Many men have written to me, asking me to write one of my extreme sadism stories, with the victim ultimately being killed. I must say that I really would not feel comfortable taking my stories to that extreme conclusion. Not to mention the fact that in all of my other stories I've used myself as the main character.
I have, on occasion, written some things purely to satisfy the requests of men, and so, in this following story, I have written something along the snuff lines as some little concession to those who wanted me to include the death of a slut.

I hope that you enjoy this one even though it is rather short and frivolous.

The famous detective Whorebanger leaned back at his office desk and grunted in satisfaction.
Crouching beneath the aforesaid desk, his secretary sucked deeply on her boss's hard cock.

Suddenly the phone began to warble. "Ar fuck it!" Whorebanger exclaimed.
Kicking his secretary's massive breasts, he grumbled, "better answer that Miss Jones."

Miss Jones, loath to leave off sucking the lovely cock, which had just started to dribble trickles of cum into her mouth, needed several more kicks to motivate her to crawl out from under the desk.

Taking a deep breath and putting on her best office voice, the secretary eventually answered the phone: "good morning, detective Whorebanger's office. May I help you."
"Fuck Susie!" the voice on the phone angrily exclaimed. "you took your fucking time. Have you got another fucking gang bang going on there?"

"No we haven't," Miss Jones replied in a haughty voice, "I was just sucking Charlie off if you must know."

Handing the phone to detective Whorebanger, the secretary whispered that it was the Superintendent, and that he sounded a bit grouchy.

"Yes Sir," Whorebanger said, speaking into the phone and sounding remarkably composed given that his secretary was once more in the act of lowering her mouth over his cock.
"Yes ........ get onto it right away sir."

Pushing his secretary out of the way, Whorebanger stood up. "Sorry Susie, work before pleasure. I've got a case to attend to.
Miss Jones grumbled, but then brightened up when she had the idea of going down to the cells and fucking with the warder.

At the crime scene, which was at the local park, just across the road from the police station, detective Whorebanger parked his car and stepped out with a look of importance.
"Morning sergeant," he said, "what have we here?"

"Particularly nasty case sir," the sergeant replied deferentially. "Young lady been fucked to death sir. Cunt's a fucking mess and her jaw's been dislocated and her mouth's full of cum."
"Nothing unusual about that sergeant," Whorebanger replied disdainfully.
"Ah, but sir, this one looks like she's been fucked by a fucking tree trunk or something very like it sir," the sergeant replied in order to justify himself.

The famous detective stepped over to where the body lay. He surveyed the scene with interest while all of his minions stood by with bated breath.
"We've had the forensic boys over already sir," the sergeant made so bold as to say. "Couldn't find out anything. Complete mystery sir. Don't know cause of death. Don't know who she is or where she lives. The only clue sir, is that she must be an actress sir - given that she's dressed in a penguin costume sir," the sergeant continued babbling.

Whorebanger walked around and around the corpse. There was something that he just couldn't quite put his finger on. (It wasn't her pussy or breasts because during his examination of the body, he had a good play around with all of those.)
Finally, his masterful brain began to get an inkling of something unusual about this supposed actress dressed as a penguin - it was the large string of rosary beads hanging from her waist, along with the large crucifix suspended around her neck. It just didn't quite look right for a penguin.

"I've got it!" the detective finally exclaimed. "She's not dressed as a penguin! She's a nun!"
The number of murder squad detectives, along with a large audience of the sightseeing public that had gathered, all gasped at the workings of a brilliant mind. A loud round of applause broke out, and Whorebanger puffed out his chest and strutted about giving orders for the body to be transported to the morgue for further examination.

At the morgue, the body had been stripped naked and laid out on a slab. One of the pathologists had his hard cock out and was up on top of the corpse and was vigorously fucking its mouth.
The door suddenly opened and the head pathologist entered. "For fuck sake Smith!" he exclaimed, "can't you fucking wait until we examine the fucking body. I don't mind you guys fucking the corpses after we've examined them, but show a fucking bit of respect for the dead."

