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This is the story of Nickki and Grace and their many adventures. As with any story if you want to understand why some things happen then you need to know the background.
Chapter 1: Daddy tells us about your first girl friend.

It was a glorious Saturday afternoon Paul was swaying slowly back and forth in the hammock that his two daughters and his wife bought him for father’s day. With an ice-cold beer in one hand his eyes closed and earphones listening to the baseball game Paul was a happy man. Soon that was interrupted by his two daughters Grace who was 15 and Nikki who just turned13. The girls looked so cute in their summer dresses and flip-flops. They jumped up on the hammock landing on Paul wanting his undivided attention as they stole his beer and his headphones and asked, “Daddy can you tell us about your first girlfriend – Pleeeeaaassse?”

“Oh come on guys you heard it so many times before it doesn’t change. I just want to relax on my day off – have a couple of beers and listen to the game, okay?”

Nikki lifted her dress a little to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any panties which exposed her prepubescent pussy to her father and said, “I know you like playing with this daddy – if you tell us again you can play with it all you want, okay? It always seems to make you nice and relaxed, right?” Nikki is a young girl but even though she just turned 13, it was as if she was 13 going on 25.

Not to be outdone Grace took her fathers hand and then began to gently suck on her father’s middle finger very seductively and slid it down the top of her dress and moved it around her nipple of her left breast. “Yeah daddy, you can play with these too if you want but we want to hear it all, okay?” Then Grace saw her mom come out on the deck. She was naked and she had a towel for sun bathing and she began rubbing oil on her skin. “Hey mom will you tell daddy to tell us about his first girlfriend?”

“Come on Paul you know the girls aren’t going to give up until you tell them, they like hearing your stories.”

“Okay. I was a junior at Bishop Eustace High School. I had lettered in three different sports soccer, swimming and baseball. I was a good athlete but when it came to the ladies daddy wasn’t so good. While most of my teammates had girlfriends most weekend’s daddy went solo. Daddy wanted to have the same things the other guys did –
Girls who wanted to have sex. Daddy was confused and didn’t know what to do so I looked for help from an unlikely source and swallowed my pride and went to pop-pop to ask for some advice.”

Grace smiled at Paul, “I like this part when you talk about pop-pop he’s so strict and you aren’t daddy/”

“Now, to say that daddy and pop-pop have a normal father son relationship isn’t even close to normal. Pop-pop is an ex-Marine and a damn good one at that. Pop-pop was and is to this day a model soldier, who believed in Semper Fidelis always faithful. To pop-pop it was more than just a motto, to become a Marine is a transformation that cannot be undone, and Semper Fi reminds all Marines that: Once made, a Marine will forever live by the ethics and values of the Corps. Pop-pop demanded the pursuit of perfection from me, knowing that perfection is unattainable by anyone but will help that person to achieve greatness. That’s what pop-pop wanted from me greatness.

Daddy was so nervous to talk to pop-pop about how to meet girls and have sex with them
but he was really cool. He listened to me and my little dilemma then he decided for just this one time to let his tough exterior down a little bit and share with me some of his secrets. He told daddy the best place to find horny and sexually frustrated girls was at church, which was the place where he met mom-mom. .

Armed with this new information Pop-pop suggested maybe joining the church’s youth group that should help me find a suitable young lady. Daddy thought about it for minute, the group met on Saturday nights and all the kids would be very close to my age. So, why not at least give it a try? That Saturday night I very nervously climbed the stairs at the church’s school and heard the dull noise of the many kids talking down the hallway. As I entered the classroom daddy took a deep breadth and scanned the room for a little bit then noticed quite a few faces. There were some kids from the neighborhood and some of my buddies that I had played sports with.

Sitting together at one table was Mike Phillips we played on the same traveling baseball team. Mike was the star pitcher for Cherokee High School. Next to him was the famous John Radwell of Shawnee High School, whom was without a doubt the best soccer player in the state. John moved to the next town over about three years earlier and I didn’t see too much of him. Then next to him was Rich Dillulo probably the best quarterback that Holy Cross High School ever had. Daddy walked over to the table and tried to be as cool as he could and said, ‘Hey what’s up guys? Why didn’t you tell me that you guys were coming here? You guys were keeping this a secret trying to keep all these young sexually deprived girls all to yourselves?’ When they started laughing daddy wasn’t so nervous anymore and I knew my friends would help me.

