will be soo proud.”

The man pumping her hot lips agreed adding. ”It’s alright if you need to feint-we’ll just carry on without you.”

As she struggled with her new mouth master Mandy’s eyes turned to the left away from the crash. There were shouting and laughter as six or seven more men surrounded the final two girls. The McQueen sisters were both in states of half nakedness their cute thin faces in differing expressions or effort and horror.

Carmel gritted her teeth nodding in desperation her hand wanking one then another fat cock and hairy sack. The men were closing around the other sister Mercedes. Her arms were tied behind her back. She was knelt her face already spattered with come the men eager for one babe to jerk them over the face of the other. The gang howled with amusement.

“Now me bitch come on make me spurt all over your sis!”

Back in the bus Carmel just wanted them all to be friends while Mercedes the fiery one was always ready cause trouble. Carmel didn’t want trouble; life was too short. Now she had bags of it. Her sisters grunts of disgust were filling her ears as another mans cock erupted in her hand spattering her sister’s neck and tits with a blanket of white slime.

Mercedes hands fell to the floor her head down gasping as the men released her binds.
Four more men had new plans pushing both girls so they knelt stripped naked on hands and knees face to face, Carmel’s big tits were hanging down like huge udders, Mercedes firm domes dripping come.

Carmel’s mouth opened in a horrified gasp as a con entered her from behind pulling her hot rear onto his cock. Another rammed up Mercedes the beautiful babe cursing the prisoner as he too gripped hot hips his pelvis pushing so deep she half spat half gasped into her sister’s face. But Carmel could not pull back; many angry hands gripping both her and her sister’s heads making them kiss on the lips. Both were being rear fucked while pushing their mouths into a long saliva dripping embrace

The men were cheering; delighted with the forced sister action.

“That’s it girls, lez out while we pound away!”

The man fucking Mandy’s face looked back over his shoulder. He had so much to look at. Apart from the sisters lesbian spit roast there was fucking and coming everywhere

That long legged bitch had finished getting her pussy licked and now she hammered on the tilted bonnet of the college bus as she was rear fucked. The con was like a big grimy ape behind the nubile sweat glistening body of the ultra thin long legged pinned babe. He was cumming deep inside her; Steph’s head thrown back feeling him flushing her tube full of sticky goo.

“Oh yes fucking tidal wave man, “he roared above her revolted moan, “fucking Niagara falls!”

On the floor beside her Becca’s tits bounced like beach balls hair whipping like a fillies tail. The man had spun her around pumping her while she lay on her back, legs up around his fat hairy ass. As the biker bug man came he twisted her tits like big dials the blondes back arching his cock springing free of her pussy the come flying everywhere hitting her tummy and thighs like he was withdrawing an erupting champagne bottle. Becca’s hands instinctively rose to shield her and were covered in streams of come. She gave a disgust groan lashes flaring as she looked wide eyed at her hands long strands between her open fingers. It looked like she was playing cats cradle with semen.

The fucking con was delighted with his efforts.

“Oh yess! Good girl, good girl, now lets see long legs over there lick your hands clean!”

The bonnets fuck Steph was dragged down by her hair towards the spattered hands. Steph was shaking her head, mouth open in protest. Becca’s wrists were gripped her fingers splayed in disgust the come dripping from her nail tips. Two slimy digits went into Steph’s gasping mouth .Becca was also shaking her head in disgust as sexy lips began stripping the come from her fingers.

“Every finger honey!” the men ordered as more long digits were pushed in

Steph was gagging; her eyes showing how she felt as her tongue savoured the awful junk.

Mandy heard her mouth fucker groan. “Oh shit uggggghhhh I’m cumming!!!!

The man in Mandy’s mouth had seen enough his balls tightening his hand gripping her head holding her onto his erupting cock. He looked down at his beautiful babe, feeling himself release inside her soft mouth.

“Ohhhh it’s like fucking pissing white!” He gasped amazed by his own performance.

Mandy’s mouth foamed like a rabid animal her luscious lips a pink oval around white bubbling goo blanket. Suddenly she coughed, the white filth collapsing inwards, her throat gulping for air sucking down his load.

And as she choked on the cum her body suddenly twisted and contorted, her eyes on storks and with a audible pop her pussy spat out the other mans wrist and fingers. Almost at the same time she felt the rushing bowel inducing movement as his cock pulled from her sore ass tunnel.


She fell onto her back hands to her mouth coughing spunk, her anal attacker staggering to his feet his hand gripping his cock rampant. He had enough of this bitch, time to enjoy another.

To his right nearby the sisters Carmel and Mercedes were side by side on all fours like obedient watch dogs a con a piece gripping their tight waists fucking them from behind. Carmel’s massive tits were swinging back and forth to the fucking rhythm; her sister whipping her long brunette hair like some wild witch. As they gasped and cussed Mandy’s near orgasmic attacker the man named Santiago stood in front of them legs apart jacking his cock over their faces.

