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Three couples have fun together
I arrived home from a business trip late on Tuesday night. Sally, my wife, had left my bedside light on but she was already in bed, asleep. I stripped off, I always sleep naked, and crawled into bed, glad to be home. I reached across to Sally's side of the bed to give her a little squeeze, and discovered that her shoulders were bare. Now that is unusual because Sally normally wears pyjamas in bed. I explored further down her body and established that she was fully naked. (I assumed that she was not wearing shoes or socks.)

Just then Sally moaned and pulled my hand to one of her breasts. I squeezed her nipple and massaged her breast and Sally moaned some more. Then, apparently awake now, she threw one leg over my body and pulled herself on top of me. The next thing that I knew was that my cock was deep inside her cunt, and she was lifting up and sliding back down my very erect cock. Her apparent enthusiasm was such that within a few minutes I was pumping a load inside her cunt. She had already enjoyed a loudly voiced, major orgasm.

“Wow! What a welcome home! To whom or what do I owe thanks for that?” “Well. Mary rang me at work today.” Mary is Sally's sister, she's living with Mark. “She told me about a dinner that they had had at Kevin and Kerry's place last Saturday. Apparently they all drank large amounts of wine, and the conversation kept coming back to sex, what they enjoyed doing, what they fantasised about doing and so on. Late in the evening, Sally remembers Kevin saying that he would really like to fuck Mary while Mark and Kerry watched. The next thing that Mary remembers is that she was lying, naked, on her back, with Kevin's huge cock plowing into her cunt while Mark and Kerry, both naked watched and groped each other. She came, Kevin pumped his load into her, then she fell asleep, but not before she realised that Mark and Kerry were on the bed beside her, fucking like rabbits.”

Normally by now, my cock would have shriveled and slipped out of Sally's cunt, but her story was keeping me sufficiently aroused that I was still inside her. “Mary woke early next morning to feel someone's tongue sliding up her slit from her hole to her clit. She looked down and saw that it was Kevin who was licking her. Then she heard Mark moaning beside her, and looked to see that Kerry had Mark's cock engulfed in her mouth. She just lay back and let the emotions wash over her as Kevin brought her to another orgasm. Then she was aware, from the noises that Mark was making, that he was cumming in Kerry's mouth.”

Although my cock was not rock hard, I was still comfortably inside Sally. “Kevin and Kerry gave Mark and Mary breakfast, mostly black coffee I understand, then they went to put on their clothes ready to go home. However Kevin claimed Mary's panties as a trophy, and Kerry gave Mark hers, which he stuffed in his pocket. As soon as they got home, Mark pressed Mary against the wall, just inside their front door, lifted her mini skirt, unzipped his jeans, and pushed his erect cock into her very wet pussy. Since then they have been fucking two or three times a day. She told me that on Sunday she even invited Mark to fuck her arse, something that, until now, she has always refused whenever he suggested it. She was surprised to find that she actually enjoyed it at least as much as fucking her pussy.”

I was still sufficiently aroused to keep my cock inside Sally. “Between fucks, their only subject of conversation has been about how excited they were by their experience and how much they both wanted to do it again. Apparently Mary got home from work yesterday, and stripped naked as soon as she was inside the front door because she wanted to be ready for Mark when he got home, and sure enough he was only home 30 seconds before he was fucking her, in the arse again. She's so randy (=US horny) that she has stopped wearing panties under her miniskirts or bras under her light summer tops.”

“Anyway, she rang me today to tell me all of that and then to say that she has invited Kevin and Kerry for dinner this Saturday, and she was wondering if we would like to join them.” My cock was suddenly rock hard inside Sally's cunt. Sally, of course felt my heightened arousal. “I take it that you are in favour of accepting. Is that right? I've always known that you wanted to fuck Mary, but are you sure that you will be comfortable with me and Mark and Kevin and Kerry watching you fuck her? And how will you feel, watching Mark and/or Kevin fucking me?” I started lifting my hips off the bed, pushing into Sally's cunt as she lay on top of me. “I really look forward to watching you being fucked while Mary and I, or Kerry and I, finger each other. I really hope that I can fuck them both. I'm OK with you fucking Mark and Kevin, provided that I get to fuck Mary and Kerry.”

“That's what I guessed. I told Mary to expect us on Saturday.”

For the rest of the week, our sex life was pretty wild. We were both pretty excited about what we expected to happen on Saturday night. We fucked every night, and sucked each other off every morning, waking up early to fit it in before we had to leave for work. Sally gave up wearing pyjamas to bed. She also informed me that she no longer wore panties, even though her mini skirts were very short, nor bras, even though her thin, summer tops, moulded to her breasts and nipples, which always seemed to be poking out lately. I loved all of this and told her so over and over. She responded by giving me every encouragement for more fucking or sucking.