Then Mike turned to daddy and said, “Don’t look now but guess who’s checking you out? That’s Christine Jensen, Brian Jensen’s little sister; boy milk does a body good doesn’t it? You know she is a gymnast, flexible as hell I’ve tried a couple dozen times to get into her leotards but came up short each time. Man she’s only 5’2” and 90lbs but I would love to be fucking her from behind pulling on that long blonde ponytail.”

I said, “That’s Brian’s little sister? Man she definitely filled out in all the right places didn’t she?”

Rich said, “Damn Paul, not bad, not even here five minutes and you got the hottest girl here checking you out. I’ve taken several chances trying to hook up with her but she’s keep turning me down. Good luck dude she just like a big walnut, she’s really hard to crack good luck.”

Nikki said, “All your friends thought she was really good looking daddy? I mean they all thought that mom was the most beautiful girl there?”

“Yeah Nikki they all thought that mommy was the prettiest girl there and they all wanted to have sex with her but she was a good girl – a good girl that is until she met me.”

Now, the girls had cuddled into Paul’s sides Grace on his right guiding her father’s hand over top of her young virgin pussy occasionally slipping a finger above her hymen and into her virgin pussy. Nikki pulled her arms through her dress and now had exposed both of her breasts for Paul and he gently caressed them. Paul knew he was the luckiest guy in the world. A wife who wanted her husband to lead his two young daughters into womanhood instead of a clumsy young teenage boy who wouldn’t know what to do.

Then Paul continued. “Just then Father Jack had come in and told everyone to settle down, as he was ready to get started for the evening. Father Jack spoke for an hour or so and gave a pretty detailed lesson for the night. He talked a about Apostle Peter and Apostle Paul’s different approaches to their faith.

When Father Jack had finished we were allowed to move around and have discussion groups about what we had just learned. Now it was time for daddy to find out if Christine (mommy) was truly interested in me. I meandered over to mommy’s table and sat down next to her. I had all the confidence in the world because I knew that she was checking me out and before I knew it we had a date the next day to go to the movies.”

Grace said, “That’s where mommy let you touch her breasts for the first time right daddy?”

“Yes, daddy wasn’t sure what to do. I had my arm around mommy’s shoulder and she pulled my hand down to her breasts underneath her shirt.”

Grace moved her father’s hand out from her young virgin pussy and pulled his arm around her shoulder and placed his hand on her tiny breast and he began to squeeze very gently and she said, “Mommy did it like this?”

“Yes, just like this.”

Then Nikki moved her hand over her father’s groin area and feeling his hard throbbing penis under his shorts and said, “Then mommy began to rub your manhood like this daddy?”

“Yes Nikki just like you are doing right now. It feels so good please don’t stop it brings back such good memories.”

Nikki smiled and kissed her father on the lips and said, “Don’t get distracted daddy keep telling us the story.”

“Okay, so the youth group had many activities to choose from, me and the three guys tried to attend as many as we could. It gave Mommy and daddy many chances to sneak around the church school and hide places and make out with each other and also to play with each other’s bodies as well, we where fast becoming an inseparable couple. After several months of belonging to the youth group the one activity that the guys and I didn’t participate in was the retreats. You go away for a whole weekend and talk about God we thought how boring that must be.

The month before mommy’s parents made her attend that retreat. When she came back she told me about all the guys and girls that were fucking right under the noses of all the Priests and Nuns that were supposed to be watching them. She told us as long as you were on time for the various activities that they had planned for everyone that basically you could do anything you wanted.”

Grace moved her daddy’s hand down between her legs and Paul started to get excited as he felt the peach fuzz over her young virgin pussy. Now, he had both of his girls with their legs spread apart and each had a their father’s finger inside of them. Then Grace said, “You know much hasn’t changed two girls were caught having sex at last month’s retreat. Becky Ann actually got caught sucking one of the chaperone’s dick’s you know him daddy Gary Spencer he is Jessica’s father.”