“Yes, yes, arggggggggggg fucking take it bitches!”

He came over Mercedes, his cock spraying her dark freckled face with thick explosive spurts of white. She screamed in disgust between grunts unlike her sister who could only just gag. Carmel’s lips were now swallowing Santiago’s’ wet fingers as he forced his pussy fisting hand into her mouth. The big titted cow’s mouth was spread amazingly wide like a clowns smile as all four fingers that had recently been up inside Mandy were swallowed to the knuckles.

Mandy staggered to her feet. She was free now the men nearby cheering on the sister gang bang. The doggie fucking men began grunting in unison as they exploded up the sisters. Both babes made gasping groans, Carmel’s more of a full mouth mumble as their pussies filled in synchronised spurts.

Mandy pulled further away. Her mouth was awash with filthy spunk, her ass and pussy sore. She could see on the other side of the crash the tree line where Louise has been pulled towards.

The gorgeous brunette was on tip toes in fact virtually swinging as her rope coiled tits suspended her from a branch. The old con like some white haired Uncle Jesse character was gripping her lovely waist as his pushed his cock up her ass at a steady energetic pace. Every so often he stroked her hair lovingly as if they were sweethearts. Louise was open mouthed in a long wail feeling her tits bulge blue with restriction her arms tied behind her back. She was nodding as he asked if she liked it, her mind saying anything, doing anything to get it over with.

Back over Mandy’s shoulder another two men had taken position and were hammering Carmel and her sister to accompanying cheers. The girls had stopped resisting now and were making small grunts of sensation as they dutifully serviced the remaining crowd.

Mandy ran towards the steep hill side, she needed to get to the road. One con pushed past her and she froze in horror but he was heading back towards the wrecked school bus. There Becca’s and Steph’s forced games had become boring and the men had moved on to new ideas.

Mandy bit her hand to stop herself screaming as she saw a tool box broken open, eager metal pliers been gripped on Becca’s big nipples; Steph bent double on her back, legs either side of her head. Her pussy and ass were been probed by metal devices as cons griped her ankles tightly.

Now over at the tree the Uncle Jesse was gripping both of Louise’s bulging coiled tits as he fired off inside her. She was shaking her head and begging for release.

“No please no more, let me down I can’t take any longer.”

She had become more animated aware a queue of horny stiff cocked cons was beginning to form behind her suspended body.

“Oh God,” Mandy gasped gripping the steaming front of the prison wagon helping it pull her up towards the road above. “I’ve got to get out of here!”

Suddenly she screamed a big black bicep around her neck. From the driver door a huge blood spatter man fell on her, pinning her to the hillside. His powerful hand pressed down on her back Mandy biting the ground.

Bison was confused. How long had he been out? What the hell was going on?

He raised his head surveying the clearing below. It took him only moments to realise everything had gone to rat shit. “Just left for fucking dead,” he grunted annoyed but accepting there was no honour among convicts. He then looked down at his wriggling prey.

“And where do you think you’re going,” he asked with a grin at his pinned blonde.

Suddenly he looked up like he was sniffing the air, so did Mandy. There were faint sounds of sirens. She gasps a “thank God” as the sound waxed and waned, the vehicles still some distant off, but definitely heading this way.

“Now you’ve fucking had it!” she spat seeing his face grimace realising the game was up. He paused for a moment then looked down with a grin.

“A good five to six minutes away,” he said spinning her around pulling her up to him her tits thrusting forward his big arms and wide hips easily opening her thighs. “Five minutes you won’t forget in a hurry!”

The sirens never seemed to get closer. Was it five minutes or ten, Mandy couldn’t tell? It was difficult to control rational thought or keep her senses in line. The jack hammer effect of the big man up inside her made her teeth chatter her vision blur and the noise around her feint against his grunting and her pussy squelching. He was like a machine; a steam train; a flash flood or some other unstoppable force.

She sensed voices, shouting then gun shots but everything was on top of her head thrashing, pussy pounding private world. She was grunting like a demented animal as voice shouted arms around the neck of her big black monster. His strength was incredible a blow to his face with shotgun butt not slowing him. She was at the edge of passing out. But she could also feel herself on fire, pussy in spasm her clit electric.

She was cumming! Cumming while he looked down on her beautiful embarrassed face. Cumming while all around wrestled to pull the man from her. Her deep belly groans and fixed stare obvious to all around how her body was responding.

His cock began to spit her muscles gripping his black length as he hosed his cum deep up inside her. There was a second then third spurt as many more arms now pulled his face from her. His torso reared back and away his cock slipping from her sore stuffed shaft come flying in long ticker tape strands across her tummy and tits. Until in a heap of state troopers her assailant was finally stopped.

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