Climbing down from off the corpse, Smith muttered something about them being too stiff and cold later on, however he put his cock away and zippered up the front of his pants.

The examination soon followed and it was determined that the young lady had indeed been fucked to death; probably by some massive object some two to three feet long, and incredibly, five inches in diameter. Her intestinal organs had been mangled, along with several vital organs including her heart. The mutilation of that latter organ being the probable cause of death.
Further examination of the body revealed that some two gallons of sperm filled the body cavity.

In the meantime, detective Whorebanger, super efficient and led on by his superior intellect, had hit on the notion that the nun would probably have been known to the Catholic bishop and priesthood.

Interviewing the bishop first, the victim's identity was soon discovered.
"Sister Wetpus," the bishop had exclaimed in horror as he was shown photos of the head and pussy of the dead nun. "A dirty fucking whore, but a tireless worker for the Church," the bishop mourned.
It was then explained to the detective that Sister Wetpus had been instrumental in working with the priests in setting up the boys club which had become so popular as to have a membership of over two hundred boys.
"It was the fucking, that's proven so popular with the boys," the bishop went on to enlighten the detective. "Sister Wetpus made herself available night and day for the boys to fuck."

"And was it only the boys who fucked her?" the detective asked, hoping to narrow the range of suspects down to just the two hundred.
"Oh no!" the bishop replied. She also worked with the homeless and destitute of the parish. She gave great comfort to many homeless men to know that they could always get a good fuck whenever they needed one."

"Hmmmph," the detective grunted, annoyed that his range of suspects had just blown out by another hundred or so. "And is that all that fucked the nun? he asked.
"Well more or less," the bishop replied after some thought. "She was such a horny fucking bitch that you never really knew who might be fucking the dirty slut ..... oh and course," the bishop suddenly thought to add, there was myself and all of the priests too."

Whorebanger continued taking down details in his notebook.
"I never really fucked Sister Wetpus all that much myself," the bishop half mused to himself. "You always had to queue up for ages, and then she was always so fucking sloppy with all of the cum in her cunt. I prefer to fuck my housekeeper anyway."

Whorebanger, determining that he had sufficient information to go on with, made shift to leave.
"Would you like a drink before you go," the bishop asked, then added to his question, "whisky, gin, vodka?"
"Don't mind if I do," the detective said, settling back into his chair as the bishop called out to his housekeeper.

Moments later the housekeeper appeared, she was perhaps just nineteen or twenty years old; gorgeous body that was shown off to full advantage by the tight, clinging, and very short dress that she wore.
"Oh! I almost forgot! the bishop said, suddenly remembering, "Little Miss Hot Cunt here - that's just my affectionate name I give to my housekeeper," the bishop explained, "Little Miss Hot Cunt sometimes liked to fuck Sister Wetpus up her ass with a strap on dildo, but then I don't suppose that really counts as much in the way of evidence does it.

Detective Whorebanger spent some considerable time with the bishop, finishing off a bottle of vodka between them, and together fucking the young housekeeper in between drinks. "Well, I can't stay here all day enjoying myself," the detective finally said in a slurred voice as he staggered to his feet, "must go and find the sadistic fucking ass-hole who murdered your Sister Cum-Cunt."
"Wetpus," the bishop corrected him.
"Oh yes, wet pussy not cum cunt," the detective laughed drunkenly as he unsteadily made his way out of the bishop's office.

In the ensuing weeks, the long arm of the law reached out to every male occupant of the city. Every female police officer was assigned to the task of sucking off every male over the age of eighteen. Their task - to find the man who could deliver two gallons of sperm in a single climax.

Tirelessly the policewomen worked, sucking off cock after cock in their endeavours to find the murderer.
The search was proving fruitless. Almost the entire male population had been sucked off without finding the perpetrator of the horrible crime.
As a last resort, all of the drunks and homeless men were rounded up off the streets, and it was during this last great piece of detective work on the part of the policewomen of the precinct, that they found a likely suspect.