“Well, those things are going to happen when you have sexually frustrated girls. That’s why daddy plays with your pussy’s so much. Now, Father Jack and Sister Karen recognizing that the four of us guys became the catalyst for many activities and when we attended them the majority of the other kids would attend those activities. Sister Karen then nicknamed us four guys the Musketeers Athos, Parthos, Aramis and D’Atagnan because we were always together. Mike who was the most outgoing and dated most of the girls was just like Parthos. Rich was the most shy and enjoyed coming to the youth group he was the most like Aramis. John who was the one who was very faithful and backed me up the most was the most diplomatic and his personality was more like of D’Atagnan. While I was considered the leader of the band was more like Athos or you could just say we were like four peas in a pod.

Now mommy’s father pap-pap was worried about the amount of time she was spending with me. He became very worried about mommy giving up her virginity to the guy who was the quote unquote big man on campus. Even though we went to different schools and daddy was always in the newspapers because he was so good in sports. Pap-pap wanted mommy to attend the next retreat to try to keep her spirituality in check. Little did pap-pap know that he was throwing her right into the fire as most of the kids were off in little corners or closets getting their rocks off.

Nikki was still stroking Paul’s groin area, as Paul was finger fucking her tiny little virgin fuck hole. Then Grace unzipped her father’s shorts and pulled out his manhood. Both girls just looked at how hard it was, they were both in awe as to how large and thick it was.

Grace said, “Daddy I know I’ve seen your privates many times but I just can’t believe how big it is. I mean you are so much bigger than Randy’s is. I mean the other night at the movies I pulled it out and stroked it a couple of times and he came so quick in my hand. That is why I like playing with yours so much. I get to play with it so much and it takes so long for you to cum.”

Paul turned his head and looked at Grace and said, “Well, don’t worry Randy is still a growing boy and his penis will more than likely get bigger with age. Also, you shouldn’t be jerking your boyfriend off in the movie theatre. If you want to keep doing that then you should use your mouth and clean it up. It is just the lady-like thing to do okay?”

“Yes daddy, but you know it is so salty not like yours. I will let him finish in my mouth next time.”

Nikki chimed in. “ I wish you would let me taste you daddy. Don’t forget I am 13 now and that is when Grace got to taste you. We can talk about that in a little bit keep telling us about the retreat.”

“Mommy got real excited that she was being forced to go and that this would give her an opportunity to finally get to lose her virginity. Daddy was still undecided about sitting around for a whole weekend just talking about God even if it meant the possibility of getting laid for the first time. Then I thought about not being a virgin and that sealed the deal.

That Friday afternoon came quickly all the parents were proud of their kids who were on their way to learn more about God and how to become a better person. Now, of course, being the musketeers we commandeered the back of one the busses.

Mike (Parthos) asked Tiffany Howard to join him for the weekend and wanting to be part of the in crown she happily said yes. Tiffany didn’t quite make the varsity swim team but she had one of the tightest bodies you ever saw. Rich (Aramis) asked Elaine Werth who actually was even more shy than Rich to be his girl for the weekend. It took a lot for her to say yes but being the President of the Student Body of Seneca High School she had her reputation to worry about. John (D’Atagnan) asked Thaomie or (Tammy) K. to be his date. Tammy was Greek and for some reason we could never say her last name correctly so we just called her K. Now, K. she had the reputation of being like a bicycle, everyone got a chance to rider her. Then there was me (Athos) and of course mommy. We were the couple that everyone was looking to for guidance to see how far things were going to go that weekend.

It didn’t take long for things to get kicked off on the right foot. The girls agreed to wear skirts to give us guy’s easy access to their young virgin pussies. Just like the two of you young ladies right now. Just before we were ready to leave we figured it was going to take about two and half hours by bus to get to the retreat complex. So, we would each get about a half hour a piece in the back seat to do whatever we wanted while the rest would keep watch for the Priests and Nuns.

Grace kept stroking her father’s cock and Nikki leaned over and then kissed her daddy on the lips and said, “I love this part daddy don’t leave anything out. I want to hear every detail okay?”

“All right, Grace slow your hand down a little it feels better when you hand comes to the top of daddy’s dick to let the palm of your hand slide over top of the head. That really turns me on honey.”