On Saturday morning Sally went shopping for something to wear that night. She came home with a little black dress and a pair of high heels, but she refused to model them for me until it was time to get ready for the evening. The dress was stunning. The neck line was quite high across the front but in the back it plunged all the way down to the dimples in the small of her back. It was sleeveless and so short that it was only decent when she was standing up straight. When she showed it to me I was stunned by how sexy it made her look. Then she demonstrated to me that she only had to pull the dress off her shoulders and it would slip down her legs to her ankles, leaving her naked. Wow!

We arrived a bit early at Mark and Mary's. Mary was also dressed in a little black dress. Her dress had embroidery all over the breasts in pink and brown. In the middle were little pink buttons, which on closer examination were revealed to be Mary's nipples poking through small holes in the dress. Mary reached up to kiss me on the lips, holding me with a hand on each of my cheeks. “What's that in your arsehole, Mary?” my wife asked. Her dress was so short that when she lifted her arms above her shoulders her dress no longer covered her arse or her pussy. “I'm wearing a butt-plug because I'm hoping that it will stretch me and make it easier being fucked there. Mark has been fucking my arse and I love it, but I'm not sure that I could take Kevin's thick cock, and you tell me that Sam's is pretty thick too.”

Kevin and Kerry arrived last. Kerry was wearing a grass skirt and a lei which hung down from her neck and covered her tits until she moved. Then we all got glimpses of her nipples. As she walked the grass skirt opened to reveal her naked thigh all the way up to the waste band; it seemed pretty clear that she was naked under the skirt, as were Mary and Sally. Kevin just wore a piece of Hawaiian-style cloth wound around his waste and tucked into itself.

We were all really wound up and ready to fuck, so no one was surprised when Sally went to Kevin, kissed him on the lips then tugged at his loin cloth and dropped it on the floor. They embraced each other, kissing passionately, while the rest of us stood and cheered. Kevin put his hands under her bum cheeks, which pushed her dress up revealing her bare bum to all of us. Sally put her arms around his neck and with her pulling herself up and him lifting she ended up with her legs around his waste. Unfortunately his cock was not in her pussy and neither of them had a free hand to reposition it. Kerry saw their distress and went to their rescue; as Sally lifted a bit higher, Kerry placed her husband's cock at the entrance to Sally's cunt, then Sally sank back down onto his shaft.

Then Mary came and stood in front of me with her back to me so that she could watch Sally and Kevin fucking standing up. I reached under her too-short dress and pulled her butt-plug out and dropped it on the floor. Then I unzipped my jeans. I had deliberately not worn underpants, and so it was easy to slip my prick out and into her arsehole. I had been erect since before we left home. Mary pushed back against me and I slid easily into her stretched hole. Much later I asked her why it slid in so easily and she explained that she had had to lube the butt-plug before she could put it in herself; I had had the advantage of all that lube.

Since Sally and Kevin and Mary and I were busy fucking, that left Mark and Kerry. Kerry went to Mark, pushed him back into a lounge chair, unzipped his fly and pulled his already stiff cock out. Then she pulled her grass skirt and lei off and climbed naked onto his lap, facing him, and slid down his shaft. She had her feet on the lounge chair,either side of Mark's hips, which meant she could lift up and down on Mark's shaft, fucking herself on him.

Because I was over stimulated by all the erotic activity going on around me, I was worried that I would cum too soon, before Mary could cum. I lifted her dress up over her shoulders and she helped me take it off, leaving her in only her high heels. Then I reached around her hips and started to squeeze her clit gently with my right hand. With my other hand I reached to squeeze one of her nipples, but found that she was already playing with both of her own nipples, so instead I pushed a finger of my left hand into her cunt and started finger fucking her. Evidently she was pretty highly stimulated too, because minutes later she was cumming. “Fucking hell, I love fucking like this! Yes! Yes! Aaaaahhhh!” As soon as I heard her cumming and felt her anus spasm on my cock I was pumping my first load for the evening deep inside her bowels. “Fuck yes!” was all that I said.

Like a chain reaction Sally and Kevin both came right after Mary and me, followed moments later by Mark and Kerry. As my cock slipped out of Mary I turned her around to face me, pulled her to me, crushing her boobs against my chest, and kissed her. She returned my kiss and we continued for a little while before pulling apart. “I've always wanted to fuck you Mary, but that was better than I had ever imagined possible. Thank you.” “There's no need to thank me, because I enjoyed it at least as much as you did. We seem to have got things a bit out of order. The first thing that you should do when guests arrive is offer them a drink. The first thing that Mark and I did was to fuck our guests.” “Well no one's complaining. I think maybe you have established a new rule of etiquette, perhaps only appropriate when your guests are as randy as we all were. Now might be a good time to offer drinks.”

While Mary and Mark were organising drinks for everyone, Sally looked around the room. She realised that Kerry and Mary were naked and decided to join them. She slipped her dress off and there she was, naked except for her heels which she kept on. By contrast, we three men were fully dressed, except that our limp dicks were hanging out of our open zips. Sally went to Kevin first and helped him out of his clothes, then she undressed me. Finally, when Mark brought her her drink, she undressed him too.

