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A boys wishes just might become true...
This is my first time ever writing a story, so be nice.
This was my fantasy during my freshman year.
(BTW, names are changed)

It's the 4th quarter, 30 seconds left on the clock, no time outs, and we had the ball. We were playing Lynden, our school rivals, the score was 0-0. I, playing center, snapped the ball to the quarterback. He launched the ball to our Runningback, Tanner. Tanner was the sexiest boy in school. He was buff, and he weighed 180 lbs. at 5' 9''. He had the tannest body I had ever seen. I had the lucky honor of being his locker neighbor in the changing room, and he had no tan lines, which means that he tanned in the nude. I always had to turn around when he was changing, because I would always get a raging hard-on with his extremely hot ass facing me. Good thing I was in the corner. Anyway, Tanner gets the ball, and he runs faster than I have ever seen him go before. Too bad he wasn't fast enough. The Lynden Safety tackled him.
"Damnit!!!" everyone seemed to say. This was the most intense game we ever played. 10 seconds left on the clock, double zero's, at the 50 yard line. Oh yeah, and the Washington annual flooding just began. (We were WAY above flood lines, but it was a monsoon!) Time to huddle. We get our play, the coach wants us to pull out all the stops, it's time to show Lynden what Ferndale was made of. We ran the trick play, and Tanner gets the ball!!!! The crowd in the Ferndale section of the sands goes wild!!!! That damn Safety runs up, but he slips in the mud!!!! The Linebackers are running their asses off to catch up!!! Tanner's at the 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! The clock runs dry, but we still get our extra point! Our kicker lines up the ball and.......SCORE!!!! Ferndale wins 7-0!!!! Everyone goes crazy!! We just beat our rivals in the last game in our season!!! Now we have to go and clean off.
Now, I'm not the most physically fit person on the team. I'm 5' 10'' and 220 lbs. I may not be the worst physically fit, but far from the best. I'm 15, with a 6 1/2'' cock (hard) that's 3'' wide. I have bluish-greenish eyes and dirty blonde hair. Tanner, on the other hand, has a nice 7 1/2'' that I catch glimpses of when he's in the showers. I've never actually had the courage to get in the showers in my school, mostly because I was fat, but also because I know that I would get a raging hard-on just by being in there with a bunch of naked hunks. I, covered with mud, tried just to wipe most of it off with my jersey, and leave. But when my mom saw me, she told me that I'm going nowhere until I shower up. So I go back in and I find that Tanner was the only one left becasue he had to get his photo taken, and he had to talk to the newspaper, and talk to the coaches, etc. Anyway, he looked at me and said, "So your mom wont let you go yet Slot?" (My last name)
"Nope," I said, looking away as he took off his jock strap, "she said that I'm too muddy."
"Oh, well that sucks," he says to me, "have you ever taken a shower here at the school?" I tell him no and he says, "Well you can borrow my soap and shampoo." I told him thanks as I tried to conceal my growing member. He notices that I'm starting to blush (my main fault damnit!), and he says, "So how many girls have you banged?" Well I'm taken aback at this, and I tell him, "None, do you think a fat guy like me could get some?" He laughs and says, "I don't know, I'm sure there's plenty of people into that kind of thing!" winking at me very oddly. He heads for the showers and I quickly beat my throbbing cock off, to get it limp again, and then I go around the corner to get in the shower. I keep telling myself, "Don't look down, don't look down...." and Tanner starts to talk to me! "Hey Slot, how many girlfriends have you had?" I told him, "A few." and he says, "Oh, well what porn websites do you go to?" "XNXX" I tell him, and he says, "Oh I love that website! What type of sex are you into?" I lied to him and said, "Lesbian" Tanner looks at me and laughs, "Well I like the Gay stuff."!!!!! I looked at him and said, "Really?" he says, "Yeah, and I guess you could call me a....fanatic. I've never tried anything though, when a bang my girlfriends, I pretend she's a guy, and it makes me hornier." By now, I could see his nicely tanned cock starting to grow, and mine is wakingup again. "Slot," he says, "you're the one I want to start with. I've noticed how you turn from me when I show off my ass, and I want you."
He came closer to me and pulled my mouth to his. My first kiss, and it's with a guy!! All my dreams are realized. Intantly, I go down, and grab his almost 8'' member, and I start to suck on the tip. It wasn't long until he just came all over my face. "Damn Slot!!! You're good!! I have to go now, my family's waiting, catch you later." he said. With all the meaning in the world.

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2016-04-08 02:08:18
I felt like the last bit was very rushed and short. I don't know if it was meant to be like that, but maybe adding a little more at the end would be better.

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2010-11-05 10:35:55
being faat just ruins the story!

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2010-07-22 12:45:09
good story but y does he have 2 b fat dat just ruins the visual pic 4 me


2009-08-09 04:35:25
sorry guys, number 2 is on the way, and it's better.


2009-07-25 10:14:47
Bistander called it. Spacing would make this much easier to read. For a first attempt, I thought it was good. Reread what you've written and see what you can add to make the characters more real. Deion is essential.

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