“Okay daddy, I’ll do it any way you want.”

“Now not long after the bus rolled out of the parking lot the kissing competition began. Daddy immediately made his move and pulled mommy down in the seat on top of me. My hands were all over her and the other guys watched us.

Nikki said, “ You let the other boys watch as you played with mommy?”

Then Christine got up from her chaise lounge and walked her naked body down to the hammock. She looked at her two beautiful daughters laying next to their father with their legs spread open and Paul had one finger inside each of their virgin pussies. “Okay girls time to get up and let mommy get on the hammock with daddy and we will show you what we did in the backseat of the bus.” Christine helped the girls out and smiled at her husband.

Paul said, “So you think you still got what it takes to get this cock back into your pussy Christine Jensen?”

“Okay young man let’s show the girls exactly how clumsy you really were. Now, girls this is why you should let daddy take your virginity because young boys just don’t know what they’re doing. So, daddy pulled me on top of him and I could immediately feel his big hard cock on my stomach. Now, girls, mommy was real lucky daddies cock was just as big then as it is now. Daddy moved his hands down my back and then caressed my ass and then he realized that I wasn’t wearing any panties.

“I couldn’t believe your mommy every time when we were alone together she would only let me play with her tits but now she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I noticed the other guys were staring at mommy’s bare ass as my hands lifted her skirt above her waist and began finger fucking her tight little pussy hole. Even John who was in the other back seat made sure not to miss gazing at mommy’s beautiful little fuck hole.

Christine climbed on top of Paul and kissed him seductively. Paul’s hands went down on her bare ass. Both of them were now in the memory of what happened so many years ago in the backseat of the school bus.

“Daddies finger felt so good penetrating my pussy. Daddy was so na? he didn’t know that I still had my hymen and looked into my eyes and very softly told me that my pussy was really tight and that he was scared to put his massive cock inside of me. He told me so caringly that he didn’t want to hurt me, it was the nicest thing he had ever said to me.”

As Christine was looking at her two young daughters Paul had not one but two fingers inside his wife’s fuck hole. Both girls began to watch their parents re-enact that afternoon on the bus.

“Daddy became really excited as my guy friends were staring at mommy’s pussy and that I was fingering her. Then mommy didn’t want to be out done so she got down on her knees and let my cock escape from my shorts. She began to stroke my cock slow and hard. Just like she is doing right now. I noticed that the other girls had their mouths open as they stared at my manhood. It didn’t take mommy too long to get me excited and ready to cum.”

“We didn’t want to leave any evidence behind so mommy had no choice and for the first time I let daddy put the head of his cock into my mouth as I stroked him. Daddy was a very bad boy he never let me know that he was going to explode into my mouth. There was so much cum that is oozed out the corners of my mouth.”

Christine didn’t say anything else and began sucking on Paul’s cock. The girls got down on their knees and watched their mother intently sucking on their father’s cock.

Paul said, “The other girls couldn’t believe that mommy let me cum in her mouth. Then very ladylike swallowed every bit of daddy’s white salty cum. Then it was mommy’s turn. Daddy got down on his knees and mommy spread her legs really wide and I began to use my tongue and licked her pussy the best I knew how. Oh, Christine baby you are going to make me cum.”

Christine came off of Paul’s cock and said, “Okay Nikki you are 13 now and you are old enough to taste your father’s cum.” Christine kept stroking her husband’s cock as his 13 year-old put her mouth over the head.

Nikki said, “Come on daddy let me taste you. I’ve waited for this for a whole year now.” Then she put her father’s head into her mouth for the first time in her life and with her warm succulent teen mouth sucking on her father’s cock like a vacuum sweeper was all Paul could handle and then he exploded into her mouth.

“Paul said, “Damn Nikki that was just as good as mommy did it the first time on the bus very good young lady.”

“Thanks daddy it really is salty but I swallowed everything I swear.” Nikki opened her mouth to show her father that there was no sperm left in her mouth.

Grace said, “Daddy I want a turn to.”

Nikki said, “That isn’t the end of the story there is so much more. Come on Daddy tell us the rest of the story.”

Here is the end of Chapter 1.
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