For the next hour or so, it was just like a normal dinner party, except for two details: we were all naked except for Sally's and Mary's shoes, and the only topic of conversation around the dinner table was sex. As we talked we boasted about all the ways we wanted to fuck, after dinner. We were all so hyped up that we planned sexual activities for ourselves that no man alive could hope to achieve in one evening; perhaps the women could handle 9 or 10 orgasms in a few hours, but I know that I never could. However, at the time, carried along on the communal sexual euphoria, I was as extravagant as everyone else.

Of course, during the meal, especially between courses, there was a certain amount of feeling of the neighbours at the table. Since no one was sitting next to their regular partner, this was all good fun. Of course plenty of alcohol was consumed, not that anyone needed it to remove inhibitions, but it was enjoyable anyway. After dinner we decided that two people would fuck in the middle of the room and the rest of us would watch. There was no rule against the audience feeling each other, just no fucking until your turn.

Since we had all fucked our partners before tonight, and we had had one other pairing this evening already, the obvious pairing was Sally with Mark, Kerry with me, and Mary with Kevin, and we settled on that order. Someone suggested threesomes but we decided to concentrate on pairs for now and perhaps save threesomes or foursomes for a later time.

Mary went away and came back with a pile of beach towels which she laid, one on top of the other in the 'performance area', to form a soft mattress and to protect their new carpet from all the cum that would be spilled.

Sally opted to have Mark fuck her in her arse, so he fetched a dining room chair for her to lean on, and positioned himself behind her where she stood on the pile of towels. Mary produced a tube of lube and pushed some into Sally's arse with her fingers, twisting them around to stretch her a bit. Meanwhile, Kerry had stepped forward, taken the tube from Mary, and was spreading lube along Mark's thick erection.

When all was ready, Mark stepped forward, grabbed my wife's hips and pressed forward toward Sally's bum. Mary steered his cock, placing it at the entrance to Sally's arsehole. Sally grunted as Mark's cock head slid inside her but did not seem to experience much, if any, pain. Very soon Mark was powering in and out of her rear entrance while Mary yelled encouragement. “Oh! Fuck me deep inside my arse. Fuck me while everyone watches. Squirt your cum deep inside my bowels. Fuck me! Fuck me! Ah!” After that I could not understand another word that she said, although I could get the general gist – she was in ecstasy. Mark held his cock deep inside her, threw his head back, and howled. I guess that he was in ecstasy too.

Soon after Mark's cock slipped out of Sally and his legs seemed to give way and he ended up sitting on the pile of towels. Sally lowered herself to the floor between his legs and lent back against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her against himself and they just sat their, enjoying the physical contact in post-coital bliss.

When it was Kerry's and my turn, Kerry chose a 69 with me on my back and her on top. That sounded good to me, so down I got. She squatted over my face for me to attack her cunt with my tongue. Once she was satisfied with what I was doing she leant forward and pushed her mouth down my very erect cock. As Kerry slurped up and down my cock the feeling was wonderful.

The build up to this evening through the week, then the build up to this moment through the evening, and the general sexual tension in the room with everyone cheering us on and shouting very vulgar suggestions to egg us on, all combined to push me over the top. Much sooner than I would have hoped, I was pumping my seed into Kerry's mouth and down her throat. I could not shout, as Sally had, or howl, as Mark had, because my tongue and lips were busy alternating between Kerry's clit and her hole, trying to give her as much pleasure as she had just given me.

I was beginning to worry that Kerry was not going to cum when suddenly a strange tasting fluid came gushing out of her cunt into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could as her body shuddered in orgasm. Our audience clapped and cheered. Kerry let my cock slip from her mouth and just lay on top of me, recovering from her experience.
Eventually we were pulled to our feet, drinks were pressed into our hands and it was Mary and Kevin's turn. Kerry and I sat together on a couch and stroked each other gently, not trying to arouse each other, but just prolonging the pleasure of a brilliant fuck.

Mary wanted Kevin in her arse. She had really developed a taste for anal in the last few days. She had put her butt plug back in after I had fucked her earlier, so now she pulled it out then knelt on the towels, offering her arsehole to Kevin. Kevin put more lube in her arsehole, and on his erection. He pushed Mary forward so that her fore-arms were on the floor and her head low. Kevin pressed his big cock against her anus and slid in, apparently with no problem. Immediately, Mary was moaning in ecstasy. “Fuck me hard! Fuck me with your huge cock. Oh! Please cum in me!” After several minutes of this, during which Mary came twice at least, Kevin held her by her hips hard against his groin and grunted. We all knew that he was pumping his cum into her bowels.

After Mary and Kevin had come down from their high, we all just sat and chatted for a bit. Then Sally came to me and said that she wanted to go home. I was pretty much exhausted by now, so we both found our clothes and put them on, thanked Mark and Mary for a stunning evening and headed for home. We crawled into bed, naked, and fell asleep almost at once. But next morning I woke up to find that Sally was sucking impatiently on my cock, wanting to fuck. Our sex life since then has been stunning.

To be continued.

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