My first sexual escapade... A little bit juiced up of course
The key hole was small, but I could see plenty. She was tenderly undressing herself, first slowly pulling her tank top off then reaching around to unclip her bra, releasing her ample C-size breasts.

They bounced gently and came to a resting position on her bare chest. Throwing the bra and tank top down on the clothes covered floor, she simultaneously bent over and looped her thumbs through the pink, lacey thong that covered her lightly haired mound.

She pushed the panties down her long, smooth legs bending over further. Her dark and silky hair sensuously draped over the now exposed and hard, red-pink nipples. They protruded the covering of hair into the sunlit room.

She was now naked. Beautiful and natural in the sunlight that crept through the half open blinds, she watched her friend with some interest as she also slowly undressed herself.

Her friend was equally as beautiful, but in a different way. She sported a sleek body with barely B-cup breasts. Her features were sharp and unforgiving. Her eyes, blue and cold, returned the interested stare with a playful wink.

She was Alyssa, my sixteen year old cousin, and her friend was Nicole. Alyssa was tall and tan with dark hair and a slender body that she boasted with no hesitation, for she knew just how attractive she was. Nicole was her best friend and rarely left her side. She too was abnormally tall for a young woman, but she instead had a fair complexion with dirty blonde hair that was cropped short, just reaching the top of her neck.

I was fourteen, crouching outside the locked door with mixed sexual arousal and nervousness. We were staying at a vacation house that my grandparents used to own in northern California. Everyone had headed out to town or down to the beach, except for the three of us, in a late June morning.

Everything about Alyssa reeked of sex as she walked over to her friend, just inside the range of the keyhole. Alyssa whispered something in Nicole’s ear that I couldn’t quite make out. They both giggled as teenage girls do, their dainty hands covering slender mouths. Alyssa turned around and looked for something on the floor. Nicole took the opportunity to playfully smack her tight ass, sending ripples through the receiving cheek.

Again they giggled. I continued to stare at the two beautiful women as my throbbing member grew and grew, stretching my pants.

Alyssa found what she was looking for: a bathing suit. Chatting quietly with Nicole, she casually sat down on the bed and put her small foot through one of the holes of the tiny purple bikini. While she sat, she exposed her perfect slit to my vantage point, causing my cock to pulse even harder. Hair only rested on her mound, the rest of her sheath was hairless and smooth. The outside lips were a soft pink. However, that was all that I could see from the small slot I managed.

Nicole also slid on her bikini, but out of my view. Half of her body was covered by the black caverns of the key hole through which I was intently staring. With her bottom on, Nicole stepped into view leaving her small tits exposed and clearly aroused from the playfulness that conspired earlier.

Alyssa turned, her back facing Nicole so that she could help her tie the top that rested on her bare breasts. After both their bathing suits were secure and in place, they turned towards the door!

My heart beating faster than ever, I ran and jumped onto the couch in the living room, fumbling with the remote. I barely got the T.V on when the girls opened the door, laughing with every step.

“Hey Dan! You want to come to the beach with your cousin?”, Alyssa said, exposing her perfect, white teeth with a large grin.

I looked up from the television wild eyed, still imagining her in all her naked glory, standing drenched in sunlight. “Uhhh… You girls go ahead. I’ll catch up.”

“Okay see you down there… “ she paused, her eyes drifting down to my bulging pants. “What have you been watching on the T.V., you naughty boy! Nicole, look at that raging boner!”

“Wow, Dan, you’re big for a kid your age!” replied Nicole.

As they busted out in laughter, my cheeks turned a fiery red as I looked down at the ground.

Noticing that I was intensely embarrassed, Alyssa apologized, “Aww, I’m sorry Dan. Look, it’s completely natural! Besides you should be proud of what you got down there, unlike the boys in my grade. Come on, let’s go to the beach, we’ll wait for you while you change.”

After we got to the beach, the usual vacation day proceeded. We swam and chased waves, and I playfully tackled the girls underwater, trying to feel or see the very assets that I had witnessed earlier that morning.