The policewomen had been amazed when they'd seen the monstrous size of this man's penis - at least two feet long and crucial to the information that would be needed to develop the prosecution case - the diameter of this man's massive cock matched exactly the size estimated in the forensic report at right on five inches.

The arrest was made immediately, and the felon was confined to the cells.

As the case neared trial, the media began to give nationwide coverage of the bizarre case.
Soon the entire country became polarised in their opinions, with almost the entire female population being in favour of the defendant's innocence, while males were unanimously condemning him.

Women's groups across the nation were formed and huge amounts of money were collected and donated to the defendant until it was soon being rumoured that he was now worth several millions of dollars.
As well, the best legal brains in the community were commissioned for the defence.

The defence team had very cleverly manipulated proceedings so that the trial would be held before a female judge.
The public gallery, on the first day of the trial, was packed, with many others milling about outside and being kept up to date with proceedings by people inside the courtroom secretly using their mobile phones.
The opening session of the trial was taken up by some procedural matters and selection of the jury. Finally these matters were concluded and it was seen that the jury consisted entirely of women.
Then the actual trial proceeded, and the defendant was told to strip naked in order to display the main item of evidence, namely his massive cock.
During this part of the proceedings, a number of women in the public gallery, had fainting fits and had to be assisted from the courtroom.

The judge seemed to take particular notice of the evidence presented, and ordered a tape measure to be brought in order that she may personally take some measurements.
"Most impressive," the judge was heard to mutter, but then assumed a look of astonished amazement when told that the penis was at that time, only half hard, and that it would, upon being excited, increase to a size some fifty percent larger.
Given this latter information, the judge ordered the defendant to be taken to her private chambers so that she could confirm the veracity of this latter statement.

After a very lengthy recess, the court was reconvened and it was noted that her honour the judge, was very flushed in the face and was now limping painfully.

It was now the jury member's turn to show inordinate interest in the defendant's cock. They all variously felt, caressed, lifted, tasted and became familiar with the nature of the weapon used in the assault on the deceased nun.

The second day of the trial was taken up by much legal argument, however both the jury and the judge herself took up much time in further examination of the cock to make sure that the argument being presented, did in fact match the evidence.

Finally, on the third day, all legal argument had been presented, and the jury retired. They had only been closeted for some ten minutes when the judge received application from the jury, that they be given access to the evidence to enable their independent testing.
The judge acquiesced to this request, and the defendant, along with a mattress, a number of cushions, and jars of lubricating cream, were sent in to the jury room.
Twice in the course of the next four hours, a doctor had to be called to treat a number of the jurors for torn vaginas as well as, in two cases, broken bones.

Eventually the judge was notified that the jury had reached a decision, and so she reconvened the court.
The jury re-entered the courtroom and a gasp went up from the public gallery when they saw the twelve women hobbling and limping into the jurybox, with several on crutches and one woman restricted to a wheelchair.

In giving the jury's report, the forelady stated that it was their unanimous decision that due to the extreme size of the defendant's penis, along with the sexual enthusiasm with which the defendant fucked, it was of their opinion that the deceased nun's death was no more than an unfortunate accident.

The judge, in summing up, concurred entirely with the verdict of the jury, and furthermore stated that it was quite likely that the defendant may in fact kill other women in the course of his normal sexual activities, and should therefore be given a special authority to fuck any woman to death, when-ever, and where-ever that may occur.

The defendant, now being a wealthy man by dint of the large sums of money raised for his use, bought a lavish mansion on the outskirts of the city, and in the grounds, established a cemetery for the sole purpose of interring those women that he frequently, from that time onwards, fucked to death.


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Love the concept but the silly names took away all erotic effect for me

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Wonderful story. I spent 6 years at a Catholic boarding school. Kind of like a jail run by priests. But I would always have appreciated having a cock like that!


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Great story...loved it

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LOL. Pretty creative Yvonne you can't be accused of writing redundant stories. I'm amused by your diversity. I know he doesn't read your stories, but he's a pretty lucky guy. He has you. And, you are pretty amusing. OHYESSSSSS

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