Afterwards we played cards on the beached and joked as the girls gossiped. Eventually they lost interest and sun tanned on the rocks. Most of the day I spent spying on them and watching their beautiful and wet bodies dry in the summer sun.

At noon, I walked back to the house for some lunch. When I got there, no one was home. I walked past the door I was posted in front of earlier and an idea leapt into my head. Quickly, I glanced back and forth, then darted to the door, slowly turning the knob. Unlocked!

I pushed the door open cautiously then poked my head into the girls room. The floor was a mess of panties and clothes. The lacey thong that Alyssa wore earlier had a wide waist band and small front that dissolved into a small string that fit right up her tight ass. I held the panties up. I was feeling horny and perverted so I brought the thong up to my face and smelled her delicious and sweet odor.

There was a dark spot right where the string met the front, and I felt that it was wet. She was quite obviously hot for her best friend Nicole. I then searched the floor for Nicole’s green cotton panties. Instead of Alyssa’s wide waist band, it was merely a string that held the front section that held her small cameltoe and the back section that cupped against her round ass. Again I smelled them, but this time it was a sweet-tart aroma that entered my nostrils. Again the bottom section that rubbed against her hole was soaked with bodily fluids.

Realizing that my cock was hard and there was nobody around to stop me from doing something about it, I dropped my pants and stroked my rock hard penis with the help of the two girl’s underwear. I could barely contain myself as I blasted a load right onto Alyssa’s small tank top! On top of the world in orgasmic ecstasy, I ignored the cum stained top and went about my business, closing the door behind me.

After eating lunch, the girls returned and walked in through the back door, chattering and laughing as always.

“Hey Dan!” Alyssa waved. In a poorly veiled attempt to manipulate me, she walked over and slowly bent down allowing her large breasts in my view as she asked “Will you be a sweet heart and make us something for lunch while Nicole and I shower?”

My eyes concentrated on the boobs that hung inches from my face I said, “I'll think about it, okay?”

Alyssa jumped up and brightly replied, “Okay!” as the two went off to wash the salt water from their sexual bodies.

I waited at the table until I heard the shower start and then went back into spy mode. The bathroom they were using was in their room so I crept back and peered through the key hole. I figured I would catch one of them changing while the other was in the shower, but no one was in the room. I stood and shot a glance from side to side then rashly decided to quietly open the door to their room. As I did so, I remembered the cum-covered tank top! It was too late to do anything about it now, so I shoved it under the bed.

As I crept closer to the bathroom door, the shower became louder and dominated any other sounds, leaving me defenseless. I crouched down to the door hoping to see maybe a leg or a tit around the shower curtain. Instead I saw the two girls standing fully exposed in the shower lathering one another in soap! My hard on instantly came to full staff. Rubbing one another sensuously, they slowly encroached upon the other, first a leg becoming entangled then an arm and soon they were one slender body as they embraced in a deep kiss.

Alyssa’s hand slid off the back of her counterpart and moved slowly in-between Nicole’s long legs. Her moan was barely audible above the shower, but her head dipped back and she bit her lip. Nicole returned the favor and grabbed a handful of Alyssa’s ass and reached her fingers down into the slit.
I could not believe what I was seeing. My own cousin having steamy lesbian sex in front of my own eyes!

I could see Alyssa’s fingers move continuously in and out of Nicole’s wet vagina. Nicole could barely take the pleasure and rested her head on Alyssa’s wet shoulder, but Alyssa continued the pleasuring. Faster and faster she went until finally Nicole screamed as she came in Alyssa’s hand. I could have came right there, but I decided to leave the scene before they got out and inconspicuously, I made them lunch.

Thirty minutes later, the shower stopped and I figured I would mosey on over to watch them dress. In my usual spot, I saw the two ladies dripping wet and naked once again. But then my heart stopped as Alyssa said “Hey do you remember where I put that tank top I was going to wear today?”. It’s okay, I reassured myself, she won’t find it, at least not when it’s wet.

“Check under the bed. My jeans got under there the other day.” Nicole replied.

Oh Fuck.

“Oh here it is… Ew, what is this?... is that… cum?”


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